COVID-19 has infected more than 69,000 people globally

A worker wearing a protective face mask looks out from a restaurant displaying a COVIC-19 virus precaution notice near Qianmen Street, a popular tourist spot, in Beijing, Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020. China reported Sunday a drop in new virus cases for the third straight day, as it became apparent that the country’s leadership was aware of the potential gravity of the situation well before the alarm was sounded. The notice reads: “Please wear a mask when dining, cooperate to receive temperature check, reject more than three persons dining and birthday gathering.” (Photo by ANDY WONG / AP)

A viral outbreak that began in China has infected more than 69,000 people globally. The World Health Organization has named the illness COVID-19, referring to its origin late last year and the coronavirus that causes it.

The latest figures reported by each government’s health authority as of Sunday in Beijing: