DPWH suspends employee who altered photo of 3 execs



DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has suspended an “overeager” employee who posted a manipulated or “photoshopped” image of three senior officials inspecting typhoon-ravaged Manila Bay on the agency’s Facebook page.

Bloggers who noticed that the DPWH officials in the photo were “floating” or had been merely pasted on a photo of the devastation site went to town, accusing the government agency of faking inspections.

Others mocked the DPWH by replicating the cut-outs of the three officials and pasting them on iconic scenes, including the Last Supper. The fake photo was also picked up by international media like the Washington Post.

Department Secretary Rogelio Singson apologized. He said the officials did in fact inspect the damage along Manila Bay but had no knowledge of the image on the department’s Facebook page last week.

The employee was not named.

Shared and ridiculed

The photo has since been taken down from the agency’s page but it has already been shared and ridiculed in various sites on the Internet. The three officials in the manipulated photo were DPWH Metro Manila Regional Director Reynaldo Tagudando, South Manila District Engineer Mikunug Macud and DPWH Undersecretary Romeo Momo who supposedly inspected the damaged seawall along Roxas Boulevard.

Presidential spokesperson Ricky Carandang announced that the “overeager employee” who took it upon himself to put out the photo had been suspended.

Momo complained that the image was “put on Facebook without our knowledge.”

‘Big damage’

“This is big damage for me,” he said. “We became the center of attention. Our picture was played with. We even found ourselves in the Last Supper.”

“My children were texting me because they felt ashamed. Even my cousins in the US sent me text messages,” Momo said.

“We need to point out that we did not give our blessings to this. In truth, I did not know that they were taking a picture of me. We were just walking as part of our job to assess the disaster situation,” he said.

“I don’t know why they enhanced the photo and posted it on Facebook without our knowledge… This is really painful for me,” Momo said.

The DPWH employee blamed for the snafu was summoned to the office of DPWH Undersecretary Jaime Pacanan yesterday afternoon even as Malacañang announced his suspension. With an AP report

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VDMUJ6NKKCLWRMVMJRLJFI633I Rene V

    i agree that the employee should be suspended because he did not do a good job of photoshopping the pictures of his bosses. as an employee of that major line department, he should have good standards to do his functions.

  • labcu

    It was also a news/commentary item on the weather channel!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_364YT5Q2KAODGYH5IR6JF2G6R4 pc

    this employee for whatever motives he may have had did something that is diabolical.
    he should be punished for this.  whether he did it for fun or for any evil intent, he should be terminated and face possible criminal charges because what he did is diametrically opposed to PNoy’s “daang matuwid.”  short of sabotaging this worthy cause.
    para di na pamarisan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_364YT5Q2KAODGYH5IR6JF2G6R4 pc

    kaya naman pala lumutang sa litrato yung tatlo ay dahil momo’ yung isa sa kanila, hehehe…

  • Anonymous

    Sumisipsip lang po.

  • Anonymous

    Suspend an employee for doing his job, reprimand maybe, but not suspend. I don’t think there was any malicious intent on the part of the employee. He probably did not have the right angle or view that he wanted to show to the readers thus resorting to some “creativity”. If the DPWH officials were really there at the site then what’s the harm? Again this is a case of the media and the internet blowing a minor issue all out of proportion.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_22PRRPV4XKOOIC5TBS2ZLT7PZQ Tirador Ngbuwaya

    Dapat isama sa suspension yung 3 DPWH officials na yan, bakit yung nagpost lang sa facebook ang sinuspindi? Hindi ako naniniwalang HINDI alam yan nung 3 yon! SUSPENDIHIN yang 4 na yan !!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EJHUA4HOXTTEOF25TJONQVH654 gary g

      Tirador ka talaga!!! pero tama ka…di rin ako naniniwala na di alam nung tatlong officials yun ginawa nung “overeager” employee.  Ang ibig sabihin ba ay yun “overeager” employee lang ang may alam ng password ng FB acct nila kaya ginawa nya yun ng di alam ng iba?  Sa tingin ko, palusot lang nila itong suspended na “overeager ” employee nila, kasi di naman binanggit ang pangalan….kung ako tatanungin..walang na-suspend na tao sa dep’t nila!!!  NILOLOKO NA NAMAN NILA TAYO!

  • Pablo Juan

    Momo cries Mama.. get over it, most people just simply find it funny your rep remains intact.

  • Anonymous

    Suspending the employee may just be a damage control act by the DPWH and the poor employee a sacrificial lamb.  Since this is a DPWH official facebook account, who is managing this in the first place?  Can the subject employee just post anything without the knowledge of the unit head of the DPWH in charge of the account?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1731222184 Sam RunningNinja

    the employee should be punished…but then I wish DPWH should have been more pro-active by giving Photoshop training to their creative employees..all must be fair under the sun…wahahahahaha!

  • Anonymous

    The Photoshop guy is a scapegoat in this fiasco.

    They should remove from office the three monkeys involved in the fake picture and the person who ordered the creation and posting of the floated picture at FB. All of them are lazy officials.

    Sa kanila nasasayang ang taxes na binabayaran natin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FOPMU3EOVKFANYIWAADV7EZAXU Divina Wind

    .Why suspend him? Fire him. P-Noy must also fire Singson for not wanting to fire the DPWH employee. (If you see a snake, you must kill immediately.)

  • Anonymous

    fire the editor of their facebook account…the one who approved the posting. the poor employee who was fired might just be following orders.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WWUPA2BUHQMWC2X2M3CTOYDDRM Kukuri Kapu

    This is BS. First sabi nila it is for internal magazine nila tapos ngayon without their knowledge? Baka naman wala talaga silang alam so dapat i-fire na rin sila.

  • Anonymous

    Who approved the posting of picture should be responsible too…

  • Carl Andreas Paraiso

    I think the employee who posted the picture already got his punishment. What amazes me is the fact that he was the only person who got suspended. His superiors should be accountable too. 

    I think government officials and employees should always make it a point to tell the truth. When you’re doing your job, there’s no better PR or propaganda but the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Can you post the picture of the employee who did so?  Kahit photoshopped ok lang.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UZOAQ6YXZ7LV4AEKHDH6HDDCA Jeamergs

    balita eh itransfer daw sa malacanang yung employee na gumawa nang photoshopped image. Gawin daw official photograper ni p-noy, basta may calamity, heheheh

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CTPYTDC2SBIJ2NGWZN6GM7YYA Rahasia

    Presidential spokesperson Ricky Carandang announced that the “overeager employee” who took it upon himself to put out the photo had been suspended…. Cant believe Mr. Ricky Carandang now…. Put a Senate Inquiry on this to save the Poor Fellow… 

  • Anonymous

    ….may bumubulong  sa akin na isa sa tatlong dpwh officials na yan  ay fake daw na engineer o hindi registradong engineer nga PRC…….?????????

  • Anonymous

    …………may bumubulong po sa akin na isa sa tatlong DPWH officials dyan peke daw na civil engineer o hindi naka registro ang pangalan sa PRC, tutuo kaya????????????

    • http://twitter.com/riccisan ricci santiago

      clue? cno yang unlicensed engr?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RLUHHBQCKIOVB5BWHZVINRJQOQ matih

      chek nyo s prc website.. ita type lng dun ung name sa civil engineer registry…

  • Anonymous

    This is a perfect example of making a mountain out of a mole hill. Once again, the nation’s attention is diverted from the more important issues affecting our country to that of a petty photo that “bruised?” the egos of some onion skinned DPWH officials.

    Momo etal. should learn to roll with the punches and not take themselves too seriously. As the saying goes, “Laugh and the world laughs with you…” Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you po Mr. Rogelio Singson. Tuloy po ang ligaya sa DPWH…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W5Z52D4HI3NDRBUUBHXJT3B7RY Jun

    Ghost project. Fake inspection thats DPWH culture.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W5Z52D4HI3NDRBUUBHXJT3B7RY Jun

    Ghost projects.  Ghost employees. Rigged biddings. Fake inspections thats DPWH culture.

  • shane oy

    lol kawawang empleyado na napag utusan ni bossing. Mag resign na kayo dyan, konting hiya naman.

