852 aspiring lawyers to take 2024 Shari’ah Bar Exam

MANILA CITY, Philippines — Out of 906 applicants, 852 have been allowed to take the Shari’ah Bar Examination on April 28 and May 2.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Maria Filomena Singh, chairperson of the Shari’ah Bar Examinations Committee, said the 852 have completed the examination requirements.

Of the 852, 575 will take the computerized examination at the Ateneo de Davao, and 200 will take the tests at the Economics Building of the University of the Philippines. On the other hand, 77 will take the test manually using pen and paper at the UP’s Malcolm Theater.

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The Shari’ah Bar Examination was initially scheduled last Feb. 25 and 28. However, it was moved to April “in anticipation of the holy month of Ramadan (March 9 to April 8) and to allow the prospective examinees additional time to review and to prepare the application requirements….”

The two-day examinations cover jurisprudence (Figh) and customary laws (Adat), persons, family relations, property, succession, wills, adjudication, and settlement of estates, as well as procedures in the Shari’ah Courts.

Shari’ah, or Islamic law, is implemented in the legal system of the Philippines and is applicable only to Muslims.  Shari’ah courts set up in the country are under the direct supervision of the SC.

Justice Singh reminded that “the Shari’ah Bar Exams (SBE), similar to the Philippine Bar Examinations, is an official function of and a formal proceeding of the Supreme Court.”

“Any act or omission committed during the days of the SBE that impedes or obstructs, or in any manner interferes, with its normal operations, may constitute ground for contempt of the highest Court, and, if the transgressor is an examinee, it shall serve as a ground for Bar disqualification,” Singh said.