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Is the DAP unconstitutional?


On 19th November 2013, voting 14-0, the Supreme Court declared as unconstitutional the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or “pork barrel.” What about the Disbursement Acceleration Fund (DAP) that very few people knew or understood before Senator Jinggoy Estrada exposed it during his privilege speech before he went to the US? Until now, the question […]

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New Year’s history


In his interesting article, “A History of the New Year” at infoplease.com, Borgna Brunner wrote that the celebration of the new year on Jan. 1st is a relatively new phenomenon and that the earliest record of a new year celebration is believed to have been in Mesopotamia, around 2000 B.C. and was celebrated around the […]

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The man who invented Christmas


Iregularly receive by e-mail from Alexander Green his writings on Spiritual Wealth. On Dec. 16, 2011, he wrote about the man who invented Christmas. Alexander Green is the investment director of The Oxford Club. Agreeing with Green that “this is a story that deserves to be widely known,” I am now sharing with you what he wrote. It went this way:

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Economic, human losses following environmental disasters


Mr. Antonio Aboitiz was kind enough to e-mail to me a very good paper titled “Destruction, Disinvestment, and Death: Economic and Human Losses Following Environmental Disaster” written by Jesse K. Anttila-Hughesy and Solomon M. Hsiang. The paper was dated Feb. 18 and is still under peer review but the importance of its findings and the […]

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What happens in a recession?


Jesse Colombo, who claims to be an economic analyst who warned of dangerous post-2009 bubbles, contributed a piece in Forbes titled, “Here’s Why the Philippines’ Economic Miracle Is Really a Bubble in Disguise.” After just a few quarters of rapid growth since last year up to the last quarter that passed, it is still really premature for anyone to say that the Philippines is already a miracle economy. And just because the Philippines is awash with hot money from abroad being parked in local stocks and other short term securities does not mean than when they leave, the Philippines will also collapse because the inflow of hot money is not necessarily the cause of the recent upsurge in Philippine economic growth. Having said that and believing that any rising economy will one day suffer a fall, I would rather discuss here what happens in a recession than pursue Colombo’s thesis.

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