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FULL TEXT: Duterte’s speech at LGU consultations on peace and order

/ 04:13 PM October 05, 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte addresses army troopers during his visit to its headquarters in Taguig city, east of Manila, Philippines Tuesday Oct. 4, 2016. U.S. and Philippine forces opened their first large scale combat exercises under President Duterte in uncertainty Tuesday after he said the drills will be the last in his six-year presidency partly to avoid upsetting China. AP

President Rodrigo Duterte AP PHOTO

Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Sulong Pilipinas: Local Governance Series: LGU Consultations on Peace and Order and Social Development with Luzon local officials

Delivered at Mayuree Grand Ballroom, Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City | 4 October 2016


Salamat po. Kindly sit down. I dispense with the acknowledgements. May I address everybody, my co-workers in government, ladies and gentlemen.

Alam natin ho lahat ang problema sa Pilipinas and in my generation, ito ang pinaka-mabigat. I’m about… I’m on the sunset days of my life. I am politically dead after this term. I’ve nowhere to go but to retire and perhaps in the fullness of God’s time, I die early so that I can rest.


Ganito ‘yan eh. I’d like to just give you a resumé of myself para you’d know where I come from. Before I became mayor, I was a prosecutor in Davao City. I was doing trial work for almost eight years and I became an OIC vice mayor, eventually to run in 1988 elections. Therefrom, hindi naman ako nag-ano but I’ve been there for 23 years as mayor, congressman, and vice mayor to my daughter, Inday. All throughout, it would be something like 40 years in the government service.

Ganito ‘yan eh. I am not a wartime President. I was elected in an environment where democracy was being played out. I am a President that would seek peace for my land.

‘Nong piskal ho ako and because that was near, about the time shabu was making its entrance in the social scene. Marami ho akong kaso na na-dismiss because at that time katatapos lang ng Martial Law because of the Cory administration.

May mga kaso siguro akong, about 32 of them I remember, talagang bumagsak. Because at that time, there was only one forensic analyst, a chemical engineer actually, assigned sa, itong forensics ngayon. And he had to take care about so many provinces under region 11. So at one time, cases were torn, but all the time he’s never there for the simple reason that he has to be in this province. Ang subpoeana nauna and he cannot travel alone at that time except to wait for a convoy, either of the police or the Philippine Constabulary at that time before getting to travel.

Kasi pag natyambahan ka ng NPA noon, either the buses are stopped suddenly, there’s a checkpoint and if you are there, goodbye. Noon talagang pag nahuli ka, wala na ‘yan. And I know that because I used to talk them and hinihingi ko minsan ang balato ‘yung iba, but still lalo na pag ka… even now. Good that we have this moratorium, a respite of the fighting. ‘Yung, paksabi na–alam ninyo kayong may contact sa NPA. Pag ka intelligence officer ‘yan, diretso ‘yan. Wala ng… Hindi mo na… If you ask them, they would say ‘wag na lang ‘yan mayor, tapos na. Basta intelligence officer, diretso ‘yan, diretso na ‘yan.

He attempted na lumaban nang husto kasi ganon ang… Even right before the ceasefire. ‘Nong nag-ceasefire tayo, I declared one earlier to show good faith on the part of the government. Inambush naman ng buwang ‘yung mga sundalo sa Surigao banda, kaya ako nagalit. Then nag-away kami ni Sison, professor, kilala kami. Nagmurahan kami. Sabi ko, ikaw nagpakita na nga ako ng magandang loob eh. But eventually they are now in Oslo talking about peace.

So marami akong bakante na sundalo at nai-deploy ko sa Mindanao. Because doon sa Jolo, we are battling it out with them.

Ganito ‘yan eh. I am not a wartime President. I was elected in an environment where democracy was being played out. I am a President that would seek peace for my land.


Wala akong ambisyon na ipagpatuloy itong lahat na giyera because it could not only suck the human Filipino spirit but everybody, lahat ng hatred would continue and continue and continue.

Nakipag-usap ako sa NPA, NDF sila, okay na tayo. I talked to Murad, I talked to Jaafar and ‘yung Central Committee, I got a response, positive. Despite the fact that Murad earlier said that we’ll go to war if there is no BBL.

Sabi ko sir, ipag-ano mo na muna, sabi ko sayang ang buhay, sayang talaga. And si Nur naman, I just talked to him coming over here, and kung sinong kung kilala ni Nur, the line was very bad, but I heard him saying that he’s going to go to me in Davao but has to bring his troops as security.

I could not explain to him that that could not be possible anymore. Unang-una, he is facing charges and if at all, he’s allowed to go out, lalo na hindi siya pwede magdala ng sarili niyang armas. Ako, wala akong ano diyan eh. Maski dalhin mo ‘yung kanyon mo, lahat. That does not really bother me. But, the military and the police will not allow it and I won’t run roughshod with them if I insist it my way. They will obey but they would take it as a bad indication of what’s in my mind. Huwag na lang natin guluhin. I will call him… Masama ang linya pag araw sa Jolo eh. So, I’ll call him tonight and just tell him, I’ll fetch you if you want. Ako na mismo ang pupunta ng Jolo. Tapos dalhin kita sa Davao at doon tayo mag-usap.

And if they’re just there to show to us how the ISIS really works that way, well remember that it takes two to tango. And what you can do, I can do better ten times. I can even eat you alive. Bigyan mo lang ako asin at suka, kikilawin talaga kita.

