2 years after, 8-yr-old girl still cries for her mama


GENERAL SANTOS CITY—Mention her mother’s name and 8-year-old Rhully Mae Montano Shulla quickly breaks into tears.

“She can’t sleep alone. She must constantly be in the company of others. She can’t be left alone,” her grandmother, Nanay Maura, said.

Rhully Mae is the youngest of two children of Marife “Neneng” Montano, publisher of Saksi News, who was among at least 32 journalists and media workers slaughtered in Ampatuan town in Maguindanao on Nov. 23, 2009. They were accompanying the wife and other relatives of then Buluan Vice Mayor Esmael Mangudadatu in filing his candidacy for governor against the ruling Ampatuan family.

Two years after the massacre, the children of the victims continue to suffer from trauma and financial woes.

Nanay Maura, 65, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that Rhully Mae had been showing disturbing behavior since losing her single mother. Aside from her fear of being all by herself, the child has become somewhat forgetful, her grandmother said.

“She would arrive home without her bag. Often, it is left either in the tricycle or in school,” Nanay Maura said.

Rhully Mae would always call her mother, the grandmother said. Barely three days before Neneng’s second death anniversary, the child kept asking “Where’s my mama? When will she come home?”

Her performance in school has also been affected. According to Nanay Maura, the school principal had advised her to seek professional help.

“The problem is we don’t have money. Meanwhile, I always encourage her to go out and play with her friends or peers,” the grandmother said.

Rhully Mae and her elder brother, Jether, 18, are recipients of scholarship grants from the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP). She receives P1,000 so she can enroll and P500 in monthly allowance.

Jether, a first year accountancy student at a private school in General Santos City, gets P1,500 per semester during enrollment and P3,000 monthly allowance.

“We miss our bonding time. Going out to the mall, dining together and buying toys, clothes, etc.,” he said as he recounted the happy times he and his sister had with their mother. He described his mother as hardworking, someone who would do everything to provide what they need.

“Jether was a spoiled brat during his boyhood. But he has changed a lot since he became a teenager, all because of Neneng’s patience and love for him,” Nanay Maura said.

The grandmother said she had lost not only her daughter in the massacre, but also “my own livelihood.” She used to work and stay in the farm at Isulan town in Sultan Kudarat province to augment Neneng’s income.

“We helped one another to provide the needs of her children. Now, I am left alone to face the difficult tasks of rearing and providing their basic needs,” she said.

Nanay Maura said she needed financial support for the schooling of two children and their survival.

Where’s Jergin?

Another massacre victim and single mother, Gina dela Cruz of Gensan Focus left behind five children—aged 18, 11, 10, 7 and 2 years—in the care of her mother, Nanay Nancy, 65. Three of the children are scholars of the NUJP and Bantay Bata 163.

Often, Nanay Nancy said they would eat just once a day because of financial problems since her daughter’s death. But the children have learned to live with it and nobody is complaining, she said.

The eldest child, Jergin, now 18 and also a single mother, was compelled to work “part-time as majorette instructress during the day and a promo girl of a liquor brand at a disco bar in the evening,” she said.

But Nanay Nancy, who is busy with household chores and taking care of the other children, is worried if Jergin really works at Horton’s Disco Bar on North Osmeña Street.

On their own

John Elliver “Janjan” Cablitas, 18, said the death of his mother, Marites, publisher of Gensan Focus, was a big loss to the family. “She left behind a deep and aching void no one can ever fill,” he said.

When Marites was still alive, everything—breakfast, uniforms, etc.—were ready when her children woke up in the morning, said Janjan, a second year student taking up BS Marine Transportation. He and his elder brother, Mark Elliver, 19, are scholars of the Freedom Fund for Filipino Journalists (FFFJ).

Their mother was the one doing all the housework, Janjan said. Now, they have to do it by themselves, he said, as their father, a policeman, is always on duty.

“We miss the times when we were together. I will never forget when she was still alive it was a real party during our birthday. Now, during birthdays we prepare just ‘pancit,’ and, sometimes, none at all,” he said.


