Money never an issue for Revilla clan


Money is never an issue as far as former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. is concerned, the talent manager of his son and namesake said Wednesday by way of explaining the P1-million monthly allowance he had reportedly been providing nine of his children by one woman.

The actor-turned-politician, who is said to have fathered 80 children, made sure that their inheritance would be in identical amounts shortly after he fell seriously ill in 2008, according to TV host Lolit Solis.

“Everything was accounted for in case something happens to him. This way, there will be no further claims. Everything has already been equally divided,” Solis, the talent manager of Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., a half-brother of the nine siblings, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

But she would not say whether the inheritance had been distributed.

Revilla Sr., 84, suffered a stroke and underwent angioplasty in November 2008. He went through therapy to strengthen the right side of his body following the stroke. Doctors have since been closely monitoring his health.

Solis, however, expressed doubt that Revilla Sr. was actually giving his nine children by former actress Genelyn Magsaysay an allowance of P1 million a month.

“I don’t think it’s that big,” she said, although a source close to the family told the Inquirer that Revilla Sr. was sending all nine kids to pricey international schools.

“In fact, Ram would have gotten his certification on November 16. The course he took was supposed to prepare him for a career in politics,” the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said of Ramgen Bautista, 23, who was murdered on October 28.

‘Can afford it’

Asked to comment on the outrage currently being expressed in social networking sites over the issue of the P1-million monthly allowance, Solis defended Revilla Sr.:  “He can very well afford it. He probably owns half of Cavite province. He owns two cemeteries and two coliseums built for cockfighting derbies. He is the key to the success of the Revilla clan. Masinop siya. He knew where to put his money in acquiring investment properties.”

Donated land

The source, who is also a known show biz personality, concurred, saying: “[Revilla Sr.] graduated with a degree in business. He had foresight. He bought properties in Cavite when no one else thought of buying. Cavite was still troubled then. In fact, he owns the land where SM Bacoor is now located.”

The former senator recently donated five hectares of land in the town of Bacoor to its local government for the construction of a hospital there, the source said.

Revilla Sr. also owns the film outfit Imus Productions, which he put up in 1972 with his wife Azucena, now deceased, and which is managed by their daughter Andrea Bautista-Ynares.

“The capital used to put up this production house, which now produces the films of [Revilla Jr.], came from their father,” Solis said.

The source added that “the millions that film outfits earn today from producing are nothing compared to what [Revilla Sr.] was making in the 1970s.”

Revilla Sr. produced the movie “Nardong Putik: Kilabot ng Cavite.” He has also produced, written, directed and starred in such films as “Hulihin si Tiyagong Akyat,” “Pepeng Agimat” and “Kapitan Kulas.”

He was last seen in the fantasy film “Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom” (2005).

Finance man

Revilla Sr. is “very accomplished,” the source said “Like his friend FPJ (the late actor Fernando Poe Jr.), he knew how to handle his finances.”

In 2009, Revilla Sr. sold the rights to air the TV adaptation of four of his films to ABS-CBN. The TV series was titled “Agimat: Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla.”

“He does not neglect his children,” Solis said. “He takes care of all of them. In fact, he recently had a house built for his children with Genelyn.”

Revilla Sr. became a senator in 1992 and held office until the end of his two terms in 2004.

Children’s names posted

Among his notable bills was an amendment to the Family Code, which was enacted in February 2004, allowing illegitimate children to use their father’s surname.

“A museum was built for him in Cavite. It houses all his trophies, newspaper clippings and a statue that Bong had especially made for him. Posted on one of the museum walls are the names of 46 of his children. I guess those are the only ones he could remember,” the source said.

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  • gary g

    BIR…time to call the family and investigate. Binanggit na nila lahat ng business deals nila…ang tanong…tama ba ang taxes na binabayaran nila? Yung cockpit arenas ba ay nagbibigay ng receipts?  Di yata binanggit yun isang income generating company nila…yun DPWH…di ba umupu din si tatay nila dun?

    • Anonymous

      Ha! Ha! Ha! I liked that comment about the other company called DPWH. From what I heard, it’s one of the most profitable company ever – parang lotto, once makapasok ka, set for life. Unfortunately, the joke’s on the rest of the Filipinos.

