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‘Pablo’ devastation ‘unexpected,’ Davao Oriental governor wept


The sound of the wind coming from the Pacific Ocean at 3 a.m. was so horrible that residents of this coastal town thought the sky was ripping apart.

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Mandaya folk see world outside village


Seventeen-year-old Josefa Mabanding was awake the whole night of December 9. “I was so excited I was not able to sleep,” she said. Like many young Mandaya villagers of Manuriago in New Bataan, Compostela Valley, the only world that Josefa knew was her community that can be reached only after eight hours of trekking.

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Mindanao women’s group wants active part in Moro peace talks


A peace group founded by prominent women leaders in Mindanao want actual participation in the peace process with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and not just be allowed to observe it.

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2 soldiers killed, 9 injured in NPA attacks in Davao

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Two soldiers were killed while nine others were injured in separate attacks by New People’s Army rebels here and in the Davao area, military sources said Saturday.

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Bunawan building second pool for bigger crocodile


The local government here is rushing the construction of a second pool inside the Bunawan Eco-park in anticipation of the capture of another crocodile believed to be larger than Lolong, a 21-foot-long crocodile weighing more than a ton that was captured last month.

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