So parang okay na. But there are two sectors sa Mindanao, hindi ko talaga kayang… Ang unang-una because I do not want to talk to the Abu Sayyaf. Masyado silang brutal but outright criminals na walang compassion about human rights. Last time na ‘yung bata 17 years old. Sabi ko sa kanya, you know, we used to be friends, but nawalan ako ng bilib sa inyo. Pati ‘yung ganon, mga bata ma-kidnap, masyado namang sumobra kayo sa arte.

And if they’re just there to show to us how the ISIS really works that way, well remember that it takes two to tango. And what you can do, I can do better ten times. I can even eat you alive. Bigyan mo lang ako asin at suka, kikilawin talaga kita.

I mean, what’s the point of killing? So itong isa are the scholars and the militants. They are now called militants. Wala na ‘yung mga Maute, there’s the Maute group in central Mindanao and Lanao, at iba pa.

So, nag-usap kami minsan. You know my lola is a Maranao, ang lolo ko Chinese. But my father is a Visaya, Cebu. But I’ve never lived in Cebu but if you ask me my lineage, I’d tell you that I am a Bisaya. Because we take our ancestry from, we count it from the father.

Wala… Hindi ako… But I can talk to them. Before the elections, I, nautusan ko ‘yung and my son, the vice mayor, married a Tausug lady and a Maranao mother, tatay niya Tausug. I kind of go in out in the territories of Mindanao. Both on the Moro land and ‘yung sa ideological borders ng NPA pati gobyerno. Nakausap ko but this is the one that… Sabi ko sa kanila, bakit? What’s the use of–? They are the militants that you can talk to. Ito ‘yung mga tabligh, ‘yung mahaba ‘yung ano, tapos nakaputi. They’re equivalent to the Knights of Columbus, Christians. ‘Yun ‘yun sila. Parang ganon.

Sabi nila, mayor, for as long as the Americans are here, we will talk to you, but we will never negotiate for peace. Sabi ko na ano, bakit ganon, tagal na ‘to eh. And I remembered sa ANC, si Lozada, si Tatad, si Orly, those who pretend to know all. Sinabi sa akin na, sabihin mo kay mayor, 100 years na ‘yun. Precisely. T*** i**. Tinanong ko sa kanila ‘yun: Why can’t we just forget this?

Ngayon, it cannot, sabi ko, it’s in the past. Hindi ginamit ko ‘yung sa 100 years.  Sabi ko, it’s in the past. Really past… It’s present perfect. Tapos ‘yung mga pictures ng massacre, tinambak nila doon sa mga butas-butas, eh nandon lahat. ‘Yung katorpehan ng Amerikano, sila ang kumuha ‘non. And the Philippine must got it from the archives of the American. Hindi man nila sinunog. Maybe that’s part of history of the US.

Kanila ‘yun. Ngayon, medyo sabi ni… By these statements that I will not, we will not negotiate with you because we see the Americans, mga special forces nasa kampo ng mga natin, sa gobyerno. Hindi naman ano… Nakikita naman. ‘Di sabi ko na, there will be a time when we have to talk to the Americans to leave Mindanao. I never said Philippines. [Smarting?] siguro niya which is really true, problems in this country, this is our, this used to be our place, and we can’t even talk freely without extensively offending the–

You know, when I was mayor, I know that drugs was really a serious problem. Piskal ako eh. Nakita ko ‘yung mga kaso na dinismiss (dismiss), walang witness, dumating sa akin tawas, tapos nagsisinungaling ‘yung pulis kung ano-anong kalokohan. And even taking pictures of the wives and children coming out of school and from the malls. And even once, kidnapping a teacher who was a wife of the policemen assigned sa… Narcom ang ano no’n, Narcom section or unit ng PCINP. So ‘yung mga ganon, mga atrocities alam ko ‘yan. So when I became mayor I said: Leave my city. I cannot work with you around. I cannot improve the environment. We cannot progress if you are around kidnapping people, raping women, selling drug, and crime is everywhere. If you do not leave my city, I will kill you.

Sabi naman ni ano, stop… ni Gordon doon sa kanina. Stop making noise. No, I cannot stop. Because I would lose the momentum… I cannot afford it because I am now the President. The momentum has to be there and it will be there for six years until the last pusher is taken out of this place.

I cannot, I cannot just play silent. Tapos sabihin nila,  that got you into trouble. Who’s s*** it is? Mine? This is my country. There is no law until now Presidente na ako, and I said papatayin ko kayo lahat. There is no law at all which says I cannot threaten criminals, either as mayor or President. Or if you, if there is anyone who disagrees, give me the provision of law.

Huwag ka matakot, sabihin mo: P***** i** mo, papatayin kita. Sinisira mo ‘yung mga bata because if I do not interdict. Alam naman ninyo, you’re all mayor and… just count a few years, if I do not interdict this problem now, I should, I will have to compromise the next generation.

Ang tatama nito ito ‘yung mga high school. But eventually, we will all die, we’ll get old at with three million flies all over the country. They are not concentrated in Pandacan or Tondo. They’re everywhere. And so with three million, hindi ko binilang ‘yung akin eh. Hinayaan ko muna. That was the report of Santiago three years ago when he was the head of the PDEA. Hindi ko sinali ‘yung akin. Because ang akin is still evolving nga.

