San Ricardo Vidal? Cebu solon thinks late cardinal is worthy of sainthood

Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal ( file photo)

CEBU CITY — San Ricardo Vidal? Why not?

On Monday night, Cebu City Rep. Raul del Mar called on Catholic Church officials to work for the canonization of the well-loved prelate.

“San Ricardo Vidal sounds good. Let us ask our bishops to work for this endeavor,” Del Mar said during the necrological service at the wake of Vidal at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

Del Mar said Vidal lived a life of holiness and was worthy of sainthood.

“He deeply believed in prayer. Many people talked about his humility. I was a witness to that. He was not self-absorbed,” he said.

“Cardinal Vidal was a gift to Cebu and the Cebuanos. How heart-warming this awesome gift was,” he added.

Del Mar said he would file a resolution at the House of Representatives to recognize Vidal’s efforts both in the Church and the government.

“Cardinal Vidal will survive and endure in our minds and hearts,” Del Mar said.

The legislator was the first speaker in a series of necrological services for Vidal on Monday night. /atm


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