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‘Blowbag’ and other vacation reminders

By Alcuin Papa
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 18:31:00 03/19/2008

Filed Under: Safety of Citizens, Police, Public Holidays, Religions

MANILA, Philippines -- Lock your homes, leave a radio on inside the house, and take down your clothes from your clotheslines.

These are just some of the tips given by the Philippine National Police to Metro Manila residents going out of town for the Lenten break.

PNP officials have been giving out pamphlets to the public on how to avoid being victimized by criminals during the Holy Week.

Titled ?Tips para Iwas-Krimen at sakuna sa Semana Santa,? the pamphlet gives tips on what to do when leaving the house for an out-of-town trip, during the trip, commuting, and when inside churches.

National Capital Region Police Office chief Director Geary Barias also recommends informing village officials of out-of-town trips. ?So that their village watchmen can do some patrol in the area while they are away.?

According to the pamphlet, the PNP recommends locking all doors and securing all windows if going out of town. If a burglar alarm is installed, it should be activated. Avoid leaving notes outside the house, as this might be a clue that no one is inside.

?Mainam din na iwanan na bukas ang radyo para kunwari ay may tao sa loob ng bahay (It would be good to leave a radio on to give the impression that someone is home),? the pamphlet said.

It also recommends informing trusted neighbors of your trip and your return. To avoid fire, make sure electric appliances and gas stoves are turned off. Faucets must also be inspected to ensure they are turned off.

Finally: ?Iligpit ang anumang mahalagang bagay o pag-aari sa labas ng bahay na maaring nakawin tulad ng mga damit sa samapayan, bisikleta o sasakyan (Store valuable items normally left outside the house such clothes on clotheslines, bicycles or vehicles.)?

For traveling out of town on a motor vehicle, the PNP recommends making sure the vehicle is in good running condition. Before leaving, check the vehicle's 'Blowbag' -- B-batteries, L-lights, O-oil, W-water, B-brakes, A-air, and G-gas. Also have handy documents related to the car.

It is also recommended keeping both hands on the steering wheel to make sure the driver has control of the vehicle at all times. ?If there are children on board, make sure all doors are locked.?

Having an alternate driver for long trips is also advised. Driving under the influence of alcohol, or while sleepy or dizzy is not recommended.

Commuters must avoid wearing expensive jewelry or bringing along large sums of money. The PNP also advises commuters to secure their cellphones and other belongings and to travel light. It is recommended to come to the terminals or ports early. Watch out for petty criminals and to take note of police assistance booths.

Bringing in alcohol and selling goods inside churches are disallowed, the pamphlet said. Churchgoers are advised not to bring large sums of cash or any kind of weapon. Children must not be allowed to roam inside churches and must carry an ID card with them at all times. When attending vigils, it would be better to bring a companion.

Barias said reports of unauthorized fare hikes by bus companies are under investigation.

?For those going on vacation, they can be assured that the police are ready to serve and give whatever assistance. The police will patrol houses left behind by the occupants on vacation,? Barias said. With Thea Alberto, INQUIRER.net

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