How ‘all-out justice’ call came to be President Aquino’s strategy



ANXIETY WRITTEN ON THEIR FACES. Muslim women who are among the thousands displaced by renewed clashes between government troops and Moro rebels wait for relief goods at an evacuation center in Barangay Naga-naga, Alicia town in Zamboanga Sibugay. RAFFY LERMA

Both the hawks and the doves in the Cabinet agreed that it was the way to go, but it was the advertising guy who got it sold.

Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez is being credited for coining “all-out justice,” the phrase that President Aquino is using to put a tag on the strategy of identifying and pursuing the criminals living among Moro rebels in Mindanao.

In the few days after the Oct. 18 killing of 19 Special Forces soldiers in Al-Barka, Basilan, the strategy failed to impress a public calling for all-out war against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), in whose area the slaughter occurred despite a ceasefire agreement and soon to be resumed peace talks.

“It clarified what we intended to do,” Secretary Ramon Carandang, head of Malacañang’s communications development and strategic planning office, said of President Aquino’s speech on all-out justice on Oct. 24. “Until then there had been no clear statement on what we intend to do.”

Prior to that speech, people thought the government would not go after the killers of some of its elite troops, Carandang said.

“The President said no to all-out war. That led some people to think we’d just let them be. Which was not the President’s intention,” he said.

Monday meeting

Carandang said the term was coined during a meeting of Cabinet officials on the very morning that Mr. Aquino was to deliver his statement on one of his decisions that received heavy criticism from the media.

“I wrote a draft based on the discussions Sunday night. I then met with the people in the Cabinet who were there [on Monday morning]… Then we went over the draft,” Carandang said.

He named Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, Lt. Gen. Eduardo Oban, the Armed Forces chief of staff, PNP Director General Nicanor Bartolome, Secretaries Ronald Llamas and Teresita Deles, the President’s advisers on political affairs and on the peace process, respectively, and Jimenez as among those who went over the statement.

“In and out of meetings, President Aquino would drop in. He was very hands-on in crafting the statement,” Carandang said.

Asked whether it was Jimenez, a former advertising executive, who came up with the term “all-out justice,” Carandang said: “Yes.”

Not just a slogan

Asked to comment, Llamas agreed that the phrase gave the public, especially the families of the slain soldiers, something to hold on to aside from all-out war.

“It’s not just a slogan. It’s a more comprehensive approach to a historical, structural and more complicated problem of Mindanao, the richest part of the country with the poorest people,” Llamas said.

“It’s more out-of-the-box than the usual knee-jerk reaction of previous governments,” he said.

The phrase also appears to have made it easier for government negotiators to explain the administration’s strategy in pursuing lawless elements while ensuring that the peace process remains in gear.

“Because our President made clear the all-out justice approach, we will pursue law enforcement against criminal elements,” Deles said on Saturday over state radio dzRB.

“Sometimes, it happens that [lawless elements are found among] MILF forces on the ground. The developments last week showed that we can push through with law enforcement and at the same time protect the gains of the peace process,” she said.

Sunday meeting

Carandang said that on the Sunday after the Al Barka killings, Mr. Aquino called for a meeting of top Cabinet officials as the criticisms in the media continued because of the government’s policy against an indiscriminate war against the MILF.

The President had by then already told the media it would do the country no good to launch an all-out offensive against even the Moro rebels who had been living peacefully, and that the government was already in pursuit of the criminals behind the attacks.

He had also condoled with the families of some of the casualties at their wakes at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Present during the Sunday meeting were Transportation Secretary and “chief troubleshooter” Mar Roxas, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, Mr. Aquino’s spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman, Ochoa, Bartolome, Deles, Llamas, Oban and other ranking military officials.

The agenda: what needed to be done and said.

“You know, there have always been hawks and doves, but in our case, the gap between [them] is almost nonexistent,” Carandang said.

“Everybody was in on it,” he said, referring to Mr. Aquino’s disdain for an indiscriminate all-out war against all MILF members, and dedication to the pursuit of peace in Mindanao.

Focused offensive

Carandang said it was agreed that there would be a focused offensive against the criminals in Mindanao while maintaining the gains of the peace process.

“The President was very clear. The best possible outcome was to go after the lawless elements but at the same time preserve the peace process. That was really something that was important for everybody,” he said.

Llamas said the policy was “focused on who are the real enemies, which needs a more surgical response rather than all-out chemotherapy, which is sometimes just as destructive as the disease.”

Said Carandang: “We [still] don’t know what’s going to happen down the road.”

Still, he said, the policy could spell a tactical difference because it addressed criminals even if they lived among regular MILF forces.

Asked whether the administration expected the MILF to turn over the criminals to the government, Carandang said: “We would like it if they could.

“It would be better if there’d be that cooperation, but in one way or another, we’ll get [the criminals]. It’s a firmer stance than in previous years.”

First posted 1:51 am | Sunday, October 30th, 2011

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  • Anonymous

    How come “all-out stupidity” did not come to be?

  • qetesh quadshu

    Ilang taon pa ba na hahayaan nating maghari ng katakutan sa mindanao?…..ubusin ang mga rebeldeng criminal na patuloy na humihila sa ating pag-unlad. Tapusin na ang “longest running insurgency in Asia”. huwag nating pabayang gamitin ang mga despederado nating Muslim brothers sa propagandang bulok at ang tunay na layunin eh guluhin at angkinin ng ilang tao ang Mindanao…..Hustisya at kamatayan para sa mga taong baluktot sa MILF.

  • Anonymous

    hindi ba itong si jimenez ang nag-proposed na kumaway-kaway daw tayo sa mga turista? ‘lang-hya, wala na yatang ginawa itong sikat na ito kundi mag-isip ng pakulo.

  • Carlo Redford

    naging “all-out-sipsip” na ang inquirer. what a shame

    • Anonymous

      It’s high time you shift to smuts.

  • Jomjom

    Post withdrawn

    • Anonymous

      Before you open your mouth Jomjom, check the facts so that your ignorance and arrogance would not fall flat on your face.

      Ricky’s real name is Ramon Carandang.

      • Jomjom

        I stand corrected. Apology to the writer.

  • Anonymous

    another stupid idea! ALL OUT JUSTICE

  • Anonymous

    …good job…let’s get the bad guys now…!

  • Mang Teban

    All-out-cowardice is a better advertising term for this new strategy of the Aquino administration.

    And, here’s the latest recording you will hear at the Department of Tourism website:

    “Welcome to the Philippines! Have a pleasant Chicken Joy tour of Luzon and Visayas. Should you intend to enter the sacred lands of our sub-state Mindanao, please contact the MILF Secretariat for bookings and hotel accommodations. Yes, our beloved tourists and visitors, enjoy our islands and watch the latest Counter Strike exercises held live daily in Sibugay province. If you hear of a dozen or so soldiers killed in the encounters, we are pleased to report that the dead bodies are flown via our brand-new helicopters purchased under our modernization program.Those are isolated cases. Please do not be bothered. For your enjoyment and pleasure, you can tune in to your cable TV to watch live proceedings of the peace talks between the government panel and the MILF panel. We are glad to inform you that this government is so generous as we have just released another 5 million pesos to help our brother rebels to set up the institute that specializes in IED. Mind you MILF trainees go for apprenticeship in Zamboanga and in major cities to install bombs that they learned from the institute. Have a nice day.”

    • qetesh quadshu

      Mang Teban: I am sure you are very proud of your “mockery” and “Sit com” approach to the  current devastation and loss of lives in Mindanao. What a great tribute to our fallen soldiers…. How I wish the relatives of our dead soldiers can read your “insensitive” remarks, it is done in the most distasteful way. May the dead souls strike you with unwavering bad karma and the worst week possible…..Te futueo et caballum tuum.

    • Anonymous

      All out cowardice is more appropriate slogan for Pnoy administration.

  • Anonymous

    “All out justice or all out just tiis”? No less than noynoy’s leftist-ally in Congress referred to this as, “a retarded and misdirected reaction to the ambush-massacre of the 19 soldiers in Basilan.” Very appropriate words indeed, most especially the term “retarded.”

  • Anonymous

    Mr. President, you are either or  a hypocrite or just mouthing a sound-good slogan in pursuing a strategy of ALL OUT JUSTICE  against the rebel without really understanding it or you are just incapable of . But did you ever think that you and your Mom both beneficiaries of Ninoy’s death, your father, did not pursue  or stop pursuing justice for his death, murdered by the military during Marcos time. The murder of Lean Alejandro, Rolando Olalia, the massacre of the Farmer at the gate of Malacanang, all under the watched of your mom, and ultimately the killing of the farmers in your land grabbed hacienda all remain unsolved and no justice is being or even attempted serve. 

    What about the murder of Jonas Burgos? What about the recently murdered Italian  Priest is there an ALL OUT JUSTICE FOR Him. Without minimizing and no disrespect to the fallen soldiers who are victims of  flawed tactics and oplan bayanihan psywar, at least, it can be argued that their death is combat related and they were well armed to defend themselves unlike the victims of your counterinsurgency, they are unarmed. Stop posturing. People are dying and suffering.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, the Philippine government can do the stoppage of military offensive but what if the Filipino-Muslim rebels would not stop?

    Do you think there is going to have peace in Mindanao? I don’t think so.

    If the Malacanang government would stop without the other rebel groups doing it, then you are just making them (the rebels) happy and they will proliferate right away. And there would be no peace soon because they have no intention of stopping. This is what CRIMINALS or bad people do, plain and simple. They will trick you for all kinds of reasons.

    Do you guys know what you are actually saying?

    This cycle has been going on and on and on for decades and it will continue like cancer. Do you guys don’t understand what the rebels are trying to do? They will not stop until they are defeated by the Philippine government through war.

    Unless the rebel groups are saying STOP, then there is no point of asking the Philippine Military to stop. It would not make sense. For now, I don’t think Muslim rebels would yell to Malacang to stop.

    Perhaps, these peace advocates are driven by the Muslim-Filipino rebels or being staged by the rebel leaders.

    Through the years, the rebels don’t advocate stoppage. You know all that their culture has been to keep on fighting for all kinds of reasons. Muslim leaders would like keep on fighting to sow hatred and fear among people in the area and they can corrupt or demand the Malacanang government and other countries for more money, they can kidnap rich folks for ransom, and some others for their financial gains.

    This simply mean that in chaos, these Muslim leaders and some high ranking rebels MAKE MONEY AND GET RICH.

    I don’t understand why this Malacanang government is NOT pursuing all of them and make them surrender one by one, especially their leaders.

    I am sick of hearing from people living in fear in Mindanao and still these lawless continue on what they are doing. ALL THEY WANT IS TO MAKE MONEY to the expense of the Philippine government and other Muslim countries that give them monetary donations that they can pocket too. How stupid the Malacanang government can be for not trying to get all of them or stop them immediately by NOT declaring war with them?

  • Anonymous

    There are two “rotting stale fishes” which came to light following the ambush-massacre of 19 soldiers in Basilan. One is the ATS ) a safe haven for the MILF rebels) and the other one is the 5M grant by the government to the MILF-BMLI, an institute which even nonoy claims ignorance of its details. Needless to say the ATS is more revolting than the 5M doleout. 

