Trillanes asks AFP, PNP to rethink security escorts’ recall

July 13, 2018 The youth organized, GenWe Tambayan, a music and advocacy event as a response against the administration’s anti-poor policies to “tambays” and against charter change and federalism. Senator Trillanes was one of the tambayan’s attendees. Photo by Geela Garcia OJT.

Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has asked the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police to reconsider their decision to recall his security detail at the end of June.

Trillanes, a constant critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, disclosed that all his security escorts from both the police and the military were removed last month.

This was contrary to the claim of the PNP that military personnel were still securing him, Trillanes pointed out. He has not had any security detail from the Senate as well, he said.

“I’ve already written to the AFP to reconsider its decision. So this is still pending. I would rather that this be resolved with finality first,” he said in a phone interview.

He also made a similar request to the PNP, he added.

No explanation was given when his security escorts were recalled last month, he said.

But he said the PNP’s invocation of the Alunan doctrine, which states that officials could have only two security personnel guarding them, was incorrect since he no longer has any security detail from the government.

At present, the senator is being secured by private individuals.

One of the most vocal opponents of the President, Trillanes has also been the subject of his tirades.

Just last month,  the President said somebody was bound to shoot Trillanes because of what he said was the lawmaker’s arrogance.

“He’s always calling for a fight. He believes that he’s the only tough one around because nobody fought him back. But there will come a day that someone will shoot him because he’s arrogant,” Mr. Duterte said of Trillanes in a speech in Cebu City.

Trillanes then warned that having him shot would have adverse consequences for the President.

“Go ahead, Mr. Duterte, order somebody to shoot me and, I assure you, it would lead to your end,” he said last month.