‘Anti-epal’ bill meets resistance from ‘epals’ in House


The “Anti-Epal” might be gathering steam in the Senate, but the bill barring politicians from putting their faces on government projects is gathering dust in the Lower House.

“I’m dismayed and frustrated on the slow action on the House version of the ‘anti-epal’ bill and is envious of the Senate on its fast action on a similar bill. There has been no hearing regarding the House bill up till now,” said Bayan Muna Rep. Teodoro Casiño in a text message.

Casiño and fellow Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares filed House Bill 2309 entitled, “Prohibiting the naming of public properties and government services after incumbent elected public officials, their kin, spouses and relatives of up to fourth civil degree of consanguinity and providing penalties thereof and for other purposes,” was filed 15 months ago and it has been left untouched by the committee on revision of laws.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s “anti-epal” bill was expected to be approved by next year with barely any opposition from her fellow senators. Representatives were seen as averse to the “anti-epal” bill apparently because they, along with governors, mayors and councilors, were among the notorious practitioners.

“Epal” is a play on “ma-papel,” referring to credit-grabbers.

In his explanatory note, Casiño said that the “anti-epal” bill would be a “compromise” to a bill pushing to discourage political dynasties in the country which he admitted was “virtually impossible to pass in a Congress dominated by political clans and dynasties.”

“It is immoral and unethical for any incumbent official to name government properties, services or programs, financed as these are by taxpayers’ money, after himself/herself or his/her immediate relatives. Such an act indicates that the public official is soliciting fame and glory in order to perpetuate oneself or one’s family in power at the expense of government resources,” said Casiño who noted that this bill was originally filed in the 14th Congress five years ago.

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  • Rhine

    take note of all present members of the lower house, it they don’t work on the anti-epal bill..let’s black lists them and campaign against them next election time….let’s not put any immoral law-makers in congress…WAKE UP Juan dela Cruz,, it’s your turn to punish these undeserving “public servants”

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NBCVET5YBW7RKYHSX6QFGXLHLY Hawdini

      Whoever will not work and vote for it means that they are the EPALS. It is time for a change, vote out the EPAL politicians.

    • Anonymous

      i absolutely agree…setup fb account and tweet names of all those legislators/public officals not in favor on anti-epal

      • Anonymous

        Set up a fb account and mobilize people to take pictures of any epal signs that they see and post them there!

      • Rhine

        very brilliant idea… let’s do it guys…for the sake of Juan dela Cruz

  • Anonymous

    Mas may pakinabang siguro kung ang mga mukha nila i-advertise sa toilet paper at ipamigay sa mga mahihirap.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

    how about named after dead relatives like THE NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, famed for one of the WORST airports in the world?

  • Anonymous

    There’s a better name for them KUPAL…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NBCVET5YBW7RKYHSX6QFGXLHLY Hawdini

    Isn’t it the EPAL’s means the kapal muks corrupt politician? am just saying………

  • Anonymous

    Surprise surprise…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H3XXQXBVPVUIAWR75IWTLAOTVE Pacific Dragon

    We need this bill pass yesterday!!!  Shame on our hayupak na politicians!!  In Las Pinas alone.  You see Aguilar and Villar name everywhere.  Shame!!! Shame shame!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TZCGDEQRZZPUM7BIION2RFFI5M Azkal

    to rep. casino and colmenares: lists down things and steps that ordinary citizens, “voting citizens”, must do to ensure that law like this really moves in both houses. if we really are all after the good of this nation, then let us not just broadcast, blog or comment about national intrerest. let’s highlight the actions and let us move as one to heal this nation’s sickness. enough talk, what do you need from us. and how about us all, what can we do? let’s unite and throw the bad and rotten eggs out of this system…

  • Guest

    See here, folks?  This is the example of those VERY FEW TIMES POLITICIANS GET INVOLVED IN PROJECTS they want to be recognized as the Big King Kamehameha who got the project done.  Only in the Philippines (again).

    The rest (most) of the time, they rip-off the PDAF pork barrel funding so bad, it is no longer a wonder of the world.