    Indeed, the more important issue here is the ATS because it involves the government’s surrender of Sovereignty to an enemy. That is why the friendly media including this website did not publish the legitimate questions raised by Sen. Escudero against Deles. As regards the the 5M scandal, noynoy can conveniently attribute blame to GMA… but not ATS or Area of Temporary Stay… because this started to exist in noynoy’s administration alone… not even Congress is aware of this. It is a place where the MILF is sovereign and no one can enter it, not even the AFP… or you will be sacked..and if you dare to enter it, you will suffer the blame alone if you get killed. GMA tried to give the MILF Sovereingty on ancestral lands but it was struck down by the Supreme Court. Murad demanded a substate from noynoy but it was met with overwhelming criticisms and impossible to comply. Hence, they “secretly negotiated for ATS” in Japan which is veritably a substate. The Basilan massacre is indeed a “Godsend” to expose the Number One traitor of this country. Think hard bloggers.

  • Anonymous

    God help us when our national security policy is now being run by advertising executives.
    It took a simpleton like Erap to realize that there are no “lawless elements” among rebel groups because rebellion itself is lawlessness. The guy almost ended this war until the war profiteers got him impeached. Now it looks like another “peace process” for the next 20 years, at the cost of our young soldiers’ lives.

  • Anonymous

    To declare war against the Muslim-Filipino rebels, this is the time to do it, until they are willing to surrender and live their lives in Mindanao just like any other Filipinos living in there.

    There is no money flowing from Middle East, Libya, and other Muslim countries to aid these rebels since they are having economic problems of their own.  

    I am sure you can let these rebels bow to the Philippine government.

    Otherwise, they will continue on sowing chaos in Mindanao up to more centuries of years to come.

    The Philippines, with its 7,000 islands including Mindanao belongs to all Filipinos, be Christians, Muslims and of other religions.
    Mindanao belongs to all Filipinos of the Philippines, and not only for those of Muslim faith. That is plain and simple.

  • romel

    ano bang gusto ng mga muslim na yan. inaapi ba sila. hindi. wala ba silang kalayaan sa religion nila. hindi rin. e ano?

  • Oscar

    ano ito paid advertisement by Pnoy?

  • karby amabo

    This looks to me like a palace praise release.

    My gosh, Carandang, are you trying to insult our intelligence?  What are you doing?  Unang-una, if you are trying to back-pedal or do some damage control, the worst you could do is come out with a semi-showbiz spiel.  Who cares about who came out with the tag line?  Ano ba yun situation sa Mindanao, ganun lang ba, a case of branding a product?  Utak pang-product manager lang pala kayo, di dapat pang cabinet.

    Sonamagan, besides, I think we have here something that should have been kept confidential, because you just told us openly how you, guys, work.  Una, lumabas si PNoy sa media at sabi: no all-out war.  If I understand it correctly, he said that when you had not yet completed your substantive meetings.  Then came more meetings, but because PNoy already said something to the media, the meeting became more focused on supporting what PNoy said than in knowing what is the actual situation in Mindanao and finding the appropriate response to that situation.  No wonder you had a haphazard response, nagging struggle for a brand yun mga meeting nyo.  If I understood that correctly, then you guys are indeed a student council, not a government.  Maawa naman kayo sa pamilya ng mga sundalong namamatay.  Ano ba yan, galit na galit na tao.  This is the worst back-pedalling, I have ever seen.  Akala nyo a serious matter, makukuha sa show-biz approach. 

    Secondly, why didn’t you have an immediate response?  Ah, kaya pala, kasi doon palang kayo nag-meeting.  Sobra naman reactive lang ang set-up nyo.  Puros may MBA naman kayo, o absent kayo nun tinuro ang paggawa ng models at scenarios para maging pro-active, o mas gusto nyo matulog?  See, I don’t know why you came out with this press, praise, or I don’t know how to call it, release.

    The next, do you ever check the MILF websites?  They are bragging they killed the 19 soldiers.  So, what are you talking about in running after lawless elements WITHIN MILF?  Hindi within o without, sila na yun pumatay — sinasabi na, harapan, kami (MILF) ang kalaban nyo. Bulag ba kayo?  Don’t respond to imaginations of your making, respond to actual facts.  Tuloy sinayang nyo lang pera namin sa gasolina ng planes at bala, wala naman yun mga kalaban na doon,  Kung ako sa inyo, I will stop all military operation now.  Di pwede yan half baked decisions.  Kung peace talk, peace talk.  Kung laban, laban.  Kaya pala humihingi ng sub-state, kasi ang alam nyo sub-peace o sub-war — mestisong approach na di maintindihan.  Black or white, tapos. Guerra o usapan, walang gitna, ganyan mag-decision ang lalaki.

  • Scallop/Scalper

    So finally this government creates a good slogan crafted by an advertising man: “All-out Justice.” Clap-clap-clap! Take a bow!

    Please follow this up with a good strategy and backup plan for (1) identifying and arresting the perpetrators of the ambush and assassinations and bombings by rogue and criminal elements, some of whom are also bonafide MILF members; (2) getting agreement (not permission, because the Philippine government doesn’t need the MILF’s permission) to let police and military units on hot pursuit operations against criminals and terrorists through any land or territory where there are MILF forces without delay; (3) arresting and eliminating, by force if needed, any non-government units that seek to impede the implementation of “all-out justice” by putting up legal or illegal obstacles, threatening derailment of the peace process, or performing any other act to slow down and delay objective #1. I’m afraid, however, that in their eagerness to pursue “all-out” justice, this Aquino government might just allow the MILF to establish their own autonomous substrate territory from where all Philippine government forces are excluded. That’s what already happened to those 19 dead Special Forces soldiers, they were shot and ambushed because they entered some territory that the MILF considered they already “own.”

    • DarkJustice

      HIndi na kelangan ng agreement kaibigan..Ang nakasulat sa Philippine COnstitution ay maliwanag,isa lang ang Armed forces which is the AFP! So meaning,any other armed group is considered a violation and can be dealt with force kung ayaw i-surrender ang mga armas..So bakit pa may pa-peace peace agreement??  ;-)

  • Scallop/Scalper

    So the military and the police bomb and assault the fortified stronghold of the rogue (criminal) MILF elements who perpetrated the various crimes. They kill some of these armed criminals or insurgents while the rest manage to escape. 

    Here’s the big question: Why didn’t the military dig up the graves of the dead criminals and perform some forensic investigation to identify who these dead people are? Why do they say they won’t disrespect the Muslim religion of the dead insurgents. If they didn’t exhume and examine them, how can the military and police know if these are really dead insurgents? What if they were murdered victims? Also, what if one of those buried dead people was kidnap victim or even a notorious criminal with a price on his head? This is a stupid violation of standard police procedure performed by a wishy-washy government who wants to appease terrorists and insurgents who just happen to be Muslim! This is not justice because justice requires that the dead criminals be identified and linked with whatever biographical records they left behind (including other crimes they might have performed before). This is not a good example of all-out justice; it is all-out stupidity.

    • Bill Steffen

      The  best  post  I  have  seen today

  • Dean Jorge Bocobo

    Llamas is right. “All out Justice” is more than a slogan. It is expert SPIN from a Master Salesman put in the hands of Ricky Carandang. Now that Cast is compleat. 

  • Anonymous

    Still the slogan show clear signs that the government fear the MILF. The administration does not want to antagonize the MILF and cannot defend its wounded military under broad daylight. Kung baga salitang pang ” duwag” ang ginamit at salitang Ito na walang tapang.

  • Max

    Muslim Mindanao used to be a peaceful place, Christians and Muslims living in harmony, when the MNLF, MILF, Abu Sayaff, and Muslims fundamentalists arrived, peace and harmonious relationship totally DESTROYED.

  • Mind Lumayag

    Asked whether the administration expected the MILF to turn over the criminals to the government, Carandang said: “We would like it if they could.

    Well that’s a big mistake Mr. Carandang, that is where the problems is, the MILF have always an excuse to shoot our soldiers whenever there’s an operation.These rebels are still in conivance with these lost command and lawless criminals. Most of them are even related by blood so how can you segregate the so called legitimate MILF from their lost command members and lawless criminals when in fact they act together. Since the MILF are claiming that they are in control of their turf, why not oblige them to run after those criminals, anyway they are familiar and very well know who those people are. Actually most of them know each other.

  • Mike Sayat

    The best Penoy can do is to beg from MILF to surrender these rascals from  their command.Period.Tingnan natin kung pakinggan sya.

  • Mind Lumayag

    And from other news column, MILF Spokeperson Von A l Haq said that the military had actualy bombed a community and not an MILF camp (where Adusalam is supposedly camped). You can obviously see how the MILF inspite of their admission that Abdusalam is no longer with the MILF, Von Al Haq is still protecting Abdusalam thru propaganda. As I have said earlier they still act together.

  • vir_a

    What happened to Llamas case of owning several high-powered firearms. It seems his case has been fixed already. Another example of “hindi tuwid na daan” in resolving abuses of privileges.

  • Anonymous

    All out justice is not all slogan? Its just like the rule of calibrated preemptive response in lieu of maximum tolerance to confront mass actions during the GMA Admin. Erap use the slogan All Out War during his term does Pnoy  look for his own for media mileage to be original. Does the All Out Justice coined by Jimenez and revealed by Carandang will be Pnoys click for advertisement. So there is a Tourism, Communication , DSWD, AFP and DOTC group suave to make it appear that this is how Philippines handles rebel tourism in the country. It’s the best and kindest approach to handle the MILF and terrorist since the the AFP will show its attacking capability to the world with OV 10 on air and soldiers on the ground will no casualty to the enemies when their camp is overrun. Pnoy then announce that “We Won, We Won, All Out Justice is Serve”. Pang media commercial talaga. The truth however is no Justice was served, No Rebel Captured or Killed. The Pnoy approach is all sloganeering and paying the rebels 5 Million Php in advance to train more new rebel leaders to kill our soldiers and people. The more killing, Pnoy will respond with his All Out Justice againts the rebels without any casualties to the enemies of the state. In this way the Commission of Human Rights will praise Pnoy that he respect the right of the rebels to live while its Ok for the soldiers and Filipino people to be killed. Galing nang PR work..congrats Jimenez and Carandang for boasting the PH Rebel Economy starring Noynoy and the MI’s.

  • unokritiko

    Almost a coup attempt should have been done if not for this logical statement where the military see for a counter reaction!!! There is only one man that save the administration and it came from tourism secreatary!! see how inutil is your cabinet and commander in chief!!!!
    This is to pinpoint further that they lack technical advisers in this govt!!! Lots of logical advisers with few experts in logical reasoning which is almost late in statement decisions, There should have been a coup attempt but it just subsides!!!
    With respect to real action done, the results of this is coming from inutil brains
    manning the govt that is from comm in chief,dnd sec, generals to include peace processors!!!! Until now no culprits has been arrested!!! still no justice to the slaughtered soldiers!!!
    If they have a good technical advisers this skirmisnes should have prevented!!
    But not, because they have only a “table plan of action” drawn by this so called
    experts in logical strategy. I call it a rubbish plan of action as it does not even relate
    to the actual situation but drawn on mere maps of the area concerned!
    Time now to look a l ittle bit in the future by doing it first thru actual surveillance of concerned area before making an action.
    inutil govt with indiots people rallying!!!!
    he! he! he!

