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Writing teachers have to develop their own methods


How can YOU teach writing effectively?

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A series of choices called teaching


A decade ago, I made one big choice in life: I decided to be a classroom teacher.

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Ruminations on my life as a ‘nomadic’ teacher

Source: www.cowi.com

There was an abrupt halt to my early morning rituals on my last Saturday in Oman.

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The teaching I do–now


This is the teaching expected of me now: Check students’ attendance without fail; ban trips to bathrooms lasting up to 20 minutes that, in effect, let students partly skip class; confiscate mobile gadgets when used in class; brace myself for random disruption of classroom activities by intruders; prepare weekly lesson plans; give students practice tests designed to achieve set learning outcomes; project an I’m-in-control-here stance; mark papers adhering strictly to rubrics; speak slowly and demonstrate my acting prowess to achieve a little communication; and be extra-patient.

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