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Artists’ gathering breeds new ideas


A group of beatniks gathered around one man in one corner as he passionately plucked and talked about his “kubing” (indigenous bamboo harp). Near them was a small crowd of photography enthusiasts listening intently to the wisdom of American freelance photographer Peter Carney.

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Japan volcano victims leave photos of last moments

FILE - In this Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014 file photo taken by 59-year-old hiker Izumi Noguchi who fell victim to the eruption of Mount Ontake, and was offered to Kyodo News by his wife, Hiromi, Friday, Oct. 3, dense plumes of gases and ash billow from the summit crater of Mount Ontake as the volcanic mountain starts to erupt in central Japan. Construction company employee Noguchi was climbing alone, as his usual hiking companion, Hiromi, had to work, she told Japanese broadcaster NHK and other media. His compact camera was banged up, but the memory chip inside was undamaged. She printed all 100 shots. (AP Photo/Kyodo News, Izumi Noguchi, File)

The victims include hiking enthusiasts from a major insurance company. Members of a group of nature lovers studying wild plants. A construction manager who snapped about 100 photos — found on his scratched and dented camera — to show his wife what she was missing because she had to work that day.

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Anti-intrusion bill alarms photojournalists


Veteran documentary and street photographers based outside Metro Manila have joined calls to scrap a measure that, if passed by Congress, would hold photographers and videographers liable for a work published without the permission of the subject photographed or filmed.

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Lucena photos rekindle search for roots

A REPRODUCTION of an old photo of the Lucena main road taken in 1900 displayed at an exhibit dubbed “Lumang Larawan, Anyo ng Kasaysayan” at Pacific Mall in Lucena City. DELFIN T. MALLARI JR.

Lucena City’s young generation experienced “throwback moments” through an exhibit of black-and-white photos mirroring the rich and colorful past of this capital city of Quezon province.

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Photographs and memories by Ed Santiago, photojournalist

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THE TRIAL  Aug. 27, 1973, Fort Bonifacio. Sen. Benigno Aquino “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. challenged the jurisdiction and independence of the military commission of Marcos-appointed generals and colonels. He refused to participate in the trial. On Nov. 25, 1977, the military tribunal sentenced him to die by musketry.  ED SANTIAGO

For 41 years, photographs on this page were stashed in a sealed envelope that occupied a place of honor among his “chaotic” files—a vast collection of black-and-whites, his life’s work.

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