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Bishop wants foul-mouthed radio DJs disciplined


MANILA, Philippines—A Catholic bishop on Monday called on the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) to go after disc jockeys of some FM radio stations who use foul language on air and discipline them.

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes on Monday said the KBP must strictly monitor these disc jockeys, especially those who run late-night radio programs.

“Some of the DJs, especially in midnight program, are using indecent and vulgar language, which is not good since we are a Christian country,” said Bastes over the Church-run Radio Veritas.

He observed that listening to FM radio stations supposedly for relaxation and entertainment was no longer a joyful experience since radio personalities engage in talks with “double meaning” or sexual innuendos.

Describing such method as “shameful,” the bishop stressed that these DJs must instead use good words on air to help boost the character and morality of Filipinos.

He added that the country didn’t need this kind of entertainment since “our people are already caught up with the secular world.”

“I hope [our disc jockeys] would help build our nation with good language, good music, god issue and good speeches,” said Bastes, a member of the Catholic Bishop’s Permanent Council.

He urged the KBP to be more discerning in its monitoring, not only of its rank in television, but also in radio, particularly in FM radio stations. “The KBP should really monitor and punish these DJs who use filthy language,” added Bastes.

Composed of owners and operators of radio and television stations, the KBP (Association of Broadcasters of the Philippines) is the primary broadcast media organization in the country.

It exercises self-regulation to boost and uphold the highest standards of quality in the broadcast industry.

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  • Anonymous

    Does the Bishop understand the purpose of the “OFF or CLOSE” switch?   Use your brain instead of your mouth Bishop!

    • Anonymous

      There’s another knob that changes the radio station !

    • Anonymous

      @Hfxwst kung ganyan logic mo e di ok lang din pala na magpalabas ng xxx sa tv kasi may off button din…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJCN27L74QLOELVDVIP4V5M544 pinoynusa

      Have you heard that radio stations have to apply for a radio license and abide by the rules of radio broadcasting?

  • Anonymous

    Now, the Bishops and the Church want to tell the KBP what to do and what not to do.  Next, they will tell the Govt. the same.

    Good night, Philippines and welcome to the Dark Ages.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJCN27L74QLOELVDVIP4V5M544 pinoynusa

      Talaga? Dark ages na ba? meron bang internet at cell phone noong dark ages?

  • Anonymous

    This Bishop seems to want ‘Religion Police’ .. like in Muslim countries. 

  • http://nestordfermin.blog.co.uk/ nestordfermin

    I can always put off my radio set whenever I do not like what is being aired……..

  • http://twitter.com/ReadDrea Drea

    I agree that foul language should be kept out of the airwaves but not because “we are a Christian country”. Let’s keep religion out of this. This is about professionalism, about maintaining a certain level of class for your craft. 

    Bishops, not all Filipinos are Catholic/Christians. If there is a logical reason behind your complaint, then that should be your main argument. You can reach more people by upholding common decency rather than shoving your religion down everyone else’s throats.

  • Anonymous

    Sa susunod, skycable dapat EWTN lang ang nasa lineup.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

    sama na nila si raffy tulfo.

  • Anonymous

    … Just last month, the Catholic Mass Media Awards presented Ramon Revilla Sr with a
    Lifetime Achievement award for his contributions to Philippine art and culture …
    I guess its ok to father several dozens of children illegitimately instead of joking about sexual innuendos on public radio.

    • Anonymous

      Oo nga ano tama ka rin masyado ka pakialamero huag ka na magtuturo. Tignan mo sa salamin ang iyon sarili at sabihin mo sa sarili mo matino ba ako. Matino ba ako, matino ba ako matino ba ako sigurado hindi!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Hoy, kung ayaw mong magpaturo tumira ka sa Afghanistan o kaya sa Pakistan at pugot ulo mo doon. Ignorante. May mga rules of conduct ang mga media people like DJ,s na kailangan nilang sundin at ang KBP ang may responsibilidad na mag disiplina sa kanila. Ang obispo ay ginamit lang niya ang rights niya to comment. Intiende? Walang isip. Dito nga sa North America na mas liberal at sophisticated kesa Pilipinas ay ipinagbabawal ang bumigkas ng mga malalaswang salita diyan pa kaya na meron kayong KBP? Stupido ka pala

  • Anonymous

    mas tolerable pa badmouthing ni raffy tulfo kasi ang pinapatamaan ay mga abusado pero tong mga DJ’s ng latenight talk show na mga to puro doubl;e meaning with SEX suggested and mga meaning ng mga word nila. tama si Bishop dapat mga Radio tutulong sa pag build ng moral ng bansa e tong mga DJ na to pruo corruption of mind ang mga programa. OPINION KO LANG TO!