By the end of the year, it’s going to hit to another million. Every day may nagsu-surrender, hanggang ngayon eh. And 700 was the last clear count, the newspaper stopped. ‘Yung ABS lang sige na ito, according to the analysis, investigative, sige… Pagdating ng panahon if it will fail, maligaya kayong lahat diyan. But I have no intentions of failing.

And they said that my mouth is, is not a statesman. Whoever told you I was, I’m applying to be a statesman? Ang pagkaalam ko tumakbo ako ng Presidente, ordinaryo lang ako na tao. Ako’y simple lang ho na mayor. Dumating dito sa, hindi ko nga ma– sa totoo lang, just to illustrate to you how destiny plays us. Sino sa inyo ang nag-suporta sa akin? Ilan lang? 4, 5, 6? Wala akong barangay captain, wala akong congressman, wala akong pera. Si Imee pa ang nagbigay. Sabi niya inutang daw niya. Si Imee supported me.

I do not know if because you know my father was a Cabinet member of President Marcos during the first term of his presidency. My father was one of the two who stood by Marcos in his darkest hours. Everybody was shifting to the Liberal at that time, kay Diosdado Macapagal. And it was only Ebarle and my father who stood by Marcos.

That is why when he won, my father was one of the Cabinet members of Marcos. So ‘yan ang ano namin. I cannot really disassociate… And besides, may… Si Inday, ‘yung mga curfew, taga-Paoay. May anak na ako na Ilocano. Mahirap ng maka-ano… Eh siyempre dugo na ‘yan eh. So may connect na talaga, blood is blood. So ‘yan ang—

Balik tayo dito sa droga, alam ninyo… Alam ninyo pag hindi ninyo ito nahinto, sabi ko, tingnan mo ang crime, it has dropped 50 percent. Hindi nga? Bakit wala akong narinig kahapon may ni-rape na bata, pinatay ang tatay. Wala ng kriminal.

So what fueled the criminals to commit the crime? Drugs. Tingnan mo tahimik na. Pati sa Dewey Boulevard maglakad ka, walang, nobody’s messing up with you.

Pero sandali lang ‘yan. Kaya pag hindi… Ganon ‘yan eh. Parang ano ‘yan. Pag huminto ka diyan, humina ka balik na naman ‘yan. Because of money. Kaya ‘yung mga mayors diyan. I’m not really referring to you ha. [laughter] Pero totoo ito, si… ‘yung Odicta, the drug lord… Itong si Albuera.

Sa totoo lang, naunahan niya ako. Talagang order ko sa kanya, patayin mo. As in patayin mo. May isa akong team na, sa Army, sabi ko, patayin ninyo, wherever he is. Sa harap ng simbahan, patayin mo, lalo na sa cemetery. Kasi mas malapit na lang itulak mo na ang p**** i** niya.

Eh kasi man mayor ka, tapos ganon ang ginagawa mo. And you know why? Because early on, tinitingnan ko na ang statistics, when I’m the President, I was given everything. Notice that Bohol is a very a passive place. Ang Bohol, ayaw ng gulo ‘yan. Saan ka nakakita dito ng Army taga-Bohol?

Ang contribution ng Bohol, I’m not trying to be sarcastic about or being funny. Ang Bohol, naka-contribute ‘yan ng– mga taga-Bohol dito, either pari or madre. ‘Yan ang sakit ng mga taga-Bohol pati ‘yung, for a lesser extent, mga Ilokano. Conservative eh.

Karamihan ‘yan mga pari, Bohol. Ang problema kung bakla rin ang g***. Sabi ko, sa Bohol bakit maraming droga? Ang nagtataka ako kasi ‘yung mga turista nandoon pupunta, both domestic and– nagpupuntahan doon so prevailing ang shabu. Saan ito galing?

‘Yun pala ang zeroed in kay Odicta. He was the number one pati ‘yung, pati ‘yung Iloilo, karamihan ng mayor diyan. Ah sabi ko sorry na lang. Alam mo, bastang order ko pag wala na ‘yung chief of police mo, ‘yan ang utusan ko patayin mo ‘yang p***** i***** mayor mo.

Pagdating sa ganun I will do it. I will do it. Believe me, I will do it. Wala akong ano. Sabi ko nga, [inaudible] I was saking my honor, my life and the presidency itself. Ako, ma-impeach? Wala naman akong gasto so iniwan ko ‘yung p[westo, eh ano? Honor? How can I lose honor when I grieve for my country. Life? Lahat naman tayo namamatay. Darating ‘yung panahon, I’ve always believed in destiny.

Who would ever believe also that I would make it to the presidency? Eh destiny.  Wala akong pera. Sa totoo lang, ‘yung mga milyonaryo na tinanggihan ko ngayon dito sa Maynila, they are the ones. You would know because they are offering to build the rehab houses.

‘Yan ang tinanggihan ko, sabi ko—now, I’ll give you an idea who they are, they are the ones eager to fund the rehab houses all over. Ako talaga galit sa droga because sisirain ang bayan natin. Even right at the early start.

Ang unang mangyari niyan is the boy or the girl becomes irrational. Then the family would start to squabble kasi magnanakaw ‘yan. Pera sa tatay, nanay. Mag-squabble and it would always result in dysfunctional family.

