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Faith and footwork


That morning, I was to hear cases for the first time since the earthquake of nearly three months ago weakened the supports of the courthouse. My people had set up a tent in the parking area, on the space allotted to us, and had laid out tables and chairs for the lawyers and litigants.

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Araby” is among the pieces I like in “Dubliners,” James Joyce’s collection of short stories. It is narrated by a boy who lived in a drab neighborhood, but transformed it into a place of adventure in the imaginative games he played with his friends. The gang kept an eye on the boy’s uncle, making sure he did not see them when he arrived, as well as on a girl, the sister of one of them, Mangan, who often came out on the doorstep to call her brother in for his tea.

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The landscape according to Caravaggio


They say that Caravaggio painted As though he were inside a dungeon Or a room deep within a tavern, Where the illumination comes Not from the sun but from a lamp, Which is unseen and seems embedded Into the very fact of being — The women, children, men and horses, Whose physicality is such As […]

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The dawn of visions


For the past several days, the wife and I have been waking up at three in the morning, a bleak and merciless hour. To make sure that we would not miss it, I set the alarm on both the radio clock and my cellphone. Usually I respond to the alarm first. Perhaps I am the […]

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How strange that, as I look at Raphael’s paintings of John the Baptist, I should think of Django, the main character of a 1966 eponymous Western directed by Sergio Corbucci, a film that spawned many sequels, over a hundred according to speculations, but only 31 as per official count. The movie opens with an iconic […]

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