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Mabini still sounds painfully familiar

REDUCED BY HISTORY The simplistic accolades “Sublime Paralytic” and “Brains of the Revolution” do not do justice to his life and legacy.

Apolinario Mabini (1864-1903) has been reduced by textbook history into two simplistic titles: “Sublime Paralytic” and “Brains of the Revolution.”

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Court ordered Rizal to pay P1M

Statue of Dr. Jose Rizal in Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila.  INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

One hundred and seventeen years ago, Jose Rizal was executed after he had been tried for treason and convicted for being “the living soul of the revolution.” It was not enough to snuff out his life, however. The revolution had caused damage to the State that the court set at P1 million, to be paid from the doomed man’s assets.

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Hero’s last Christmas in 1896 far from merry


Of the many references to Christmas in the five-volume compilation of Jose Rizal’s correspondence, the formal but surly letter dated Dec. 25, 1896, stands out.

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Did young Rizal really write poem for children?


IN 1892, Jose Rizal began a new novel in Tagalog. He realized that in order to reach a wider readership in his country, he had to write in his native tongue. During this time of exile in Hong Kong, his elder brother, Paciano, had completed a translation of the “Noli Me Tangere” from the original […]

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Things you won’t ever know about Rizal


Waiting for execution is not the best of times. Jose Rizal distracted himself from depression and self-pity by scribbling. But where are these papers today? Nobody knows. During his last meeting with his mother and sisters, he pointed to a small alcohol stove on his desk and whispered to one of his sisters, in English […]

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