CHR slams videos of sexually abusive pranks


MANILA, Philippine – The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Saturday slammed circulating videos of sexually abusive pranks for entertainment purposes and stressed the need to protect the rights of women and the LGBTQ+ community. 

“Videos have reached CHR’s attention showing content creators setting up situations in public spaces captured by hidden cameras where men would lay their heads on women’s laps; holding their hands out of nowhere; catcalling; and even soliciting kisses citing a number of made-up reasons. These incidents should not be just dismissed,” said CHR Executive Director, Atty Jacqueline Ann de Guia in a statement. 

De Guia stressed that “one cannot use humour to mask attempts to demean, assault, and abuse others through unwarranted sexual advances. This is how gender-based violence is normalized—by depicting it as commonplace, innocent, and acceptable”.

She cited the laws that these online videos have possibly breached, including the Republic Act  11313 or the Safe Spaces Act, which states that “crimes of gender-based streets and public spaces sexual harassment are committed through any unwanted and uninvited sexual actions or remarks against any person regardless of the motive for committing such action or remarks.”

The CHR Executive Director also cited the Magna Carta for women, which has a provision on the non-derogatory portrayal of women in media.   

“We call on relevant government agencies, such as the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center, to investigate possible violations of pertinent laws. Businesses as well, including social media platforms, have an obligation to prevent violations from perpetuating by refusing of being accessories of harm and indignity by tolerating such contents,” de Guia said.