Senate eyes probe into latest attempt to arrest Quiboloy

100 cops storm Kingdom of Jesus Christ Compound in Davao City to arrest Quiboloy


MANILA, Philippines — Senator Robin Padilla said he wants the Senate to probe the alleged “unnecessary and excessive force” used by police during the latest attempt to arrest Kingdom of Jesus (KJC) founder Apollo Quiboloy.

“In serving warrants, law enforcement should take into consideration the totality of the situation at hand, which should not in any way violate the dignity of persons,” Padilla said in a statement on Friday.

“There is a need for the PNP to promote and protect human rights because these very acts are vital to the maintenance of public order, guarantee of public safety, and respect for the rule of law,” he added. 

The senator said he would formalize his proposed probe in a resolution that he would file on June 18.

According to Padilla, his resolution would seek to direct an appropriate Senate committee to conduct an investigation, in aid of legislation, on the alleged “unnecessary and excessive force” conducted by some PNP members during the June 10 operation. 

Citing the Constitution, he said the government has the primary duty to serve and protect the people. 

He questioned the alleged presence of PNP operatives, including those from the Special Action Force and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, which raided the premises of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) compound in Davao. 

Padilla said the incident resulted in some KJC missionaries being hurt during the ensuing tension.

“In light of this event, former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, who has been recently designated as the Administrator of the KJC properties, issued a statement that the alleged illegal raid was a clear violation of the law, and described it as an overkill in any language,” he said.

To support his bid, Padilla noted records of “past instances” when the PNP was called out for its use of excessive force in serving warrants. 

He cited as examples the arrest of an elderly environmental activist in Pakil, Laguna by 25 SAF members in 2022 and the operation involving 18 CIDG personnel and six members of the Regional Maritime Unit that resulted in the killing of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa in 2016

With this, Padilla emphasized that only “necessary and reasonable force” should be used to accomplish the PNP’s task of enforcing the law. 

Despite allegations hounding the PNP’s failed attempt to arrest Quiboloy, the country’s police force maintained that the operation was lawful.