  • Anonymous

    @Hfxwst kung ganyan logic mo e di ok lang din pala na magpalabas ng xxx sa tv kasi may off button din…

  • Anonymous

    Another pathetic bishop who deserves no respect. Catholic church, Bishops and priests, Before you have an opinion pay taxes or shut up. You are a joke.
    What you gonna do next? demand i,m deported??

    • Anonymous

      What’s wrong if the bishop urge KBP to discipline these bastos DJs puro kalibugan ang nasa isip remember there are in the radio. They’re speaking immoral words. Ask your mother if she likes these kind of DJs.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6GQ752PZJPHPSBIG53P53TGF7Y Nelson

      i ask the entire Catholic church to respect M_cook for he deserves more respect in all heaven and galaxies than anybody else… you are a disgrace!

    • Anonymous

      Hey, Mr. Cook, whoever you are, go back to Europe or North America. You are disgrace to your Caucasian race. Majority of you white guys who come to Asia and Philippines prey on young people for sex. And that’s not pedophilia? Majority of you white guys are pedophilia and you take advantage of the poor children in those countries. You are a disgrace.

      • Anonymous

        No, you are a disgrace for making sweeping generalizations.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_433AYTAQRGRQD6CNXQKWD5ZZHY Sword

    We are a Christian country?  No wonder why we have a decades-old separatist movement down South.

    In other news, Filipinos want pedophile priests to be disciplined as well…

    • Anonymous

      What is the connection of your comment with the topic here? The topic is disciplining the vulgar DJ and KBP is urged by the bishop to discipline the DJs. Whether you like or not, Philippines is lived by the majority Christian people. The southern separatist is more political than this moral issue of the media people. Ignorante ka pala.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_433AYTAQRGRQD6CNXQKWD5ZZHY Sword

        1. You are assuming that all Filipinos are Christians.
        2. You are assuming that the Bishop has power to dictate whatever DJs will say.
        3. You are assuming that the government will coerce DJs to obey the Bishops, even if it means that doing so would violate the DJs freedom of speech.
        4. You are assuming that your Northerner language, which is Tagalog, is a universal language.  I’d rather speak in English than speak Tagalog.

        Now, who is the real ignorant?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H7RXAWBKSPMXMYJGCKELDFGCDI Angelica

        isa ka pang bobo

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJCN27L74QLOELVDVIP4V5M544 pinoynusa

        The Bishop has the right to complain. Who is ignorant? move to a communist country if you don’t want to hear complaints.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_433AYTAQRGRQD6CNXQKWD5ZZHY Sword

        Just listen to what you’re saying.  Your sentence contradicts itself.

        Move to a communist country if you want to bishops stifle freedom of speech.  Now, who is the real ignorant?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJCN27L74QLOELVDVIP4V5M544 pinoynusa

        How can they be stifling freedom of speech when the bishops are expressing a legitimate complaint to the KBP and the government? The bishops don’t have police powers and the airwaves is public domain. There is a license to broadcast and there are rules about broadcasting. Freedom of speech is not limitless. Grow up brown nazi.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_433AYTAQRGRQD6CNXQKWD5ZZHY Sword

        Again, your sentence contradicts your previous sentences.  It is true that the bishops don’t have police powers, *but* what the bishops are asking for is police powers.

        Due to your last sentence, I hereby declare a Godwin on this debate.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously ? First we institutionalize discipline based on religion. Next year we will legislate morality ! This is a Christian country but this is not the Vatican. I respect the beloved bishop’s intention but then, this is very dangerous. It is parallel to the DOJ preventing people from leaving the country in the guise of national security and fall short from calling it a hold departure order. We have laws, let us just follow them and call a carabao a carabao, not beef jerky ! Let us follow the law no matter if it does not coincide to what we feel. This is democracy and we have our laws … Tsk tsk ….

