Photo of ‘floating’ DPWH officials causes uproar in cyberspace



DEFYING GRAVITY? The alleged “floating-on-air” photo release showing DPWH officials inspecting Roxas Boulevard in the aftermath of Typhoon Pedring. It was pulled down from DPWH Facebook account after two minutes, said DPWH public relations officer Andro Santiago and apologies to the public had been made. Photo taken from

THEY WERE ACTUALLY THERE. New photo of DPWH officials from the department’s Facebook account.

MANILA, Philippines – A photo release of the Department of Public Works and Highways last Wednesday posted on a social networking site meant to show their officials conducting field inspection after the onslaught of Typhoon ‘Pedring’ (international codename: Nesat) drew a barrage of criticisms in cyberspace for having been allegedly “Photoshopped”.

The photo, which had been pulled down from the Facebook account of the DPWH Central Office, showed DPWH Undersecretary Romeo Momo discussing Pedring’s damages with DPWH National Capital Region Director Reynaldo Tagudando and DPWH South Manila District Engineer Mikunug Macud along Roxas Boulevard.

The photo made them appear to be standing over what was left of the seawall which shielded Roxas Boulevard from Manila Bay’s waves.

But instead of being appreciated, the photo only gained disapproval from those who saw it, pointing out that the three officials seemed to be ‘floating’.

Comments on the post criticized the DPWH for ‘faking’ the documentation of their work in order to make them look good to the public. Those who wrote comments also expected the department to apologize for the edited photo, stating that there was no need to even edit a photo if it truly showed officials hunkering down to work.

Beth Pilorin, chief of the DPWH Public Information Division, posted an apology at the department’s Facebook account on Thursday, saying the photo “was not cleared yet before the staff posted it. It was already replaced.”

DPWH public relations officer Andro Santiago told over a phone interview that the photo had been posted by mistake as they were also preparing the layout for a magazine they circulated in the DPWH.

He said the images of Momo, Tagudando and Macud had been cropped from a photo and laid on top of another photo to form the image which sparked criticism online. “It was a cropped photo (of the officials) showing them in another angle,” Santiago explained.

He maintained that it was not the DPWH’s intention to fool the public by posting an edited photo of the inspection, adding that the minute they realized the mistake, they immediately replaced it with the official photo release.

“After about two minutes, the photo was deleted. The official photo release was posted,” said Santiago, stressing that the official photo was genuine and “Photoshop was not used.”

“Walang Photoshop at hindi naretoke” was his description of the official photo release.

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  • Biboy Palaboy

    Look at the first photo at your far left, there you can see the actual photo of the said officials not the one that has been focused at the center. (at far left you will see the two officials wearing red and black jackets with their safety helmets)

    Luma na yang style na yan, meron din nakuhang ganyan sa China; same type din construction sa kalsada.

    This article I believed is what they called ‘just loosing up the tension’ (after the typhoon) :)

  • Jude Fawley

    hahahaha Fake talaga mga officials natin oh

    • Anonymous

      this is a big  blow to the current administration. palitan kaagad!

  • james

    Gustong magpabilib.. Tsk! Tsk! EPIC FAIL.

  • Anonymous

    Ms Beth Pilorin, mahiya naman kayo sa mga lower ranking employees nyo. Sila nalang palagi ang na-blame kung may palpak sa ibabaw. Pero kung ayos ang kinalabasan, you grab the credit!

    • abc d

      parang si noynoy unggoy lang yan.  credit grabber

  • Anonymous

    A bunch of posers.

  • Anonymous

    alam nyo kung ano pinag uusapan nila??
    momo :malakilaki kikitain natin dito ! ang laki ng nasira eh ,
    tagundando : kanino ibibigay na contractor ito ? iyong malakas mag lagay ha ,
    mikunug : basta iyong para sa amin ni mayor ha,,15% kami jan ,bahala na kayo kahit kanino nyo ibigay

  • labcu


  • be honest

    Thats how government officials want to look good.

  • Calvin

    Putangina.. Trabaho na lang ninyo.. Di pa ninyo magawa ng tama?

