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Old issue’s new eruption


Mad is he?” King George II once snarled about one of his aides. “Then, I hope he’ll bite some of my generals.” It would also be daft if any official here tried to confiscate Korans from Filipino Muslims. Both law and practice buttress liberty of faith. The exact opposite unreels in Malaysia. The Islamic Religious […]

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Calendars, torn and new


Tomorrow is only found in the calendar of fools.” Writer Og Mandino’s line came to mind on New Year’s Eve as we ripped down down the 2013 calendar. Where did those 522,600 minutes go? We wondered when tacking up the 2014 edition. We walked through San Francisco’s financial district afternoon of New Year’s Eve many […]

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Christmas faces


“Raul” tops our Christmas Eve checklist. He’s a 55-year-old who collects empty bottles and scrap for a living. He looks 80 from having had one altanghap too many. That’s jargon for breakfast (almusal), lunch (tanghalian) and dinner (hapunan) crammed into one.

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Wasteland operators


Inquirer’s headline summed the festering issue: “Some journalists had it coming, probers say.” They referred to the December killings of three Mindanao–No, not journalists – but “block-timers”. “(He) berated targets like they were the worst animals on earth, cocked his gun on the air, challenging (them) to a gunfight.” Who did? Probers wouldn’t say. But […]

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Geography of the heart


The traditional “Misa de Gallo” starts day after tomorrow and ends Christmas Eve. And once again, the features of a grime-streaked beggar who wouldn’t budge from the church door will haunt us. “Simbang Gabi” had just ended when this hobo blocked my exit. If delayed, I’d miss that Bangkok flight. As a “martial law refugee,” […]

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