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The real score (Part 1)


A lot has been said and written about the pork barrel scam, but it seems that not one has sufficiently informed the public in general what they are supposed to know. This lack of information is the reason why there are still those who take the line of Malacañang and Congress justifying the existence of […]

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It seems to be the season for persons with the nickname ‘Ping.’ In politics, despite allegations in the past linking him to some unsavory activities, Senator Ping Lacson, like his erstwhile nemesis Maid Miriam, is coming out from the PDAF and DAP rubble with untarnished armor. In basketball, it has been the season of Mark […]

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Law and Sports


A thing which rarely happens is for a sport being played in another court- the court of law. The relationship seems incongruous. The judicial system is meant to serve the more serious part of life. Sports is for fun, entertainment and is not supposed to be taken seriously, to the extent that resort to the […]

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The germ of the idea of spending a few days vacation during the Holy Week happened on a Thursday evening while having dinner at the Casino Espanol. My friend mentioned that he was spending the long weekend at a resort in Bohol, and almost without a blink of an eye, I asked him if he […]

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The 8th season of the Gov Gwen Garcia Volleyball Cup finally opened last Saturday at the CICC, amidst speculation that the tournament would probably not push through because of so many situations, whether real or not, that would have caused its cancellation. It would have been a pity because if there is any tournament in […]

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