Hontiveros on Quiboloy: ‘I’ll cite him for contempt, have him arrested’

PHOTO: Apollo Quiboloy (left) and Sen. Risa Hontiveros. STORY: Hontiveros on Quiboloy: ‘I’ll cite him for contempt, have him arrested’

Apollo Quiboloy (left) and Sen. Risa Hontiveros. (File photos from the Senate Public Relations and Information Bureau)

MANILA, Philippines — The Senate has issued a fresh subpoena against alleged sex offender Apollo Quiboloy.

It has directed the religious leader to appear before the chamber’s public hearing on March 5.

Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri signed the order on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Senator Risa Hontiveros issued an ultimatum against the self-proclaimed “Appointed Son of God.”

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“All that I’m asking of you is to face the legal processes, including the process of a Senate investigation,” Hontiveros said in Filipino in a separate statement issued on Tuesday.

Hontiveros heads the Children, Family Relations and Gender Equality committee handling Quiboloy’s alleged crimes.

“Our next hearing is on March 5, and if Mr. Quiboloy does not show up, I will cite him [for] contempt and have him arrested,” she warned.

The new subpoena served against Quiboloy is the second summon released by the Senate. Zubiri signed the first one on Monday.

Hontiveros earlier stressed the need to force Quiboloy to come out as lawmakers probe into the crimes allegedly committed by him and his church.

She also said her office received “credible evidence of threats” on the lives of former Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) members who earlier testified against Quiboloy.

The opposition senator believes this “constitute obstruction of a legitimate Senate inquiry,” and lend urgency to the call to subpoena Quiboloy.

Quiboloy earlier maintained he will not attend the legislative investigation despite the directive.

He said only a court, not a Senate hearing, can determine whether or not a person is guilty or innocent.

“Go to court and file a case against me. I will answer you there because it would [be] fair play,” Quiboloy dared lawmakers.

The religious leader on Wednesday released an audio recording wherein he admitted that he is hiding due to a supposed plot to have him killed.