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Students by day, sex workers by night


CEBU CITY—Twenty-year-old Sophia looks like a typical colegiala who has a dream of becoming a respected lawyer someday.

Barely 5-foot tall, she keeps a low profile at the Catholic-run school in Cebu City, where she is a freshman student, as she doesn’t want to call anybody’s attention to herself.

It is because she keeps a secret from her classmates: She sells her flesh to pay her school bills.

Sofia works as a GRO (guest relations officer) in an elite night club and offers sexual services to men, mostly foreigners.

“I don’t care if I’m a prostitute. I will finish my studies no matter what,” she said.

Sofia’s case is not isolated. According to Julius Bungcaras, head of the International Justice Mission (IJM) Cebu’s Community Mobilization for Churches and Students, 10-15 percent of every 1,000 students (10 out of 100) resort to prostitution.

The IJM is a human rights organization that rescues victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.

Bungcaras said that based on the cases he had handled, students were prostituted not only because they needed to pay the tuition. Other reasons include financial independence, materialism and peer pressure where students feel the need to have what their friends have, he said.

Sofia’s story

Sofia, who hails from Negros Oriental, was left to the care of her aunt when she was 12 years old after her father died and her mother abandoned her.

After graduating from high school, the 16-year-old lass moved from Negros Oriental to Cebu to pursue a college degree. Little did she know that school fees in Cebu were expensive.

For three years, she did odd jobs—from housemaid to salesgirl—so she could save enough money for her tuition. But the pay was not enough to even cover her basic needs.

She quit being a salesgirl and had been unemployed for a while. In April last year, a friend, who worked as a GRO, told her that their night club was looking for another GRO. Since work was hard to come by for a high school graduate, she took it.

“I didn’t like it but I had no choice,” Sofia cried.

The pay was good though, and that made her decide to stay in the business. Since then, she had been to nine different clubs, where the tips ranged from P1,000 to P8,000 from her permanent “guests.”

‘Private’ services

“We call our clients guests. A gathering of GROs is called a show-up. I am one of those. Then the guests would choose who among the GROs they like,” she said in Cebuano.

Aside from tips, she receives a fixed pay of P120 per hour from the club and gets not less than P1,000 per customer for “private” services.

Sofia goes to school in the morning because her work starts from

7 p.m. and ends at 4 a.m.

Her income allows her to buy food, as well as pay for her board and lodging, and other school fees. She has extra money to send to her aunt in Negros Oriental, who doesn’t have a clue on how she earns a living.

Sofia said she also spent on a new cellular phone, clothes and even shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) to keep her up all night.

Aside from other clients, Sofia is being maintained by her “boyfriend”—a 61-year-old Norwegian who paid her tuition this year.

Sexually transmitted diseases, including the incurable Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), don’t scare her. She is more afraid of getting killed by her customers without any witnesses inside the hotel than dying of AIDS.

What matters to her is to finish her studies so she could become a top lawyer and command the respect she has always wanted.

The lure of fast bucks is one of the factors some student-sex workers quit school and make prostitution a career path.

Miles’ story

One of them is 20-year-old Miles, who decided to drop out because she believes that prostitution is the easiest way to help her mother and three siblings, as well as provide her wants and needs.

“I can give my mother more money if I continue working as a a sex worker. It’s fast and more practical than going to school,” Miles said in Cebuano.

She gets at least P1,000 per hour from her customers, who are mostly foreigners.

Unlike Sofia, Miles does not work in a club but stays home and waits for a text message from customers on where and what time they will meet.

She uses her earnings to buy new cellular phones, trendy clothes, food and makeup. “Sometimes, I can buy all I want, but I never took drugs,” she said.

Asked if she was scared of catching the virus that causes AIDS, Miles said she was confident that she was healthy since she uses condoms for every sexual contact and has a regular checkup every three months.

Although she had no plans of going back to school, Miles acknowledged that her chosen career would not last forever. Eventually, she would have to get a degree so she can get a decent job.

Toni’s story

A gay escort named Toni, a fine arts student, confirmed that many students are sex workers. “I don’t think the government can do anything because it’s not just me who’s into it. There are a lot of us,” he said.

