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Britain to arm Iraqi Kurds with heavy machine guns


Britain is to ship heavy machine guns to Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon announced Tuesday.

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What if? Scotland’s steps to independence

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, front center, meets with Scots and other European citizens to celebrate European citizenship and "Scotland's continued EU membership with a Yes vote" at  Parliament Square in Edinburgh, Scotland, Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014. Opinion polls showing that the independence referendum in Scotland is too close to call have prompted widespread selling of the British pound. If the actual vote on Sept. 18 delivers a knockout blow to Scotland’s 307-year union with England, that selling could become even more pronounced as the United Kingdom is likely plunged into the biggest constitutional crisis in its history. The fate of the British pound, which has been one of the most tangible links of the union, will be front and center of the separation proceedings as it has been for the past few months during the cut and thrust of the campaign. (AP Photo/Andrew Milligan, PA Wire)     UNITED KINGDOM OUT   -   NO SALES    -    NO ARCHIVES

With polls ahead of Scotland’s independence referendum now showing the two sides neck and neck, Britain is starting to consider seriously the implications of a “Yes” victory.

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British couple walled into French home by ‘neighbors from hell’

Retired British citizens Faith Dyson (right) and husband John Dyson pose in their house in Brugairolles, southwestern France, on August 19, 2014. Residents of the village of Brugairolles have been rallying on August 18 to help Faith and her husband John Dyson, who have been owning a house in Brugairolles since 2004, after their British neighbors Krystina et Robert James Dunlop boarded up their front door and shutters. Villagers dismantled the barricade, the latest episode of a 10-year dispute turned into harassment over property access.  AFP

A British couple’s dream of a quiet retirement in the sun of southern France turned into a nightmare when their neighbors walled them into their home.

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WikiLeaks founder says he’ll leave embassy soon

julian assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will be leaving the Ecuadorean Embassy in London soon — but did not say when or explain his decision.

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UK welcomes US strikes in Iraq but rules out own action

British Prime Minister David Cameron told the media. AP file photo

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday expressed his deep concern about the situation in Iraq and welcomed US President Barack Obama’s decision to authorize air strikes against extremists.

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