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New Zealand lawmaker under fire over Asian race ‘joke’


A high-profile New Zealand lawmaker was accused of racism Monday after making what he called a “joke” at the expense of Asians as he railed against Chinese investment in the country’s farming sector.

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Anybody home? Pacific island of Niue hit by exodus

In this Wednesday, June 4, 2014 photo, people enter the headquarters for Niue's government, the island's biggest employer, in Alofi, Niue. Severe population decline on the tiny Pacific atoll is threatening a culture that dates back more than 1,000 years. AP

It was a school once, but there are no children here anymore. The lonely building on this remote Pacific island now contains only a punching bag that someone has strung from the classroom rafters, and a note scrawled on the chalkboard in Niuean: “Keep this place clean,” it says, “so it stays beautiful.”

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Malaysia says will extradite suspect if necessary

malaysia map

Malaysia said today a junior military official at its diplomatic mission in New Zealand returned home in disgrace using diplomatic immunity last month after being charged with sexual assault.

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Schoolboy wins court fight to keep long hair

Printscreen from Lucan Battison's Facebook support group

A New Zealand schoolboy won the right to keep his long hair on Friday after the nation’s top court combed through the merits of an often tangled case and found in his favor.

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New Zealand schoolboy wins right to keep hair long

In this Monday, June 23, 2014 photo, sixteen-year-old Lucan Battison, left, with his lawyer, Jol Bates, arrives at the High Court in Wellington, New Zealand, where Battison is fighting his suspension from his Catholic high school because of his long hair. In a decision released Friday, June 27, 2014, New Zealand High Court judge David Collins found that both Battison's suspension and the school's hair rules were unlawful. (AP Photo/New Zealand Herald, Mark Mitchell)

A judge ruled Friday that a New Zealand schoolboy need not cut his hair before returning to class and that his Catholic high school had been wrong to suspend him for having long locks.

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