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French government dissolved amid internal feud

france government

French President Francois Hollande dissolved the government on Monday after an open feud in his Cabinet over the country’s stagnant economy.

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Paris relives the joy of liberation, 70 years on

Visitors sunbathe next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Monday, March 10, 2014. Meteo France, the French national meteorological service, says this winter is the second mildest in the country since 1900. AP

“Paris! Paris outraged! Paris broken! Paris martyred! But Paris liberated! Liberated by itself. Liberated by its people…” – the words of Charles De Gaulle to an ecstatic crowd cheering the capital’s liberation from Nazi occupation after four long, painful, bitter years.

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British couple walled into French home by ‘neighbors from hell’

Retired British citizens Faith Dyson (right) and husband John Dyson pose in their house in Brugairolles, southwestern France, on August 19, 2014. Residents of the village of Brugairolles have been rallying on August 18 to help Faith and her husband John Dyson, who have been owning a house in Brugairolles since 2004, after their British neighbors Krystina et Robert James Dunlop boarded up their front door and shutters. Villagers dismantled the barricade, the latest episode of a 10-year dispute turned into harassment over property access.  AFP

A British couple’s dream of a quiet retirement in the sun of southern France turned into a nightmare when their neighbors walled them into their home.

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Snap raid: French customs destroy 14,000 ‘dangerous’ blow-up crocs

French customs officials on Thursday destroyed 14,000 inflatable crocodiles shipped from Hong Kong because they did not conform to EU safety regulations.

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French, German leaders pay emotional tribute to WWI fallen

France's President Francois Hollande and German President Joachim Gauck arrive to attend a ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, at the National Monument of Hartmannswillerkop, in Wattwiller, eastern France, Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014. On this day 100-years ago, in 1914, Germany declared war on France, at the beginning of the first global war, which centered on Europe and resulted in over nine million combatants being killed. AP

French President Francois Hollande and his German counterpart Joachim Gauck paid emotional tributes Sunday to the millions of soldiers who died during World War I, exactly 100 years after Germany declared hostilities against France.

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