Toni, 22, offers sexual service to homosexual foreigners and gets P1,500 to P 2,500 per client. “It was easy money,” he said. He usually has two clients per night.

Toni said that because of his income, he was able to provide for his family and pay his tuition.

“We join dating sites where most of the foreigners (mostly old Caucasian and Americans) come to visit and meet us for sex,” he said.

He uses condoms, he said, because he is scared of getting AIDS. “We’ve been tested (with AIDS) last April and we’re thankful we’re negative,” he said.

Toni had stopped going to school since he broke up with his boyfriend, a foreigner who paid for his tuition. Now that he has saved some money, he plans to go back to school and get a degree.

“If I couldn’t finish college and get a good job, maybe I’ll end up being an escort forever,” Toni said.

Annabelle Maglasang, guidance counselor of the University of the Philippines High School, said the escalating tuition has forced students to sell their bodies. “The end does not justify the means. But, I can’t blame them (student prostitutes),” she said.

No information

The government has been working to prevent sexual exploitation of students through various agencies, but these do not have information on the number of prostituted students. The Department of Social Welfare and Development and the police intervene only when there are complaints or suspicion of trafficking.

The City Health Office, on the other hand, doesn’t give special attention to student-prostitutes. It merely conducts surveillance operations and holds periodic medical checkup on sex workers.

For Sofia, Toni and Miles, the only way to stop the flesh trade, especially among students, is to make education affordable. Unless they are able to get a degree and find decent jobs, they know they will have to stay in the game to survive.

Charisse Gay Ursal is a third year mass communications student of the University of the Philippines Visayas-Cebu College. She is one of the 16 students who participated in the 1st Inquirer Write-Along for Campus Journalists held in Cebu in September. This article is her workshop output.

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  • Anonymous

    check your math, 10 to 15% of 1000 is 100 to 150 not 1 out of 100 which is one percent. Row 4!

  • Anonymous

    Here it is RH Bill debaters. Testimonials from few people from under privileged people. Statistic is staggering and it will increase more if nothing is done about family planning. These kids are ambitious, no doubt about, they have to do what they have to do to survive. Pretty soon, even successful politicians will have a background similar to them. Sooner or later morality would not be an issue with the Filipinos. Look at the Revillas having a huge family generated the unorthodox way. Listen to young girls now-a-days, a lot of them saying their dream in life is to be a “kabit” or a second woman so that she can enjoy the perks of being a concubine.

    • fav

      ang simbahan lang naman ang napaka ipokrito alam naman nila lahat ng kababuyan nag mamaangmaangan lang sila

      • Ornbort Vortingeresdemesus

        kasi di nakadiscount si cardinal :D gusto kasi nya little boys. 

  • G

    The most profitable business today is School. Its a multi-billion sure income industry. No need to open your books to BIR. Their tuition and misc fee are unreachable to ordinary Filipinos. Most of them increase tuition fees yearly without any justifications. Schools are exempted from paying taxes to the government. Either private or religious schools are making big bucks and say some are in billionaires list. They show no mercy when a poor student ask for some concessions in his/her tuition fee settlement.

    Their greed is to be blamed for producing student sex workers… Our Country need a moral revolution..

    • fav

      makarma sana ang mga may ari ng mga private school na yan!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ano ito,,ipinopromote and prostitution ????REALITY BITES !!!! wala pa tayong lahat ay meron na niyan ! !
    mayaman o mahirap na bansa ay meron niyan , , ,i’d rather have a prostitute as a friend than hypocrite people like politician ,priest ,cops to name a few na ang trabaho is protect us pero sila ang sasaksak sa iyo ng patalikod ,,PATALIKOD kasi ang mga pari sa pw_t ka titirahin niyan ,,,,,,hahahaha !!!!!!

    • fav


  • Toxic Waste

    God Bless you “Sophia”… I hope you can graduate and stop the vicous cycle of poverty in your family. I hope too that once you become successful in life not to forget to look back and return help to others… just like you before…

    • fav

      dapat gawin ng legal ang pagpuputa sa pinas..para mawala ang mga taong super ang pagka ipokrito!!!!

