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Story on mosque eye-opener for kids

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ARMM Education Secretary Jamar Kulayan reads the book “Ang Unang Mosque sa Pilipinas (The First Mosque in the Philippines)” to schoolchildren at Claret School of Zamboanga City during the Inquirer Read-Along activity. KENNY NODALO/CONTRIBUTOR

Nine-year-old Jerny Laurice Anova sat attentively as the stranger read her a story inside a familiar place, where she and her classmates spend at least an hour every day to enjoy their favorite books.

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Mortar shell fragments, mobile phone found inside bombed bus

Pieces of evidence found in a bus that was bombed late Tuesday point to an act of terror but police said they have yet to identify the group behind the blast that killed at least 11 people.

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3 Zamboanga City siege suspects cry torture

A Government trooper rests amidst the ruins at the site of a three-week intense fighting between Government forces and Muslim rebels who have taken nearly 200 people hostages and used them as human shields, Saturday Sept. 28, 2013 in Zamboanga city, southern Philippines. AP FILE PHOTO

Several detained suspects in the Sept. 9, 2013 Zamboanga Siege have claimed they were tortured by members of the government security forces.

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ARMM gov Hataman: I delivered reform, good governance


COTABATO CITY, Philippines–In his last state of the region address as governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Mujiv Hataman declared on Monday afternoon that his leadership met objectives in the areas of reform, good governance and better security in preparation for the creation of the Bangsamoro government. “I did not fail you,” Hataman […]

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ARMM getting ready to make way for Bangsamoro transition body


President Benigno Aquino is to attend what is expected to be the last state-of-the-region address of Governor Mujiv Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao on Monday, officials said.

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