  • Tyopando

    The employee was suspended for doing a poor job in manipulating the pictures…….  
    He was suspended for 2 months and forced to attend a Photoshop workshop……

  • Anonymous

    Kung talagang naroon ang mga officials, okay lang. Kasi talaga namang maraming enhanced sa pictures sa magazines lalo na ang mga models and celebrities. Kahit ako bago ko gawing wallpaper or i-print ang shots ni Mrs. ay nirere-touch ko. Magrereklamo kasi sasabihin pangit siya sa picture.

  • http://twitter.com/riccisan ricci santiago

    Overeager, kalokohan. Kahit elementary student hindi mag po post ng pekeng photo! 
    hay naku, tama lang na mahiya kayo. kita niyo umamin kahit yung mga kamag anak daw niya sa US, tinetext daw siya. kulang pa nga yan eh…

    lets enjoy this for a while, we will forget it soon enough. back to ‘monkey business’ na naman sila as usual.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RLUHHBQCKIOVB5BWHZVINRJQOQ matih

    na chek ko na.. registered civil engineer silang tatlo.. unless kapangalan lng nila..see “Verification of Professional Licenses” sa PRC website.. next tym, wag tayo basta maniwala sa bulong..

  • Anonymous

    Poor thing, “He’s only a foot soldier of DPWH… A throw away pawn!  Its a command responsibility.

  • John Tamad

    Should we even believe anything the DPWH says anymore? If they really did their jobs properly and not just scam the people blind with their never ending ghost projects and under the table expertise we wouldn’t even be looking at a destroyed baywalk at all.

  • Anonymous

    galeng-galeng!! ‘bilis ng justice sa atin,suspended agad yung nag-PS- retoke ng walang pahintulot yung tatlong big timer!  ibalik ang death penalty at bitayin s’ya, tutal common tao lang naman ‘yan! bahala na kung wala ng magpakain sa pamilya n’ya!

  • ryan andres

    Hindi alam nung three stooges yun??? Ohh come on… hindi gagawin nung empleyado yun kung hindi sya inutusan… gagawin nyo pa kaming tanga!!! Etong si Momo andaming drama sa buhay…gago!!!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed the unusual surnames of the employees subjected to Photoshop: Momo, Tagudando and Macud.

    Surely not  but it sounds made up…

    • ryan andres

      Oo nga no… maybe ang totoo nilang mga pangalan ay:





  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    the over eager employee should file a labor case against DPWH. i’m sure there’s command responsibility here. ano ba yan?! ginagawa na naman tayong bobo ng mga ahensya ng gobyerno.

  • Anonymous

    pity to the poor employee(?) who photoshop the 3 big bosses of dpwh. somebody(?) in the department had instructed the overeager employee(?) to do it which should had been blamed and resigned together with the 3 top honchos of dpwh in the photo. for delicadeza and to restore the trust of our people in the dpwh.

  • Anonymous

    What happens to PNoy’s promise of transparency if the DPWH cannot even name the employee who did it?. The bottom line is, PNoy hanggang pangako lang pero kulag sa gawa? I don’t believe anyone was sanctioned or punished for their misdeeds.

    • Anton Cruz

      So you think that they should name the employee who released the photo? What about the right of that employee not to be named, what about his/ her protection? If that were you, would you want your named spelled out? – Besides, the point is not about who released it, the point is why did they even edit the photo in the first place if it was true that they really did go to the site? 

  • Anonymous

    As always, malaki ang paniniwala nitong mga tao sa gobyerno na napakabobo at mangmang tayong mga pilipino at paniniwalaan natin ang lahat ng alibi nila..itong isa nagdrama pa na napakalaking kasiraan sa kanya yung nangyari..nabuking lang kayo kaya panay ngaun ang press release nyo..hoy bumenta na mga palabas nyo..pinakamabuti magtrabaho na lang kayo para hindi sayang pinapasweldo sa inyo..hindi yung puro pa photo op lang ang alam nyo..