      • Ornbort Vortingeresdemesus

        in vegas it is taxed, in amsterdam, they just leave it alone. it has been around since babylon and even chimpanzees practice it. what should be done is to protect these girls from the very people who arrest them, since they are far, far more dangerous than the customers (most of which are actually quite decent people just out to fill a biological need).

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    everything that these girls and that gay did were right except the drugs.  they should always bear in mind that their PROFITABLE stint in the sex-trade business is only short-lived.  upon reaching the age of 25, they will be “laos” and customers/guests will haggle with them to as low as P500 per session because by that time, they will have stiff competition from younger girls.

    as such, they should strike while the iron is hot.  earn and save as much as they can and use it to get a more sustainable and stable source of income and the best way to do this is to get a college degree.  then they can quit the sex trade.

    unlike our polititcians who prostitute their principles for their paymasters for life!

  • Ornbort Vortingeresdemesus

    i have long preached that formal education prepares one for nothing but an increase in @$$hole size. you have stupid administrators, stupid teachers, and disinterested students. we need real world, not for profit learning. education is too vital to be made into a private, unregulated enterprise. to all school administrators who charge fat fees and force your students into prostitution, please read the biblical passage about what happens when one leads others to sin. (hint: it involves millstones and rope) anyway, si dean o si prof nakikitangkilik din sa mga students nyang mahilig mag walkathon, so why would it benefit them to have this sideline industry removed?

  • Anonymous

    good luck sofia. sana magtagumpay ka sa pag-aaral. meantime, ah eh, ano ba number mo?


    • Anonymous

      Had you not asked for her number, I would think you are a good man.  I am sorry for my first impression.

  • paul

    students by day sex workers by night.most customers are foreigners.US ambassdor to the Phils. is right so what else is new.

  • vince r

    BETTER USE FOR POOR PEACE FUND OF DSWDDon’t spend it for elementary and high school students, spend it for college students who can give faster return of investment upon graduation, they become professional engineers, nurses, doctors, ect and can greatly improve the nation’s economy as OFW’s and brains of the nation. This is an immediate need of the country, more professional graduates. Faster economic results. Anyway, there are already so many Public Schools for Elementary & High School, but there are very few scholarships for poor college students. What good is there if you create 15,000 high school graduates but could not go to college. Who would hire high school graduates? That is why they resort to prostitution because no support from government…

  • Anonymous

    These young people have to sell their bodies and risk contracting deadly diseases just to survive. The Arroyos plunder billions and billions of pesos just to fulfill their greed. And the saddest part is they have the face to demand for their constitutional right because they feel that they are being oppressed for the crimes that they did.

    Where is justice in that?

  • Gil Calda

    Let the Roman Catholic Church and all other big big Church Congregations spend for free College Education, they have so much money collection everyday, every hour from weddings, funerals, baptism, fiestas and every hour mass collections. What do they give in return? a coin size piece of thin waffer bread. They can’t save you from suffering of these material world, coz they are all blind from the truth. You want to learn the Absolute Truth, search it from the Ancient Vedic Scriptures of the Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam under the guidance of a Bonafide Spiritual Master in the line of disciplic succession. Seek and you shall find the Truth…

    • Anonymous

      it’s so convenient to blame the others . . .

    • Anonymous

      Be a good Buddhist or believer of what ever religious faith you adhere w/o getting others believe in what you do. Let them become good Christians.

  • Anonymous

    no matter how hard life is, you still have a choice.

    if pacquiao had not decided to excel in boxing, he would not be where he is now.

    choices. choices.

  • Anonymous

    sad but true this is one of the “collateral damage” done by excessive corruption in our country. Children begging in the street, mothers and their daughters reduced to prostituting themselves in order to make a living, & so on when will this vicious cycle end?

  • D L

    They simply enjoy their job, noone forces them, they are not victims.

    It is the new generation, stop blaiming Arroyo or anyone else as it is their choice.

  • Nikki Sacramento

    Flesh trade is very prevalent in Cebu according to my male doctor friends. On several occasions, some unscrupulous med reps will send them young pretty students from Cebu in their hotel room wherever they have conventions there. They are disguised as therapists but they’ll offer extra service.

    It breaks my heart because I am also a Filipina. While I cannot blame these people doing that, I pity them as there would be other ways to support themselves than being flesh traders. Hope they’ll realize that. True Cebuanas are pretty but they’re not supposed to capitalize their beautiful faces and body. The end does not justify the means.