    • Anonymous

      I like this! In management, there’s a principle about rising to your own level of incompetence. Similarly, water seeks its own level. Pnoy has the likes of Deles, Leonen Carandang et al who cannot even coin a word appropriate to a strategy. They all seek their level of incompetence. One cannot expect anything more spectacular or even flashes of brilliance. It took a new guy Jimenez to think about a better term. But this guy since he sat as Tourism Sec has not come out with his own coined battle cry to replace WOW Philipines or better still his own plans for RP Tourism?
      Hay Pilipinas kong mahal. 

  • Pakurhalla

    No matter how you SPIN, this idiotic and stupid policy it wont’t bring back the lives of 19  dead brave soldiers who got ambushed on the so -called Area of Temporary Stay of the MILF. Let the truth be known to the people that we were sold to the MILF on  the TOKYO SUMMIT for 5 MILLION PESOS. This deception.dark secrets and back door dealing was a slapped on the face of the Filipino nation. ALL ROADS LEADS TO HACIENDA LUISITA. Remember the MILF AND THE ABUS are just one entities. Bless our poor souls for we have a weakling leader with no vision for our country.

  • Anonymous

    Talking about the hawks and the doves, there was no mention about SND Sec Gazmin participating in the meeting? Worse, he has not come out with any statement on this issue! Is he adopting the policy of no talk, no mistake or simply the three monkey strategy, see nothing, hear nothing and do/talk nothing!

  • Anonymous

    In this particular situation ALL OUT JUSTICE must also mean ALL OUT WAR.  All the previous strategies that the Philippine government have used to pacify the Moro rebels since the time of Marcos have not worked.  A new strategy must be undertaken.

  • Jose Ryan

    All-out-justice is a well-think-of policy. It only goes to show that the taxes I have been paying to the Government is well-spent. Kudos to Administration specially to Sec. Jimenez.
    It’s getting the job done without compromising an uncontrollable war.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah like the 5 million given to the MILF to train its commanders in the field. Your taxes really working to help the separatist rebels in Mindanaw.

  • Juan

    Carandang said the term was coined during a meeting of Cabinet officials on the very morning that Mr. Aquino was to deliver his statement on one of his decisions that received heavy criticism from the media.

    So SLOGAN MAKING na lang ang ginagawa ng PNOY government, very pitiful. Why did they have a meeting ONLY 1 WEEK AFTER THE INCIDENT? The national security council should have been called immediately after  the ARBARKA incident  and not a week after for a “slogan making” meeting. Another irony is that they attacked Zambaonga and NOT BASILAN were the incident happened, which really shows their real reason for the “ALL OUT JUSTICE”, the real reason: a cheap PR stunt lang po…

    • Anonymous

      Congrats Juan.  i am very proud of you.  You are better than Ramon Tulfo.

    • Anonymous

      kabayan juan:

      see, mero naman meeting ang cabinet ni tita   —- pinag-uusapan na pala ngayon sa palasyo kung ano ang slogan ng laban sa mindanao …who cares about the casualties.  importante maganda sa media ang dating …..

      beg to disagree kabayan … hindi cheap pr stunt ‘to  …. hanggang doon lang talaga ang kaya ….

  • be honest

    Here comes Ricky  CARABAO  doing damage control. Oh those spokesmen/woman obviously cant find the right words or are they too fatigued for explaining actions of the government ?
    Of course  CARABAO  will not mention that right after the 19 soldiers were slaughtered, P-Noy said ” we will not demand MILF to surrender Asnawi “.

  • Anonymous

    when gma donated suv s to our reverend bishops pinoy trumpheted the news that they were corrupt and deserved condemnation from all our citizens despite the facts that religious donations can really alleviate the sufferings of the poor.on the contrary, the secret donation that pinoy gave to the MILF to kill our own soldiers,nobody wanted to make investigations on how these money was donated. this goverment is the worst hypocrite and the most tyrannical beating the regime of promised accountability with your tuwid na daan and you made a deal with the enemy of the state to kill your own soldiers.this is more like the massacre of the ampatuans to massacre our soldiers by the MILF

    • Anonymous

      proud of you basyong.  you hit the bullseye.

  • Brando

    Whatever you call your action is not important. What the people are waiting for is an action that is presidential, swift and decisive. The objective is clear to them.  And they want result. All because they, for many times, were told, “kayo ang boss ko!”.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently this is a government run by polls and advertising gimmicks. Katulad ng buko juice, it’s all a matter of glib presentation and buzzwords.

  • Anonymous

    Courtesy of PNoy friends in the media. 

  • Anonymous

    Well Mr Jimenez now you know that selling chicken joy is easier than killing rebels.

  • Carlos I

    I believe there is no need for this breast-beating by the Cabinet. 

    After all, what they have accomplished is just coining a face-saving slogan that fudged and smoke-screened their turning 180 degrees on what they said earlier.

    What’s more, this only gives the impression that this government is so desperately wanting in real accomplishments that it can brag about, that it grabs and passes this insignificant slogan coining thing as one.

  • Anonymous

    {“The President was very clear. The best possible outcome was to go after the lawless elements but at the same time preserve the peace process. That was really something that was important for everybody,” he said.}

    Mr president we donot question your all-out-justice whatever.
    Nor question your peace process.

    What we are unhappy is the tactical delays resulting from your indecisiveness…
    There is no need to think long over the all-out-justice? This is just a moniker anyway!
    What we need is an effective realistic justice! That the sorrows of the families are legitimately and justly  recompensed! 
    This is not a rido! Because a rido is a wicked blanket retribution!
    This is a legitimate quick response over a group of people in that area involved in the treacherous and brutal massacre of soldiers!
    What took you so long? In your leadership?

    You are allowing the savages to escape!
    And make the AFP pursuit of justice a funny joke, and cosmetics!

    This makes the field officers and soldiers demoralized!

  • Anonymous

    I really did not like the description of Tulfo, but it really stroke me hard!
    -Babakl_  b_akla!

    This word is disgusting! But what else I can do? This sounds valid too!

  • Anonymous

    sana ALL OUT- DOTA na lang or else GAME OVER na kayo!


  • Anonymous

    These media guys are braggarts and opportunistic credit grabbers. When P-Noy used the term “all out justice” it became his own and nobody else’s. The media people and consultants or advisers are precisely being paid to advise the President and never to publicly claim credit for anything. It makes their principal look like a wimp, without a mind of his own. In fact these media guys just destroyed the authenticity and effectiveness of P-Noy’s speech by somebody publicly  claiming they “crafted” the term and the speech itself! These guys should be fired pronto for being unprofessional, nay, for being unethical!!

  • Albert Joseph

    again, talk, talk, talk, and more talk…

  • Jim

    Why is this news? Ano ba pakialam ng taongbayan kung sino ang gumawa ng “phrase” o kung ano ang tawag sa strategy ng presidente. Ang nagpapasikat lang dito eh si Jimenez at yung grupo niya. Ang importante eh yung aksiyon at tagumpay nung aksiyon na iyon… sus! Puro papogi!

  • Anonymous

    { Llamas said the policy was “focused on who are the real enemies, which needs a more surgical response rather than all-out chemotherapy, which is sometimes just as destructive as the disease.”}

    Ow Come on! you are just bluffing us!
    Who said ‘all-out chemotherapy’?
    Even this all-out war does not even connote a single word that meant total killing of ALL muslims in the Philippines!
    And who doesn’t not know its results towards total destruction?

    You are just justifying your socially sophisticated  dilly dally!
    Reacting to one specific area; all–out–war?
    Can you not have emergency peace negotiation meetings while the soldiers are actively pursing all those who resist the AFP action in Basilan?
    That is what the MILF doing,  right?
    Talking while killing soldiers?
    Will all the MILF in all Mindanao respond at once?
    These guys are many times clever than you are!

    Or you are just in attempt to cover you indecisiveness!

    You know Mr Llmas, in this war?
    I have more respect to the MILF than you are!

  • hammie

    To make this country move forward everybody must help. Parang sinasabi nyo na mas magaling kayo kay sa mga namumuno. Ilan na ba ang napadaan sa admin, wala pa rin nagawang mabuti hanggang ngayon.

  • Anonymous

    {ANXIETY WRITTEN ON THEIR FACES. Muslim women who are among the thousands displaced by renewed clashes between government troops and Moro rebels wait for relief goods at an evacuation center in Barangay Naga-naga, Alicia town in Zamboanga Sibugay. RAFFY LERMA}

    And what is this image for?
    This is even many times better for these women in anxiety, than those families who are right now wailing over the dead bodies of their soldiers sons and husbands!

  • Anonymous

    {Carandang said it was agreed that there would be a focused offensive against the criminals in Mindanao while maintaining the gains of the peace process.“The President was very clear. The best possible outcome was to go after the lawless elements but at the same time preserve the peace process. That was really something that was important for everybody,” he said.}This is one argument we can accept. But be sure to publish over newspapers when all the heads of these culprits were accounted for! And pursuit that justice whoever stands before you,  Priest or not!

  • Anonymous

    Not only all the group leaders, but anybody that touched those soldiers!

  • Anonymous

    just a thought, If someone in the leadership doesn’t specifically put point of direction where exactly will go.Then there no assurance where it will lead to.If the President as the pilot or driver of PHL and don’t know where exactly to take your passengers (us the whole FIlipino people to) then we’ll will end up hitting a tree or wall or worst into the cliff of uncertainty.

  • Anonymous

    puro dada, sino bang binomba nyo eh wala na don yung kalaban, mga gu**gu**. puro slogan lang kayo

    • Anonymous

      Bakit ikaw simon777? Puro dada ka rin. Lahat naman ditong nagkokomentaryo laban sa gobyerno puro dada lang. If you really know what to do to solve the Mindanao problem, all those who want all-out war, why don’t you volunteer yourselves and go to the frontlines? The AFP’s rrecruitment office is open.  There are no instant solutions to problems. Only idiots believe that.

      • Anonymous

        idiot pala si aquino dahil sabi n’ya pag walang korap walang mahirap …. he. he. he…. huwag mo naman ibuking si tita.  pero sino kaya ang idiot, ‘yong nangako o ‘yong naniwala sa malabong mangyari?

  • F**kinMO

    The abus are the true Muslims and the rest are cultural Muslims.The ordinary Muslims have not been fully infected with the virus of Islam to full blown stage yet.Mohammad sowed the virus of Islam in Muslim minds and terrorism is the crop of that seed.It is fatal in nature for any civilised society.Islam and terrorism are the two sides of the same coin ,minted by Mohammad of Arabia.