    • Anonymous

      gusto ko ring magmura!!!

      • ryan andres

        go for gold kapatid!!!

  • ryan andres

    …walang photoshop at hindi niretoke… GAG0!!! Ano akala nyo sa sambayanang pilipino, mga tanga’t gunggong na katulad nyo? Pwe!

    Kaya naman maraming walang tiwala sa gobyerno eh. Ang hilig ninyo manlinlang ng tao! Mga manloloko!!!!

  • Anonymous

    kung makakalusot lang naman . . .

  • Anonymous

    …sana d2 sa amin nyu pinagawa yan photoshop….20 pesos lang pulido pa…magkanu ginastos nyu jan? gusto nyu pakinisin pa namin balat nyung mala-buyawa….

  • Puerto Del Mar Beach Resort

    This is a good sign that public cannot be fooled. This an example that whoever sits under a new government, the kalokohan still exist. Pres. Pinoy still needs to work hard to cleanse the system, tuwid na daan is working only partially with photo ops and press release. President  Pinoy , purge the culprits.

  • Anonymous

    PARA que?  Tapos ba ang boksing saka lilitaw ang boksingero?  Para photo-op?  Sanamagan… equipment pulling out the debris of the typhoons’ aftermath and the subsequent rehabilitation of the same.

    Tapos na ang panahon ng pagpapakitang-tao……ang dapat na ipakita sa tao ay yong pag-repair at pagpapabuti ng mga nasira at nawasak ng susunod-sunod na mga bagyo….at paghahanda sa mga darating pa!

  • john

    So what’s the purpose of making these photos in the first place since it still “needed clearance”?  Shame on you DPWH!

  • Anonymous

    So what is new with this? DPWH is caught putting lipstick on a pig so to speak (in the end it’s still a pig). I don’t think there isn’t any much credibility to lose with this fiasco – pretty much of it had been lost a long time ago. It’s funny but the last time I went to the DPWH office, the whole place is full of large religious statues (a violation of the separation of state and church in my opinion) you’d be forgiven if you would think you were in a nunnery. That said, I think the place is even beyond exorcism!

  • Gian Carlo

    wow…..that’s STUPID

    they can’t even do a good job of FAKING a photo op

    i guess that just show how INCOMPETENT some government officials are eh?

  • Anonymous

    diyan palang nagpapakita how plastic ang dpwh

  • Batman

    The questions are: (1) do you really have to alter the photo? (2) what were the intentions in altering the photo? (3) does DPWH really think Filipinos are fools? and (4) did they really think they can get away with it? Even the explanations given by the DPWH are are unbelievable. “…cropped photo,” “to be used for magazine inside DPWH…” You really would like to believe yourselves that you can make fools out of us, do you? Or is fooling Filipinos now an official policy of the government after “well funded schools fare worse than underfunded UP,” and “Focus on your studies instead of protests” by Abad and Valte, respectively?

  • Victor Tiongco

    Mahaba pala ang Roxas Blvd. ayon kay Karen Davila, 750 kilometer ?

    • hustlergalore


  • Anonymous

    pinapakita nila lang kung gaano sila ka plastic

  • Anonymous

    Shame on you, you still have the mindset of conning the Filipino people with impunity.  There will always be people a lot smarter than you who will discover your lies and misdeeds.

  • sugbu

    sibakin kaagad ang mga iyan….malicious intent ang ground !

  • Anonymous

    Having these kind of people with willfull duplicity is really an impediment or block to real reforms in the government. In other countries, they are fired right away.

  • Kate Imperial

    Seriously!? Their excuse is that it was for a magazine that they are preparing AFTER A TYPHOON? And why do you have to photoshop it in the first place? Maybe to do some minor editing but not to crop and put it in another photo which makes it seem they are doing their jobs.

    Kailangan nyan eh sisantehen na ang public relations official na ‘to.

    By the way, to the official inspecting the devastation of Roxas Blvd, nice shoes!

    • Anonymous

      ang kakapal nga ng mga mukhang gumawa ng palusot ng mga anay na ito, e, no Kate? pag napuno ako, lalagyan ko ng mga sungay at fangs ang mga ito e! 
      shut up! walang maniniwala sa inyo!!

  • Emmanuel

    ahaha.. kala nyo maloloko nu mga pinoy. hoy, nagiisip naman kami. dapat sainyo, sibakin

  • str8boy

    kaya pati budget ng para sa mga proyekto DPWH nape-peke.

  • Anonymous

    pasasalamat pa rin sa Diyos na big waves lang ang tumama sa Dewey Blvd, may mensahe lang galing sa Kanya sa mga taga maynila, kung makikinig, sa Japan tsunami;  hindi kasalanan ng DPWH ang pagkasira sa Dewey Blvd, only God can do that by his ” created nature “, ang dapat gawin kung may pera ay ayusin kaagad, and make it stronger and better, ok? New Orleans was completely devastated and it was not usa ex pres. G Bush fault, now they’re slowly recovering, ok?  remember, there is only one who controls nature, climate change, the weather, and the universe,  the LORD GOD!

  • hustlergalore

    the damage was huge! 
    and the coconut tree is still standing!
    amazing coco!

  • Gary M

    Yan ang hirap e… Bukonete na lumulusot pa e…

    Para nmang hindi halata…

  • Ofel Tactac

    sloppy job, it shows that either the officials are more concerned about publicity stunts or that their subordinates are just too eager to please their bosses. Mamimike na lang ng pictures, sinama na sana sila barrack obama, manny pacquiao at shancey supsup

  • Michael

    DPWH should really focus on engineering of projects that will benefit the people and not “engineering” documents to make them look good on public.

  • ryan andres

    This is an INTEGRITY issue right here. It might be a small thing for some, but at the end of the day, if you try to dupe the people into believing something that’s not true (even on something as seemingly insignificant as this), you are a person with questionable integrity.

    If we cannot trust our government on telling the truth about something as small as this, can we really trust them when they “tell the truth” on bigger issues?

    Tanggalin nyo yang mga kinanginang mga pendejo na mga yan!

    • Renato

      lets wait and see kung ano ang gagawin ni PNOY…..
      PNOY, gising na…
      Eta Rosales, nasaan ka?
      Bayan Muna, ano na?
      de Lima, tama ba?
      ngaun kayo magsalita????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    dapat yata sila ang ipalet sa breakwaters, ang kapal eh!

  • Anonymous

    i am a PS user and I find the manipulation of the photos very, very lousy work. The men on the left and right appear to be standing precariously because their shoes’ soles from behind are not supported by any space, putting  them in a danger of toppling backwards at any moment. Also, the outward contours of their hard hats are not cleanly deposed of the background where the photos were lifted; Unerased lines can still be clearly seen. Likewise with the back contour of the man’s shirt at the right side. And last but not the least, the right leg of the man in the middle appears to be atop of a concrete measuring around 5 to 6 inches but his leg doesn’t seem to be bended. In fact, the right leg, which is supposed to be unencumbered looks more bent at the knee part.

    My message to these clowns depicted here: if you lie, lie as close to the truth. Meaning, kung uupa kayo ng PS manipulator so that you appear good to the public, mag-hire kayo ng magaling-galing para hindi nabibisto ang kalokohan n’yo! Sows! ‘kakahiya kayo!

    • Jao Romero

      mali naman ng advice mo tsong.

      • Anonymous

        pakapalan na, tsong! meron bang nababagay na mabuting advice sa mga ito?

  • DarkJustice

    ginaya nila yung ginawa sa China yata o Taipei na-overlay lang ang picture! Tsk! Tsk!Tsk!

  • DR

    HeadS should roll.. This is not just an embarassment of the DPWH. It just embarassed the entire Philippines. It was malicious and improper for a government agency to even manufacture such pictures.  

  • Anonymous

    To:  DPWH public relations officer Andro Santiago:
    To people who use Photoshop, your reasoning does not make any sense all.  We are not that stupid as your explanation is implying us to be.  Even an elementary school kid can see the very obvious in the picture. You are an embarrassment and so the rest of sleazebags in your office.

    • Renato

      mr. andro santiago, you better resign.. liar………..