‘Yan ang ayaw ko diyan kasi ‘yung anak mo pinaaral mo only to realize pagdating ng panahon sira na ang ulo. And ‘yung mga mayaman, umaabot ng gastos milyon milyon milyon and yet babalik in and out, in and out sa rehab centers with no lasting relief. Why? Because incessant or constant use of shabu for four months, depende sa— to one year, will shrink the brain of the person and when the brain has shrunk, rehabilitation cannot be a viable option. ‘Yan ang ayaw ko.

How can I lose honor when I grieve for my country. Life? Lahat naman tayo namamatay. Darating ‘yung panahon, I’ve always believed in destiny. Who would ever believe also that I would make it to the presidency? Destiny.

Ang problema nito, hindi tayo, ‘wag na tayo magbolahan. Maski na may anak kayo nandiyan kaya mo siyang gastahan bigyan mo ng shabu araw-araw. Ang kawawa nito, the thousands of thousands walang pera both dito pati ‘yung sa labas.

Ang masakit sa labas, nagtatrabaho ‘yung asawa sa Qatar, nagtatrabaho ‘yung tatay sa Saudi Arabia only to discover ‘yung anak niya bungog na sa droga or better still would be the subject of the crime. Mag-rape, masaksak, sila ‘yung kagago-gao kaisip, ano na kaya ang nangyari na sa pamilya ko. Lahat ng pera niya binubuhos dito tapos ganunin mo lang ang sakripisyo ng tao. Por Diyos na p***** i**mo patayin talaga kita, believe me.

Wala man akong kaso. Ako? Sino ang huhuli sa akin? May immunity ako, alam ninyo ‘yan. Totoo. Sabihing abogado—ngayon ‘yung pulis, sabi ko sa pulis, sige kayo, ano? Go ahead. Kill. O tapos, ako ang bahala sa inyo p**** i** sige basta trabaho kayo.

My order is that go out and arrest them and if they do not surrender and present a violent resistance and if you feel that that resistance would endanger your life, and jeopardize your being, kill him. Period. Wala na. O, ‘yan ang utos ko.

‘Yan si Albuera, swerte siya. Hindi ako nagbibiro ah. Eh puro tayo mayor dito eh. I mean, mayor lang din ako, presidency wala na ‘yun [inaudible] na ‘yang buhay ko, matrabaho ‘yan wala pang—kaya sige ito ang kandidato naming sa presidential—eh g*** ka. Kung gusto mo mag mayor g*** ka, ah mag-presidente. Gawain ka na lang clerk araw-araw.

Pag-uwi ko ngayon, I have two other functions, pag-uwi ko ‘yung folders na ‘yan, Department of Affairs, Justice Department, kay Yasay, sa DICT, sa Education, and I have to review it page per page and I have to place marginal notes. Hindi ka naman g*** mag marginal notes, mapareho kayo kay Arroyo, nag marginal na corruption na tuloy. Hindi ba ‘yung [inaudible] sabi ko okay.

Ano ba naman ‘yung sabi mong okay pagka may pirma na ‘yung mga ano diyan, o pirma anong section? From what department? Okay. Basahin mo muna.

Alam mo sa totoo lang, matulog ako pinakamadalas, alas tres, alas quatro, alas singko. Tapos kapag ala-una, gisingin ako ng—ito sila, ‘Sir, bihis na sir, may..’

‘Yan. Ngayon kung gusto mo mag-mayor, eh di tawagin mo yung iba, department secretary mo para mapagperahan. Eh ano lang gusto mo, presidente magkapera?

Kaya ako pagka ano, uwi ako sa dilim, barge eh. Si Presidente Aquino hindi man nagba-barge doon umiikot siya. Alam siguro niyang butasan ‘yung barge niya dati. Eh ako madali eh. Three minutes nandoon ka na kesa iikot doon sa—o pagdating doon ako lang mag-isa. Wala man akong asawa, nandoon man sa Davao. Wala naman rin magsama sa akin, magligaw ako, wala man magsagot sa akin, matanda na, 71 magligaw ka pa? Pera lang ang gusto niyan.

Bakit? Gusto niya katawan mo? Anong maibigay ng katawan mo sa kanya? May timer ka pa, sandali ha. Pagdating sa—sinong nandiyan? ‘Sir, si ano.’ Ah sige. Pag landing mo sa barge, sir, Bisaya man. Manihapon ka na. Maghapunan. Viagra na? Pag busog ka, walang Viagra eh. Totoo. Tatawa-tawa kayo diyan eh. Mga hypokrito man kayo.

Mag-viagra ka, mag-hintay ka 30 minutes, babasa ka doon sa– puro inaatake ka. Sige lang. Dadarating ‘yung araw ninyo, akala ninyo, ganon, hindi ka kakain.

Ang problema ngayon ganito. ‘Di nandiyan ka na positioned, meron ka na. Ito hindi ito bullet train ng Japan ha. Ito sa edad namin, ito Western train ito ng mga cowboy noon pati Indian [laughter and applause].

Tapos mabasa mo doon– Makabasa ko sa’yong briefer, araw-araw ‘yan eh, every minute, 14 soldiers killed in clash. Ayaw ko na. May bakokang nang pumasok doon eh. Pag naisip mo uli ‘yan… Wala na.