    • Anonymous

      KpTUL, Kasi hindi mo narinig ang programs na sinasabe ng bishop. Yung babaebg anchor na ang program is catering to sex stories phone in by male callers. By God, you should hear her sleazy language like “So habang naghuhubad siya, ano naman ang paki-ramdam mo?” Ikwento mo naman, She can shame Howard Stern, the notorious American shock jock. Dem,ocracy is not freedom to use pornographic language on the air. Kaya nga mayrun KBP which unfortunately does not serve its purpose.

    • Anonymous

      You really show your ignorance. Even in North America which is more democratic, more liberal and more sophisticated, DJs and those working on TV and newspapers are not allowed to use profanities because they have rules of behavior to observe in media business as their job. There is freedom of speech, yes, freedom to express one’s self, but that doesn’t mean you are free to say profanities on air. Your freedom ceases when other people’s freedom insists.

      • asdafaa qwesda

        You are free not to listen

      • Anonymous

        yes, we are free not to listen but the air time is actually sleep time. as parents and or guardians we cannot always be on guard of what our young ones are doing.  they can easily be lured into something.

    • Anonymous

      why?  our constitution is based on morals.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HPGUIIJ44DMCSONOPI4JAEMUZM lex

    vulgar and indecent languages should be avoided on the air, though we have the freedom of speech it has its limitations because not everybody subscribes to foul language! the bishops are correct.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s have more Dr. Love and Maalala mo Kaya that plays OPM and the Golden Oldies to the delight of seniors who miss to hear such songs and tunes on daytime radio.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Leon-Yobar/100002513487017 Leon Yobar

    yan ang magandang role sa simbahan bantayan and moralidad hindi RH Bill legislation…..i agree with you CBCP that the FM stations are really bastos not late night only but whole day like what happened here in cagayan de oro the DJs in MOR are inviting sex and dating of minors what a shame.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the bishop, some late night radio announcers have become so orally licentious that could shame even the notorious Howard Stern of American shock jock fame. Worse because I have chanced upon a girl anchoring such a program  that caters to lurid sex stories phoned in by males where this girl anchor would be leading her guest with “Pag-katapos anong nang yari sa inyo. Nag hubad ba siya ka agad?” Anong naman paki-ramdam mo habang nag-huhubad siya, kwento mo naman”. There is another program whose anchor man asks his callers, usually girls, very intimate and invasive questions using double entendre. For example “madalas ba kayong mag-sinigang sa gabi?” Sinigang here means sex.
    I don’t know if the KBP ever listens to these night radio programs, Nakakahiya kayo. Ganda ganda ng name niyo wala namang kayong ginagawa to improve broadcasting, TV or radio.

    However, There’s one radio show, aside from Dr. Love, that plays OPM and Golden Oldies. I think it’s “Maalala Mo Kaya”. But this one I would have loved to hear golden oldies that we don’t hear on daytime radio. There is

  • Anonymous

    Aysus apo, agbagtit sa dagitoy nga padin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_72YCE7X2XMJ5YPNVJML4PXB3O4 Malik

    Some societies are strict with sexual ethics but lax when it comes to social ethics.  European societies for example are lax when it comes to sexual ethics but are very strict when it comes to social ethics like, just wages, privacy, human rights, etc. Philippine society is strict when it comes to sexual ethics to the point of hypocrisy.  Why is it that as a Christian country we are among the favorite destination of foreigners for sex tours?  As a Christian country we are among the underdeveloped and corrupt compaired to  non-Christian countries in Asia? This bishop is certainly Jurassic a typical Padre Damaso.  Jesus always slammed the pharisees for their hypochrisies.  

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJCN27L74QLOELVDVIP4V5M544 pinoynusa

      Hahahaha. Bulgarity and profanity in Am and Fm radio ang pinag-uusapan. Character assasination naman ang punto mo. Typical brown nazi freethinker.

  • asdafaa qwesda

    The fundamental problem here is that most people don’t understand what freedom means.

    FREEDOM DOES NOT AND NOT MEANT TO GUARANTEE ANY DESIRED OUTCOME (e.g. a virtuous society). However freedom is still a necessary but insufficient condition to a virtuous society (i.e. people cannot be “forced” to be virtuous. A man that acts “virtuous” because he has a gun to his head isn’t being virtuous but simply selfishly trying to survive).

    The problem with the Catholic Church and most “Christians” in this country is stupi… I mean, they believe that we should only be free to do what is true and good. The truth (or only the truth) will set you free ika nga. And that a life of sin is one of enslavement. Whereas in other more mature societies freedom also meant being free to make mistakes. There are several arguments against being free only to do a pre-approved list of acts but I will try to focus on one: the fallibility of man.