  • Jao Romero

    ang dapat eh hanapin un mama jan sa likudan ng mga officials at tanungin kung nakita nya ang mga gunggong na yan don nung araw na un. lol. 

  • Anonymous

    Bilib ako sa nakapuna ng pics na ito. Ako hindi ko iisiping imposed ‘yung pics dahil sa caption ang focus ko. Kung sino man ang may gawa nito ay tiyak na may permission ng kinauukulan. Dapat parehong parusahan ng 21 lashes. ‘ Yung kasing Arabian women na nag-drive ng car(they are forbidden to drive) ay paparusahan ng kung ilang lashes.

    • Renato

      dapat kasuhan ang mga yan.. Nasaan si de Lima? si Eta Rosales? Ang Anak Pawis? ang BAyan Muna? si PNOY?????????????????

  • Anonymous

    I think they are already practicing on how to fool the public by making these officials appear to be on “top” of the situation.

  • jan

    Binagyo na nga at lahat eh naka polo/barong shirt pa… sinong tanga kaya maniniwala sa picture na to….. T_T

  • shane oy

    OMG! these officials are thinking that the public is totally stupid like them.

  • Ka Blas

    People have a reason to be offended by this. They think the Filipino people are stupid!

    This should serve as a reminder to all government officials that we will not be fooled anymore. Who looks stupid now?

    • Renato

      dapat magBITIW ang mga yan.. mga SINUNGALING. mga MANDARAYA. mga PAKITANG-TAO.

  • Anonymous

    A misdeed cannot be corrected by commiting another misdeed.
    If they had real photos, they would have published them. So what they
    did was doctor the pics to show  the DPWH top men were “on top of the
    situation” to gain some pogi points from Noy-noy.  Perhaps, they were in another place enjoying themselves. To me this is no big deal. But what made it a big deal is the double dishonesty
    committed. For just a small thing, even their greed surface. What more with grand things?

    • Renato

      tama ka lapu-lapu.
      small thing happened but with such very big impact.  huli na sila sa mga ginagawa nila.. better check the other pix po their dep’t.. bka lahat photo-edited… adobe ba ang ginamit??????

  • Kamote Q

    parang Pnoy Govt, photoshopped ang mga achievements. in other words, hindi totoo at kunwari lang meron.

    • Renato

      andro santiago@ huli ka na, sinungaling ka pa… ganyan pla ang matuwid na daan ni Pnoy…
      so disgusting…. kitang kita ang pakitang tao ng administrasyon….

  • Marc Paul Cardenas

    Andun naman talaga yung dalawa: tingnan nyo yung 2 na naglalakad sa likod, kaparehas ng red and black jacket (with hard hat) nung dalawang naphotoshop sa harap. :D

    • Anonymous

      Ikaw naman Marc. Hindi mo ba alam? Mga kambal yan. Hehehe.

  • Anonymous

    These pictures are the work of shallow minded liars with crooked spirits

  • metanoia

    -1 to dpwh

  • Anonymous

    kapalmuks ng mga hinayupak na yan

  • Mj Carandang

    Hindi pa kayo nasanay sa DPWH.
    Kung sa kalsadang bagong-gawa/aspalto, wala pang 1 buwan butas-butas na.
    Hindi na kagulat-gulat na yang mga bagay na ‘yan dadayain pa nila. =D

  • Taga Nasugbu

    kapal ng pagmumukha ng mga taong ito..
    ginagago na nila tayong mga mamamayan…

  • Anonymous

    Skeptical ako sa actions ng gov’t officials natin.  Pero this time I’m siding with them.  This picture was not edited, if you ask me.  It is only unfortunate that the image looks edited, probably because of the contrast of the debris in the background and the plain white shirt, and also the lighting.

    If you load a “doctored” image in Photoshop (or GIMP, a free photo editing software) and run some filters (edge-detect is one), you will see the artifacts or evidence (like brush strokes) that it was edited. 

    In the images above, I don’t see the “brush strokes.” 