    • Anonymous

      May i suggest also for you to choose male doctor friends..nagawa nila sa mga kabaro mo, mgagawa din nila sayo..most of them,if not all enjoyed the pleasures of satisfying the female anatomy..
      Kung walng bibili,walang magtitinda ika ng..

      • Nikki Sacramento

        Well, I am old enough to protect myself. But I don’t buy your assumption that if ever they did that to others they’ll do that to me. They’re not like that. They always tell me to be careful and that’s what I always keep in mind, their words of wisdom. Lastly, I’m here in the US not in the Philippines anymore.

      • Anonymous

        Its good to know you are safe in the US of A, maybe they dont have doctors there with oozing libidos for perfect looking females.
        And they have words of wisdom huh, look at what formal education did to a–holes..some people express pity but never compassion, some very religious but never spiritual..

      • Anonymous

        challenging words…

    • Anonymous

      eh, Nikki, ano ang sinabi mo sa mga male doctor friends?
      kaya pala napaka mahal mga gamot dahil ang binabayad sa kanila ng med rep ay pinapatong sa presyo ng gamot para mabawi ang gastos

      • Nikki Sacramento

        Well, they said they never touched the girl, malay ko. Basta ako I said my piece, sabi ko makonsensya sila sa ginagawa nila if ever na ginagawa nila yun. I give them the benefit of the doubt, otherwise di magkwekwentto yun pag ginawa nila mapapahiya sila sa akin.

      • Anonymous

        ma’am nikki, hi!

        your male doctor friends may be telling you the truth that they did not touch them. i can identify with them. i got offers too when when i was in manila. the latest one was: it was a grandnanny looking who “offered”.
        her story line was: she and her apo have not eaten their bkfast, lunch, and dinner. she proferred if i am kind enough, she would speak to her apo to go with me for the night in exchange for three meals.
        i have no time to analyze whether she was telling the truth or not. my initial thought was, it was gross. i walked off. on the otherhand, i was bothered of the thought what if the story of the old lady is true? i walked back and spook with the old lady. i asked her and her apo to follow me. we entered a posh restaurant, dined together, and ordered extra for take home. i told the old woman in the presence of her apo that what they are doing is very dangerous. i talked about acquiring AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease. but i could not really moralize. poverty pushes some people to take drastic actions that many of us take for granted.

  • Anonymous

    Still more reason to legalize and professionalize the oldest profession. Its practitioners have more golden hearts and give better value to life than any politician, lawyer, finance pro and/or banker. Outlawing the profession has only served to diminish its practitioners; laying them vulnerable to abuse.

  • Anonymous

    As usual the government agency concerned will say, Sorry di namin alam yan..then they cried thier hearts out when a diplomat said that most of the foriegners comes in Pinas for sex..It is a well known secret even in reputable schools in Manila..Madami dahilan, its the oldest profession, mahirap ang buhay,pambili ng gamot,tulong sa magulang etc..etc..maybe the respective schools must have a counselling system for these concerns..maybe the church must be strongly involved, maybe we as humans seek to be compassionate for our sisters..maybe we consider females as equals..maybe we consider prostitutes as images of our mothers..

  • Jacque Toto

    Sa taong mahirap kahit singko napakahirap kapag talagang walang pagkukunan at para kina SOFIA, MILES at TONI na napilitang maging sex workers hindi nila choice yon kundi kumapit sila sa patalim. Ang maganda sa ginawa nila ay inisip pa rin nila ang kanilang kinabukasan at pinipilit makatapos ng pag-aaral at makatulong din sa pamilya nila dangan nga lamang na meron din talagang mga babae na pinili ang ganyang uri ng trabaho dahil ” easy money” talaga. Kaya kung meron man mga lalaki na madalas pumunta sa mga “red lights” at makakilala tulad ng tatlong ito ay bigyan na lang natin sila ng lubos na pang-unawa at respeto bilang kapwa nilalang natin sa mundong ito.

