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Camarines Norte gov’s other sin


After 18 years, the Sandiganbayan convicted seven Quezon City Hall officials who approved the opening of Ozone Disco Club which was razed by a fire in 1996, killing 162 persons.

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Anomalies uncovered at Batangas port


Extortion activities allegedly undertaken by Coast Guard personnel at the Port of Batangas should be investigated.

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Accuser’s claims just sour grapes


Manuel Mejorada, who has accused Senate President Franklin Drilon and two Cabinet members of plunder, told the Senate blue ribbon committee his basis for the allegations is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia.

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The judges are worse than the ‘criminal’


It looks like some of those who judged former Chief Justice Renato Corona in his impeachment trial at the Senate are themselves more corrupt —much, much more corrupt—than he was, if the accusations hurled against them are found to be true.

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Another DOH irregularity uncovered


The perceptive public, and this columnist too, was not surprised at all when Vice President Jojo Binay backed out of the debate with Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV set for Nov. 27 which he himself had asked for.

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