    • Taga Nasugbu

      edited po yan sir…

      sarap ng buhay ng mga gagong yan… kunyari nga naman ginagawa nila ang kanilang trabaho at nagbisita sa mga nasalanta…

    • Anonymous

      are you stupid, slow, dumb or just a plain lardhead?

      edge detect tapos brush strokes? are you even aware that edge detect does not require brush strokes? huwag nagmamarunong, ha?

      • Taga Nasugbu

        hehe… hindi daw naman pala totoong photoshop yun sir…

        MS PAINT daw… bwahaha…!

        nice one… Department of Photoshop Works and Highways…

      • Anonymous

        have you tried it?

    • Makisig na Ipo-Ipo

      Look at the feet of the leftmost guy. Hindi siya natural kasi walang anino. No natural shadows there, suggesting that he is actually a separate layer on top of the main image. The same goes for the head of the guy in the middle and the guy at the left. 

      Also, they are actually admitting that it is a “Photoshopped” image.

    • My

      They already pulled it out. But damage is done.

    • Anonymous

      DPWH already admitted that the first photo was edited.

    • ricky

      huseng_batute… it seems you are posing as a computer geek…. ok, do you know about the word layering? where you impose some layers of pictures on top of the other? anong brushing sinasabi mo?

  • Fan

    nahuli at nabuking tuloy ang kalokohan at kagaguhan ninyo…ang panloloko ninyo sa tao na nagbabayad ng sweldo ninyo….matagal na niyong ginagawa ito no?

  • AdrianD

    haha whats new’ ang mga opisyal ng DPWH sa probinsya namin mga milyonaryo dahil sa ganyang talento!

  • Anonymous

    to HUSENG BATUTE: are you stupid, slow, dumb or just a plain lardhead?edge detect tapos brush strokes? are you even aware that edge detect does not require brush strokes? huwag nagmamarunong, ha?
    tingnan mo mabuti yong buhok nong isa. . . mukhang peluka and I can see fringing around the edges.


    • Anonymous

      “even aware that edge detect does not require brush strokes?”

      i use edge detect (for one) to make the “brush strokes” left by the previous edit visible.

    • Anonymous

      “huwag nagmamarunong, ha”

      Hindi ako nagmamarunong.  I only did a little “investigation” using my limited knowledge. 

      Kaysa naman sa unang tingin lang nagdedecide na agad na peke.  Yun ang nagmamarunong.

      And I call people names based on the limited interaction I’ve had with them.

      • Anonymous

        batute, h’wag mo ng ipilit na hindi peke ‘yan, poor you. peke ‘yan, bata! marunong din ako n’yan kaya alam ko. kung gusto mo gagawin kitang palaka tsaka kita iba-batute, e!

      • Anonymous

        “batute, h’wag mo ng ipilit na hindi peke ‘yan, poor you. peke ‘yan,
        bata! marunong din ako n’yan kaya alam ko. kung gusto mo gagawin kitang
        palaka tsaka kita iba-batute, e! ”

        hindi ko naman ipinipilit, eh.  sinasabi ko lang ang opinyon ko.  kaya nga merong “if you ask me.”

        kung peke sa tingin mo, hindi kita pipilitin.  kawawa ka naman kung hindi mo matanggap ang opinyon ng iba.  tsaka e mano na lang kung peke yung isa picture?  the other pic shows na nadun sila.

        kung sablay ang performance ng DPWH, dun nyo sila tirahin, where it matters.  maaayos ba agad yung seawall kung hindi edited yung pics?

        focus lang kayo sa mas importanteng issue.

      • Anonymous

        “kung sablay ang performance ng DPWH, dun nyo sila tirahin, where it matters.”

        ito na nga ang sablay, e. manipulating their picture to appear they are doing their work while they are not! hindi ba sablay ‘yan? not doing their duty? pandaraya? this kind of hocus-pocus reflects their attitude as government employees and people, and their being crooks add to the detriment of the Filipino people! kaya galit ang taong bayan at makikita mo yan sa halos lahat ng comment dito. ikaw ang kawawa kung hindi mo maintindihan ‘yan! ano pang sablay ang hinahanap mo?  tsaka kung pineke ang isang picture at ang isa hindi, that justifies the manipulation and the motive behind it? pag nahuli kang nag-rape, sasabihin mo kalahati lang ang ipinasok mo kaya ok lang?