  • Anonymous

    Baloney…Filipinos are not that dumb you know..kahit suspindihin nyo pa lahat ng lower ranked employees ng DPWH sira pa rin ang image nyo sa masa..to earn the public trust better to do what you are supposed to do hindi puro photo ops lang..hindi kayo artista, empleyado kayo ng gobyerno at sinuswelduhan kayo para mag trabaho hindi para magpalitrato..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AUVZQYX3IUO7R2PEZRDS6ZDFUA RamBoDan


  • Anonymous

    Nothing like this happens without the knowledge of someone higher up.  He was a scapegoat for these three.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GUZISWUMVDD5QJUC7GBJKEM7XA prangka

    Hey, where’s your sense of humour?  Instant celebrity na nga kayong tatlo eh. Grabeh dami niyong photoshopped. Ayaw niyo bang pinagkakaabalahan kayo ng mga photoshop artists? Hindi biro ang oras at dedication na binibigay nila sa inyo. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/samontehe Henry E. Samonte

    After cheating goes the excuse. Normal! What is new anyway?

  • John Shinn III

    what if the DPWH uses Photoshop to present, publish or post “fake” or “non-existent” projects?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2BCV2YTRFVA3YOVMAN2A4RFHBM markx

    that staff thought it is still the old days :)
    it was too late for that staff to realize this is no longer arroyo’s time!

  • http://twitter.com/edikdolotina Edik Dolotina

    Oh I am used to DPWH personnel who would suddenly make inspections to a town where there is a fiesta is ongoing. No need for Photoshop.

  • Anonymous

    While the topic is photography, I noticed in Japan when they are constructing roads, bridges, etc. the supervisor take photos of all stages of the construction or .  Is this being done to see if the contractor is not cheating or using poor quality materials or is following the right specification??? Japanese build roads to last for many years unlike our concrete roads. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

      Dodge, in the Philippines pictures too are taken however it may not be the actual project. It is possible that the projects photographs are those in Japan which would look good and impressive. Well it is only good until somebody would find out and a whistle is blown. And you know what, everybody feast on it.
      … :o)

  • Anonymous

    I know Sec. Rogelio Singson, im sure he didnt know me, but i can vouch for his record honesty and integrity. Hindi to matakaw sa pera bagkus kuripot pa to dahil Ilocano daw sya, i remember him during his chairmanship in BCDA way back saying he is Kuripot, and in fact he is. i know he will not tolerate things like this, i hope he change the reputation and embarassing record of the DPWH, one of the most notorious goevernment agency in corruption, if not the worst.

  • Anonymous

    Overeager employee? How about the overeager supervisor who could have checked his work? Please check your policy on content management for websites and publication or uploading of photos, videos notes and comments on social networking sites. Never think that utilizing social networking sites will always be fine as it facilitates information dissemination. You should also be ready for negative and damaging comments and how to manage them.

  • Anonymous

    Again, there is no overeager employee. No one could post anything on their website without permission from his/her supervisor. They want to let people know that someone is responsible and suspended but they can’t even name who the person is, so no one could check if indeed the person responsible for the scandal is punished. Bunch of L!AR$. What happens to PNoys promise of transparency?

  • abnoy akino

    napahiya lang tong mga tarandaong to! kaya eto na naman at kung anong kagaguhan ang pinalalabas, akala ata ng mga gunggung na to me maniniwala pa sa kanila, kapareho rin sila ng bos nilang tulog ng tulog at nagpapalaki ng bayag!

  • Anonymous

    TAGUDANDO, MACUD, MOMO, kung anong BABANTOT ng mga pangalan ng mga tarantadong to sya ring BAHO ng style nila PWEEEE!

  • lucidlynx

    the mere fact they have entrusted their website to that person means that they have authorized him to do “anything” on their website. besides, it was their photos that were photoshopped in the picture, not his, so why pin the blame on that person alone? those officials should also be suspended, if not removed.

    the first persons who have seen those photos should be them. it has already garnered a barrage of criticisms before they took it off.

    i support Pnoy’s admin but this is the kind of people who should not be part of his government.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2FWXOLOZEDDMO5FV4344XJDABY Dante

    look at the bright side, we now have clear and convincing  evidence of the paranormal!!!!!! tutoong may mga multo talaga….Oh P-noy, what do we do with ghouls?? we exorcise them diba??? :)

  • Paolo Dominict Umali

    note: he didn’t know someone was taking picture of him? he also may not know what’s happening in his office…

  • Anonymous

    Should it be the responsibility of the superior to protect his employee? it’s like employees are expendable. _____

    I should be eating pop corn now while watching their game show. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BSPE3RD3WQUILMY26I52SZHQWQ Hate

    stupid government!

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