  • Anonymous

    Attention to all parents, would be parents and want to be parents. Keep in mind and heart the moment you bring an innocent soul into this world you have a responsibility to this innocent child, making sure they have a good future, its not easy to raise a family so if your not ready for any responsibilities dont start a family. All the tragic story sadly majority comes from a broken home, family problem and financial difficulty. Mabuhay po tayong mga Pilipino.

    • antonioluna

      RH bill could help.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.

  • Anonymous

    i know of a very popular tv news personality who brings at least 2 female guests with him in his hotel room whenever he goes to cebu. the bell boys would just shake their heads and say, there goes the rabbit.

    • Toni

      … and your point is???

      • Anonymous

        very easy to fvck students in cebu. the article is true. it doesn’t help that that popular personality, you wouldn’t thought he’s like that, is helping himself with these poor girls.

    • Anonymous

      why reference to rabbit. please explain

      • Anonymous

        rabbits got the propensity to copulate and increase their population though this guy i’m talking about is just more on the copulation only. also, think about the playboy logo.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your reply.

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2011 5:59 AM
        Subject: [inq-newsinfo] Re: Students by day, sex workers by night

        Disqus generic email template

        Barak_O wrote, in response to 3jose_acopio7:
        rabbits got the propensity to copulate and increase their population though this guy i’m talking about is just more on the copulation only. also, think about the playboy logo. Link to comment

    • Roger Lagarde

      clue? c”,)

    • Anonymous

      Who Who Whoi gising? lol

      • Anonymous

        i will not say yes or no to any person or his tv program. doing so is doing an elimination process.
        i leave it that he’s male, of course, and that he is very popular, not just popular. my hunch is that his bosses knew about these extra curricular activities, his colleagues and crew – i don’t believe they don’t know about it. i think all of them just let him be. perhaps it’s alright with them. that’s outside work anyway. no issue, none of our business. just the glaring irony and hypocrisy is that in their public service segments they would join the police/nbi in raiding illegal clubs with minors on it or those that show women dancing nude, etc. so whenever i open tv and see him, i just say to myself there goes the rabbit.

      • Toni

        Replying to Barak_O
        Now I get your point – showbiz gossip. 

      • Anonymous

        if you think a news personality is also a showbiz personality then good for you. but still you don’t have a clue who the guy is.

      • Anonymous

        B i t a g     hahahaha

  • desper

    So what else is new? The best way to go is to legalize prostitution.

    • gary g

      Desper, nakakaawa ang iyong pag-iisip.  Imbis na makatulong ka sa pagbibigay ng tamang solution e prostitution agad ang naisip mo.  Siguro… madalas ka gumamit ng prosti.  Siguro…pimp ka.  Siguro…malaki problema mo…

      • desper

        Solusyon nga ang binibigay ko. Kung gumagamit ako ng prosti o pimp man ako, problema ko na yun.

        I-google mo kung ilan at aling bansa ang merong legal na prostitusyon para mamulat ang isipan mo.

  • Anonymous

    These GROs or prostitutes, whatever you want to call them, if far better off compared to an “honorable” politician who appears dignified but is no more than a filthy robber. 

    • Toni

      I agree with you 100% but unfortunately, they do not get Catholic awards like Sen Revilla did. Sad isn’t it.

  • Toni

    My heart goes out to all the Sophias, Miles and Tonis (tukayo!). I admire their resolve and determination in life. Had we have better leaders, things could have been different, if not better, for all of you.

  • Dredd Ofalexandria

    This is really a sad truth and it isn’t new. Who should we blame for this? These new generation trying to find it’s way into the world or the one irresponsible that brought them here to life? Some said they should have chosen other choices to make a living. Even a college graduate nowadays have a hard time looking for a decent job. Even those from private schools. And by the way this is not happening in Cebu only, all throughout the country.

  • gary g

    Sad but true story.  I hope the government (specifically the Dept of Education) can make available loans to students wanting to finish their studies.  This is being  done in other countries and we can also do it in Pinas. We definitely need a bigger budget for education so they can HELP the students.

    • desper

      So ganun ang solusyon mo sa mga estudyante. Sa hindi estudyante, paano mo sila tutulungan?

    • Anonymous

      Sa mga tanga na katulad mo gobyerno agad ang solution mo. Saan kukunin ng gobyerno ang pera? Eh di sa mga tao din na naghihirap! Kung gusto mo ikaw ang magpautang ng pera. Kung wala kang pera tumahimik ka at wag mo na kaming isali! Kung gusto namin magpautang kami na ang bahala!