  • Anonymous

    If money is not a problem, then it would be VEEERYYYYYYYY interesting to know how much the good senator declares in his annual income tax return. BIR, you’ve got on BIIIIGGGG job in your hands.

  • Anonymous

    Only a fool would believe that the Revillas are corrupt free!

  • Raphael

    kung hindi problema ang pera, eh bat nagpatayan mga magkakapatid?
    hay si lolit solis tlga oh, bka isa ka rin anak ni Revilla Sr??
    Lolit, dun ka na lang sa ” take it take it mo!”

    • kevin

       Portia Ilagan is the spokeswoman ,of this filthy rich cassanova,not Lolit Solis..

  • Anonymous

    This writer tried to picture the old Revilla as very successful in movie making, production and acting.  But, very thrifty in extolling his role as politician/power brokering especially with the GMA era.  Remember that because of his support for GMA, he was given political concessions and became the honcho of Public Works Appropriations Committee in the Senate?  There is so much contracts and constructions and under the table on this committee.  There is so much influence and power brokering involved; not to mention the grease falling down for someone of power and influence to indulge to.  This is what this writer needs to extoll.  This is what the Filipinos should know.  And please don’t even try to compare FPJ with the old Revilla.  FPJ have only one Lovi Poe to support, aside from the comely wife Susan Roces.  The old Revilla have only 80 or so children whose names very hard to remember for an 86 year old cassanova.

  • Anonymous

    I guess it only proves that money can’t buy eveything. The senator may have endowed his kids with material and financial wealth and obviously much more than your average dad. And I’m pretty sure he tried his vey best to make them exemplary citizens but with 80 kids, it’s only inevitable that some would stray into something dark and sinister.

  • Anonymous

    “Greed, for a lack of a better word, is good.” – Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street

  • Anonymous

    Remember that the senators get 35,000 pesos as their salary every month.

  • Anonymous


    It has never been an issue, until now??

    Who are they fooling?

    Do they think that people will never understand what they are going through?

    People know how to think.

    This incident would never happen if there was no issue with money.

  • Anonymous

    You can enumerte all his investments and companies he owns in the whole Philippines but the expenses of those properties are not free either!  They probably run in the millions as well.  So, if we can still remember our arithmetic in grade schools, 1 million pesos a month allowance for just the 8 siblings would need at least P12 million pesos a year.  Add to that the 46 only that he can remember, although as many as 80 were mentioned, we assume he takes care of all of them EQUALLY, he needed to budget P84 (72 +12) million pesos a year for the 54 children just for the allowance!  You follow this?

    Now, think about the wife and mistresses.  Surely, he is giving them some amount equal to the status of his name.  Investments, daily expenses, houses, gifts of cash and in kind, trips and vacations local and overseas, schools, household helps, transportations including luxurious vehicles, allowance for themselves, upkeep of their houses, gardens, clothings,food, etc.  He needs a battery of accountants to just keep track of his personal expenses!  How much income do you think Mr. Revilla senior needs to support all of these?

    In my guesstimates, he would be richer than the Sultan of Brunei to maintain this lifestyle.  Now, how much do you think he is personally liable to pay taxes for his income?  As many posters have questioned, how much income tax does he pay every April?  I believed, government agencies would need a battery of auditors, accountants, researchers, investigators, etc. to dig out the truth about the lifestyle of Mr. Revilla, Sr.  I hope they won’t be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of paper works needed to uncover the unreported income and taxes he paid in his SALN.

  • Juan Dela cruz

    Paano naging Senator ng Pilipinas ang mga yan, nasa 35,000 pesos lang ang sweldo pero kung sumuporta sa kanyang mga Family, Milyon Milyong pesos ang lumalabas sa kanilang bank account? Hindi na sya kumikita as Actor, wala naman gaanong family business? Saan nga ba napupunta ang PORK BARREL ng mga Senators? Sa family lang ba nila napupunta ang funding ng para sa mga mahihirap nating kababayan?

    • sampalok kid

      eh si RDO ng BIR, BOC, DPWH at COA saan ba kukuha ng mga pera yan ? si general at colonel na bistado na. 

