Marcoleta defends pol ads on ABS-CBN

Rep. Rodante Marcoleta. FACEBOOK

MANILA, Philippines — House Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta, who opposed the renewal of the franchise of ABS-CBN, on Sunday defended the airing of his political advertisements at the television network.

“I neither control nor supervise the works of our ad agency because they know their job well. I don’t decide on which networks to approach for the propagation of our political advocacies,” Marcoleta said.

Marcoleta, who is eyeing a Senate seat, has drawn backlash for placing his political ads on ABS-CBN after pushing for its closure. But he remained unfazed over the barrage of criticisms, saying his opposition to the granting a legislative franchise to ABS-CBN was “not personal.”

“The acceptance of the pol ad has nothing to do with its closure. First of all, it can reject our pol ad outright. It was its choice to make to begin with,” he said.


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