Ito lang train na ito sa buong mundo na marunong mag-atras, sa terminal. [laughter] Pagpasok sa terminal, i-start mo, ayaw na talagang mag– Anak ka ng p***. Magtingin ka na lang sa… O, bakit? Tulog ka na lang, tulog ka na. Trabaho nalang ako. ‘Yan ang– Mag Presidente ka? Ako pabalikin ako. Kasarap ng buhay ko mayor. “Si mayor?”  “Ah, nasa Maynila,” “Si mayor nandito raw?” “Ah umuwi na sa Davao.” [laughter] Ganon man style…

Itong ano ko sa… hayaan na ninyo ako. You know, the Americans… There’s a truism that people judge best when they condemn. Itong mga, napaka-hipokrito nitong mga p**** i*** ito. Along the Mexican border, American border, there’s a drug war there going on. So far 60,000 have died. Kapitbahay nila ‘yan ah, itong akin pinakaialaman ito, because actually ganito ‘yan. Prangkahan tayo.

This started, kaibigan ko na ‘yan si Nograles, has a political garbage issue sa Davao. Totoo talagang yumayari ako, pero ‘yung karamihan diyan talagang away ‘yan. Sa footage pa ng ABS ‘nong bago pa akong mayor. Banatan kami doon. Talagang, pati ‘yung ginawa ng isyu na mga babae, na ‘yung si pugoy, ‘yung pinatay ko lahat. Ang sabi ko, mabuti pa ‘tong mga p**** i*** ito naunahan pa ang mayor, totoo ‘yun sinabi ko  ‘yun.

But hindi na, out of, para bang inismall ko ‘yung pagkalalaki… derogate the manhood. P**** i*** mga g**** kapangit nito nakatikim pa ng… Totoo ‘yun nasabi ko. But kino-compile-compile nila pati ‘yung pinatay ko.

Doon sa Davao noon, maldito kasi itong si Nograles eh. Basta may patay doon, pag walang suspek, maski dito. Dito ngayon. Pag may nakita diyan nakahapla, extrajudicial killing. P***, extrajudicial. Ginamit ni Nograles and yet he never won an election, kay Inday or sa akin. I have never lost an election actually until naging presidente. Noong ano, hindi ito umuubra na Davao kasi ang tao nakikita nila. Sino ba naman gusto na magulo yan sila? Sino ba namang…bakit itong…ngayon nung election, you would notice that at that particular extrajudicial killing was never an issue against me, not even during the debates but ‘yung ang rating bigla na akong tumaas derecho-derecho na. kinarga nito ni Trillanes pati ‘yung lahat ng basura. Ang Inquirer taga pintura din ng basura lahat sila and ABS-CBN, too kinarga nila lahat yan and I can tell this because I have the records still to show you if you want kaya puwede akong manginsulto ng tao.

Hindi niya ginamit ito until it was late kung ano-anong basura tapos ngayon sinakyan nitong mga NGOs, mga yung de—may mga funding sa labas, mga grant just to justify also their…the…their being there tapos sinakyan ng mga ugok na Amerikano tapos ang problema nito pati yung State Department, si Obama pati…well even then, assuming it to be true, we are a member of the United Nations. It would be far different if I remain to be a mayor kasi ano lang yan. But ako Presidente, I carry the Republic of the Philippines. Now if you start hitting me like this, mapapahiya yung Pilipino masyado, “ah, kayo pala mga murderer yung Presidente ninyo. There is an international forum. You bring it there. You have it referred to the Human Rights Commission then send the rapporteur to investigate and make a report then go back to the body and then magdaldal ka muna doon.

That is the proper way. Well…how are they supposed na…miyembro tayo tapos ganonin mo ako. Kaya ako nagsabi ako, naglaban ako because when you are already at the receiving end of an uncontrollable wrath of whatever ano yan, mababaon ka, the only way out is really, is to insult. That was my retaliation to them.  Sinabi kong mga p***** i** ninyo. Tignan mo talaga itong NGO ng Maynila. What is the connotation, the usual connotation sa ating ng “p***** i**?”—son of a b****. Others would say, “Son of a gun”. Ang nilagay nila…the best of the…”son of a w****”

Nakita mong “wh***” is not usually being used but when you judge, you judge…the best way you say it—people judge best when they condemn so that they use the word. Ito namang mga Amerikano, napaka bobo naman, alam nila na I am a midterm President that when I entered the presidency, there was already no money. Ang naabutan ko MOOA lang. Towards the end of the year. Wala akong capital outlay, kaya wala akong maitulong sa inyo kaya ako nagatago. Hindi sabihin na ayaw ko kayong…kasi mahirap naman talagang ilambing yan.

As of now or next year, o mayroon na tayo so I have more than a trillion to distribute and it will be distributed equally. Wala nang pulitika-pulitika. I am a…gusto ko… ilan lang naman ang pagbigyan ko sa pulitika, 1-2-3 nanalo ako sa Lanao. Eh siyempre, pinsan kong MNLF andun lahat. Tingnan mo pagpasok ko ng Lanao, “Empire of Duterte”  p***tanggalin mo nga lahat ‘yan. Napaka-corny ninyo dito.

