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Toys talk to kids about Velvet Revolution

In this photo taken Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014, puppet designer and film maker Miroslav Trejtnar prepares a map for animations of his movie 'What to tell to kids?" in a studio in Prague, Czech Republic. AP

The Velvet Revolution that kicked off in Prague 25 years ago Monday was a seminal event in the collapse of communism. Try explaining that to children who have only known democracy.

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EcoWaste seeks recall of kiddie sunglasses tainted with lead


An environment and consumer safety watch group sought the recall of an imported brand of kiddie sunglasses from the local market after it was found to contain high levels of toxic lead.

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Surprise! 25 lead-free toys found in Divisoria

Samples of brightly colored wooden toys bought from vendors in Divisoria appear to be safe for children to play with as these do not seem to contain lead, according to a toxics watch group.  LYN RILLON

How’s this for a nice change? It’s possible to have lead-free toys, toxics watch group EcoWaste Coalition said on Sunday after it found 25 wooden toys that do not appear to contain the brain-damaging chemical.

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‘Shrilling chicken’ is cute but very dangerous, says toxic watch group

Photo grabbed from youtube

A toxic watch group is seeking the removal from the local market of a Chinese-made plastic toy called “Shrilling Chicken” after two European countries banned its sale because of serious health and environmental risks.

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‘Beware of toxic toys sold in Manila’

Not all toys are safe for children to play with, according to EcoWaste Coalition. Contributed photos

Playing traditional Filipino games may put your child at risk as some of the toys sold in Divisoria, Manila, have been found to contain high levels of harmful chemicals.

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