Bongbong Marcos says to meet with China top envoy; wants PH-China ties fortified

File photo of Bongbong Marcos and Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian in meeting recently and on Tuesday the President says he will meet with the envoy again to discuss PH-China ties.

FILE PHOTO: Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian pays then-President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. a courtesy visit and officially hands the congratulatory note on behalf of H.E. President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China on his election as the 17th President of the Philippines. 📷: BBM Media Bureau

MANILA, Philippines — President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. announced Tuesday that he would be meeting China’s top diplomat, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, as he stressed his goal to strengthen Manila-Beijing ties.

He said he also intends to “find ways to work to resolve the conflicts that we have” as he does not want the two countries’ relationship to be just confined to the issues in the West Philippine Sea.

“Yes I will meet with him and the agenda I’m sure will be to strengthen ties with China and the Philippines and of course to find ways to work to resolve the conflicts that we have,” Marcos Jr. said.

“One of the ways I have consistently suggested is that we have our relationship not only on one dimension – ‘yun lang West Philippine Sea,” he added.

“Let’s add to that. Let’s have cultural exchanges, educational exchanges, and even military if that will be useful. In the private sector, joint ventures have also been there. The more we do of that, the more it will help resolve the issue,” he also said.

China’s top diplomat will embark on an official visit to Manila and will be the first foreign minister to meet with Marcos Jr. and Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique Manalo since the start of the new administration.