    It is always the fascists’ argument for unchecked power that people are incapable of deciding what is good for them. It is true a lot of imbeciles cannot care for themselves. But what makes you think the fascists/priest a.) knows and b.) wants the best for you? A casual look at the Church’s history will show how the Church has fooled and extorted its own flock. The more recent child molestation cases where there was an attempt at a cover up speaks volumes of the Church’s moral authority and intentions. They have never taken responsibility for their crimes against humanity. And if someone is going to decide your choices for you, don’t you want them take responsibility if they make a mistake? Parents can go to jail for being irresponsible to their kids but the Church is this irresponsible brat with a get out of jail card.

    Another thing, if somehow the Church “knows” better than you, then how do you decide who to elect as your leader? Apparently I’m incompetent in knowing what is best for me, so how do I know what leader I should vote for? Oh I know just follow what the Priests say. Don’t think! Be like a child for surely the kingdom of heaven belongs to such naive fools. Oh AND GIVE MONEY!

    PS I don’t follow these “vulgar” shows as I find them asinine. But I defend their right to be asinine.

    If you people want these DJs to stop don’t listen to them and ask others to do the same. These vulgar DJs only stay on air for as long as people keep listening to them. People are free to listen to them you are free not to listen. Don’t be a jerk and respect each others’ rights.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H7RXAWBKSPMXMYJGCKELDFGCDI Angelica

      waaaaaaaa…. kabobohan

    • Anonymous

      Replying to asdafaa qwesda,

      They have the right as you also have the right to be asinine ( as you call it).  But be asinine in your own home.  The airwaves is public domain, therefore broadcasters must follow norms and standards of civility.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I agree on the idea of toning down profane language, there’s a reason why freedom of speech exists. Now, to generalize that we are a christian country and to promote “god issue”, would you want all the stations to sound like “family radio” or “the 700″ club?  People will listen to what they want to listen.

    And as f*cked up as our local sations are (not that much variety, it’s either Rnb or Novelty), this is not gonna help ARTISTICALLY either.

  • Anonymous

    paki bili nga ng mga pajero itong mga nagmamalinis na obispo na ito. kung sana ay hindi nakurap ni gloria ang mga ito ay maniniwala pa ako sa kanila…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H7RXAWBKSPMXMYJGCKELDFGCDI Angelica

      bakit po masama po ba yong sinabi ni bishop bastes? ang bobo mo naman….

  • http://twitter.com/_bubblesP Maria Diana Pelaez

    Father, simple lang sagot sa isyu mo, pinapalaki mo pa. Eh di huwag makinig. This applies to all of us as we exercise freedom of speech here, if you may not well know. People won’t listen to programs which do does not interest them. Same as people won’t listen to your useless and senseless speech here as this doesn’t interest the many. For the love of the gods, please shut up.

    • Anonymous

      in reply to Maria Diana Pelaez,

      They have the right as you also have the right to exercise freedom of speech as you call it.  But the airwaves is public domain (Kaya nga may conditions sa pag-approve ng franchise ng radio stations, etc.), therefore broadcasters who use it must follow norms and standards of civility.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WJX5I5FJL52QCZDUKDNWOTIZHQ Lateralus

      the right to speech has its limitations, especially if its offensive to the senses..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MJCN27L74QLOELVDVIP4V5M544 pinoynusa

      The airwaves is public domain by law. Let the broadcasters buy the airwaves then say it is private; otherwise, broadcasters should pay for their license to the government and abide by the rules as stated in the license. Cable and satellite are private lines maybe these profane broadcasters should move over to these other communication channels. You should be the one shutting up because you are obviously ignorant.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FN3D4W6RMVV7LI6ORL3YUZOBSY Vincent

    Damaso Salot sa Lipunan – since 1887

    Let us talk about the clergy rape, and how your little cult hides and protects rapists instead. No foul language just current events.

    Want to silence me Bastes? good luck.

  • Anonymous

    we have been continually losing our morality because of  tolerance of profane language in the air wave. even in movie titles there are insinuations of vulgar words.  this will not make our young live a life of respect and prudence.  this should not be the cause of bishops and priests alone.  this must be a cause of everybody especially adults.   

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