Bamban Mayor Alice Guo: ‘I will not resign’

Bamban Mayor Alice Guo: 'I will not resign'


MANILA, Philippines — Embattled Bamban Mayor Alice Guo said she won’t resign despite facing several allegations against her, including that she is an “asset” of China.

Defending her full Filipino citizenship, Guo denied accusations that she may be a Chinese asset trained to infiltrate and influence the Philippine government.

“Hindi po, hindi ako magre-resign (No, I will not resign). I will continue serving my constituents,” she said in an interview over ANC’s Headstart.

Guo even vowed to seek another term as Bamban mayor in the next election.

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She also said that she agreed to an interview to explain her side because of her constituents in Bamban, who have continuously supported her despite the controversies.

Guo then called on other Filipino politicians, whom she did not identify,  to deal with their misunderstandings by themselves and not drag her into it. She did not expound further.

Controversies started to hound Guo after she was linked to two Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (Pogos) in Tarlac province’s Bamban town: Hongsheng Gaming Technology Incorporated and Zun Yuan Technology Incorporated.

Guo vs Pogo

Hongsheng was raided in February 2023 and was replaced by Zun Yuan in the exact location. It was then again raided in March 2024 for charges of alleged human trafficking and serious illegal detention.

Senator Win Gatchalian exposed Guo’s alleged ties to the offshore gaming firms. In a hearing at the Senate, Gatchalian cited a billing statement of Zun Yuan and a vehicle seized during the raid, which was registered under Guo’s name.

However, Guo said she is now against Pogos.

“Now, I’m against it; as long as I am the mayor, I will no longer allow any Pogo operation in my town,” she said.

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According to her, Pogos were only allowed to do business in Bamban because of the promise to provide jobs to locals.

“I said that as long as there is [a] license from Pagcor, if there’s no Pagcor license, never again,” said Guo.

She denied links to Pogos, explaining that she merely befriended them for the sake of business.

“I’m not that powerful. I’m a simple citizen in a second-class municipality. I don’t have that much connection,” she said.

On Saturday, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) recommended the preventive suspension of Guo after its task force uncovered “troubling findings of serious illegal acts [that] may have severe legal implications.”

According to the DILG, its recommendation is “to prevent any influence on the continuing investigations of our and other agencies.”

The DILG said its task force has already submitted its findings to the Office of the Ombudsman.