‘Amoy ng tagumpay:’ Angkas CEO draws inspiration from 30,000 riders pulled out of poverty

Angkas CEO and entrepreneurship advocate George Royeca draws inspiration from 30,000 riders who got out of poverty

Angkas CEO and entrepreneurship advocate George Royeca.

MANILA, Philippines — Angkas CEO and entrepreneurship advocate George Royeca expressed his gratitude and appreciation to those who have supported the growth of Angkas, and helped it become the success it is today.

As one of the awardees of People Asia’s People of the Year 2023, Royeca gave special thanks to his Angkas biker partners, who served as the inspiration for the company’s development.

“Our continued success is due to the many people who believed in us, but most importantly, it is due to the new opportunities provided to our 30,000 biker entrepreneurs. They are now earning a living on their own time, and all of our biker partners are now above the poverty line. Their children are now studying to become doctors, engineers, and lawyers,” said Royeca.

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Together with his wife Angeline Tham, the young tech CEO developed Angkas to help Filipino commuters beat the heavy traffic in Metro Manila, while also providing livelihood opportunities for the 18 million Filipino motorcycle owners.

Royeca emphasized the importance of believing in Filipinos and equipping them with the necessary skills and tools to uplift their lives.

“Let us support our fellow Filipinos because we have the capacity to prosper and succeed. When we believe in ourselves and in our people, we also inspire them to do better, to become better. I know we can uplift 18 million motorcycle owners–this hardworking informal sector. And when we achieve this with your support, I promise you, we can truly end poverty in our lifetime,” Royeca said.

Committed to providing motorcycle riders with training and education, Angkas has recently partnered with Tesda to develop a Basic Motorcycle Driving curriculum for those who want to use their motorcycles for business. The five-day program provides formal training to motorcycle riders through actual demonstrations.

“The ‘kamote riders’ of the past, when given proper training and the right opportunities, become skilled and safe riders,” said Royeca.

“We have a safety record of 99.997%. We are safer than condoms. All habal-habal needs is people who will trust in them and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their competence,” said Royeca.

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