  • SeTh

    ironically, some customers of these sex workers are politicians.. zzz

  • Anonymous

    This is what the US ambassador to the Phil. Is talking about.

  • khaled mariscal

    Irresponsible parenthood produces prostitutes. Illicit affairs produce illegitimate children. These are common not only in the Philippines. But Pinoys are weak in reducing such ills. What if public stoning (to death) becomes the punishement for selected sex-related crimes? Now I know why Islamic countries have very little social ills especially related to sex.

  • Anonymous

    They are doing what they have to do. Hindi ko sila huhusgahan. I would rather be amidst these prostitutes than office workers who takes home pencils and ballpens. These prostitutes are not going to charge their clients without performing services. Some government workers takes our money without doing anything. Politicians steal our money and lies. Bishops ask for our money through emotional blackmail, keeps 95% for themselves and only gives away the other 5% and claims to be charitable. I will never ever be judgemental towards prostitutes.

  • Anonymous

    Insha Allah! such is the fate of all filthy Christians. Philippines must convert to Islam now to put a stop to this immorality. Salaam!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t generalize Christians. I personally know a lot of your fellow Muslims who like availing of the services of these college girls and boys. Don’t be a hypocrite and pretend that all your Muslim brothers are holy. I do not pretend that all Christians are holy and moral people, in fact there are only a few. The same goes for your Muslims bretheren.

    • Anonymous

      We will not submit to your dhimma!!

    • franklyn flores

      Muslims are filthier, back stabbers , mostly ignorant and have no values.  Muhammad is a piece of crap. Thank you.

    • shanesrd

      and you call yourself holy? didn’t your prophet marry a minor? that makes him, what? yes, a ped!

    • Anonymous


      Get real, and grow a brain, punk.

    • Jacque Toto

      AbdullslamAziz, kapatid na muslim masakit ka naman magsalita nakakasungalngal ka ng damdamin, hindi “immorality” ang tawag sa ginawa nila kundi napilitan dala ng matinding pangangailangan sa buhay at hindi sagot sa problema ang iminungkahi mo bagkos ay kakulangan ng kaisipan para maresolba ang problema. Sa inyo nga pinapayagan ang maraming asawa pero maayos ba kayo marami nga din ang mas magulo kasi hindi naman kayang sumustento sa bawat sanggol na iluluwal ng mga asawa ninyo, ang gusto lang ninyo tomorjak ng tomorjak!

    • Toni

      Replying to AbdulIslamAzizHow do you know that these poor students are Christians? You are stereotyping … in case you do not understand the word – it is like assuming that all the type of stereos (pun intended) being sold by Muslims in Quiapo and elsewhere are fake , when in fact there is a very very small chance they are not.It is well documented that many of your religion-mates in many parts of the world rape poor girls, then call them prostitutes and stone them to death. Who is immoral then?Its been said – ‘Let him who is without a sin cast the first stone’ dork!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks AbdulsalamAziz, Maybe your life will be happier if you join Christianity where love is taught and not hatred.

    • Anonymous

      AbdulIslam Aziz posted: “Insha Allah! such is the fate of all filthy Christians. Philippines must convert to Islam now to put a stop to this immorality.

      Abdul, There are also filthy moslems. There are also moslem prositutes who are even married. There are also immoral moslems. The fact that there are many faith other than islam is a proof that Islam is not a perfect religion. Otherwise non-moslems will never hesitate to convert to islam.

      • Anonymous

        i meet Moslems, they take off their Moslem robes upon landing in Manila.
        in fact, they eat pork too as long there is no other Moslem guys around.

  • Anonymous

    Lets say a  prostitute gets 1000 Php tip per session and receives about 5 men a day. That is a cool 5000.00 Php per day. Multiply that to a minimum of 5 working days per week and she gets to earn 100,000 Php in a month – tax free! An intelligent sex worker can use that amount to get herself to school and invest money for the future. It is a risky and short career but if she manages to elude all the hazards related to her job and gets to co-habit with a rich politician boyfriend before turning 30-ish then she’s set for life.

