Manila Water gets 90% customer approval rating in 2021

Manila Water

East Zone concessionaire Manila Water receives a 90% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating for the year 2021. Photo shows a Manila Water territory manager responding to a customer’s concern on the ground. More than 400 territory managers are assigned to different areas within the East Zone to attend to customer needs on water, wastewater and sanitation services.

MANILA, Philippines — East Zone concessionaire Manila Water received a 90% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating for the year 2021 as it prioritizes customer satisfaction and needs at the center of its operations.

Manila Water Corporate Communication Affairs Group Head Jeric Sevilla said that the online web-based survey was conducted last November 22 to December 28, 2021 using a structured questionnaire developed by third-party organization.

Sevilla explained that the 2021 CSAT survey aimed to understand the customer’s satisfaction levels with the company’s core services and values.

“Apart from the increase in overall satisfaction from previous year’s 84% satisfaction rating to 2021’s 90%, Manila Water’s score also improved in all the monitored service attributes particularly water quality from 89% to 90%, value for money from 83% to 88%, water supply from 89% to 91%, billing from 78% to 87%, and payment services from 87% to 92%”, Sevilla explained.

Based on the results, customer satisfaction at the total Manila Water level is the highest since 2017. Good CSAT levels are also well-reflected on how customers perceive overall service from Manila Water specifically excellent and reliable water supply and water quality.

Based on global industry benchmarks, Manila Water performed at par in terms of performance and even better in terms of preference.

Sevilla also added that one of the key drivers of satisfaction is providing customers with their money’s worth, possibly presenting Manila Water a hinge in pulling up overall satisfaction scores to its peak.

He also explained that more than being a diagnostic tool, the CSAT is Manila Water’s East Zone Business Operations guide on which aspects to improve on, and what programs or tools to develop to better serve our customers. “It’s both a rearview mirror and a headlight,” Sevilla added.

A total of 960 respondents were residential customers from six Manila Water Business Areas covering the entire East Zone.

Customer Satisfaction, or CSAT, is a customer experience metric that measures satisfaction or happiness with a product, service, or support interaction through a customer satisfaction survey.