    Why the follow Mohammad is beyond me…but then again as MR Clemmens say’s
     “When I, a thoughtful and unblessed Presbyterian, examine the Koran, Iknow that beyond any question every Mohammedan is insane, not in allthings, but in religious matters. I cannot prove to him that he isinsane, because you never can prove anything to a lunatic — for that isa part of his insanity and the evidence of it.”

  • Anonymous

    Wala talagang alam sa governance itong strategic communications group ng pamahalaan. Kailangan pa bang ipaliwanag sa publiko kung paano nila nabuo ang tag line ng campaign sa Mindanao? This only shows na ginagawa nilang tanga ang kanilang pinuno. THey should know when to keep their big mouth shut.

  • Anonymous

    This  present tourism secretary, is another one who just out to sell the country tourism is a one time short term deal….. which mean there will be suckers who fall for it, but then even suckers can only be fooled once and not twice and more, His comment at GMA news were,  if even dangerous countries like Mexico and brazil could still attract large tourists in the extent of compromising safety why not for Philippines as well. First of all majority of the tourists visiting there are the americans and latin americans from neighboring countries with some europeans. Secondly kidnapping on and crime toward  local travellers and tourists in these countries are  lower as compared to  local travellers and tourists being targetted more in Philippines. Its the Drugs and violent crimes  amongsts the local drug cartels and amongst their locals gangsters are the highest in such countries and not kidnapping on local travellers and tourists. Kidnapping crime is rampant in Philippines  but she does not have dangerous drug cartel wars as like those two countries 

    • Anonymous

      Would you care to give statistics on your “kidnapping crime is rampant in (the) Philippines”? Giving general statements without statistics to back them up is very irresponsible.

      • Anonymous

        Self denial is the worst thing for man, and that is why we have endless problems and troubles that will never seems to end. not unless we admit and then work it out. We may fool oursleves but not the rests

  • kris makati

    Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap. Daang matuwid. Bawal ang wang-wang. All out justice. ano ang common denominator ng mga to? pareparehong non existent sa administrasyong aquino. puro salita, walang gawa.

  • Jose Hernani Parco

    okay since it’s fast becoming a fad, how about this, an “all-out peace talk” , will we lose some more of  another 5Mn PhP?,  if it’s “all-out justice” will we continue to lose some more of our soldiers?! just asking! but one thing’s for sure either way the winds of war blows, the Filipino people loses a lot!

  • Anonymous

    There seems to be something terribly wrong when a government policy is the outcome  of somebody’s being able to coin a slogan for it.  As slogans go, those who devise them have less regard for consistency or logical content than for the fine turn of phrase, the double entendre, the subliminal deceit which are some of the things that make slogans click. Take any slogan and some spin doctor can always give a different spin to it. Lord Acton’s aphorism is a blasphemy against God.  Take justice  –    justice,  all justice, all-out justice –  which justice is more just than the others?

  • Anonymous

    Wow……and i thought it’s only Carandang’s accent i didn’t like! 

  • Anonymous

    Malacanang think tank is busy inventing or coining new names to make it less extreme and strong but more appealing to the public?  A team of paid advertising geniuses came up with a superb tag-line of “All-out-justice” slogan instead of all-out-war.  Whether resolute or modest undertakings… the bottom-line are the same… the military will hunt them down to perdition.

  • Anonymous

    If by using slogans we could ease some pains, then why not? It’s much better than hurling criticisms that would even do more harm than good. 

    • Anonymous

      how can this slogan ease some pains eh gusto ng mas nakararami ang all out war? look the surveys conducted in some media outfit? look at the reaction of majority bloggers? look at the reaction of the soldiers? oh by the way, this time, i agree with erap. matagal na tayo ginagago ng mga milf na yan.

  • Anonymous

    how can this slogan ease some pains eh gusto ng mas nakararami ang all out war? look the surveys conducted in some media outfit? look at the reaction of majority bloggers? look at the reaction of the soldiers? oh by the way, this time, i agree with erap. matagal na tayo ginagago ng mga milf na yan.

  • Ian Velasco

    “Advertising is the truth well-told,” McCann Ericksson, one of the world’s premier ad agencies, believes.

    ”Solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant, ” which means ”They create desolation and call it peace.” – from the movie, The Great Debaters.Advertising, Mon Jimenez knows, shows truth from a perspective or position. It aims to appeal to a certain market as it voices out an insight coming from the market. “All-out justice,” is a slogan that aims to the mass market, the unthinking market, the traditional Muslim-doubting market, the pop market.But who are the victims of injustice here? I would always side with history and history clearly shows it is the Philippine government in its various incarnations that had conquered the Southern Mindanao Muslims by by force and by treacherous agreements they call treatises. They have become part of us as the story goes and they will. But the tone should change on Muslim Mindanao (which means the Muslim areas only of Mindanao). From a story of continuous historical injustice and oppression to a shared history of cooperation and understanding.There is no denying, the government can demand justice for the needless killing of the 19 soldiers. But – calling war in the pursuit of popularity and pride as a pursuit of justice is not advertising. It’s lying.

    • Yen

      akala ni jimenez ang mga pinagtataga na sundalo parang mga kinatay na manok. pinag malaki pa ni carandang ang marketing ni jimenez. where are your sensibilities?

  • Elma

    all out justice for the victims of the mendiola massacre! all out justice for the victims of the luisita massacre ! all out justice for the victims of the visconde massacre !  all out justice for the victims of the maguindanao massacre ! where is justice after all ???  nice sloganeering !

  • Anonymous

    “All out justice” is the most apprpopriate slogan than “all out war”. The later slogan is an indiscriminate war which can be very destructive and traumatic. While the later can easily be understood by anyone as  a selective war. A war only for those criminal elements responsible for the tragic event.

  • Anonymous

    how can this all out justice work? of course the MILF will deny responsibility nor surrender this lawless elements who are actually under their fold. walang kapana-panalo ang gobyerno so its treachery and nothing else

  • Anonymous

    {Juan Moderator 2 hours ago
    Carandang said the term was coined during a meeting of Cabinet officials on the very morning that Mr. Aquino was to deliver his statement on one of his decisions that received heavy criticism from the media.

    So SLOGAN MAKING na lang ang ginagawa ng PNOY government, very pitiful. Why did they have a meeting ONLY 1 WEEK AFTER THE INCIDENT? The national security council should have been called immediately after  the ARBARKA incident  and not a week after for a “slogan making” meeting. Another irony is that they attacked Zamboanga and NOT BASILAN were the incident happened, which really shows their real reason for the “ALL OUT JUSTICE”, the real reason: a cheap PR stunt lang po…}

    This is one thing I truly missed.
    If this was proven true that Malacanang met 1 week after the massacre,
    Then there is no other way to look at this leadership –INCOMPETENT!
    A proof of dereliction of duty!
    A betrayal of public trust!

  • Anonymous

    If this was proven true, this 1 week delay in meeting after such critical situation is an INCOMPETENCE  no slogan, moniker, by-word, whatever can ever suffice!

  • Anonymous

    kung walang criticism walang action, ganyan ang mga tao sa gobyerno..pansisnin nyo na lang sa imbestigador or similar program..kapag walang media na magexexpose bayaan lang pero kapag nandyan na ang media kuntodo papogi..di na nila dapat kailangan si mike enriquez sila mismo dapat mangraid..kaso walang camera eh..kawawang mamamayan..

  • Rhine

    the only downfall of the slogan is, it was hatched a week after the massacre and after a cry for justice was already all over the print media and in the Internet…as I mentioned in my previous post here,, all-out-justice is the diplomatic term for “all-out-war”..(only it came out late). however there is a saying that says “better late than never”..These political, peace process advisers and cabinet members of PNOY is just showing off their “slogan” which is stupid to publish it.. they should have just kept it to themselves. Now its’ backfiring on them…let’s watch what the MILF will do next…hopefully they will do an “all-out-surrender” as their slogan to counter Pnoy’s slogan of all-out-justice..  he he he he he .. it’s just a wish that can’t happen in a million years.

  • Anonymous

    You why the educated Filipino muslims are thee best and most sophisticated muslim  among muslims in the entire world?

    Because the fact is, whenever a muslim youth is given the opportunity to seek for personal human development, the go and live, and take education in the Christian settlements  and urban centers.

    Then, the muslim youths lived in civilized circumspection; religious freedom, citizenship, social order, subjection under the majesty of law, democratic processes, participatory governance, ‘healthy lifestyle and complete diet’, under the western style civilization.

    (although this last factor lifestyle and diet, seemed debatable among muslims, because the muslim women who matured and educated at these centers, tend to prefer not to wear complete cover- all or Burqas.  And one time I saw one time a muslim teenager being pinched by her mother at her back-setting down-muscle because she tried many times to pull-out her turban! But at least in this social context, the muslims girls grew up truly healthier mentally, socially, physically (safe from hypovitaminosis D), thus generally they grew-up prettier and nice looking too!)

  • Anonymous

    But the sad reality here is that, as one time in an interview, a graduating muslim medical college student was optimistically asked ; ‘Where are you going back to your community?
    She answered back, ‘No! I will not return to our village, because my father will force me to marry somebody!’
    Now I realized why there are still many fanatical muslims fighting for such lunatic grounds? Because the fruits of positive human development does not return-cycle back to the more backward muslims communities!

    See?  One of the excuses of these fanatical muslims for war is land? Had they went to college and worked in MidEast during those times of boom, they could have bought much more lands in Mindanao after they returned! Even those miserable Christian whom they accused grabbed their lands could be more than willing to sell back their lands! (whom their forefathers bought these lands from those muslims ancestors many decades ago!)

  • Anonymous

    You why the educated Filipino muslims are relatively one of the best and most sophisticated muslim  among muslims in the entire world?

    Because the fact is, whenever a muslim youth is given the opportunity to seek for personal human development, the go and live, and take education in the Christian settlements  and urban centers.

    There, the muslim youths lived under civilized circumspection; religious freedom, citizenship, social order, subjection under the majesty of law, electoral processes, participatory governance, people empowerment, ‘healthy lifestyle and complete diet’, etc. under a truly free and democratic civilization.

    In brief. like other non-muslim youths in these urban centers, the muslim youths were exposed to a life conducive to a more open-minded personal and intellectual development!
    Unlike this myopic minded gun-totting idiots running over the Basilan jungles!

    • Kudi

      says who?  prove it with facts and  evidence.   you’re so dellusional with all you crap that only you understands.   yada yada yada!   you think you’re so brilliant?  NOT!  you’re but a simpleton.

  • Anonymous

    My golly, conducting meeting 1 week after the incident!. Student Council nga..buti na lang anjan ang  the likes of jimenez and de Lima! carandang et al..resign!

  • agent_888

    what happen to the all out of justice..i think there’s nothing yet captured…the intelligence gathering is very weak…

  • Anonymous

    I tell you, There is no other more adversarial to muslim youth human resource development  than these Islamic leaders themselves!

  • Alleah

    Coining a phrase from P(e)Noy’s mother Cory to Erap: “too late, too little..”  This P(e)Noy’s leadership is going, going, going Down..