      Si kapitan barangay, konsehal, si mayor 30%, si “mahal” na tongressman , si board member, si pi”naka-mamahal” na gobernador, at syempre ang kagulang gulang na senador na walang kamatayan sa pork barrel na pwesto. saan kaya kayo kumukuha ng pera sa pagsustento nyo sa mga karangyaan nyo at mga pamilya nyo ?

  • Anonymous

    yung kinita sa pelikula madaling maubos. yung kinita sa pulitika ang matagal maubos kasi pera ng bayan yun eh. may balon ika nga. and imagine how many in his clan are in politics? saan pa ba naman kukuha ng pera yang mga yan? abangan nyo pag naging presidente na si senator bong.

  • Anonymous

    KAHIT na ano pa ang sabihin ninyo, mas magaling at matinik magpa-lahi na LALAKI si Don Ramon sa inyo!  84 na si Don Ramon at 80 ang kanyang nakatalang mga biik o lahi….sana madagdagan pa ng 4 o 5 para naman sumunod sa numero ng idad nya…..isa sa bawat taon ng buhay nya.  Aba, e, anong malay natin, baka yan ang pinaka-huli nyang award na matatanggap bago siya magpa-alam sa mundong are’…galing sa Guinness World of Records: “The most prolific Pilipino father of all time”.  (Huwag ka ng humabol pa, Erap…hindi mo na kaya yan!)

  • Anonymous

    of course money is not an issue for the revillas! ikaw ba naman na ang halos buong angkan eh nasa pelikula at pulitika maubusan ka ng pera?

  • Truth

       Lets see if i got this right,this guy father 80 children and then he turns politician so he add an amendment to the Family Code, which was enacted in February 2004, allowing illegitimate children to use their father’s surname. Now there is a museum was built for him in Cavite ? I bet their was a priest that even blessed the museum. 

      Am i the only one that  sees something wrong with this picture? Are politicians not held to some moral code or is every slimy,greasy cockroach allowed to represent the masses.Is this the kind of people we now put on high? Is this a role model for every young man out their to strive to beat his goal of fathering 80 children? This is nothing less than right in your face moral debauchery. Shame on anyone giving this man even the time of day. 

  • kevin

    Only you could believed that, coz you are the mouthpiece,,corrupt free,tell that to the marines!!!

  • Master

    ‘sang mil kada buwan, p@ksh3t!!! nakakawalang gana na talaga magbayad ng tax sa mga pulitikong eto

  • Anonymous

    I said before that I have a gut feeling that this case will develop some twists. Now my hunch has begun to make sense.
    Nasaan na nga pala si Ramona? Baka nasa America s’ya nung mangyari ‘yung crime at hindi pala s’ya ang isinakay dun sa auto?

  • Anonymous

    Wag na kayo mainggit. Tayong mga pinoy e tanga talaga. Kala kase natin yun mga roled na ginagampanan nila sa pelikula or telebisyon ay ganuon din sila sa tuna na buhay. Pati ang moralidad nhayon ay balewala na kase an tingin natin e astig kase sila.

    Pag si idol manny na ang senador, dyan natin makikita sino pinaka sikat sa mga iyan. Baka di nga lang magnakaw si ninong, kase dami na nya pera….

  • Anonymous

    This is a very unique case. Suspects for the crime are named and arrested, and the survivors of the victim, instead of being relieved and grateful for the fast solution of the case, are incredulous and displeased by the apprehension of the suspects.

  • Cel

    dapay all out justice para sa mga revilla ang sigaw nila. saka para showbiz ang dating ” Strike the pushers”. BOW.

  • calvin schiraldi

    yeah, where did he get the money to own buy land and now owning half of cavite?

    • kevin

       Look now ,God punishing him, he is still alive ,but vegetable….

  • Anonymous

    Naku, Lolit. lagot ka. 

    1M a month is 12M a year, excluding the mother hen’s allowance. There’s no question that he can well afford it. 

    Cavite’s the most corrupted province in the country. He owns almost half of Cavite, per Lolit. Revilla Sr.’s a former Mayor (Governor?) and Senator.Needless to say, he was able to acquire almost half of Cavite during his incumbency. 

    I don’t know if i’m making sense.   

    Nagpapatayan  ang mga magkakapatid for 1M. samantalang yung iba halos wala mi singko. 