The support given by the Inquirer motivates and inspires Ma. Alexandra “Polay” Morales, 12, to study hard. She is the eldest daughter of slain Gensan Focus sales agent, Rosell Morales.

Polay dreams of becoming a lawyer someday “to help my family overcome poverty and to help victims of injustice find justice for themselves.”

Right now, she said, she is developing her reading habit. “I heard that you have to read a lot when taking up a law course. So as early as now, I want to develop my reading habit,” she said in the vernacular.

“She needs to develop self-confidence. She’s  shy,” said her mother, Grace.

After the massacre, Grace noticed that Polay would usually sulk in a corner and cry. “Before, I was worried. She was not saying anything. She would just cry and cry,” she said.

Polay said she was close to her father. “He helped us do our assignments, brought us to and fetched us from school and, during his free time, we went out together to eat and buy toys,” she said.

Since his death, the family’s finances have turned from bad to worse and the children are not getting the proper nutrition needed for their age.

Appeal for help

In Bacolod City, the sister of massacre victim, Bart Maravilla of Bombo Radyo, who was from Negros Occidental, is appealing for help for his children.

Teresita Maravilla, who lives in the city’s Barangay (village) 6, said she had been taking care of four of her brother’s children—Colleen, 16, Jashen, 15, Josh, 11, and Jinx Cyrus, 7. She said she was buying and selling scrap iron for a living.

Teresita said the youngest child, John Clarence, 5, had been living with her other brother in Cadiz City.

Another journalist from the province, Henry Araneta, a correspondent of radio dzRH, was among the massacre victims. With a report from Carla P. Gomez, Inquirer Visayas

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  • Anonymous

    “”Rhully Mae and her elder brother, Jether, 18, are recipients of
    scholarship grants from the National Union of Journalists of the
    Philippines (NUJP). She receives P1,000 so she can enroll and P500 in
    monthly allowance.

    Jether, a first year accountancy student at a private school in
    General Santos City, gets P1,500 per semester during enrollment and
    P3,000 monthly allowance.””2

    Who cares as long we have P50.000 Hospital suits to the responsible

  • Anonymous

    The victims should sue the ampatuan’s. They got all the money they stole from the people.

  • Anonymous

    I just hope the Aquino administration will show the same zeal with pursuing this case as they do with Arroyo’s case.

  • joshua tree

    my prayers for those children.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry to read the suffering of these children from fallen journalists.

  • Anonymous

    This is the Arroyo legacy.These kids have lost a lot.. Was Arroyo and co thinking of millions of hungry Filipinos when they were gorging themselves in New York? Thick, really really thick! Time of reckoning is now.

  • Guest

    I could, as always it seems, elaborate a lot on this matter, but all I can tell you here is WHERE ARE THE AREA CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND THE AREA SENATOR AND THE AREA GOVERNOR AND THE LOCAL MAYOR IN ALL OF THIS?

    These guys get more than three hundred million pesos a year between them and many more “gifts” so how come they are not becoming proactive here.  Oh, yes…they live in the GenSan area.  Guess Pacquiao isn’t interested at all but himself, huh? 


    Go ahead, commenter’s, you connect the dots here and fill in the blanks. 

  • Anonymous

    This tale of Manny’s appointment to the rank of Lt. Col. is getting more ridiculous and comical each day. I don’t blame Manny for this fiasco because he is not bright enough to understand the consequences of what is happening to him. It’s the military top brass’ fault. Either they are stupid and dumb or they just don’t care about the nonsense that they are committing.

    Nakakahiya itong mga military officials na ito.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VYVO5BIPX6WO4IGFRGIQE3P6HY Ruben

      May army reservist na officer bang mahaba ang buhok at balbas?  Medyo mag mukhang disente naman siya dahil Kongresista din pa naman siya.  Ang pangit ng balbas niya.  Mukhang kambing tuloy.  Si Lito Lapid nga may bigote noon kahit na si Jinggoy pero nang naging Senador ay inahit.

