Girl digs self out of grave, points to rapist


COTABATO CITY, Philippines–Regaining consciousness, a 10-year-old girl clawed her way out of the ground and pointed her parents and the authorities to the cousin who raped her, knocked her out with a blow to the head and buried her in a shallow grave, the police said Thursday.

Inspector Roberto Ocumen, chief of police in the town of Magpet, said the girl told investigators she was raped, then hit with a hard object on the head and buried alive by her cousin Dennis Quilaton, 21, on Sunday.

Ocumen said the girl regained consciousness underground and crawled out of the freshly dug grave.

She managed to reach home through the help of some neighbors and told her parents about her ordeal.

Ocumen said that policemen arrested the suspect on Monday and that he has been charged. He is still under police custody, he said.

The girl’s father said that his daughter was snatched by Quilaton Sunday morning, hit her with a hard object and brought her in a grassy area near their home before sexually abusing her.

The suspect then buried her in a shallow grave, he said.

“Miraculously, she regained consciousness, woke up and crawled until she reached a house and sought help,” the father said.

It was not clear how long the girl had been buried.

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  • Anonymous

    How often do you hear miraculous news like this? I pray that she remain strong and overcome this traumatic experience.

  • Anonymous

    Parang si Lisbeth Salander, in the 2nd of 3 movie series.

    • ricky

      @WeAry_Bat:disqus , I watch that series. the girl with the dragon tattoo. love it.

      Anyway, malakas ang baga at pangangatawan ng bata that she withstand her ordeal. In early days of her life, she encounter such trials and maltreatment, may the girl be under the guidance and grace of our All mighty God for the rest of her life.

      dapat ilibing na agad ng buhay yung pinsan nya para hindi na nya makita. trauma sa kanya yan habang nabubuhay yan.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so amazed. Buti na lng. 

  • Iggy Ramirez

    God must have helped her.

    I have experienced being buried in the sand for fun. Although I had my head above the sand, I could not manage to get out of it. I was surprised at how I was rendered utterly powerless to get out of the “grave”. And to think that this girl, 10 at that, managed to claw and free herself from that grave, is mind blowing to me. 

    This may sound really corny to some, but God really works in wonderful ways… or is it just me?

    I also believe that if you don’t want somebody to get out of the grave, have him or her stand  while burying him or her, rather than letting him or her lay on his or her back.

    (I’ve noticed that this gender articulation has become very annoying).

    • Anonymous

      >>I also believe that if you don’t want somebody to get out of the grave,
      have him or her stand  while >>burying him or her, rather than letting him
      or her lay on his or her back.

      Or you can, you know, kill the person first.

      • Iggy Ramirez

        A precaution, in case the person recovers consciousness

    • Cant Escape

      Iggy, when you get buried in the sand, the sand conforms to you body curves leaving no space for your body parts to move. Soil contains clay (and sand) and it has to be compacted to conform to the shape of what buried neath it.

      So we can assume, the criminal buried his victim with loose soil.

      • Reggie

        Pagod pa e. Di kinaya maghukay ng malalim. LOL

      • Iggy Ramirez

        The scenario would have been most likely like this:

        “Ok, pinsan, loose soil lang itong itatambak ko sa yo ha para maka-ahon ka. Itong loose soil meron itong clay at silt at basalt at kung anu-ano pang klase ng soil. Pero insan, hindi ko ito icocompact ha para mabuhay ka pa”

    • Anonymous

      God should have helped her earlier to have prevented the incident from happening. Does God really work in wonderful ways? 

      • arky arky

        there’s 2 things u shud know. There’s Gods will and mans will. This one clearly is a mans will. If ur a atheists dont bring God in the subject cz u dnt have one or believe in Him. 

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I always say, man can ‘always’ do anything he wants and not even god can stop him. Free will so they say. Actually, even nature was given free will to wreak havoc. Amen.

      • Manic Vice

        Religious troll is… overly religious.

      • Anonymous

        I agree this is man’s will and god cannot do anything to stop man whatever he wants to do. It’s free will given to man and to nature. God will never or powerless to interfere. This is what you called separation of duties and rights.

      • Manic Vice

        You know.. I’m really tired of hearing you bible thumpers.

        God has nothing to do with anything here. This was a monster of a human being doing something absolutely inhuman. Period.

        People who bring “god” into everything really annoy the crap out of me. Your imaginary ressurected zombie master has no place here, sorry.