  • Maximo

    muntik na himatayin ang misis ko nung mapasigaw ako ng “1 million”!. akala niya tumama na ako sa lotto. hehe. pwede na ba itong pampagising sa mga natutulog (sa pansitan) na mga pinoy?!

  • Antonio

    sa dami ba ng drug users sa cavite nakapagtataka pa ba na maraming pera ang mga na reveal na !  sino kaya ang malaking tao na sinabi ni genelyn na matindi ang galit sa pamilya  at mga anak niya ? eto ang tanong ni kabayan Noli de Castro kay genelyn sa news kagabi.

  • jose

    I’m sure a lot of the properties and liquid assets were acquired during his incumbency as Senator of the Republic.

    • Anonymous

      Hindi lang yun. He was with the BoC, DPWH, PEA. That would explain the “money is not the problem” that many Lolit was saying. Of course… it’s the money stupid.

  • Alen

    “In fact, Ram would have gotten his certification on November 16. The course he took was supposed to prepare him for a career in politics…”

    I’m sure dito nag graduate at may certification na si Lito L, Bong R, Erap, at Manny Pacquiao.

  • Hudas

    remember ramon sr was connected before with the bureau of customs, food for thought??????????????

  • Anonymous

    As a past Senator of the Land and tax payer, his SALN and ITR’s should be made public. The numbers don’t jive. He is spending more than the Sy’s, Zobels, Tans for their families. Grabe. Nakaka kilabot. 

    Sometimes, the most simplest motive is the reason for this tragedy. Nag aaway sila dahil sa pera ng Matanda. Some feel that they deserve more than others. The mother hen(s) feel that they are the favorite of the Rooster compared to the other mother hens.

    Its primal, tribal and basic animal instinct to protect your brood.

    Unfortunately, what is happening now is “DAMAGE CONTROL” for their political careers.

    Ramon Revilla is the perfect example of why the RH bill has to be passed. 80 children and a lot of them are dysfunctional. Parricide looms because of money. I don’t care how good a manager your are but there is no way that you can care for 80 children and raise them properly. What kind of example do you set for your children when you continue “breeding” offsprings with other women? Is that a good example?

    Most of all, you think you can keep everyone in line by throwing money at them? I don’t think so. Where did all that money come from? The government should look into this family’s finances. We know where it came from……How sad for the Philippines.

  • Anonymous

    Pres. pnoy, si ramon revilla pala dapat ang imbestigahan instead na si GMA. Imagine 80 children?!! He’s a hardworker, alright.

  • Max Al

    habang humahaba ang siyung lumalala ang mga problema ng mga revilla. ngayong di lang ang isyung pagpaslang kay ramgen ang dapat nilang harapin bagkos pati ang mga isyu tungkol sa saan nanggagaling ang pera para sa allowance ng di lang sa pamilya ni Sr. kay Genylyn Magsaysay kundi pati na rin sa iba pa nyang sustentadong inanakang babae. Kung sya man ay accomplished businessman at masinop tulad nga ng sabi ni Lolit ang tanong pano naman nya kinuha/nakuha ang seed money para sa mga investment ventures nya. Kaya BIR at DeLima pati narin si PNoy bukod sa mga Ligot dapat din habulin o imbestigahan ang mga Revilla clan.

  • trav man

    80 children!?!?!?! an example of a very good catholic. The bishops should show case him as a model for their campaign!!! All Filipinos should follow him and procreate as many kids as possible.

    • Anonymous

      There is a possibility of in-breeding. Considering that the 80 plus Revilla kids don’t really know each other there is a good chance of in-breeding. I learned that in-breeding diminishes the quality of the intellect of a child. In-breeding will produce more morons. Expect more morons from the clan entering politics/government/show business, etc. Other morons will roam around killing their siblings, har har har. 

  • Jacque Toto

    Wala naman na tayo mapagpilian sa mga pulitiko, kung hindi DRUG LORD at GAMBLING LORD ang magkalaban sa pulitika may halo pang BABAERO at LASENGGERO. Kay lolo Revilla naman, kung hindi malinaw na kababuyan o kalibugan ang gumawa ng 80 anak, ano ang tawag dito???Honorable pa yan….At ikaw naman Lolit Solis baka nakalimutan mo na pinatawad ka lang ni Mayor Lim sa katarantaduhang pinag-gagawa mo, ano kredibilidad mo para magsalita pabor kay lolo Revilla Sr, tsismis lang ang dala mo sa katawan oyyy…Kung di pa nauso ang tsismis sa showbiz wala ka sanang hanapbuhay ngayon. Matandang bruha….