      • Anonymous

        “ito na nga ang sablay, e. manipulating their picture to appear they are doing their work while they are not!”

        If there was only one image and it appeared to be fake.  Then it could be suspect that the weren’t there.  What about the other picture that proves they were at the site?  Hwag na natin pag-initan yung peke kasi nandun naman pala sila talaga.  Focus na tayo ngayon sa pag-aayos ng seawall.

      • Anonymous

        “What about the other picture that proves that they were there?”

        hindi mo ba maipasok sa ulo mo na in-enlarged and in-enhanced ang picture na ‘yan so that they can be clearly seen and recognized na sila ay sila nga at sila ay nandon sa site? na yung picture sa likod ay sobrang liit at unrecognizable sila don kaya pinagawa nga ang picture na ‘yan? sows ka naman!
        ‘yun ang motive dito sa editing na ito at palpak nga lang ang gumawa at hindi n’ya inalis yung picture nila sa likod! dapat dinaganan sila ng coconut tree, tutal mga walang silbi!

      • Anonymous

        “hindi mo ba maipasok sa ulo mo na in-enlarged and in-enhanced ang
        picture na ‘yan so that they can be clearly seen and recognized na sila
        ay sila nga at sila ay nandon sa site?”

        Nandun naman pala sila, eh.  Anong ipinagpuputok ng butse nyo kung edited yung picture or hindi?

      • Anonymous

        “kung sablay ang performance ng DPWH, dun nyo sila tirahin, where it matters.”

        ito na nga ang sablay, e. manipulating their picture to appear they are doing their work while they are not! hindi ba sablay ‘yan? not doing their duty? pandaraya? this kind of hocus-pocus reflects their attitude as government employees and people, and their being crooks add to the detriment of the Filipino people! kaya galit ang taong bayan at makikita mo yan sa halos lahat ng comment dito. ikaw ang kawawa kung hindi mo maintindihan ‘yan! ano pang sablay ang hinahanap mo?  tsaka kung pineke ang isang picture at ang isa hindi, that justifies the manipulation and the motive behind it? pag nahuli kang nag-rape, sasabihin mo kalahati lang ang ipinasok mo kaya ok lang?

      • Anonymous

        alam mo totoy. . . hindi kailangan maging marunong para malaman ang kagaguhan ng mga hinayupak na DPWH a-holes na ito. UNANG tingin pa la’ng kahit mangmang halata agad na peke. no PhD required.

      • Taga Nasugbu

        boss kahit saang anggulo tingnan ung picture, halata po na photoshopped…

  • My

    After years of photo editing. Some employees become experts. No wonder none existing project got paid. 

  • ricky

    “Beth Pilorin, chief of the DPWH Public Information Division saying the photo “was not cleared yet before the staff posted it. It was already replaced.”
    – what does she mean na not cleared? so meron pa pala dapat clearance pagkatapos i-edit? ganun ba yun? nakakatakot ang mga tao sa DPWH. considering na infrastructures ang ginagawa nila, mga tulay, at kalsada,  tapos magaling pala sila mag edit ng mga projects. mina- manipulate pala nila ito. paano ka ngayun magTITIwala dumaan sa mga ginawa nitong tulay?… grabe. 

    • Anonymous

      “….was not cleared yet before the staff posted it”

      bwah-ha ha!! there was supposed to be clearance from itaas before posting it. e di ibig sabihin alam at order ng management ang manipulation?!! I think it was replaced as soon as comments started flooding in. otherwise they would’ve let it stay. kaso hindi n’yo kayang lokohin ang filipino! sino ngayon ang bugok at tanga?

  • dlanoj

    nahalata na talaga puro pakitang tao lang ang ginagawa! Para sabihing nag trabaho..Kelan pa kaya matuto ang gobyerno. Nakakapagod na!

