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Enormous hope amid challenges


The recent Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey revealed that 94 percent of Filipinos welcome the New Year with enormous hope rather than fear, and if I may add, amid the challenges we face (http://www.sws.org.ph/pr20131230.htm). This confirms what we know—that we are basically an optimistic lot. It is interesting to observe that in comparison to the […]

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The best gift


Wishing a safe, serene, sustainable and compassion-filled 2014 to all. May we give peace and hope to each other and ourselves. I am referring to that kind of peace that is, in former President Corazon Aquino’s words, “based on principle, on justice,” not “peace at any cost.” The peace that we long for comes only […]

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The key to a sustainable tomorrow


Prigi Arisandi is person with a mission. His youthful appearance and unassuming demeanor belie the magnificent milestones he has achieved to improve the quality of life in Surabaya, a highly-industrialized and the second biggest city of Indonesia. A courageous and tireless crusader for clean waterways, his determination and inspiring leadership motivated the residents to share […]

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Unshackling the chains


The world mourns the passing of Nelson Mandela, an icon of peace, freedom, justice and reconciliation. We are grateful for his inspiring example of unflinching courage, compassion, humility and forgiveness. He leaves a world racked with conflict and suffering. But, perhaps his death and his meaningful life would challenge us to take on the responsibility […]

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Throwing away the throw-away mentality


Kuala Lumpur’s landscape has vastly changed, almost 20 years after my last visit. Aside from being immediately struck by its government’s prioritization of efficiency and information technology (take note, Philippines, paper arrival cards for visitors have been discarded) and of the mass transit system, among others, I was impressed by the still smog-free skyline, amid […]

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