    Why these prima donas ever think their ego’s can be so blunt and flagrant makes the entire world laugh and joke about the “Filipino Politican”.  One joke (sorry to say this – is this one):  “Ever heard of the Filipino politician who lost his azz in the woods on the way home?  He could not even find it with his bare hands, bent over, and with a flashlight.” 

    Well, enough joking, however when Gloria Arroyo had her face plastered all over every project roadside sign all over the country, people just threw eggs, tomato’s, stones at it and riddled the sign with bullet holes.  That tells you how appreciative the population of the country is when politician’s try to set themselves above others, and display themselves like models in a catalog or underwear ad along EDSA for the world to see…and really…who cares of what the politico looks like anyway? 

    Listen, people…here is the deal:  The Department of Budget and Management controls the PDAF fund or “pork barrel fund”.  The annual allocation to Congressional (congressional district and partylist representatives) do not exceed 70 million pesos a year, and the senators receive 200 million in allocations. 

    This PDAF fund (pork barrel) is broken down further:  30 million pesos for congressional district representatives and partylist representatives for “soft” programs and project subsidies to LGU’s plus 40 million goes for proposed “hard” infrastructure projects.  For senators it is broken down this way; 100 million pesos each for “soft” and “hard” projects and infrastructure programs. 

    The appropriations are as follows:  * Scholarships; *Indigent Medical Programs; * Livelihood Support; * IT Equipment Purchasing; * Rural electrification; * Water Supply; * Peace and Order and Assistance to LGU’s for programs and projects; * Roads; * Bridges; * Flood Control; * School Buildings; *Hospitals; * Health Facilities; * Public  Markets; * Multi-Purpose Buildings; * Multi-Purpose Pavements; and DPWH is also included separately in PDAF funding. 

    There is no trigonometry here – it is plain math.  Defensor is absolutely politically and socially correct with her bill and if nobody does not like it, they can get removed, voted out of office or leave, and get into advertising like other models do. 

  • Anonymous

    Paano makakatulong ang mga voting citizens dito sa tingin ko wala.Dahil ang voting citizens din ang naglagay sa kanilang puwesto . Kung ma educate lamang sila cguro magkaroon ng pagbabago, dahil karamihan sa kanila madaling goyoin ng mga politician. Ito ay sakit ng mga pilipino kaya walang politician na mag initiate para baguhin ito. Dahil disadvantage para sa kanila ito at mahirap sa kanila mandaya ngayon sa election. Ang tunay na pagbabago ay nakasalalay sa voting citizens at kahit ma approvahan pa ang “anti-epal”bill wala rin effect.

    • Anonymous

      KAYA nga maganda sana kung mga taxpayer lang pwede bumoto

      • Anonymous

        napakaraming pilipino na “isang kahig, isang tuka” lang na talaga namang hindi dapat magbayad ng buwis… tatanggalan mo ba sila ng karapatan na bumoto dahil sa estado nila sa buhay?

      • Anonymous

        Korek ka diyan, Corics!  Lalo na’t ang kanilang “Isang-kahig at Isang-tuka”
        ay nangyayari lang kung may eleksiyon. 

        Marurunong talaga ang mga politiko.  Pina-panatili nilang  mang-mang 
        ang mag mahihirap para madaling utuin.

      • Anonymous

        Kung ito ay possible gawin napakaganda , only those taxpayer are allowed to vote will surely matakot ang mga corrupt politician.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    Mr. Casino, can you please identify to the public the names of the oppositors for the press (maybe you can’t as they will strangle you but am hoping somebody will) to publish their names on newspapers, internet, tv and radios so their constituents would know. Anyway that’s all they want… publicity.
    For me I would make exemptions…
    1. Epals can publish their names and pictures on public toilets projects only.
    2. On ambulances, Epals looks bigger than the ambulance vehicle itself. They can publish their names on any size they want BUT they MUST have their pictures lying dead on a stretcher!

  • Anonymous

    Pass the bill now! Mga epal kasi!

  • http://twitter.com/abrahamdsl Abraham Darius Llave

    wouldn’t you just notice – how silent these epal politicos are regarding the issue?


