Angkas cites safety record, advocates for local transport apps


Angkas CEO George Royeca (PCO.GOV instagram)

MANILA,  Philippines – Angkas CEO George Royeca recently participated as a resource speaker at the traffic townhall meeting together with President Marcos and cited Angkas’ safety record and rthe need to support other local ride-hailing apps.

He reflected on Angkas’ journey, including multiple government shutdowns, pandemic challenges, and legislative efforts to establish motorcycle taxi regulations.

Safety record

Despite these obstacles, Royeca emphasized that it became Angkas’ biggest advantage, which led them to create a top-tier training program for pillion passengers.

“Today, we are proud to say that Filipino motorcycle taxi drivers are among the most disciplined in the entire region,” Royeca said.

He highlighted Angkas’ impressive safety record, with an accident rate of 0.003 percent and a safety rate of 99.997 percent.

Royeca recalled a pivotal moment when he accepted a challenge from the LTFRB Chairman, demonstrating Angkas’ commitment to safety and accountability.

Local ride-hailing apps

Royeca also underscored the importance of supporting local tech-enabled firms in the transport industry.

While acknowledging the contributions of foreign counterparts such as Grab and Foodpanda, he urged recognition for other Filipino transport startups, including JoyRide, Ding Dong, and Para Express.

He called on the government to continue supporting proudly Filipino tech-enabled products to strengthen the economy and create job opportunities nationwide.

President’s support

President Marcos Jr., in the Bagong Pilipinas Townhall Meeting on Traffic held April 10, 2024, underscored the significance of motorcycle taxis in the daily lives of Filipino citizens.

He emphasized the need for the government to identify feasible areas for expanding motorcycle taxi services.

“We have 15 million riders more or less dito sa Pilipinas kaya napaka importante talaga ang mga motorcyle—lahat ng mga services, pag-deliver nila. And that is why we are trying to see what are the high traffic areas kung saan pwede mag expand ang ating motorcycle services na tinatawag.” said Marcos.

Royeca emphasized the role of motorcycle taxis as a feeder system to the mass transport system, urging government officials to consider integrating them into national transport plans.


In line with the government’s directive to decongest Metro Manila, the President was open to the expansion of motorcycle taxi services to cities outside the capital region. 

Yun na nga yung mga nagde-deliver, yung mga messenger, yung mga Angkas. Lahat ng iba’t-ibang klaseng trabaho na ginagawa na nakasakay sa motor. Kaya again, it has to be a holistic system”,  said the President.

“With your help, we can further strengthen this industry and contribute to the development of a new Philippines,” Royeca told Marcos. 

Angkas reaffirms its commitment to innovation, safety, and national development.