  • Anonymous

    buti pa itong kasong ito malulutas na peru yong ninoy aquino case dipa alam kung sino  utak ng kayang pagkamatay… Noong si cory walang nagawa ngaun si pinoy wala parin tila hindi interesadong malaman ng taong bayan kung sino ang utak ng pagkamatay ng kanyang ama…

  • oabesamis09

    LOL. Some people are ignoring the fact that the 3 justices appointed by Noynoy also questioned the WLO’s legitimacy.

    I hate it when people comment regarding judicial matters without fuilly understanding the constitution.

    I wanna see GMA get punished but this doesn’t mean that I condone what the DOJ did. If you don’t like the current laws in our country, then change the constitution.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YFMYUNV3AHTSUGWKLVE5VE3LDU Joseph

    Mabuhay ka aking bayani! Mabuhay ka Pacquiao pasayahin mo pakami lalo bugbugin mo si floydie at i knock out! ! ! Ang technique para talunin ang isang technical boxer kung ikaw ay tigre ay lundagin mo sya at paulanan ng isang katerbang suntok bago lamunin! ! ! Go Manny ! ! !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YBPJ6XZTSMFVWD3INTDE4JPZJ4 Timmy

    This is what we call purely MILI-TICS. This top brass of the Army is definitely sumisipsip at umaasa ng balato kay Pacquiao. These people did not even considered the sentiments of the soldiers specially those who deserved to be promoted whether in the active or reservist force.

  • http://twitter.com/cnemaface butch pizarras

    ang tanong magkano kaya…..

  • Pablo Juan

    It’s an open secret at that agency that telcos (one more so than others) are paying for their  junkets and “allowances” or as they say “blessings”.

  • Anonymous

    Pacman shall command the death of many! 

  • Anonymous

    Lahat ng mga na appoint ni pandak sa SC ay fake kapag napatunayan na may electoral sabotage, kaya panay ang depensa at kampi kay arroyo…

  • Touch_Me_Nuts

    A doggerel!

  • http://twitter.com/sacrebleau Sacrebleau

    The bottom line is that filipinos want GMA to be investigated and if found guilty, punished. The Arroyo appointed justices in the Supreme Court are only an issue because they are thwarting the efforts of the gov’t. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VKJ2VQO3R6XTR4DFNWY6WOFLXE Pixel

    puro kasi kayo incompetent from President up to lower Government Officials

  • Guest

    I really feel the Philippine military and parts of the Philippine government, namely the congress and senate members in-support of Pacquiao, including the lobbying efforts and most likely gambling and syndicate “gifts and promises” made by Chavit Singson, has offered Pacquiao this further gratuity.

    I cannot help but to believe Pacquiao is being “set-up”!  Yet, I cannot recognize what he is being “set-up” for just yet.  But it is political, rather than military; albeit in a dual posture.   In any case, Pacquiao has not the brains or mind to see when he is being controlled by some factions he cannot even understand are behind these moves.

    This mess is not Pacquiao’s faulting.  He is the scapegoat here…if not for some futuristic scheme of things, like a few Presidents you filipinos already had, Pacquiao could, as now, be still be the controlled…like a radio-controlled robot or puppet. 

    I know many officers and enlisted men do not recognize Pacquiao as any qualified or deserving enlisted rank or officer ranking persona.  He simply does not wualify…even being in the military.  The undermining government factions want him a general someday.  General of what? 

    You must understand he is coming from and out of General Santos City in Muslim-controlled South Cotobato in Region XI.  If your current and past history does not tell you about this place and who resides there, you are missing the entire points altogether.  Look at the map…the place has many “potentials” strategically. 

    Ya…I guess in the article on Pacquiao below, many including myself looked at this matter from the point of how we see pacquiao, but I think there are other points opposite from focusing on him so much here.  There are many more things going on which could be happening.  One of them is the complete mistrust people have already for the PAF.  Take it from there…

    • Guest

      Added – as I just mentioned to Sampaloc Kid below…maybe the plan is to initiate Pacquiao into the General class very soon, a someone is planning to make the Philippines a militarily-governed country.

