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Test-firing virility


My friend and fellow columnist Gerard Pareja once called it “intellectual homosexuality,” when men fail to impress women and thus end up trying to impress each other. Macho swagger thus becomes a way by which men mutually affirm their “manhood” and thus end up more drawn to each other than the girls they proclaim to be eyeing.

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The sense of wonder


As a university professor teaching fine arts, I normally read art books to prepare for my lessons; philosophy to challenge myself intellectually, especially when I took it up for my master’s degree and, now that I’m back again in graduate school enrolled in cinema studies, books on film history and aesthetics. Whenever I have time […]

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Middleman in the art market


Artists can be too trusting and they hate doing paperwork and dealing with money. They try to avoid these hassles by leaving money matters to other people whom they trust. These people can be gallerists and art dealers. In other words, middlemen. The business of art thrives because of middlemen. But some of them are […]

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Breaking waves


We live next to mangrove forests along Cansaga Bay in Consolacion town. Looking at the wide expanse of greenery from our window, there is little hint that it’s actually the sea out there. The view is always breathtaking especially at dusk when the sky turns red as the sun dips into distant hills that start to twinkle with electric lights.

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Surge of sympathy


First, it was about the magnitude 7.2 earthquake and its series of aftershocks. Then it was the twisters. But when finally we started posting on Facebook about the supertyphoon Yolanda, our friends abroad couldn’t believe it anymore. The string of disasters happening to a place within less than a month’s interval was just too much. […]

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