Nanalo ako sa…andito ba siya, nandito siguro siya? Ah wala kasi nanalo ako…  Bumaliktad ang gaga eh. Iniwan si Roxas kasi hindi man niya love si Roxas, ako man. totoo ‘yan si pagchismisan mo nanalo but I won heavily sa Mindanao and Visayas dito man sa iba pati saLuzon talo ako pero pakonti-konti lang eh umabot ng milyon ang…but I won heavily sa Mindanao.

So, balik tayo sa– ako galit sa kanila. Alam mo yung kabastusan ng Amerikano? Pag ano…pag kasi ako parinig ako ng parinig ng China. Kasi ano bang gusto ninyo. There is the arbitral judgment that we are entitled to the entitlements. It’s not a territorial thing. Twelve miles lang ‘yan eh, that’s it. ‘Yung 200 miles parang fish pond yan o. Philippines ito yung fish pond mo. Kanya-kanya tayong fish pond. Itong pinagawayan dito yung fish pond—yung mga tilapia sa loob pati kung may oil diyan. It’s not territorial. So we won, right. But what do you want? There are two ways of doing it. You seize it forcefully or we talk. Mamili kayo diyan eh kung gusto niyo ng giyera okay lang man. Ang problema manalo ba tayo and where will be the battleground?

Sa Beijing? Sa Xiamen? Palawan? Kung maagaw pa ang Palawan naloko na. sabihin mo ang China…America… Maniwala ka diyan sa Amerikano. They will not fight to die for us. Wala tayong nahita…tanong niyo yung mga military, ayan man yan sila. Yung war games-war games. Tanungin mo yan silang military. Sila lang ang natututo diyan using our soldiers because yung equipment nila pati yung equipment natin there is no compability.

Hindi magkasya. So ipahiram lang nila during the wargames. Hindi compatible yan pagkatapos kunin nila. Ganyan man ang Amerikano. Magtanong kayo ng…wala naman tayo makuha diyan sa kanila. Sabi ko, until now, sabi ko may isa pa ditong smart aleck, kasi meron man tang F50 made in South Korea, correct but are they really made in America. Components lang e it was there, it was assembled there kasi doon ginamit outsourcing pareho ng Adidas.

Makina-makina lang ‘yang gastos nila doon. Mahal yan pero pag ini-ship nila the actual assembly nandoon sa Korea. Made in America yan. That’s American technology. Tignan mo nagbili tayo ng dalawa. Gusto natin bumili ng mga missile yung…and even the 50 caliber mechanism ayaw nilang ibigay. Hindi man sa… totoo sa  Amerikano. Buhusan ko ng tubig yung mga…I will pour water if he lies to me. Kaya ako gaano man ako…kaya ako nawalan ako ng bilib sa mga g*** na yan. Hindi ako bilib sa kanila kaya sabi ko,  dito niyo ako dinadaan sa human rights.

You cannot stop me. It is my sacred duty although it may sound a s*** to you. it is my sacred duty to keep the integrity of this Republic and the people healthy because ‘yang shabu na yan po, mabuti kayo mga mayaman man kayo. You can always pay for the rehab.  Ang  rehab is always a social and health issue. Kasi bayaranan ‘yan sa ospital, medisina. Social issue. A law and order issue. A health issue.

Instead of helping us, ang unang tumira itong State Department so you can go to hell. Mr. Obama you can go to hell. EU, better choose purgatory. Puno na sa impyerno.

Kaya kayong mga Amerikano wag kayong ano. Ewan ko ang Pilipinong ordinaryo  pero ako malayo na ako sa inyo. Ayaw niyong pabili ng ano armas punta ako sa Russia. Pinapunta ko yung mga general sa Russia. Sabi ng mga Russian, “do not worry.” Kasi wala man tayong mga armas eh. You have everything you need, we will give it to you. Eh bakit ako maghintay diyan sa…

Ang China naman, sabi punta ka lang dito. Mag pirma ka lang dadating lahat yan. Oo totoo. Tignan mo. Sama tayo lahat para…ang Amerikano magpakain yan ng ano, usap kayo, tubig, juice. China ano pa lang yan, snacks pa lang ‘yan Lauriat na ‘yan. (laughter). They’re so generous even with food. Ako nawalan na ako ng ano sa kanila,nawalan ako ng respeto sa Amerikano. Nawalan ako ng respeto sa…instead of helping us knowing fully well that…alam nila because they have a government similar as ours.

Alam nila na yung bottoms up na bottoms up talaga yun. So sabihin niya halimbawa, “Duterte why does he have to kill people? Why don’t they just go to the rehab?” Easily said than done. Where do I get the money? So I’ll get the money from all departments give it to this head department pati yung education pati kay Yasay kunin ko…from Tugade just to build the rehab? So it’s just like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Alam nila yan may gobyerno man sila. Instead of helping us, ang unang tumira itong State Department so you can go to hell. Mr. Obama you can go to hell. EU, better choose purgatory. Puno na sa impyerno. Bakit ako matakot sa inyo? Pati tuloy yung…nadala. Because kasi sabi nila, “Yang si Duterte, Hitler yan eh. Maraming pinatay eh di ako rin. Sabagay it was really a faux pas. It was a classic faux pas. O sige si Hitler na lang ako. Pinatay ni Hitler kayo, clear sabi ko, patayin ko ang mga durugista.