      This puts the Pacquiao Puppet Howdy-Doody as the 5-Star President-Generalissimo in charge here. 

      Wouldn’t that be just the kick in the head? 

  • Anonymous

    May I know the honest opinion of Senators Trillanes and Honasan. The military top brasses should focus more on the needs and priorities of the organization, not just grandstanding using Pacquiao, ATBP. Kulturang Pinoy na tulad nito, dapat nang mawala. Mabuti kung boksing lang ang labanan sa mga rebelde o kaaway ng bayan.

  • Anonymous

    May I know the honest opinion of Senators Trillanes and Honasan. The military top brasses should focus more on the needs and priorities of the organization, not just grandstanding using Pacquiao, ATBP. Kulturang Pinoy na tulad nito, dapat nang mawala. Mabuti kung boksing lang ang labanan sa mga rebelde o kaaway ng bayan.comment here.

  • Anonymous

    You defended yourself very well Ms. Secretary! The judge in your battle with the Supreme Court will be the Filipino people!

  • Anonymous

    Why is the AFP so hot, first in commissioning him as an officer, and now, in giving him promotion. I don’t think Manny really wanted to be an officer of this corrupt and graft-ridden-organization, only that he can’t say no or disappoint those who offer him favor, in return also gain favor from Manny. This is the unspoken ulterior motive of this whole zarzuela. Another, they just want to ride on with Manny celebrity status, partake the fragrance of his reputation as a boxer and as a person, polite, kind and humble, the opposite of the AFP reputation.

    There are many in the ranks of the AFP who are risking their lives in battle, of all sorts and they expect promotion if they did a good job, but you never heard them offered a promotion with such fanfare(“simple ceremony with press releases”) HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! 

  • Anonymous

    “Prior to being appointed as a Lieutenant Colonel, Pacquiao held the
    rank of Senior Master Sergeant and was also assigned as the Command
    Sergeant Major of the 15th Ready Reserve Division, Cabunoc said.

    He added that Pacquiao applied for his commissionship to Lieutenant Colonel June 27, 2011.”

    The above is an excerpts from an earlier post in PDI titled ” Army defends anew Lt. Col. Pacquiao”

    The following is from this article.

    “The Army recommended Pacquiao’s promotion to the rank of lieutenant
    colonel on June 27 following his victory against Shane Mosley last May

    Question: “Did Pacquiao apply to be a Lt, Colonel or was it just given to him?” And if, and that’s a big “if”, he did apply on June 27th, according to this report he got his promotion on the same day he applied for it!

    The Army is playing politics on this one and they’re not even good at it. They should just stay focus in doing their mandate which is to defend the country from all enemies and stay out of politics and stop sucking up to Manny. It doesn’t look good and it makes the Army look cheap!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VYVO5BIPX6WO4IGFRGIQE3P6HY Ruben

      Does it mean that if Pacquiao beat Mayweather, he would again be promoted and this time to General?  Mama Mia !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jose-Hernani-Parco/100000334088180 Jose Hernani Parco

    cut the crap, they did not fail to collect, they purposely deliberately did not collect! it’s got to be there somewhere!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TZCGDEQRZZPUM7BIION2RFFI5M Azkal

    this is stupidity in action. this AFP institution is; btw, already super-CORRUPT. mind you, after paquiao is done with boxing or if ever he loses to gayweather; all this appointment and promotion will be declared null and void because this corrupt insitution no longer cares for the man… we claim filipinos are of brilliant minds; when will we put this intelligence into good use? imbestigahan na lang ang korapsyon sa AFP… dakdak ng dakdak si honasan at trillianes; ngayon kayo dapat magkomento… o takot din kayong mabawasan ng boto?

