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Can one get AIDS from toilet seats?

/ 02:17 PM November 18, 2013

HERE are questions from our readers:

How long can one survive without food?

This question reminds me of the thousands of victims of the monster typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) who were without food and water for days. One of the most popular accounts of voluntary starvation is that of the great Mahatma Gandhi, who survived after 21 days of fasting, taking only sips of water. Medical literature says humans can survive without food for 30 to 40 days, so long as they are well-hydrated, meaning drinking water. Severe signs of starvation appear at 35-40 days in most, and death occurs around 45 to 61 days.


Is Viagra addicting?


No, Viagra is not addicting, but once you have tried it, you would start to feel more secure having it. Before you try it, though, I suggest you consult with your physician first, to make sure there is no contraindication in your case. If none, Viagra should help take care of your midlife problem, if, indeed, it is caused by anxiety. Viagra is truly a wonder drug, if taken properly under medical supervision.

What can I do with my terrible bad breath?

In your e-mail, you stated you are healthy and you brush your teeth after breakfast and after dinner. It would be better if you could also brush after lunch. And besides brushing, using dental floss, tongue scrapper, followed by gurgling with a mouth rinse. One of the most effective rinse solutions is the one that has stabilized chlorine dioxide, which kills the bacteria that causes foul odor from rotten food items in between the teeth and on the tongue, whose surface is like a thick carpet that traps germs. There are many other possible causes of halitosis (bad breath) so I suggest you visit your dentist for evaluation.

I have frequent headaches. Can this be serious?

This column is meant to provide medical information for public education as a service of Cebu Daily News. Since it will not be medically proper nor prudent for the writer to make a diagnosis or give prognosis through this forum, the answers we will give here will be a generic overview. Consult your physician for details and management. There are many causes of headaches. It could range from simple eyestrain, benign stress or tension headache, allergy-related headache, to hypertension headache, migraine headache, to headaches caused by a brain tumor, infection or bleeding in or around the brain. In view of this, early and proper diagnosis is essential. See you physician soon.

Can one get AIDS from toilet seats?


Experts say no, but mucous membrane (eyes, nose, mouth, throat, anus, rectum) contact with blood or body fluids from someone infected with HIV, unprotected sexual intercourse with AIDS victim can definitely transmit this deadly disease. The best behavior is to avoid partners that are at high risk of having HIV, but if this is not possible, use condoms. One must be cautious to make sure the condom is durable, intact and not have a hole in it. One could get the HIV infection even after only one, yes, just one sexual encounter. Remember, having AIDS is like having a death sentence hanging over your head.

I developed painful urination after our honeymoon, why?

This is not uncommon, but mostly preventable. This condition is called Honeymoon Cystitis, which is urinary infection due to trauma and bacterial contamination during sex. This could also happen anytime in our life for the same reason. This is why we recommend partners to take a shower or a bath, wash their hands thoroughly, etc., before (and after) sex, and be reasonably gentle and not violent during the act. If the symptoms persist for more than a day, consult your physicians, who will evaluate your condition and most likely prescribe the appropriate antibiotics for your urinary infection. Be careful because repeated infection could lead to more serious complications.

Could chest x-rays cause cancer?

No, an annual chest x-ray will not cause cancer. The dose of radiation that one gets with a chest x-ray is so minimal, about 30 millirems, which is even less than the radiation exposure one gets from travelling by air (where you will be exposed to a greater degree of radiation from the sun) for a 4-hour flight, say to another Asian country. The cut-off safety limit per year is 5000 millirems, which would be equivalent to about 166 chest x-ray exposures. A chest x-ray once a year, or even 20 such radiation exposures in a year, is safe. The basic rule is, of course, the lesser radiation the better, but if it is medically necessary, chest x-rays or CT scans, etc. may be undergone without worry.

How can I avoid sore eyes?

Sore eyes (conjunctivitis) is an acute inflammation of the inner lining of the upper and lower eyelids, caused by bacteria or allergy. They eyes becomes painful, burning, reddened and sticky with secretions. Conjunctival irritation with dust, smoke, wind and other air pollutants may be associated, or accompanying the presence of a common cold or measles. Avoidance of close contact with someone with sore eyes or touching any items touched by the patient, and maintaining good hygiene (washing hands often after contact) are most essential to minimize the chances of getting infected.

Is ampalaya capsule good for diabetes?

The vegetable ampalaya has blood sugar lowering effect, but not effective enough to be used as a substitute for medications prescribed by the physician for those with diabetes. And ampalaya capsules are not safe, nor effective, to replace prescription drugs. Diabetes is a serious illness that must be managed properly because ineffective treatment causing hyper or hypoglycemia (too high or too low blood sugar) are potentially fatal. But eating ampalaya while taking prescribed medications for diabetes is safe, and helpful.


We share the grief and suffering of the victims of supertyphoon Yolanda. In my appeal for the FUND FOR HOPE of the Filipino United Network – USA, our 501(c)3 humanitarian Foundation in the United States, I said “There is no sunshine in the Philippines today…” This FUND FOR HOPE campaign and the ravages caused by the disaster was the main headline of The TIMES of Northwest Indiana. The half a million pesos FUN-USA donated through the LINKAPIL program of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas in Manila provided food and water for 1,500 families and fifty tents used as makeshift classrooms for the countless children whose schools were destroyed. Like many associations and groups around the world, FUN-USA continues its appeal on Please view this site. Let us not wait for surgery to open our heart.

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