  • Mesc

    The play on words was designed to repair the damage after the people got mad with Penoy’s indecisiveness following the attack.  Ayaw ng palasyong lumabas na it gave in to public pressure for a strong military response kaya iniba nila ang term.  

    Note, too, that a WEEK after the ambush, Carandang admitted that the palace was still clueless on what it intended to do.  By the time the ‘all-out justice’ idea was hatched, however, the killers were unreachable.  That’s the reason why the military had to settle for a ‘camp’ (a snickering MILF later clarified that the place was actually a civilian settlement) 150kms away from Al Barka to get on with the show.  The cost would have been justified had the raiders at least produced Abdusalam’s body dead or alive.  But, alas, the bandit and his gang of criminals were nowhere to be found.  

    Like every major advertising launch, I’m sure that the palace poured everything (short of putting Llamas at the frontline with his AK-47) to make this first strike for ‘all-out justice’ resound with impact.  But judging from the result, it’s not only ill-conceived–it’s another laughingstock from a president who can’t seem to do justice to his job.

  • Anonymous

    Now,  look at those young muslim men who took pains in getting college or if not trade skill education in urban centers many decades ago, they worked I Arab countries and generally went home much more wealthier than any other ordinary Filipinos! (Muslim or Christian)

    But the trouble here again is that, the nature of their careers demand them to live or reside in highly urban christian/muslim settlements. So? In final effect, the said human resource development cannot return back to the more backward muslim communities!

    Thus, if one sophisticate academician like Sec Deles demands, for human development of these communities, that is virtually impossible unless economic development were extend up to the hills of Mindanao!
    But who idiotic investor ever do than for now?
    Even the wealthy muslims will never do that themselves?
    Why seek for worries?
    Sec Deles is actually pursuing Don Quixotic Dreams
    (dreaming the Impossible Dream)
    I think she must resign for being a presidential advisor!
    She is pulling down the whole nation into a dreamland too!

    If this anthropological phenomena is realistically sustained no one can ever expect development  among these trouble some areas!
    This only proves further that real culprit of muslim miseries in Mindanao are these Islamic MILF themselves!

    • Kudi

      i wonder if you really understand what you posted.    sounds very academic in a glance but in actuality,  shallow and doesn’t mean sheyt.   pasikat ka lang sa post mo wala namang substance.  ikaw lang ang nakakaintindi.   

  • Anonymous

    If this anthropological phenomena is realistically sustained no one can ever expect development  among these trouble some areas!
    This only proves further that real culprit of muslim miseries in Mindanao are not these gun-totting idiots in the jungles of Basilan, but these Islamic MILF  leaders themselves!

  • Anonymous

    In incidents involving personal or social issues,
    COMMUNICATION is the most important strategy and “weapon” if you may
    (using military lingo), that is available as an initial response to any
    incident. The phrase “all-out-justice” is really BRILLIANT and I
    salute the DOT secretary for proposing such. With it, he showed that he is a
    valuable member of PNOY’s team, most especially, when it comes to
    COMMUNICATION. What a difference another “fresh brain” can do, indeed.

    With “all-out-justice” as an objective, there can be no other higher
    goal that could ever be achieved in its place. Let’s also realize that the word
    “justice” is always NEUTRAL. It does not only include the 19++ great
    & brave soldiers who perished, but also include the MILF, and criminals, as
    well. Justice applies to all and sundry, let’s not 4GET.

    The careless cry of media and the denizens of the “land of the blind”
    for “all-out-war” created an uproar from all sectors, civil society,
    the church, business, the decent and discerning Pinoy citizens, including the
    MILF. And no one can actually go against a goal which seeks
    “justice.”  Brilliant indeed!

    Now, since COMMUNICATION is vital, perhaps PNOY may want to give the DOT
    Secretary Ramon Jimenez a dual role. Being a trained marketing executive, and
    having proven it, I think he can do a much better job than any of the existing
    “spokespersons” in the existing presidential PRESS OFFICE. And in the
    mean time, all the Malacanang “spokespersons” may have to be trained
    by DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez the required skills, and most importantly, the
    ART, needed by a supposedly, communication person.

    . . .  there’s a good “RUB” . . . !

  • Anonymous

    How ‘all-out justice’ call came to be President Aquino’s strategy…

    Big Deal, everybody is happy.

    • Anonymous

      its the idea of the entire cabinet, really big deal that clearly show,the president down to lowest adviser, doesn’t have the brain bunch of student council running the philippines governemnt 

  • Anonymous

    Thus in effect, these poor guys; ordinary soldiers, and MILF rebels were bleeding, and dying in the fields of Mindanao, just for the personal glorification of these hypocritical national government leaders, and also the MILF Leaders themselves!

  • Anonymous

    all out justice? the injustice happened in basilan …all out justice in zamboanga …this is just ridiculously pnoy the clueless commander in chief …and his bunch of amateur mouthpieces and advisers..please wrap up your OJT guys..lives are being lost unnecessarily 

  • Anonymous

    All out justice? Why? Is it because in the Philippines there is such  half price or bargain price justice? Playing with words or another slogan  or just plain  sales talk, just act…still talking after a week? I cannot believe  that our government are still discussing what to do…those muslim separatists are just laughing at our government.They can get away with murder one more time. By the way what is going on with the Ampatuan massacre case? Should it not be an all out justice for the victims as well? All talk…all out justice or all talk justice just asking.

  • pedrongbata

    You can call it anything you want but still our President is still a LAME DUCK!!!!! Magaling lang ang presidente natin sa video games e.g. counterstrike…..

    • ericb

      You are correct Pedro, unlike GMA who spend most of her time making money and sharing it to congressmen and cabinet officials.

  • sugbu

    My initial comment on this issue was ..Let’s stop this political(you said something in public and doing the opposite) nonsense ! I thinked,some must have a thorough review on the Police Power of a State !

  • Anonymous

    So? Is there a possible venue to achieve realistic permanent peace in Mindanao?

    Sadly, NONE!
    This is a conflict that has religious, political, and cultural complex!

    This is incurable! No matter you serve peace agreements in silver platter, or incarcerate all those MILF leaders. (but it can help temporarily!)
    But this conflict can be treated to alleviated the symptoms of tragedies:

    1) Remove all those sophisticated humanist/socialist demons  behind Pnoys’ back (but can he afford this? Sec. Deles, and others;
    2) Remove ATS! That only gave them protected breeding grounds. Make them open, that the government intelligence can effectively penetrate them!
    3) Garbage that peace agreement! That is only used to immunized these criminals from effective prosecution. Let all parties be responsible to describe their own peace. The government cannot make lost command, but the MILF  generates renegades to circumvent that agreement;
    4) And if someone defined peace as awry, apply the ME formula, strike hard immediately, sending the message; ‘Ours is equitable democracy, if you want prosperity, you are free to seek you better future, but if you commit crime or aggression against authorities you immediately perish!’

  • Anonymous

    There is so much lawlessness, criminality in the Philippines! Murderers, hold uppers, drug dealers and rapists strike at will, and with impunity.

    Rather than giving much ado over nothing – slogans (which are nothing but empty rhetoric) & other trivia, the government should act decisively – issue shoot to kill orders, if need be, to curb the worsening criminality in the land. There is a pressing need to bring back respect for the law in this decadent country.

  • Kudi

    ang dami naman pala ditong pwdeng  maging presidente ng pinas bakit si pnoy pa na abnoy, babakla bakla, puro video games lang ginagawa,  mahilig sa sports car, kalbo,  naninigarilyo, lame duck, etc, etc.   ang naging presidente.

    sa totoo lang,  puro kayo dakdak dito.    gagaling ninyo lahat.   tumakbo kayong presidente sa next presidential election, pwede ba? bwisit!

  • Anonymous

    “Present during the Sunday meeting were Transportation Secretary and “chief troubleshooter” Mar Roxas, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, Mr. Aquino’s spokesperson Edwin Lacierda,InteriorSecretary Jesse Robredo, Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman, Ochoa, Bartolome, Deles, Llamas, Oban and other ranking military officials.”

    Dapat kasama si De Lima dito dahil Justice Secretary siya. Talagang hindi isinama. Seguro ang sabi, bataan yan dati ni Arroyo, bayaan mong sila na lang ang maglaban.
    Sa totoo lang kawawa rin itong si De Lima, sa dami ng kasong ipinapahawak sa kanya ni Pnoy halos araw araw iba. Wala ng pahinga.
    Samantalang itong mga KKK na gabinete, panay chicken joy lang.

  • yeoj

    Pnoy Government Gives 5 Million to the Enemy of the State (MILF) – Act of Treason…..

    Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must at all times be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility (playing psp while smoking in office), integrity(anak ng hero), loyalty(KKK), and efficiency(no bills passed as Congressman and Senator), act with patriotism (give 5Million to Enemy of the State) and justice (blame the AFP for ambush), and lead modest lives (sports car addict).

    Silence, in those situations is equivalent to saying “all is well” or that we are “okay” with what is going on.  If we do not acknowledge the wrong in the world, then it is like we are “accepting” and thus limit the chances that the situation will change for the better.

  • Anonymous

     {Kudi Moderator 7 minutes ago
    ang dami naman pala ditong pwdeng  maging presidente ng pinas bakit si pnoy pa na abnoy, babakla bakla, puro video games lang ginagawa,  mahilig sa sports car, kalbo,  naninigarilyo, lame duck, etc, etc.   ang naging presidente.
    sa totoo lang,  puro kayo dakdak dito.    gagaling ninyo lahat.   tumakbo kayong presidente sa next presidential election, pwede ba? bwisit! }

    Dakdak? Why?
    Did we ambitioned to the be the president?
    He ambitioned, he run, he offered himself for the job, He must be capable?
    And now it even took him a week to decide what to do?
    Despite of having a deep well of presidential advisers and cabinet members?
    And make a joke of a peace agreement? For the entire nation to suffer?
    Who was butchered in Al Barka? You?

    If he cannot tackle the job he has the honor to say its quit!
    ‘This job is killing me!’

    We are not interested on his ‘peace agreements’
    We demand for him the sincere pursuit justice! Complete justice!
    Using all the resources of the AFP!
    Not just verbose justice!
    We want it now! Wherever they are! Even in the midst of MILF camps!
    In Malaysia, north Borneo or what!

    • Anonymous

      brad pwede ba magtagalog ka na lang.

    • Kudi

      doesn’t matter if you “ambitioned” or not.    puro ka pa rin dakdak!   if you hate  pnoy so much,  then go and live somewhere else.   kahit sinong presidente umupo sa pinas,   pareho lang sa inyo kasi puro kayo dakdak! 

  • Anonymous

    Let them bring the peace panels to witness their negotiations with the MILF to make these people accounted for! No problem!
    We just do it now! Not next week! Nor next month!
    This is a matter of national security interest!
    We want to read news items you are meeting about it now!
    Why? the government has to money to fetch these VIPs?


  • tony

    wow… expert in deciphering words to distort public perception. this administration ultimate goal is to market its popularity but not the quality of its public service. eventually people will realize that their perception has been distorted from the start.