    • Anonymous

      Yan ang hirap sa mga otoridad natin masyadong maawain kaya tuloy ginagago ng mga tuso. Had Mayor Lim let the course of justice ran normally, Lolit Solis could be still be spending her Christmas this year in jail. Sinong may sabi na “No one is above the law”? Iba dyan sobra na nga ang tayog hindi na maabot ng Supreme Court.

  • Anonymous

    of course money is never an issue but ramon sr’s mockery of sanctity of marriage 

  • Lito G

    Ang sabi nga eh…. “THIS IS WHERE YOUR TAXES GO”…. It is not anymore surprising to know that a politician is corrupt but still it is maddening to know the obvious. Imbis na itanggi eh na-justify pa ni Lolit Solis na kayang suportahan ang 1M peso a month allowance. Wala talagang utak ‘tong matandang tsismosa na ‘to.

    Filipino people, let us all learn. Let’s all do our share to change the politics and erradicate corruption sa bansa. Lesson 101, stop voting for a politician, celebrity and trapos, lalo na sa senado at kongreso. Just imagine how much many we are wasting for Bong Revilla Jr. at Lito Lapid…. 200M per year x 2 (for 2 walang silbing senador) x 12 years kung tig-2 terms sila. Sumatotal eh tumataginting na P4,800,000,000 (P4.8 bilyong piso). Napakaraming classroom at pagkain na ang katumbas ng halagang ‘to.

    Pwede nyo na rin isama pa ang mga walang silbing trapo at tongressman and do your own math.

  • Anonymous


    First is was Portia Ilagan ang pumikture. Now its Lolit Solis. Soon, it will be Aster Amoyo and Butch Francisco. 

    PR Money is flowing!! 

    This makes the whole thing sadly sickening!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Money is not a problem to the Revilla’s but only to YOU Caviteno’s voters!!!..Money is an issue now among the grown siblings and this is just the beginning of endless family feuds. Having the guts and pride for admitting having 72 illegitimate children  from 16 women is not to be admire or endorse, kawawa ang mga bata kung sa pag-aartista lang ang ikinabubuhay. These children who at one time of their life were looking for their Fatherly love, hug, affection, and presence. The lacked of Father’s guiding hand and discipline is more important than pampering them financially which resulted this tragedy. More to come when the curtains close to Cavit(e)’s No. 1 Producer, Si Nardong Ma-Chicks ang Kilabot ng Cavite. More drama to come when the great court battle start as on how they divide his property, wealth and businesses.

  • Monsi Serrano

    Let’s be fair with Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. While I never liked any of them in the politics, in fairness to the old man, he worked hard for whatever money he has now and not due to politics. His stint in the senate and in politics was not as long as the term held by Lito Lapid and Bong Revilla.

    We have to know and be able to separate the chaffs from the grain, lest we will all be reckless and make a hasty generalization that all politicians are “kurakot” (which of course I would agree that it’s a norm more than a drop in a bucket), but in the case of old man, I believe that his wealth now was attained through his own sweat and blood.

    The tragedy that happened to the Revilla family is something that calls for sympathy not of adding fuel on the fire. Whoever is/are the culprit/s, let them rot in the jail and hopefully be given a lethal punch.

    • Lito G

      You are partially right. The old man did earn part of his money. But do your math – 1M/month just for one family. Assuming there are 16 families dahil 16 yung inanakan nya, kahit siguro nakuba na sya sa pagtatrabaho at negosyo eh hinde nya kayang suportahan lahat yun. I respect the tragedy that happened in their family but that won’t hide what the public perceptions on the amount of money he’s spending to support his other family.

