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The way home


The human being is an alien spaceship piloted by a crew who have lost all their maps or suffered collective amnesia to the extent that they have absolutely no idea where they are, where they come from, or where they are going. And so they peer through little portholes and drive as best as they can, recording their journey as they go, for future use, or perhaps just out of a nervous instinct. Is there anything to this thesis? The best proof would be my husband.

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Two fried eggs in an immaculate white plate. This was the first thing she saw as she entered her friend’s house. How so well-cooked they were, their edges obviously pushed inwards into a thickness as they fried in the pan for just long enough to develop a perfect burn even as their yolks remained fluid. How beautiful they looked!

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The mask


It took Yolanda to unmask not just Tacloban but all of us. For we too have our own marginalized poor living in slums along the coastline. And we might as well rid ourselves of the notion that a typhoon does not select its victims. The poor are the first to die and suffer the most after everything falls apart.

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It was a rainy morning in Tacloban when he woke up to find they had brought no sugar-free coffee with their rations. And so he resolved to walk as far as he might to find himself a cup. Four people, loosely related drove overland from Cebu to Tacloban to comfort themselves by looking up old […]

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Christmas among the ruins


Only a few things are probably quite as sad as Christmas mass right beside a ruined church. And so it was a muted Christmas in Bohol province. All that was left of the churches of Loon and Maribojoc were a flattened heap of what seemed like sticks and powder. The Baclayon Church still has a […]

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