  • Pio Gante

    hindi katangap-tangap ang ‘all out justshit’ na marketing ploy nyo, that’s why an ‘all out chemotherapy’ session is needed for those who are present at that meeting to eradicate the chickenjoy mentality in their brains

  • Anonymous

    P-Noy na kalbo and GMA na pandak. They were both called ‘lame duck’ at one point in time in their presidential stints. Choose between president kalbo and president pandak. The former is tagged “babakla-bakla” here, because he did not stage an all-out-war against the MILF and opted instead for an all-out-justice with the rebels. While the latter, tagged as “magnanakaw”, secretly dealt with the same rebel group and had almost committed the mistake of giving in to the secessionist movement. Sans insults the others here so loosely hurl the present government, and each other, I’ll root for anybody who could give the best solution to the problem. Meantime, I’d go for a “babakla-bakla” president over a “magnanakaw” president while waiting.   

    • Anonymous

      Bakla man, pero Hindi magnanakaw! I think the MILF are scared of the bakla since their organic elongated armas de fuego are in highly precarious condition!

      • Anonymous

        Ganun ba ala eh saan galing yun P5 millions na pinamigay niya sa MILF bakla man puede rin magnakaw ala eh. Nakapusta yata sa kalaban itong bakla mo presidente.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t your mind understand the difference between plunder and petty cash? The bakla Pnoy is still million times better than magnanakaw GMA, the 5 million is well documented and have a confirmation from MILF’s end whereas your GMA cannot even explain the missing 728 million from JocJoc Bolante! And as of now, billions of pesos from military, agriculture, PCSO, Pagcor’s one billion coffee budget, OWWA, are left unaccounted?

      • Dana

        The GMA Bloc Mafia plundered the Philippines a million times more the Joseph Estrada. tHEY ARE NOW IN a position to take control in the next election.  Any mafia member will run for presidential election. Maybe one of her sons.  You didn’t mention yet the proceeds from JUETENG. Where do you think the money came from to finance  those elite bodyguard detail of Mikey Arroyo with bulletproof vehicles? His body guards were ex-Israeli special forces with tons of combat experience.

      • Anonymous

        That’s why the unexpected attacks on our soldiers in Basilan and Sibugay is highly possible the diversionary tactics bankrolled by someone wo can benefit from this draining of resources and energies activities. They want to delay the prosecution process until electon time since with their billions of pesos they can change the govt’s platform of economic progress to their acquittal from all criminal and civil cases!

    • Anonymous

      Tanga sinabi ba nang KORTE na magnanakaw si GMA, asan ang ibidensya mo. Manghuhula ka lang bagay ka sa Quiapo sa tapat ng simbahan, magdala ka ng balara.

      • Anonymous

        anong utak mayron ka na kumakampi sa isang sinungaling at magnanakaw, nasaan ka ba nangagaling na mukhang di mo alam ang nangyayari sa pinas, o nagtanga-tangahan ka lang? Ikaw ba si Mikey arroyo?

      • Anonymous

        vestrevistal  —

        anong utak mayron ka na kumakampi ka sa isang sinungaling at magnanakaw (sumuweldo ng 12 yrs, walang ginawa) na mukhang di mo alam ang nagyayari sa pinas, o nagtanga-tangahan ka lang?  ikaw ba si kris aquino?

  • Anonymous

    “All out justice” is now going to Basilan after the military overrun a camp of lawless elements in Zamboanga and found no one there. Where’s next?

    Let me get this clear, is “all out justice still not “all out of war” even if there is fighting everywhere as long as it is not directed against the MILF? Is this the meaning of “all out justice?

  • Anonymous

    A government response to the massacre of soldiers condensed to a cheap PR stunt. Well done!

    “It’s not just a slogan”.  Just like “kung walang corrupt walang mahirap” at ” bawal ang wangwang”

    “It’s more out-of-the-box than the usual knee-jerk reaction of previous governments,” Llamas said. Translation: We didn’t do anything wrong! It’s all GMA’s fault!!”

  • Anonymous

    One policeman caught a Muslim driver hitting an electric post and when the Muslim driver was asked whose fault was it? The Muslim driver quickly replied: it’s the post Sir!

    The bad Muslims are known to give endless, unlimited and infinite probabilities during negotiation or fault finding meetings, they will always say : Sir, if the post wasn’t there, how could I hit it with my car?

    So, this negotiations, according to Erap is a waste of time, we should smoke them out!

  • Anonymous

    “All out justice was” was coined on 24 October 2011 to announce the game plan of the President to counteract the Basilan incident on 18 October 2011.

    So what did the President do when he received word on 18 October 2011 that his troops were under fire in Al Barka, Basilan?

    Oh, I’m really soft in the head. Pnoy and his men considered “immediate reinforcement” to save the lives of their troops as “knee jerk reaction.” Right, seven (7) days would be enough time for planning and sobriety.

  • Nelson


  • Anonymous

    Once upon a time the Filipino people came to know “all out justice.”

    When the smoke of gunfire cleared last 18 October 2011, 19 soldiers lay dead. They never stood a chance when the Commander in Chief denied reinforcement by ordering a “stand down” and called for “sobriety” in the name of peace.

    Of course, the Commander in Chief got the flak for his ambivalence. Worse, his initial apprehensions turned out to be baseless. The soldiers were operating outside the so called ‘area of temporary stay” and they made the necessary coordination with the MILF leadership in the area as, in fact, the Government troops were led into the area by no less than MILF elements.

    In short, the Commander in Chief made his decision to “stand down” without sufficient knowledge
    on the parameters of the ceasefire agreement and without the benefit of tactical information from the ground.

    The Commander in Chief, however, saw red in the personal outburst of the AFP Spokesperson. The
    Commander in Chief was also quick to retort on the lapses of his troops who graciously took the criticisms in good stride.

    Out of political expediency, the Commander in Chief belatedly ordered on 24 October 2011 an “all out justice”, which, judging by its scale and results, is no different from an “all out war.”

    It’s an irony that the Commander in Chief ended up promoting the same evils (hundreds dead, thousands of evacuees, millions of expenditures in three (3) days of operation)  he initially sought to avoid by refusing to send immediate reinforcement and commit a hot pursuit operation.

    Had the Commander in Chief sent reinforcement on 18 October 2011, the 19 soldiers dead may have had more chances of surviving. Had the Commander in Chief immediately ordered a hot pursuit
    operation, he would have had more chances of capturing the culprits and, thus, avoiding protracted
    offensive operations that we are witnessing now.

    The Commander in Chief should have had the solid instinct that he is not leading down the path of “all out war” by trying to save the precious lives of his troops even if they were paid to die.

    As if the deaths and disenfranchised were not enough pain to endure, the public woke up to the news that the Government earlier gave the perceived enemy of the State 5 million pesos.

    The Filipino people never had it so bad. The dead soldiers did not even get the benefit of a half mast,
    and certainly no five million pesos for the families they left behind.

    In the meantime, “all out justice” is now going to Basilan after the military overrun a camp of lawless elements in Zamboanga and found no one there. Right, even if the fighting escalates everywhere, it is still called “all out of justice” as long as it is not directed against the MILF.

    And so “all out justice” came to live in the minds of the Filipino people happily ever after.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ALL-OUT JUSTICE – a term coined by Noynoy’s public relations..este.. cabinet members to describe the assault on abandoned Muslim village 7 days after the ambush of soldiers near the ACTUAL MILF military camp to make it appear Noynoy is actually doing something

    – a term to describe what the Army spokesman suggested the President should do, which is to hunt down the perpetuators of this crime. Unfortunately, the President sacked the spokesperson, because having foresight is not allowed in the Noynoy Aquino government

  • Anonymous

    If there is one article which gives me the creeps about the quality of advisers P-Noy has, this one takes the cake. It used to be that speech writers or “ghost” writers or “think” tanks remain forever anonymous in deference to their principals. It is indeed a common practice for politicians or busy executives to hire people to make speeches for them but it is absolutely a  no-no for these writers to hint or even more so, to publicly proclaim that such and such slogan or speech originated from them.  

    The article also reveals how superficial these advisers are in measuring their achievements. They managed to convey to the public that serious matters like solving a decades long conflict can be reduced to simple sloganeering. This guy Carandang is a dangerous fellow who unwittingly revealed who he really is – an ambitious credit grabber. He has  committed a more serious offense than the military spokesman sacked by P-Noy. If this is the quality of advisers P Noy has, then he is a goner (and we are goners with him).          

    • Anonymous


      like mother like son.  all the stirring speeches of cory were crafted by teddy boy locsin  … the father (ninoy) survived and in fact lived politics on his own terms.  this little boy can’t figure out what to do as soon as he gets up.  no wonder he’d rather sleep in.

  • guardian

    Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), in whose area the slaughter
    occurred despite a ceasefire agreement and soon to be resumed peace

    NOTE: the word used was SLAUGHTER. the AFP troops went on stupid, unprepared move. Those MILF lives with their families in that area, the AFP went on mission by purpose and whatever their reasons are? it will remain confidential if they succeed, this time they failed then media came in to worsen the situation now the AFP got the sympathy of our kababayans. Now how would the media balance their report if those Rebels are just depending their lives with their families?

    The battle lasted more than 9 hours for God sake! the biggest command center is in Western Mindanao in Zamboanga City, and Basilan is just 25 min away from Zamboanga City via Fast Ferry and it will only take few minutes via chopper, ganon ba talaga ka pulpol or incompetent ang Military natin? now they failed all blame game is with the Rebel?

    Military are expendables they know that from the day they commit to serve the Govt. kung ayaw ng mga Pamilya nilang pumasok sa ganitong uri ng trabaho sa una palang di na nila pinayagan. dahil dyan naglalaro sa isip ng mga taga Mindanao ginawang sakripisyo itong ating mga Hukbo na di kaya para di matutuloy ang mga Negotiation? well hinde na bago ang mga ganitong galaw ng gobyerno sa mga taga Mindanao. Only God Knows.

    Napaguusapan lang po at wag magalit.     

    • Anonymous

      Lives could still be save a lot if and only if the commanders relied on their brains and not on the ill equipped and I’ll prepared foot soldiers who merely finished high school or elementary!

  • Anonymous

    mang teban

     i like your comment a lot, you made me laugh, a respite from the heaviness of the situation.  anyway,  all out justice is an appropriate term .  we really have to run after those milf criminals pretending to be abu sayaff or vice versa and at the same time taking care of civilians who may become collateral damage.    but i was made to wonder by some newspapers account that our gallant soldiers are doing the running after these criminals somewhere else other than the place where our 19 heroes died.

    you forgot to indicate from whom we purchased the ‘brand new’ helicopters … di ba kay miky and iggy?

  • Anonymous

    To: Pnoy. … An all out for justice strategy must be quantifiable not qualitatively. So far, where are the lawless culprits and bandits? This new coin phrases is not the main issues among the hawks and the doves, but the bottom line is where is the accomplishment measured? Is it in terms how you hoodwinked the hawkish team in the senate or the premature declaration by pinhead generals that they already have victory when they recover one rebel camp in Sibugay? As the name implies the enemy have to ” Sibug” from the airplanes, helicopters and battalion attack, but where’s the beef?