  • Anonymous

    Php5.75B in uncollected fees just in 2010? Watch na ni Com Cordoba ‘yan ah. Pero malakas yang si Cordoba sa Malacanang. Brod sa frat ni ES Ochoa. Sandal pa kay CJ Corona. At malaki ang utang na loob kay FG Mike at Mikey Arroyo. San ka pa? Ikaw na! PNoy, gising!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

    dapat siya ang ipadala sa albarka kung talagang gusto nyang patunayan ang pagiging opisyal niya ng militar hindi lang yung pagdisplay niya ng ranggo niya sa balikat,,,pamporma lang pala,,,

  • Anonymous

    sana magtraining si pacman sa sunod niyang laban sa camp tecson hahahaha….

  • g219h

    They are the yellow MOB. This country is ruled by an oligarch with the support of the stupid MOB.

  • Anonymous

    Simple rites lang???

    bakit di nyo na lang e-padeliver sa bahay nila?

    ng sa gayon ay di na kami madamay sa mga kaulolan nu.

    kayo-kayo na lng jan sa afp maglukuhan…

    assuuus at itutuloy nyo pa talaga ha…simple rites…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

    De Javu, previously the executive versus the senate, this year the executive versus the SC…De Lima is becoming too powerful no doubt about it, but we will see how a mere DOJ can outmaneuver the 15 SC justices….one mind versus 14 associate justices plus one chief justice combined minds….this will be a lopsided battle….but then again De Lima is not acting alone….

  • Anonymous

    Manny,dapat sa  boxing ka na lang mag-concentrate…Kaya nagkandaloloko-loko ang laban mo kay Marquez,lahat gusto mong papelan.Bukod sa pagiging boxer,gusto mo rin maging politician,singer,tv host,lieutenant colonel,sugarol,sabungero at babaero

  • Anonymous

    That amount of money can renovate the airport and can build schools in poor areas. Is there any way to reformulate the COA POLICY SYSTEM so they wont blame OTHERS?

  • Anonymous

    What is the responsibility of the mayor of quezon city and others on tax monitoring?

  • http://twitter.com/hrjjml HRJJML

    What a shame! What does it really means for Filipinos that Pacquiao is a great boxer? Does his fame helps improve the lives of people? Come on, focus on more important things in life

  • Anonymous

    Can you guys see the picture on the wall? Maaga pa gono-groom na sa Pacquiao ng mga Army Generals. Kasi may balak si Pacquiao maging Presidente kaya may utang na loob siya sa mga nag-promote sa kanya. Kapag naging Presidente na si Pacquiao, itong mga henerales na nag-appoint sa kanya ay magiging cabinet member niya.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O7EDR4QXZHDAPKM6YZNXVX633Q Manuel M

    This is Ludicrous, foolish, crazy, absurd, stupid you name it.. masyadong unfair doon sa ibang dumadaan sa proper channel para mataas ng katungkulan… You guys in the AFP are creating professional jealousy in the ranks. Mag-isip isip naman kayo…

    I am a die hard fan of Manny (In Boxing) but not this one guys.. my GOD!. 

  • Anonymous

    LT KOL FAK KIAO.  Saludo si PNoy sa iyo.

  • Anonymous

    Yan po ay reserved sa army iba yong talagang active duty. Ang reservist kung tapos ka ng advance cmt at magtraining ng 45 days o kaya apointed or elected official depende sa level ng position. Ang aking pananaw po dito ay isang paraan para maka bili ng matataas na calibre ng baril para sa proteksyon sa kanyang sarili at ng kanyang pamilya dahil hidi biro ang kanyang kalagayan ngayon bilang isang congresista at isang bilyonaryo. Hindi dahil po tayo ay isang tagahanga niya peru halos lahat ng mga elected officials ay pwedeng magapply bilang isang reservist tulad po ni vice pres. sya po ay isang lt.col din sa army. Sana lang po hwag nyang samanlatahin ang mga pagpupuri sa kanya di katulad ni gma na sinamantala ang tiwala ng taong bayan. 