I was not making any comparison, I was stressing a point there. Anyway, I apologize for it and I apologize again. It was not politically, socially, correct of me to say that and if I ruffle the feathers of the Jewish community, may I say I’m sorry. It was just part of the mental and sometimes kasi ito ayaw sumunod nito. There were times if you talk too much and tutulong ang connectives ng– nauuna ito.

Yung iba naman, ito na lang ang serviceable. Why is the tongue so valuable? He takes care of your hunger, sexual and food. Well, ito lang ang masabi ko sayo kaya ako galit, never mind my mouth, pare-pareho man tayo. I never aspired to be a statesman yung– Hindi ito ala-Marcos ha, Imee ha.

‘My countrymen,’ wala ‘yun. Hoy mga p***** i** ninyo, maski doon sa Congress, doon sa oathtaking, pagtingin ko, kayo? Wala man kayong nagsuporta ni isa dito eh kanya-kanyang panahon eh tao naman. Maybe I have yet to show the best of my being. Hanggang ngayon wala pa ewan ko baka hindi magdating, sory na lang pero at least dumaan ako ng pagka mayor.

Ako ho sa totoo lang, nagkmali lang ang Panginoong Diyos. Sa totoo lang. Ang ugali ko talaga pang mayor lang. Pang mayor lang ako. Yung pumalakpak, kasi hindi man sila maging presidente rin talaga. And if I identify myself with them so okay na. This is not a self derogation. I do not want to demean myself pero ang ugali ko talaga pang mayor lang. I am not really for the big league, sabi ko nga eh.

Sila, si ano kasi itong bata ninyo si Roxas, Wharton, sino yung Wharton? Sabi ko, anong Wharton, pagtingin ko sa ano Watson pala. P***** i** ngayon, galit pa sa akin. Kayo siguro gumagastos kayo ng atake ko. Kasi ang may galit si– pero ayaw ko nang makipag away. I think I told him sa debate, takot ka lang mamatay kasi mayaman ka. Totoo naman. Tayo, mamamatay tayo. Kayo diyan okay na ba kayo?  Ako wala pa. Sabagay pero good na ako sa buhay ko. Good na ako. I am—kasi walang pulitika. So everybody can– pag may problema kayo.

Sabihin ko sa inyo ang totoo, pag may pera pa maghati-hati muna tayo, itong naiwan pero ibang probleman ninyo tutulong ako. Demanda kayo ng isang asawa mo, nagkaproblema ka dito sa isa o yung asawa mo governor tapos yung girlfriend mo yung mayor, ikaw congressman, marami yan. P**** i*** maniwala kayo, marami ‘yan. Anak ng p*** Ang qualification to be a mayor, governor, first, must be a Filipino citizen, must be 25 or35 years old. Must at least be a mistress, a current mistress.

Yun marami yan dito political contemporary times natin, yan. Siya congressman, yung isa mayor yung– kaya maraming mga ano dito ngayon mga mayor, mga governor kagaganda. Oo aba maniwala ka sakin umikot ako.

May magsabing, “mayor, ako yung mayor…” mga taong munisipyo. T***** tapos naka plunging neckline. Ang sunod kasi sasabihin niya, tignan mo may magbulong usually yan DILG…”sir”, yung representante ng DILG magbulong man yan. “Sir, si ano yan yung…mistress ni ano. (laughter)

Kaya kung makita ko yung kalaban, masaydo namang immoral ang set up niyo dito. Patayin mo yang babaeng yan. Kabit lang pala yang p***, pameyor-mayor. pagdating ko sabi yung misis maghatid man sya.. Ma’am alis na kami ho. Ma’am pag nabiyuda ka ma’am paalamin mo ako, ha? Ganyan man ang laro ng buhay.

Well, anyway I still have three events to go. I’m happy that I met you. At least I have expressed my anger at bakit ganito and the way that I behave because I do not…for the life of me I will never…mas mabuti pa magluhod ako sa mga King of Brunei o Thailand. Huwag mo akong paluhurin sa Amerikano. Never, ayoko talaga. You can do your worst actually. Basta ako nakapusta diyan: my job, my life and the presidency itself.

Eh kung hanggang tatlong taon lang ako, so be it. Eh, destiny yan eh . Andiyan na yan hindi mo na…pagka iyan ang landing mo talaga.  Sino diyan makaabot ng presidente. But pag sabihin o, paabot ka diyan, dito ka lang, mahirap. So ‘di hanggang diyan na tayo but remember, ako ang sinabi ko ito sa military, para malaman ninyo pati sa pulis. Wala doon galing ako sa wounded personnel diyan sa Bonifacio.

Sabi ko sa kanila if I do not last long, eh I travel nga ng umuwi-uwi ako doon. Commercial, maski ano na lang. Maski anong eroplano maski mag-spray ng spray basta pumunta ng Davao sakyan ko yan. Basta makauwi lang. pero if I do not make it sa aking presidency or if the problem would outlast me, remember na mahirap itong laban na ito because narco-politics has set in.

The reason why I do not want an election because money, narco money will be used to finance the candidacies of so many candidates diyan at kapag yan ang nanalo…whether you like it or not, he wields power he will use it. And yung sanay na na maraming pera, hindi na aatras yan. Kapag hindi kayo nagbantay, you will be facing a candidate backed by narco-politics, lots of money.

One thing is really asked of you except you just…ako na ang bahala. Pag sinabi ko sa pulis hirit kayo, just do your duty. I said arrest them and overcome the resistance but if you find yourself in danger of losing your life, shoot them. That has always been my order.