  • unokritiko

    I wonder why solis is being kept by GMA??GMA is quiete different fom GMA due to no7!! but they have the same principle of harboring uncivilized persons with bad reputation just to earned money!! Thats how dirty society works!!!
    They have enough money as said!! But how come they still go into politics!!?
    For prestige!? Ambitions, possible!! but for sure it is for easy money!!!
    If you take a lot of easy money from this forsaken govt the end results is Karma!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Padre Damaso di niyo ba bibigyan ng CONDOM itong senatong na to 80 ang anak…

  • Anonymous

    This tragedy will expose the source of the 1M a month thing. It’s a big money for every family. Suppose teh ex Sen has to give 1M to 16 families. Whew! Ang yaman nila grabe. Pero please let the PNP do their job.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry If I’m having doubts on Revilla’s assets. Granted that he was among the biggest action star of our time, he has not shown any significant movie for the last 20 years. Huling naalala ko yun kay Alfredo Lim story. 

    How did he accumulate such wealth by just setting up cockpit arenas and 2 cemetries? He has not made any significant movies for the last 20 years or so or even if he did it won’t make that much money.

    let’s just do a simple computation, 1M x 12 months = 12M per year. suppose he;s doing that for the last 5 years: that is a whopping 60M…eh isa ng family pa lang yan. I dont think actors then will match the earnings of their present day counter parts.

    Baka naman meron pang ibang negosyo si Kapitan Agimat na hindi natin malaman dahil…imbisibol?

  • Anonymous

     Lolit Solis to the rescue! What a tragic-comic drama. Lolit Solis who lies and cheat (Manila Film Fest scam). Lolit Solis, the epitome of the “envelopmental” journalist. With friends and defenders like Lolit Solis, who needs enemies and detractors?

  • Guest

    si nardong putik ay isa sa mga
    ulirang lalaking pilipino

    maraming minahal at
    inalagaang pamilya

    swerte siya
    may maunawaing mrs.

  • Anonymous

    1 Million pesos a month to one of his numerous families. Just do a simple math and you will already see how much money this man and his family have. Yet, they do not belong to the top tax payers in the country. Bureau of Internal Revenue, asan na kayo? Imbestigahan na ito at ang money trail ng monthly stipend ng mga Revilla. If you are seriously bent on finding tax evaders, eh san pa kayo pupunta? A very big one is staring at your faces right now.

  • Stephen

    The actor-turned-politician, who is said to have fathered 80 children….kasalanan mo to Revilla Sr. Masakit nga ulo ni Abraham na dalawa lang anak niya (Isaac & Ishmael) ikaw pa…. You have 80+ sons and daughters without a father figure. Somehow, somebody’s gotta pay for your actions…Good luck sa yo.

  • ryan andres

    “Money never an issue for Revilla clan” – oo naman, talagang hindi magiging issue ang pera… 3 of them are in politics eh…

  • al galang

    money issue it is…

  • Anonymous

    ganun? nuong araw pa kuripot na ang pamilyang yan.  me namatay na pamangkin (siya pa nga ang pers dans nuong debut ng pamangkin) ang matanda…nagiisang lehitimong anak ng kanyang yumaong kuya.  humiram (hindi hingi) ang pamilya para sa libing. pinagkaila ng matanda dahil daw bayaran ng matrikula nuon.  pati ang junior at kuripot din kanya’t umalis ang mga close-in niya dahil super kuripot daw.  pagpaparami daw ng anak sa kanilang angkan ay grasya sa pamilya kaya’t gawa nang gawa kung kani-kaninong babae…yung kuya nga niya eh pati katulong inanakan at andun ang asawa pa niya sa bahay.  

    pati nga yung lehitimong anak ninakawan ng mga anak sa labas ng lahat ng mana mula sa ama…kuya ng matandang ito.

    ito’y naistorya sa kin ng pamangking ito nuong siya’y buhay pa…setenta na nang mamatay ang pamangking ito…

    • darrence villaluna

      hear·say   /ˈhɪərˌseɪ/ Show Spelled[heer-sey] Show IPA
      noun 1. unverified, unofficial information gained or acquired from another and not part of one’s direct knowledge: I pay no attention to hearsay. 2. an item of idle or unverified information or gossip; rumor: a malicious hearsay.

  • Banana Na

    kalahati ng cavite ay sa kanila mga revilla family, mas mayaman pa sila kaysa sa mga spanish era ng AYALA FAMILY…at least ang AYALA FAMILY ay nagbabayad ng tamang tax ng kahit papaano…..sila kaya?? just wondering….

