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The landscape according to Caravaggio


They say that Caravaggio painted As though he were inside a dungeon Or a room deep within a tavern, Where the illumination comes Not from the sun but from a lamp, Which is unseen and seems embedded Into the very fact of being — The women, children, men and horses, Whose physicality is such As […]

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The dawn of visions


For the past several days, the wife and I have been waking up at three in the morning, a bleak and merciless hour. To make sure that we would not miss it, I set the alarm on both the radio clock and my cellphone. Usually I respond to the alarm first. Perhaps I am the […]

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How strange that, as I look at Raphael’s paintings of John the Baptist, I should think of Django, the main character of a 1966 eponymous Western directed by Sergio Corbucci, a film that spawned many sequels, over a hundred according to speculations, but only 31 as per official count. The movie opens with an iconic […]

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Missing God


A friend of mine posted a poem by Dennis O’ Driscoll, entitled, “Missing God.” At once it evoked a remark a public official made after seeing for himself the destruction that an uncommonly violent typhoon left in its trail. “I think God was somewhere else when the typhoon hit,” he said. Surely, he made this […]

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The hero of my tale


Recently, the wife and I went to a store to buy a cabinet. We used my sister’s card for the purpose. At the entrance, the young man swiped the card through an electronic reader. When my sister’s address appeared on the monitor, he asked us if we still resided in the place, or if we […]

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