    • hustlergalore

      and god wasnt there when she was being raped. is that what you’re saying? LOL

  • ricci santiago

    paluin ko din ng bato sa ulo yung lalake at ibaon ko anytime, whos with me???

    • Anonymous

      mas ok kung simentuhin natin paa ng pinsan at itapon sa dagat!

  • Anonymous

    I can just imagine the shock of the cousin when the girl appeared before him. That’s straight out of a movie scene

  • Anonymous

    Actual version of Kill Bill? Still have a possibility of a frame up charge since you have to explain how she escaped the suffocation?

    • Cant Escape

      Romy, if the soil is loose, it is possible that air can get through.

      • Anonymous

        thanks for the obvious possibility. The reporter didn’t bother to check all the facts that the readers wish to know. The editorial staff should have modified or compelled the reporter to supply as many data as possible.

  • Anonymous

    another moral decay for humanity… :(

    Happy that the girl survived, I hope she gets all the support and counseling as she continue to crawl her way out of the bad memories of her ordeal that I’m sure will not be soon forgotten.

    and I hope someone near the area would introduce good moral values to the family. or better, introduce Jesus in their life.

    my thoughts and prayers for the girl and her family

  • Rey

    The lord is always on as, specially that little angel.

    • Anonymous

      Right. Always. He’s even watching the rape as it occurred.

  • boy balagbag

    another incestuous attempted rape-slay on a minor! somebody please bring back the death penalty now! 

  • Anonymous

    Death penalty for such a heinous crime! Bring back the death penalty so Filipinos will learn how to learn one small virtue – Discipline and another trait – Honor.

    Death Penalty may not be suitable for some of the people of the world, but definitely for this country, it is a must. The way that we are losing control of ourselves, we must discipline ourselves!

    • Anton Cruz

      An eye for an eye will Make the whole world blind – Gandhi 

  • Mon Mayuga

    Rising from the grave, literally, this girl deserves our sympathy. There certainly is no doubt that the suspect is guilty of attempted homicide and raping a minor who rose from the grave to tell her story and point to the person who raped and tried to kill her.
    The victim deserves out utmost sympathy and the suspect the heaviest penalty.

  • gary g

    maiksi lang itong article na ito, pero dahil wala na maidagdag na facts  yun writer ( edwin fernandez), inulit na lang nya yun kwento (father’s side naman yun kwento).  Edwin…paki ayos naman yun style mo next time ha.

  • susan

    @iggy: hindi annoying ang paggamit mo ng him or her, or her or him, like
    what you wrote. tama yon. but to make it even shorter, you can write: “I
    also believe that if you don’t want somebody to get out of the grave,
    have that person stand while burying him or her, rather than letting
    that person lay on his or her back.” OR, you can use plural pronouns (e.g., they). (TIP ko lang sa yo, heheh)

  • susan

    thank God nakatakas yong bata from her grave. @im edward, sometimes we don’t understand God’s mysterious ways but we should just trust and have faith.

    • Anonymous

      I trust and have faith that allowing the child to be raped is one god’s mysterious way

  • Emmanuel

    Dapat sa mga rapists na kagaya nito, silya elektrika! Bring back the death penalty.

  • Iggy Ramirez

    Dapat sa mga reypist ay putol etits sa harap ng publiko.

    Patigasin muna yung etits tapos pag matigas na saka i cha chop. Dahil matigas yung etits sisirit yung dugo. Pasiritin lang yung dugo hanggang sa maubos saka hanggang mamatay.

    • hustlergalore

      ano ba yan? bakit pareho kayo mag-isip ng rapist? napakamalikhain nyong pumatay ng tao.

  • Banana Na

    kung guilty ang suspect sa ganyan krimen dapat sa kanya ay e-FIRING SQUAD kaagad para mabawasan ang salot sa lipunan…

  • muddy

    I hope they gather forensic evidence on this one for both the victim and the accused. I agree na talagang dapat parusahan ng pinakamataas na pedeng iparusa ang gumawa ng ganito, pero medyo incredulous ako sa mga events na naka-describe sa article na ito.

  • Anonymous

    All the more reason why GMA and company should not have removed the death penalty in the country.  There is just out of control crime wave and criminals no longer respect anything.  Bring back death penalty and do it wholesale everyday it won’t take long for criminals to think long and hard if it is worth losing your life over.