  • Rednaxela VD

    tama na defense for agimat, the question is, how much of the senate pork barrel was pocketed by revilla? 

  • Anonymous

    “Money never an issue for Revilla clan” is the title of this report.  Isn’t money the reason for this crime?

    Solis seems to know a lot about Revilla Sr’s financial account when it is Revilla Jr that is her client.

    Why is she the one coming out in explaining this when she has nothing to do with Revilla Sr?

    In fact, why is she coming out with this at all when it should be the Revillas that should explain how they can afford this reported P1,000,000.00 child support (just for nine children out of 80 plus)?

    Something smells fishy here!

    • Darwin

      Is no one blaming the BOBOTERS of Cavite for putting three of them in public office?

  • Datu Puti

    We know that the former Senator was very good in handling his money to his 84 children but we cannot control the emotion of one of the siblings in that family if he/she feel aggrieve in the distribution of allowance. Like in this case, we don’t know even the mother former actress Ginalyn the personal motive of hi/her children. She should not blame the Police as they are doing their primary duty to solve the crime. She has to do something with her children as I can see it, all are spoiled brats…..  

  • Anonymous

    twisted stories ………………………..truth really hurt ……………………..

  • ricky

     “He probably owns half of Cavite province.”, solis said.
    hoy lolit solis, ayusin mo muna pagkatao mo bago ka mag spoke person sa isang senator. kala mo nalimutan na ang ginawa mo sa famas. mahiya ka.
    kung magsalita ka, he probably owns half of cavite,  lalo mo lang ipinapakilala ang kawalanghiyaan na ginagawa ng mga politiko diyan sa cavite. puro land-grabbing ang activity nila remulla, villar at revilla diyan. kaya wala ng natira sa taong bayan. kung hindi directang land-grab ay bibilhin ang lupa sa napakamurang halaga. pag tumanggi ka, patay ka. 

  • Anonymous

    This in no way diminishes the accomplishments of former Senator Revilla Sr but his reputation for having proudly fathered more than 70 children with different women shows the inconsistent morality demanded (but rarely practiced) of Philippine politicians. It is quite ironic that Sen Honasan reminded the Pambansang Kamao about his “womanizing” if he has plans to seek higher office – senator, vice pres or president! I am no fan of Philippine politicians and other celebrities but really, the inconsistency in our society prevails over efforts to address bigger problems to many Filipinos. The news item itself dealing with money not being a problem is quite insulting to majority of Filipinos who suffer from the effects of poverty – though some of them of course are also victims of the same weak morals.

  • Sean

    I am sick and tired of hearing about how our public officials are enormously wealthy because of their fantastic business acumen. Someone should audit all public officials and check for 2 things. First is a legitimate source of income that can sufficiently support their lifestyle. Second is whether they have paid the correct amount of taxes.

    I doubt the former senator will pass these two tests. Come to think of it, I doubt 99% of our public servants will pass these tests.

  • Anonymous

    Lolit Solis strikes !!!!!

  • Rene V

    pork barrel …

  • Anonymous

    Puro tsismis ang dapat sana balitang ito.

  • Nilo Abaya

    He was given Lifetime Achievement Award by Catholic Mass Media. His notable achievement fathering 80 children from 16 women. Bishops know best whom to give award to.

  • Nilo Abaya

    Tapos na ang Presidential ambition ni Bong Revilla .

  • next timer

    Wala naman nagsabi na issue sa mga Revilla ang pera! Ugali nila ang problema!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it….
    Money is not an issue….so what????  Do they want to brain wash the people to think that since they are wealthy, they cannot be criminals???  Come-on, give me a freakin’ break.  Since time immemorial, wealthy clans…..way, way, way, far richer than Revilia’s…kill each other for the sake of … guess it right!!!

  • John

    its like reading a mafia novel, a crime don wherein his siblings are killing each other for power and money.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how this article seems like a PR campaign.

    And it’s not about the money. His real problem is his kids are cold blooded killers. Let’s see them get convicted, or in this case where money seems to be in abundance, maybe not.

  • Don Sia

    when people say its not about the money, it is about the money.

