PDEA warns public vs. proliferation of Marijuana-flavored vapes

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Vape products

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has cautioned the public on the proliferation of electronic cigarettes containing marijuana oil.

It issued the warning after monitoring an upsurge in the product’s presence nationwide during its recent anti-illegal drugs operations.

PDEA also said the item is illegal and it poses health risks.

The agency added the spread of these products might also expose “unknowing customers” to marijuana’s addictive components.

“The selling and smuggling of marijuana oil cartridges indicate that there is a growing domestic demand for these products,” the agency said in a statement on Sunday.

Considering that the vaping culture is predominantly popular among the youth, PDEA is wary that these cannabis extracts can be passed off as a legitimate vape aerosol in the market and sold to the younger patrons,” it explained.

In line with this, PDEA has doubled its efforts in monitoring and detecting the physical and online vape shops offering cannabis-flavored e-cigarettes and other related paraphernalia.

It also sought the cooperation of the country’s regulating bodies “to formulate tighter measures against vape stores, alongside retailers and importers, to prevent consumers from using prohibited substances.”

The agency’s statement came after its operatives and the police conducted separate anti-drug operations in Taguig city.

These activities resulted in the arrest of two drug personalities and the seizure of cannabis oil and dried marijuana or “kush,” and assorted vaping devices, amounting to P842,000.

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Earlier, PDEA and the Bureau of Customs also intercepted 18 balikbayan boxes containing cannabis oil and dried marijuana hidden inside e-cigarettes worth P337 million in Port Area, Manila.