  • Anonymous

    The help was late(she was raped already) or to be correct, did not come at all.

  • Anonymous

    Crime like this should be punished by firing squad termination.

    • David Morin

      Yeah… with melee attacks…

    • Manic Vice

      Without an offered blindfold, or earplugs.

      He should have to watch the muzzle flash of the guns, that way he has time to think “What did I do?” before he dies half a second later.

  • Anonymous

    Perpetrator should be buried alive. Eye for Eye!

  • Jabba

    We really need to bring back the death penalty tsk tsk!

  • Shinigami Sword

    Buhay pa ba talaga.. or .. Zombie???? Baka gusto lang ng revenge at pansamantalang nabuhay dahil sa matinding galit .. hehehe

  • vfcvv

    And Floyd Mayweather will knock out Manny Pacquiao if they ever fight.

    • TSD

      troll harder


    • Justintime

      Um yea, the last thing Mayweather really beat was his baby momma.

  • David Carmelo

    goodness…to the perpetrator should be crucified to death…

  • Manic Vice


    How can someone do this? I can’t comprehend it. I’m not sure I want to comprehend it.
    Give this dude the chair.

  • therese ♥

    it’s a good thing the suspect got arrested and the girl was still alive. i just hope the suspect gets arrested and thrown into Bilibid Prison, let’s just hope he doesn’t get thrown in the same cell where CGMA would end up, that would be a very bad idea and if he gets beaten up by his co-inmates, don’t blame us, don’t blame the gov’t for the sympathizers of that dude because it was his fault in the first place and he should get what he deserves. 

  • Anonymous

    This is very spooky. Sounds like a horror movie.
    Get those people who have violated human and freedom rights. Send them to jail. I have no respect for people who have NO respect for others.
    If you commit a crime, you should go to jail or punished. That is the what equality means under the law, especially the highest law of the land (the constitution) in a free and democratic country like the Philippines.

  • Anonymous

    A very determine and courageous young girl..THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL A MIRACLE how she regained consciousness, dig herself out from the grave.  Crime has been exposed and the perpetrator is charged.. let him rot in jail…

  • Anonymous

    Now is the time for Karma to bury the rapist, but make it six feet under ground for safety and security.

  • Vic

    Devils roam this world. Thank God the poor girl survived the attack of a devil. Now it’s her turn to get justice.

  • Anonymous

    Sa Japan pinuputolan ng daliri ang magnanakaw, dito sa Pinas dapat putolan ng ari ang RAPIST, alisin lang   ang ulo ayos na..saka ikulong.

  • Jose Hernani Parco

    now now just do exactly what he did, put him in a shallow grave cover it with a quick hardening cement and if he digs himself out of it, he’s innocent!

    • Marlou Wang

      Tinuruan mo pa ang maniakis na ito… magsama na lang kaya kayong dalawa sa presohan. Doon rapin niyo sarili niyo, mga….

  • Anonymous

    My heart’s out for this poor girl’s parents.Death penalty should be revived.

  • JDee Dee

    dead penalty

    • Benjamin

      what? do we have the “dead penalty” now?

      • Marlou Wang

        No, we don’t have the “dead penalty”.  The “penalty is dead”! LOL Ang alam ko “DEATH PENALTY”. Puwede ba mag-tagalog na lang tayo. Di ba ang kahambing nito ay bitay?



  • Anonymous

    rapists should all be castrated, sans the death penalty…so the genes will not propagate more and hopefully redeem the sinner.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the instances where the death penalty is sorely missed.

  • Marlou Wang

    Dapat alisan ng ari ang halimaw na ‘yan para di pagparisan! Tingnan natin kung hanggang saan siya tatagal ng walang ligayang handog ni Bathala.

  • Marlou Wang

    Pinoy ka ba, vfcvv? I hope you’ll eat your words!!!

  • Marlou Wang

    Huwag naman firing squad. Mabilis ito, patay agad. Kung puputulan na lang ng ari plus kulong habang buhay. Di sigurado ang parusa. Pinagbawal ang death penalty sa atin. Alam mo nga sipsip si Gloria sa simbahan. Kaso baka masarapan naman itong si rapist na rapin sa wetpu sa loob ng presohan. Siya naman ang palaging mare-rape doon.

  • Anonymous

    His mother says he is innocent and request a new investigation

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