Now, ako, there is no law at all which says that a mayor or a governor cannot threaten criminals. What kind of law is that na takutin mo criminal ikaw pa makulong? G**** batas yan. Ngayon, what is my guarantee to the police? Saan ko man ito, sige ako basa. …kalaban mo Ombudsman mayroon pang human rights, ang pulis mayroon pang RD’s office yung  Regional Command paimebestigahin ka.

Eureka, pardon. Go do your duty in accordance with my order, lawfully. Makapatay ka, idemanda ka. Pagdating ng subpoena ibalik mo sa akin. Fill up your name there. Please sign diyan. Pardon.  (laughter) Abogado man tayo. It does not even say you are allowed to pardon 5 persons or 10 persons.

The President can grant pardon—absolute or conditional or may grant amnesty with the concurrence of Congress, period! O sige, kulungin mo. Pardon lahat yan. Sabi ko, huwag kayo magtakot. Ako ang bahala nga eh. Sige, fight kayo yang pulis. Ngayon bakit ang pulis ngayon kasi hindi na natatakot. I tell you iyang mga yan may droga paranoid yan may mga armas yan.

Invariably they carry because the first thing that afflicts them is paranoia. Sige yan sila tingin ganoon na may humahabol sa kanila. Kita mo sa nahuli sa mga pulis para siyang hinahabol ng demonyo na…magdala talaga ng armas yan. Kaya bakit ngayon? Because ngayon nagtatrabaho ang pulis. Noon kasi takot pag na-suspend at that day wala nang sweldo, wala nang pagkain ang pamilya. Now what do I do? What was I doing in Davao? Pagka na-suspend ang pulis ako ang magbigay ng suweldo sa intelligence fund.

I provide a lawyer, take home pay niya binibigay ko at saka yung pamilya niya sigurado may sweldo siya maski suspended kaya ang pulis sa Davao pag sinabi ko magtrabaho, nagtrabaho.

Kita mo ngayon, ang nagdala taga Davao. Kung ano yung style ng police, ganoon ang style ni Duterte. You just follow him and you’re safe. Oo, kasi kung hindi ko ganunin hindi magtrabaho yung pulis. Pagdating niyang Human Rights kawawa ang pulis. Pagdating ng Congress doon huwag kayong magtakot. Kung ayaw niyong magsalita sabihin niyo, sir wala akong…tinatamad kaming magsalita. Kung gusto ninyo sabihin niyo lang. pagod ako sir ayokong magsalita—tapos.

Para hindi ka na mapilit ng congressman. Your honor I would like to invoke the right to remain silent. Period. Wala nang congressman, walang senador, walang makatanong sa iyo. If you use that and nothing can be inferred against you hindi ka yan…”silence means consent” is not applicable in the Constitution. O sabihin mo ayaw mong magsalita you cannot infer that because there is no adverse inference that you can make if a person invokes the right to remain silent. Constitution yan eh.

I’m happy that I met you. At least I have expressed my anger at bakit ganito and the way that I behave because I do not…for the life of me I will never…mas mabuti pa magluhod ako sa mga King of Brunei o Thailand. Huwag mo akong paluhurin sa Amerikano. Never, ayoko talaga. You can do your worst actually. Basta ako nakapusta diyan: my job, my life and the presidency itself.

Yun naman ang laban mo. Shut up ka. Pagdating ng Human Rights, sabihin mo, ayoko. Pagdating ng Ombudsman, ewan ko. Pagdating ng Congress, ah ewan ko. Tinatamad kaming magsalita eh di period. I am invoking the right to remain silent sir. I will not talk, wala na. Wala nang iba diyan. Dismissed na ibig sabihin uwi na tayo. Ayan naman si, andyan si Ed oh.

Ito yung panahon namin ito yung pinakagwapo sa San Beda. Naka…nakatatlo ito. Sa Centro Escolar siguro kapitbahay man nakadalawa sa Holy Spirit isa. Mga mayor, gobernador maraming salamat po at if there’s anything that I can do for you sabi ko I am not into politics anymore. Kita ko wala akong, I do not travel to because walang ano, one shot lang naman ako. I will never come back this way again so I would just assure that we work together. I’m sounding off the alarm regarding drugs. Please do something about it.

Ngayon kung sabihin ninyo hindi niyo kaya, huwag kayo maghiya sabihin niyo mayor, hindi ko ugali yang bayolenteng pamamaraan, ah sige tumabi ka lang diyan. Ako na mismo. Marami bang magaganda doon sa inyo? Para makades—no, no, no, I will do it for you. Ako I do not want to interfere. I do not want to…Yung may naiwan diyan, wala na  I think what I would just do is to send it to the Supreme Court or the judges and send it to the police yung kanila.

Kasi the…I create so many whirlwinds. Pag ano eh magulo masyado. It’s not only one. Marami yan eh, barangay captain pati pulis. Pero itong mga pulis p******* i*** kayo oh sinabi ko sa inyo huwag niyo akong lokohin. Mauunat talaga kayo. Sa Davao lahat ng pulis pumasok sa droga pinatay ko talaga. Lahat ng nagkidnap pinatay ko leche kayo. Sabi ni Duterte doon sa ano p****** i** istorya man lang yan naniwala naman kayo.

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