  • Anonymous

    Bagay si Pacquiao kay Private Benjamin he he he he he he he he he he he

  • Anonymous

    Pacquiao will loose all his money to all his politician friends.  Kasi siya ay isang sinto-sinto at uto-uto.

  • Anonymous

    Baluktot na sistema at desisyon para mabigyan nang parangal si Pacquiao. Ang siste, kahit na anong sabihin ninyo, di pa rin qualified maging Lt. Col. si Pacquiao dahil di mapupunuan nang kapirasong papel ang kakulangan sa pinag-aralan. Sabagay, sanay nang magsuot nang uniporme si Pacquiao maski di karapat-dapat tulad na lang nang pagiging kongresista niya. Sige, sa susunod gawin ninyo siyang heneral dahil bagay siya sa koponan nang militar sa katawa-tawa.

  • Anonymous

    De Lima’s good fortune is a blessing for the Filipino people.

    If not for De Lima, Corona and his gang of thieves have succeeded in aiding the Arroyos to escape justice.

    If not for De Lima, the Arroyos are abroad enjoying the loot and would not care if they did not return to the Philippines.

    If not for De Lima, tayo rin ang kawawa.

    I join Josh Groban singing to DOJ De Lima: “Don’t Give Up…You Are Loved.”
    DOJ De Lima, may the good Lord bless and protect you and keep you safe in fighting the forces of evil. In the end, good will always win over evil.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    Out of more than 50 incidents/issues against GMA which is actionable by the judicial system, only this case now have reached the court. It means the other issues against GMA are weak and have no strong evidence that 1 1/2 years of P’noys admin nothing happened. It’s all accusations and allegations only in the media. Even this case now against GMA is in jeopardy of being quashed due to constitutional issues. Whereas, de Lima could be punished with fines, imprisonment or disbarment for defying a court order.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    When it comes to cases and issues against GMA, government finds is easy to implement, prosecute and execute. It can do it in a day or hours. But when it comes to cases against oligarchs in the telecom industries, the government is helpless. Wala talagan nagawa ang NTC to protect the consuming public. Na daya sila sa mga promo sa mga telcos. We did not ask for this promo. It should not be reason why the NTC directive should not be followed and obeyed by them.

  • Anonymous

    On a different note, news broke out last Wednesday that the price of SMS from all networks will be .80 from the usual P1/message sent. Up to now, none of that has taken effect.

    This issue was way back in June this year and come October the NTC has issued a memorandum for all three telcos to follow this directive. Yet, none of that has ever taken effect.

    NTC dont have the balls to make the telcos follow orders, so whatever these losses are on part of NTC just serve them right for being coward of making their directive known.

    Or perhaps I could be wrong as the telcos are surely paying the NTC bribes.

    Mga walang hiya!!!

    No wonder no other carrier would want to do business here.

  • Anonymous

    cheers to manny “El Torotot” paquiao

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4GJKFBR5HLARVHJIKJPTNCQQO4 Borgz

    The commissioning authority is the Commander-in-Chief. This is true for both the reserve and the active or regular force. The Army recommended Pacquiao’s commission to the Deputy Chief of Satff for Reserve Affairs at Camp Aguinaldo who in turn recommended  for approval of the Chief of Staff, AFP who in turn recommended for approval of the Secretary of National Defense who in turn recommended for approval of the President or Commander-in-Chief. So if there was any mockery made on RA 7077, a lot of people, including the President were involved. RA 7077 demands a Bachelors Degree for commission. To preclude doubts on the acceptability of an “honoris causa”..the legal opinion of The Judge Advocate General could have been sought. The JAG could have touched base with DepEd.

  • http://twitter.com/Nephron100 Melvin L. Agatep, MD

    Manny Paquiao, Ph. D., honoris causa  from Southwestern University and now a
    Lt. Col. in the Philippine Army????….wow….did he donate some money or ????…I can’t believe this….God Bless the Philippines.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GXY2KH7MIZBRO4XV77YIA3IT7Q Raphael

    ang masasabi ko lang……….. si gloria may pakana nito!