  • Anonymous

    This Inquirer article is either pointless or meaningless. The writer is a sip sip to Malacanang? What kind of article is this? It didn’t show clearly whether the targets were accomplished or not?

  • Antonio

    all out justiiiissss !

  • Anonymous

    “The GMA Bloc Mafia plundered the Philippines a million times more the
    Joseph Estrada. tHEY ARE NOW IN a position to take control in the next
    election.” Wow Dana you have actual proof? I’m excited to see it. Ikaw ba si Lacierda o si Llamas?

    Good strategy. By invoking the “evil” name of GMA, you can deflect the arguments from the real issue which is INCOMPETENCE and INDECISIVENESS of this government. Kahit invoke mo pangalan ni Hitler at Stalin, hindi po magbabago na maraming nainis at galit sa reaction ng government na ito sa pagpaslang ng mga sundalo!!

  • Antonio

    nasaan ka voltaire ?

  • Anonymous

    LUMINDOL! Parang nung June 1990. Madaming namatay, nadaganan, at nawalan ng tirahan.
    Secretary 1: Sir kelangan na nating kumilos
    PNoy: Teka, teka, ala pa tayong slogan.
    Secretary 2: Super PNoy To The Rescue
    Secretary 3: Spider PNoy Scaled Crumpled Buildings
    Secretary 4: Nag iisip pa ako sir.
    Taongbayan: Bullshit P…
    Inabot ng almost one week, slogan lang pala pinagplanuhan. BABAW……………………………

  • TheGUM

    “Both the hawks and the doves in the Cabinet agreed that it was the way to go, but it was the advertising guy who got it sold.”

    Life and death issues, and it’s all about advertising.  Framing events, as opposed to moral decision making, rules the discussions around the table.  Women, children, the old, the sick, refugees?  Nahhh, “all out justice,’ astig yan!  Benta yan!  Gandang “framing” yan, di ba?

    “Ako nakaisip niyan. Idea ko yan.  Astig idea ko…rarararah….Blue Eagles, Fabileo!!!!!…Rararara”

    Sick ruling class, sick newspaper…may araw din kayo, mga burgis!

  • Anonymous

    The bottom line……..iwas pusoy sa AFP kaya…….ALL-OUT PALUSOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Euphemism is the word of the day.

    “All-out-justice” = Clueless

    Come on Carandang, Filipinos are not born yesterday. You boys (KKK) who love and own guns should lead the way to fight. This is the real shooting. Grow up boys!

  • Anonymous

    with the new tourism sec. chicken king Jimenez in his cabinet, expect more chicken joy slogan from Panot, from “utak wang-wang” to “hot and spicy wang-wang”, from “tuwid na landas” to “tender juicy landas” o ha! panalo di ba?

  • Anonymous

    it was the advertising guy who sold it????? so whats the point in making this strategy public???µ
    GOOD GOD!  

  • enero

    hangang sloogan lang si chickennoy  walang aasahan ang bayan sa kanya.kasama si dot chickenjim

  • Eugene Bravo

    ok yan all out justice .

  • Eugene Bravo

    masyado lang yong iba na mainit di nyo alam nasa tuwid na daan tayo ngayon at tulungan natin na magtuloy tuloy na to

  • Anonymous

    Ayan, smart move na advertising expert an g nilagay sa cabinete ni Pnoy. narealize natin  na malaking bagay yung advertising sa pag panalo ng pagulo, bakit di natin iextend sa termino niya ang strategy ng slogans, catch phrases and PR blitzes. nag simula sa “kung walang currupt, walang mahirap” – bakit ang dami pa rin nating mahirap, sumonod ang ” matuwid na daan” – pondo ng pang kalsada binigay sa mga ka alyansa, “walang wangwang” – puro baril ang laman naman, “kayo ang boss ko” – kaya kayo ang mag bayad ng lahat ng gastos ko. and “all out justice” – natatakot lang na pag natalo, pwede namang sabihin hindi nag all out war.

  • Michael

    I’m against all-out war due to the fact that we are not capable of it, but I do approve using force to show these rebels that any foolishness on their part will not be tolerated. I must ask this how does one apprehend a criminal who will not submit to justice to answer for their crimes without using force? Is Pnoy going to use rhetoric and fair words to enforce justice? Is seems to me that Pnoy has no real idea how to face a problem expect by using fancy words and also was he that naive to believe that the MILF will use the 5 million given to them will be used for anything expect buying weapons to fight the government? Here I thought that Pnoy could be any stupider…..

  • Anonymous

    there’s no difference whether what the government will coined the term on the military offensive but the most important is to reconsider the on going peace process. the government must suspend or cancel the peace process because it won’t give any benefit to the tax payers. These insurgents have nothing to offer in return but chaos and blood shed. All they have in mind are to get what they want and leave the government nothing. Offering them everything they want is like telling them that they are the most important bastards in the land. They are nothing but savages.You can not teach old dogs with new tricks

  • Anonymous

    “How ‘all-out justice’ call came to be President Aquino’s STRATEGY.Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez is being credited for coining ”

    BIG DEAL. The way I see it, crafting the slogan is already Big Deal to this freshman cabinets. As if they have already accomplished something great.
    And you call that “Strategy, I call it Tragedy”. We lost our 19 young soldiers. And the cabinet meeting is all about crafting the slogan.

    In this kind of situation where life is lost and at stake, we need quick response, quick thinking men who retaliates and pursue at once the killers.
    The military knows better, they know how to handle this kind of situation.

    We are not in advertising war, we are in MILF war not Jollibee vs Mcdonald. In war zone, you don’t need slogan, you impose the psych war.
    You have not won the War, you have not won the Battle…Where is justice? You accomplished the slogan but not justice.Justice is for the Victors.
    All Out Justice is for the Beginners and the slogan war begins….

  • Anonymous

    This administration is happy  and elated just because they got the right phrase to coin their strategy.My friends we are heading for a great trouble. It appears that like typical politicians this administration is more interested in form rather than in substance. And the substance is how and when people, particularly the families of the soldiers massacred in Basilan, will see the killers apprehended and put behind bars.That question remains unanswered  and seems forgotten in the midst of celebration of having found the slogan to banner the approach to the problem. A raid was done in the fortified camp in Zamboanga Sibugay spending millions of pesos only to find it was empty.Now an intensive search is being carried out in Basilan and yet the authorities aren’t sure whether the suspects are still there. The devils are always in the details.And in the “all out justice campaign” however I look and read, the devil (how will they capture the perpetrators) can not be found.

  • Anonymous

    Saan ka ba nakakita ng ‘all out justice’ na mag-wa-warning muna sa
    kaaway na —- Ok all out justice ang gagawin namin sa inyo ha? 
    Maghanda kayo. Ok na ba kayo dyan?  O sige set na daw.  All out justice

  • ChameleonO

    Since the President cried for “all-out-justice”, will he make sure that the Ampatuan massacre victims be assured of this. The court judge seems to be having a good time of her own by not fast tracking the case, allowing all the matrix of the defence to cloud the prosecution. If he can make GMA’s tools to be punished the soonest time possible to give justice to the 57 murdered in the massare, then his “all-out-justice” will not be in vain and in advertisement.

  • Anonymous

    Pres Pnoy and Malacanang peolpe maawa naman kayo sa amin na taga Mindanao. All we want is a genuine and a long and lasting peace. Wag naman kayo babakla bakla diyan. Nahihirapan kaming umasenso sa buhay dahil sa walang matuwid na daan tungo sa tunay na kapayapaan dito sa Mindanao. Minsanan na lang ang all out war para sa all out peace dito sa amin. AllahuAkbar!!! Lord kayo na po ang bahala!

  • Anonymous

    To Pres. PNoy and your cabinet kakatawa talaga kyo comedy.  Corner na si PNoy kailangan ng umaksyon kasi natataranta na nagagalit na ang mga sundalo at ang buong sambayanan, mag-oorder lang ng all out attack gusto pa muna may magandang speech at kailangan may magandang rason to justify the order kasi natatakot sa MILF na kakampi nya.  Ano ba itong nangyayari sa inyo dyan sa Malacanang napa-praning na lahat, puro press release puro palpak ang mga rason at justification ng actions at inactions.  My God ganito ba itong Presidente nating si PNoy eh hanggang 2016 pa sya dyn nakupo kawawang Pilipinas.

    • Anonymous

      “All Out Attack”…that is good phrase Kabayan. More appropriate than All Out Justice and more subtle than All Out War.
      All Out Justice…para bang sinasabi na tama ang ginawang pagpatay hanggat hindi napapatunayan.

      On the other hand any suggestion on All Out….
      Mine is All Out Offensive or if  Pnoy does not want to connote war….”All OUT ATRAS ABANTE”

      • Anonymous

        mas definido all out manhunt or beast hunt

  • Darwin

    An Inquirer b____job of the president and his miscom group. how this paper has fallen from journalism to a captured media outlet. change the color of the masthead so i won’t mistake you for a real newspaper next time sirs.

  • Anonymous

    Define Justice please!!!

  • Anonymous

    Two important words are missing in Malacanang’s slogan to be appropriate. And, I an crediting Congressman Teddy Casino for it. It should read. “Retarded and Misdirected All Out Justice!” 

  • Victor

    Ninoy is a thinking President and he doesn’t act through instinct. He knows the real score and the appropriate action needed for every adverse situation at hand. In short, he doesn’t act halfhazardly. 

    • Anonymous


      si ninoy hindi naging presidente  …. kung nagkataon na siya ang naging presidente ng pinas, malamang na isa ang pinas sa pinakamaayos na bansa sa mundo.  unfotunately, ang anak ay wala man lang nakuha sa magulang  — si ninoy madaldal na me laman ang pinagsasabi, si simeon “madaldal” .. period.

    • sugbu

      …and this All out for Justice(s) must be directed to the flipflop SC ,,right?

    • Anonymous

      “Ninoy or Pnoy is a thinking President and he doesn’t act through instinct.  In short, he doesn’t act haphazardly.”

      You are right Victor, Pnoy does not act haphazardly.
      But the point is…He is dealing with bullets and AK47 bullets are faster than sound. Because Pnoy the thinking President does not act thru instinct, MILF were gone.

      Our brain acts on instinct, rapid response on emergency situation.
      If one does not act on instinct especially bullets flying, then Pnoy is slow thinking, slow learner an abnormality….they call it Retard.

      • Juan Amboy

        Apparently, sir, you’re an advocate of all out war as a government response to the Al-Barka, Basilan affair.  You’re gaddam right, sir.  It’s an instinctive reaction!   Going to war is the easiest and quickest to make  –  if one don’t realize that all-out-war with the MILF, who are Filipinos also, means civil war.  Please go back to your world history involving civil wars.  War is not just shooting at the enemies and killing them!  Instinct won’t tell you that as a consequence of war  lives of generations of innocent civilians, lalo na ang mga bata, would be disrupted, there would be massive killings of non-combatants.  Saan mo gustong may all-out war ?  Sa Basilan ?  Sa Mindanao ? Do you think most of the people in that place would want war ?  Ikaw, would you relish if war happens in your locality ?  Di mo ba ma-imagine kung ano ang maaring mangyari sa mga anak mo ?  Don’t you remember that even during the cold war period, the then world powers, the US and the USSR, ay nakuntento na lang na maggirian lang but avoiding waging war against each other because their powerful weapons could annihilate both of them and even the world ?   Think, don’t go by your instinct.  The ability to think is what differentiate man from animals who act by instinct!

