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What’s in a name?


Friends of mine have been asking why I haven’t written about the Social Security System. I’ve replied that my hands are tied, the case involves my brother, Emil. But after seeing the extent to which he has been savaged in the social media and the tabloids, some of the latter masquerading as TV radio stations, […]

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Time of reckoning


Last Monday Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, and Juan Ponce Enrile were officially added to Janet Lim-Napoles as persons of interest to the Ombudsman. Leila de Lima says that’s just the first batch in a continuing investigation of congressional complicity in the Napoles pork scam. How this first batch goes will determine whether there will be […]

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Fateful day


Truly, fact can often be stranger than fiction. Aug. 21 is one date in postwar Philippine history that seems thoroughly uncanny, that seems almost unearthly. Two fateful events happened on that day. The first, and now less remembered, was the bombing of Plaza Miranda in 1971. It was the miting de avance of the Liberal […]

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Swimming upstream


The Metro Manila Development Authority has an interesting concept—to allow “counterflow” on Edsa at different hours of the day. As everyone who has traversed the thoroughfare knows, says Francis Tolentino, the southbound lane is busy in the morning, as buses, taxis, and private cars make their way to Makati, while the northbound one is so […]

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Who’s the bigger hero, Jose Rizal or Andres Bonifacio? We’ve expended no small amount of energy, or indeed passion, trying to answer that question, and will probably expend a little bit more of it over the next several months as we inch toward Bonifacio’s 150th birth anniversary in November. P-Noy’s Independence Day speech on Wednesday […]

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