  • Anonymous

    The whole country will pounce on the SC? You and what army? The walking dead yellow zombies?

    And what will happen if the SC is demolished? Sino ang papalit niyo? By what standard and rules? I guess you have to make a new set of guidelines or MAKE A NEW CONSTITUTION.

    So this is the same yellow army na pag may gusto mag bago ng constitution RALLY NG RALLY.

    Sa mahigit 20 years na pag rarally niyo, umangat na ba buhay ng mga middle class? May pagbabago ba sa pilipinas? Rumami ba ang businesses ng panahon ni Cory?


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TBWLRFPNVF2CCT3BBGN4ZDWB5I Gerardo

    Please do not assume that “all filipinos” will pounce on the Supreme Court. I am a filipino and am willing to defend the Supreme Court from the ignorant filipinos who are mislead by the Lopez and Prieto press and constantly defend the wrong done by this Sec. of Justice on the orders of an uninformed and mentally ill-equipped president on the Laws of the land.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VYVO5BIPX6WO4IGFRGIQE3P6HY Ruben

    Akala ko nga ang binasa ko “Funeral Rites”.

  • Anonymous

    Ang definition ng “equality” ng mga branches ng government ay nakalagay sa constitution natin. At nakalagay sa constitution at sa mga batas natin. only a court can issue a HDO. Not the Executive.

    buwagin ang justice system? sino ang papalit mo? Botohan ba to? O sige good luck sa mga decision ng mga judges na itataya sa SURVEY ang desisyon na dapat batay sa BATAS.

    Ayan. May Sereno kayo na nagsasabi sa dissenting opinion na dapat aware ang SC sa “people’s passions”. What kind of justice is this?

  • http://twitter.com/ShilohRuthie Belinda Belle

    Yes, it’s a total breakdown. 

  • Anonymous

    So I guess the majority of the Filipino support de Lima. That means the majority of the Filipino people are the decent and thinking ones.

    Kung ganoon, bakit since time ni Cory di pa umaangat ang buhay ng middle class? Bakit mahal na mahal niyo si Erap na kelangan pa tumabi kay “rockstar” BS Aquino sa inauguration niya. CONVICTED na CORRUPT pa. Bakit nandiyan si ERAP na kung walang Corrupt, walang mahirap?

    The majority of the Filipino people is the main reason hindi umaangat ang Pilipinas. Instead of blaming themselves, they want to blame one person, or an institution. The reality is the majority of the Filipino people are HYPOCRITES

  • g219h

    They are the yellow MOB. This country is ruled by an oligarch with the support of the stupid MOB.

  • Guest

    Wait, “Kid”…he may be President-5-Star General someday.  I’d like to go ahead and put him in an actual wartime mode and see how he commands the troops…if they all live, that is.  Could be the Philippine minority squad plans to make the country a militarily-run and governed country someday, with an unbelievable 5-Star Generalissimo Pacquiao at the top of the poop heap.

  • Guest

    But, the family headmaster should have had the absolute brains, if not Bong Revilla, as a senator, should at least have had the mind and intellect to know what was happening and before all this mess ever got to this point, to have the proper legal administration controlled and established through an attorney firm, who is empowered to handle this type of interfamily situation. 

    There are absolutely no excuses. 

    As it is, there are too many “angles” within this entire issue.  Hope the cops and NBI can sort it out.   

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think so. Command responsibility applies to positive actions not omissions. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    I totally agree. As long as there are gullibles among us, this kind of political gimmicks will continue. We are too gullible we can easily be duped. Just look at the number of pinoys who are victimized by illegal recruiters, scammers and pyramiders because they just get and believe things and stories without thinking.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    The big oligarchs that are operating to keep fighting each other are the media owners, telecom operators, big land owners, smugglers and those who do not want to open our economy to foreign investments. The leftists are likewise exploiting the ignorant.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WIWYLFLU4LPKS7B2ZLLRVFKS3Y vir_a

    The Prieto’s are angry of GMA because of the case filed against a Makati building and lot, the status of which case is unknown now.

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