  • Anonymous

    LOLIT SOLIS – is always there when there is trouble masyadong MADALDAL. Tanong how much income and properties has the Revilla’s declared to his Tax? Parang sinabi ni TOLIS na mas mayaman pa kay Se. Villar. But the main topic here is not he is reach but his family killed won family now Revillas wanted to twist the Police reports and put other person behind bars. Kawawa lagi ang mahirap sa mga taong ito eh.


    maaring hindi nga pera.. “jealousy” maybe..

  • Anonymous

    Madami talagang pera at pag aari ang mga Revilla, matagal na silang nakaupo eh..may humawak ba ng palayok na hindi naulingan ang kamay?? Tagal na nilang hawak!!, pati kaluluwa nila may uling na!!

  • rafi

    Kung nasa US tayo…”It’s all about the Benjamin’s” ang magiging quote of the day.

  • Anonymous

    Never say never. Revilla’s holdings cannot support 80+ children with the kind of lifestyle he is providing for them. That’s why he had to double as politician.

  • Anonymous

    “Money is never an issue as far as former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. is concerned.”

    NATURAL!  Napaka-obvious naman nyan!  Ganun din naman sa mga MARCOS, ESTRADA, RAMOS, MACAPAGAL, ARROYO, SINGSON, AMPATUAN, GENUINO, at marami pang iba na nalagay sa “puesto de gloria” ng bayan.  Money is not a problem any longer after raiding the henhouse.  Sabi pa nga ng dating Senate President Jose Avelino, “What are we in power for?” Dahil nga sa TALENTADO ang Pinoy, ayun…. THEY made POWER work for them and all their INAKAYS and GALAMAYS.   

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to mark this phrase from the pillar of the Revillas (aka “Godfather of Cavite”). I don’t care about how he pampers his kins with his riches, but I hope he will never use the same to cover-up for the wrongdoings of his family member.

  • Anonymous

    the love of money is the root of all evil… more money, more evil? lol!

  • Anonymous

    Of course, for the Revilla clan, “Money is never an issue”. It is too much of it that is the issue, the problem. And in a clan as large as 80 siblings, inter-personal conflict is inevitable. That’s the price that a rich and prolific womanizer has to pay. People call it Karma. As Mark Twain said, “Too much of anything is bad”. Similarly, too many children, despite the support they get, is sacrilegious.

  • ricky

    “Money never an issue for Revilla clan”

    – ito ang pinakamasarap na mangyari sa isang pamilya.
    Kelan ko kaya masasabi ito sa pamilya ko? “Money never an issue for my clan”

    • Aspo resurrection

      lately ikaw ay si Ricky Revilla or RR in short hahahahahaahhaaahaha !!!

  • antonioluna

    money is never an issue, this could be true if all members of their clan are righteous, no enviousness but money is there god that is why money is always an issue.

  • Anonymous

    Binabayaran ba ang tamang buwis ng mga Revilla.

  • Anonymous

    money never an issue. Pero amg sama naman ng pagpapalaki sa mga bata, hindi nagabayan ng magulang. Kaya masuwerte yung mahihirap pero masaya at may mababait na anak.

  • Anonymous

    Money never an issue because it’s people’s money. Don’t tell me malinis siya noong Senador siya.

  • Anonymous


  • Aspo resurrection

    out of topic, si Lolit Souless everytime makita ko ang pagmumukha n’yan parang kay dami sa kulungan!!!

    …joke lang

  • Anonymous

    what’s going on

  • Anonymous

    Bacoor is such a lousy place. Bong is the committee chairman of Senate Public Works but flooding, stupidly done infrastructures and most of all its unorganized and worst traffic are inherent characteristics of Bacoor. Even the front of the Revilla property is flooded and worst of all- traffic jams. Worst of all, these are petty things that a good sewerage can fix it. The world has long invented the traffic lights, But Bacoor has not discovered how to purchase it. The intersection at SM Bacoor is even worst. Far flung municipalities and small provincial cities have traffic lights, but Bacoor has none. None that I know of. It would be best if Bong realizes that there is also called “fly-over”. Another thing about Bacoor is that there is noise from the big corporate developers that the Mayor and its politicians including the SK have milked so much this companies just to get an ordinance to build a subdivision. – I am just a resident of one of the subdivisions and has no political interest. I am not even a voter. I just know the situation and know some people in the business sector. 

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