    • fav

      you giving them a very good idea!!!! love that!

  • Anonymous

    My foreigner friend said, “I love Cebu”. Now, I know.

  • vir_a

    According a US bulletin, every 4 of 10 Americans who come to the Philippines go for sex. Our lawmakers disputed this. But facts and figures would show there is some truth to the bulletin. We should face this problem squarely. But as of today, the sad truth is government is not doing anything to change our image. It is busy with politics. It is busy chasing and persecuting GMA when there are more urgent things to attend to. Even if GMA is convicted today, jailed and/or executed, this problem and the problem of poverty and corruption will remain with us until kingdom come.

  • Anonymous

    The Phils. is much better off than your brand of morality – where women are stoned to death for crime & deprived of basic freedom, infidels are bombed, mediamen & political opponents clan were massacred, your men were sodomized (eg.Ghadafi), raped & abused our OFWs, tolerate or engage in kidnap-for-ransoms/robbery, ARMM region the most poor & depressed in the country despite millions poured into the region….need I say more? The Arab Spring is a glaring indication that your brethren in the Mid.East are so dissatisfied w/ the status quo. If not for petro – most Islamic states will be so poor.  Wake-up before it’s too late you poor soul. Filipinos are much smarter than blindly embrace a religion that doesn’t work.

    • Anonymous

      Peace be with you, your comment is what other people need to read, i am an OFW in the ME, more power to you Sir

      • Anonymous

        Thanks & peace to you too!

    • fav

      very well said again!!!!

  • Jose Hernani Parco

    long before the word “prostitute” was invented there were already prostitute and prostitution and it will be here long after we are gone! and how about morality?! that’s another question!

  • Verbl

    I think the unedited version of this article would be a better read.  The article seems like there were many elements taken out.

    I hope the author posts a link here.  I would certainly want to read it in full.

  • Anonymous

    sex workers love their jobs…it satisfies

    • fav

      naliligayahan ka na may super datung ka pa!!!! at tax freee san ka pah!!! di bah!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Please check your facts. 10-15 percent of 1000 is not just 1 in every 100.

  • Anonymous

    Please check your data. 10-15 percent of 1000 is 10-15 for every 100 individuals….good story though…

  • Anonymous

    10 to 15 percent. Tama po ba ito?  …kung pangtuition po ang dahilan, sana po ay i-check ng Gobyerno ang criteria  for admissions  ng mga pang-publikong unibersidad ang eligibility requirements nila …marami pong mga nag-aaral sa mga State U na  mayaman, anak ni ganyan at ni ganun ( corruption po ito dahil na-deny ang mas may karapatan na mag-aral sa pampublikong paaralan )…Sana po ay bigyan ng kaukulang pansin ang social problem na ito. Matuwid na daan po para sa lahat ng Pilipino,

  • Anonymous

    This thing happened in the 50’s. There is nothing news about students working as Prostitute. It is the support that they don’t usually got from home when they came from out of town. Things specially happened in the 50’s is during the FINAL exams that the student can’t get the final exam without paying their tution fee even when the tution at that time is LOW. The parents who are Farmers or Fisherman that need to sell things in order to support their kids so the student need to do something for them to finish or graduate from school.

    • Anonymous

      not really new, eh
      wike nga, the oldest profession

  • Pio Gante

    does anybody know if monet is still operating near the capitol? because her alaga’s are all sooooo good even to the last drop.

    • Anonymous

      Bro, pakit introduce mo naman si Monet. last drop, eh?

  • Anonymous

    Huh? 10-15% of 1,000 is 1% of 100?

    I do hope education changes their lives. It would be very hard to switch lifestyles as the income they will be receiving working regular jobs will not compare to what they are getting now.

  • Anonymous

    for the current government it is “who cares?” – Right now the primary objective for the WangWang government is to go after the Arroyos! Mas may appeal sa mga tao ngayon na makita si GMA na nahihirapan!

  • Anonymous

    This is so sad but true, while I was a student in Cebu we know who of our our classmates then who are into it..its a pity..hope penoy can now work on his social reform agenda now that gloria is in custody..

  • rafi

    That is why those who are fortunate enough to have parent who are capable of sending them off to school should make the most out of it….

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