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XXMVC66BK2NJINS3UEVPU7UDNM Joe

    This EPAL bill could pass without opposition at the Senate, (buti na lang hindi senador si Jojo Binay).  But at the Lower House, “suntok sa buwan ito”.  Just look at who’s at the helm of this body, the biggest and most astute practitioner of this anomaly. The city he once served as mayor is plastered with his name and initials “SB” on every conceivable city project, big or small.  He has wisely associated his initials SB to his slogan  Serbisyong Bayan, a good recall move, I submit.  MMDA would have a big problem removing all these should this bill be approved, (though remotely), because some of them are permanently etched on those projects, (i.e. steel covers for underground cables, drainage and manholes).    

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4QAIR53YIPJLMPSQJZTOJIGBVI Jaz

    We should identify these congressmen who are mum, if not in opposition to this bill, then post pictures of their thick faces in every well-seen location and mark them “CERTIFIED PURE EPAL”.

  • http://twitter.com/crab2008 victor cacho

    the epals are already in vegas ‘ those guys are abusive and kapal ng mga mukha/ may alam ba kau kung ang mga goverment official ng mexico ay nandun din to support their boxer? 

  • Anonymous

    No.1 Epal Cong.Suarez hahaha … he already stated on tv his opposition to the bill

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    One of the perfect example of EPALs is LRay Villafuerte. His face is all over the TV and posters in Bicol. Yes, we thank him for what he did in CamSur but he should not feel as if we Bicolanos are indebted to him. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T2DDIPNBHSCXCOHN3J7LOVCQ4Y Shinigami Sword

    Dapat me kadugtong na bill eto, Anti Kupal bill.  Hindi lang Epal ang nasa Kongreso kundi Kupal din. 

  • Ricci Santiago

    this is good… when i go back from abroad, ill take all photos of these ‘epals’, i hope wala na sa commonwealth yung ‘salamat gloria sa footbridge na ito’ and yung mga signs ni belmonte.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QLWEFJL74KFL6NVWVBQT5QX7NI Cyrus D

    Masyado ka  namang defensive  Mr. Cabacungan  and   ibig  sabihin  ng  epal  ay  hindi  mapapel kahit  itanong  mo  ito  sa  mga  kanto kanto. Ibig  sabihin  ng  epal   ay  makapal  as  in  makapal  ang  mukha.

  • Anonymous

    It’s no surprise that the people who are getting political mileage from such practices are the ones who are staunchly against the bill prohibiting them. Talagang maeepal. I think Senator Miriam should also include in this bill government vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, heavy equipment and other government owned conveyances and structures. Nakakabwisit na ung pag bumabyahe ka sa Pilipinas, puro mukha ng politiko lagi mo nakikita! Pag dating sa airport o sa pier, mukha nila makikita mo. Pag byahe mo sa highways natin, mukha ng kung sino-sinong epal nakikita mo. And to think di nga naman sila gumagastos dun! And if you’re going to sum up all the expenses used to make this signs, billboards and streamers, it would probably be enough to feed a whole province, pave several highways, build new schools or repair old ones, or probably a modern hospital! Malaki kasi pera sa politika sa atin. Di kataka-taka nangyayari ito. Filipinos more often than not fail to elect those who are truly deserving, competent and incorruptible.

  • Anonymous

    Millions are spent for these billboards of politicians claiming credit of the projects funded by taxpayers money.  How many classrooms, bridges and hospitals can be built on this kind of expenditure? Hopefully, the Financial statements or the Accounting of pork barrel of every congressman/senator will be published.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ODKHIJAR6YXPUXP3S42NZ3WVBY RF

    To the reporter, Mr. Cabacungan:
    Thank you for this report. However, may I make a suggestion? As a journalist, please do a little more “homework” and take one step further in your research and name names. I’m sure it would serve the public better to learn the IDENTITIES of the chairperson and members of the Committee on Revision of Laws in the lower house. That way we know EXACTLY which people are responsible for delaying this bill.

  • Anonymous

    sa Catblogan ,Samar ay marami nito ,,pero ang Local Government Provincial OfficeR at isang tuta rin  kayat walang nangyayaring pagkilos dahil tulog ang mga taong gobyerno doon….S.O.S.

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