    • Darwin

      of course not. he prefers to fail spectacularly. no half-measures.

  • Darwin

    is this the real story then? that 19 lives of good honorable soldiers are secondary considerations to the right spin and slogan? How appallingly callous.

  • Anonymous

    d ba when you say justice it should mean  justice for all. e ano ba ibig sabihin nitong “all out justice”?  niloloko na naman  tayo ni pnoy by playing with words.  palibhasa si noynoy is a practitioner of  “selective justice” for his KKK and his political enemies.

    • Fascina

      Can we add another “K” ????
      K aibigan
      K aklase
      K abarilan
      K apatiran as in INC

      • Timothy james Eastwood

        KABOBOHAN…that what it is..

  • sugbu

    This slogan,All out for justice seems more appropriate if directed to the flipflopping SC.. (juctices)

  • Anonymous

    “Both the “HAWKS and the DOVES” in the Cabinet agreed that it was the way to go, but it was the advertising guy who got it sold on the slogan All Out Justice….Secretary Carandang said.

    It would be more fitting description to Pnoy Cabinets as PARROTS and UWAK than hawks and doves.
    Just like Parrots,talk, talk, talk, and like Uwak, wak, wak wak.

    • alexfrommactan

      hahahahaha……. thanks for the comment re “parrots and uwak”. It made my day! hahahahaha..

  • Anonymous

    We are in the world of WiFi… the choice of words is perfect. All out war is divisive and none selective, whereas, the all out justice is collective. Thou they are the same, as run after the enemy, but this chasing of emeny should be fair and justified. Symanatic are now very important.
    Still justice should be done….
    Hope the Justiis of judasciary will not screw us again…. no Flip Floping….Final is Supreme for integrity.

  • Anonymous

    “Pnoy is a thinking President and he doesn’t act through instinct.  In short, he doesn’t act haphazardly.”

    Hmm.. Let’s see. After 19 soldiers get ambushed by the Islamic terrorists, he publicly castigates the AFP, orders them to stand down, sacks the Army spokesperson for giving a suggestion on what the government should do. After the MILF publicly acknowledges they killed these soldiers, Noynoy insists that these were lawless elements and not the MILF.

    This is after giving 5 million pesos to these Islamic terrorists in a secret meeting in Japan.

    Mas pipiliin ko ang isang heneral na corrupt pero handang mamatay sa digmaan kaysa isang “honest” na president na walang ginagawa. Erap version II without the balls and the vices. Paano mo ma impeach ang isang president na tamad at incompetent??

    • rafi

      oo nga naman…how can you impeach someone for not doing his job?

  • David

    Oh NO!!! They will “all-out justice” the organic fertilizer out of you!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    “That’s why the unexpected attacks on our soldiers in Basilan and Sibugay
    is highly possible the diversionary tactics bankrolled by someone wo
    can benefit from this draining of resources and energies activities.” Llamas, ikaw ba yan?

    Wow, ang galing! So pati yung stupid response ng administration bankrolled rin to ni GMA? IKULONG NA YAN SI GMA! Siya ang rason kung bakit ang tan ga ng nasa cabinet ni noynoy. Siya rin yung nagbigay ng AK47 kay Llamas! Pati na rin yung pag bili ni Noynoy ng sports car. Why didn’t i see that one before?

    Excited na ako sa december dahil makukulong daw sila GMA. isang buwan nlang.. yippee!

  • Aspo resurrection

    Instead of “all-out-justice” slogan I would rather use the BoyScout slogan “Laging Handa” e di na sana nangyari ang ganito.

    Laging Handa;
    – laging handa sa sakuna
    – laging sa gyera
    – laging IHANDA ang pera
    at higit sa lahat.
    – laging handa kapag iniwan ng syota !!!

  • Anonymous

    Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez is being credited for coining “all-out justice,”.
    But please be reminded that we are in war with criminals and MILF rebels.
    Please be reminded also that we are not in advertising war where good slogan will beat the other as Jolibee vs.McDonald.
    It is not about chicken joy vs Big Mac…it is not Battle of the Bulge but Battle of Outlaw.

    • ati

      Sinabe mo manggoding…this is not stepping on others toe or head will rolls!….

  • Anonymous

    “All out justice”…the advertising, slogan, coined words, is basically the same as the “all out war”. However, Pnoy and his administration would like to be different than ERAP whose “all out war” phrase was more of action like the movies he produced and acted on. This shows the difference between a country run by educated people and a country run by a movie star.

  • Romeo

    Dear Mr. Obama and Mrs Clinton..This administration is aiding the terrorist group. Mrs Clinton please clarify this in your november visit here in PH. My president is a traitor!

  • Anonymous

    Magaling lang sa slogan pero mahina sa gawa, like his kung walang korap walang mahirap or his tuwid na daan.  Ngayon mas maraming corrupt at mahirap and his tuwid na daan kailangan na ng espalto dahil butas butas na ang daan.  Good job pnoy!

  • Anonymous

    Ninoy or Pnoy is a thinking President and he doesn’t act through instinct.  In short, he doesn’t act haphazardly.”

    You are right Victor, Pnoy does not act haphazardly.Butthe point is…He is dealing with bullets and AK47 bullets are faster than sound. Because Pnoy the thinking President does not act thru
    instinct, MILF were gone.

    Our brain acts on instinct, rapid response on emergency situation.If one does not act on instinct especially bullets flying, then Pnoy is slow thinking, slow learner an abnormality….they call it Retard.

  • Anonymous

    “Because our President made clear the all-out justice approach, we will
    pursue law enforcement against criminal elements,” Deles said on
    Saturday over state radio dzRB.

    It is against the law to carry an unlicensed firearms in the Philippines. The MILF members who carries
    firearms (and not just ordinary firearms mind you) are violating the law as I presume that  these weapons are unlicensed. That makes them criminal elements so why not arrest them… or are they excluded from this “All-out-justice” that Malacananang is riding on?

    Could someone in Malacanang explain?

  • Romeo

    Sana si kris na lang ang naging presidente. Payag ba kayo?

    • Anonymous

      oo naman…

    • Anonymous

      then we will be the biggest laughing stock in the world

  • be honest

    Wow Jimenez will be the new propaganda manager of the Liberal Party comes election time.
    But in the meantime let P-Noy appoint him as  OIC  in ARMM.
    Upon his inauguration he will arrange a boxing fight of Manny Pacqua and Mayweather Jr. in the biggest stadium in Mindanao.
    All MILF will be invited, photo op is arranged ( note to be put in data base later on in MILF file ).
    150,000 chickjoy meal will be served. And the slogan is –

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    and they gloat over this?  the term “all out justice” is even stup!d.  is it not that pnoy promised justice for all during campaign?  does it mean that before the mass death of the soldiers, he was just taking us for a ride then?

    abnoy talaga!

  • Timothy james Eastwood

    pinag papatay ang sundalo natin sa basilan,instead doon nila bomnbahin ang Presidente inutos bombahin ang zamboaga-sibugay..WTF ??? tapos, what did he do ?he went ahead and release 12million,para bigyan yung muslim community naman,dahil daw,gumulo ang bayan nila…kahit yung sariling fighters nila ang ng gugulo at pumapatay…buti pa sila..pag pumatay ng sundalo natin, nabibigyan ng pera ni noynoy..Pero yung manga nasa-lanta ng bagyo..hangang ngayon, lubog pa rin sa tubig, at hindi na pinakingan or nilingon ni noynoy…hangang kelan natin tatanggapin to ??

  • Anonymous

    “The Hawks and the Doves in Pnoy Cabinet agreed  but it was the advertising guy who got it sold.Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez on coining  “all-out justice,” said Carandang.”

    I thought awhile that it was a bright idea of Ricky Carandang the phrase the Hawks and the Doves describing Pnoy cabinets.I thought it was original but when I made little research it was all copied.

    “During tensions between the US and China, the favorite point of discussion in the game
    of Washington whispers was who was ascendant in the Bush foreign policy team – the Hawks or the Doves?
    The hawks, Vice President Dick Cheney and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld kept a low profile during the crisis.
    The more dove-ish National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell at the State Department”

    Dapat ibong pilipinas ang gamitin ni Ricky, orig pa. I suggest….Ang Pipit at Kuwago describing Pnoy men.
    Pipit kasi mga bagito pa, Kuwago kasi nga makupad gaya ng tuktukan kuwago.

  • Brando

    What can you expect from a President, who did not undergo ROTC training, in leading the AFP as its commander-in-chief? In the US, a candidate to the presidency will certainly lose if he did not serve his country as a military serviceman. Love of country is measured by the Americans through this.  Here in the Philippines, we voted one who had no ROTC training.

  • Anonymous

    They’re all going agog over the phrase “All-out Justice”. What’s in a pharse?? Will it finally bring peace in Mindanao?? What people wanted is the end result, not sugar coated statements from gov’t.

  • Anonymous

    your slogan “all out justice” is fine mr president but still i wish your palace bright boys did a little more thinking in crafting your slogan because your “all out justice” may very well be “OLAT JUSTICE” should you fail to get those criminals who murdered 19 soldiers to face the bars of justice. the ball is in your court mr president,,, that is if you have one.

  • Aspo resurrection

    public slogan…”Just-do-it”

  • Bert

    No amount of sloganeering will ever hide the incompetence and kapalpakan of Pnoy and his administration.

    Will the donation of p5M to the enemy of the state, which Pnoy himself admitted, be overshadowed by ABS-CBN’s Carandang’s slogan?

  • Bert

    And who cares about slogans? Just bring these murderers to justice and explain to us why this govt donated 5M pesos to its enemy who killed our 19 soldiers!!!!!!

  • ati

    I think this MILF issue is a serious matter…while carandang compare it to a fairy story or the Obama health care. The Hawks & Dove, the all-out-chemotherapy….I think this idiots in the Palace are all playing video war games..Valte & de Lima soap opera serial…Pnoy did something to anger the other faction, by going to Japan & handing token 5M to milf.

  • Anonymous

    He he he, Mga nagdaang slogan ni penoy.

    “Tuwid na daan” means libre magnakaw ang mga kamag-anak inc at ka  KKK

    “All out justice” means  P5M reward

    “Pamana sa mga komunista ” means P31M assistance

    “Kayo ang boss ko” means cut in education budget, cut in govt subsidies, stagnated infrastructure devt, increase in taxes, increase toll fees etc na pahirap sa mga boss daw nya.

    Ano kaya slogan nya sa mga carnappers at mga kidnappers, holdapers at iba pa?
    Ang lahi ng makapili nga naman, kahit anong breeding ang gawin may kabulukan pa ding naiiwan.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous



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