  • yeahright

    sa magazine o sa website man nyo plano i-post ang edited photo na ito, ang punto eh di kayo nagsasabi ng totoo. pinapatunayan lang nito na lahat gagawin ng mga opisyal ng DPWH para makapangurakot. ang kakapal ng mga mukha nyo! lumayas kayo sa pwesto nyo at di kailangan ng sambayanang pilipino ang mga sinungaling, mangungurakot at magnanakaw.

  • ricky

    dapat kasi nilagyan nila ng jetpack sa likod si Undersecretary Romeo Momo para mas kapani-paniwala. tutal momo naman siya. 

  • tongti

    Is it really too much to expect from our government officials to REALLY WORK that the DPWH has to use “PhotoShop” to fool us that they’re actually working?

  • Einjhel Ronquillo

    sa susunod kasi pag mandadaya make sure hindi halata, at bilang mga opisyal ng DPWH na “pinapasweldo ng taumbayan” marapat nyo lng gawin ung mga trabaho nyo hindi puro press release!

  • Hexel Dagooc

    hahahaha! kala ko sa may amin lang maraming photoshopped projects ng DPWH! ayun nga sa kasabihan, huli ka balbon! kung pede lang sanang hindi magbayad ng buwis… deymmm!

  • kris makati


  • Anonymous

    gano ba kahirap magpunta sa roxas blvd., ang gagara naman ng mga suv at libre gasolina ng mga mokong na ito, at sigurado may driver pa… nyeta sayang pera namin sa inyo!

  • Anonymous

    PRO Andro Santiago….it’s the best thing to say sorry in behalf of the department. pero sir, wag mo na lang pong dagdagan ng isa pang kasinungalingan na wrong photo yung naipost. that is the most stupid thing to do. anong akala mo sa mga nagbabasa, mga hindi nakakaintindi ng trabaho? kung ako ang boss mo sir eh gigisahin kita dahil sa mga palusot mo….

    if i remember it right, meron pang isang highway project naman yata yun na floating din ang mga nasa picture…..

  • Anonymous

    gano ba kahirap pumunta sa roxas blvd.?.ang gagara ng mga suv at libre pa sa gasolina ang mga mokong na ito, sigurado may driver pa… nyeta sayang pera namin sa inyo!

  • Anonymous

    sana inilagay ng nag-retoke itong tatlong clowns dun sa gitna ng dagat para lalo silang appearing mga “dakila,” ano? kunyari handang malunod doing their work. pero kung ako ang gumawa n’yan, hindi ko sila ipo-float; ilulunod ko talaga ang mga walang silbing mga Anay na ito!

  • France Ces

    hahaha di ba nila nakita na sa unang picture eh andun din yung naka-red and black sa likod banda? ang galing nila ano, in two places at one time? :P

  • rosemarie

    Wla naman talagang magandang performance yung taga DPWH; pera pera lang. kung maganda nang pagkatrabaho yung highway, sirain na naman nila para trabahoin ulit. pera pera lang. Tapos pag may repair sila sa highways, unsafe yung nilagay na mga warning signs- very prone to accidents if you are not careful.  one of the most corrupt government agency… sayang lang yung binayad natin na taxes- laki pa naman…

  • rosemarie

    Wla naman talagang magandang performance yung taga DPWH; pera pera lang. kung maganda nang pagkatrabaho yung highway, sirain na naman nila para trabahoin ulit. pera pera lang. Tapos pag may repair sila sa highways, unsafe yung nilagay na mga warning signs- very prone to accidents if you are not careful.  one of the most corrupt government agency… sayang lang yung binayad natin na taxes- laki pa naman

  • Anonymous

    alam mo totoy. . . hindi kailangan maging marunong para malaman ang kagaguhan ng mga hinayupak na DPWH a-holes na ito. UNANG tingin pa la’ng kahit mangmang halata agad na peke. no PhD required.

  • Eric

    Hahaha andun
    din ung same guys sa background ng photo.

  • Mel

    Wow the DPWH is up to their crooked ways again

  • Anonymous

    gano ba kahirap magpunta sa roxas blvd.?..ang gagara naman ng suv at libre pa sa gasolina ang mga mokong na ito, sigurado may driver pa…nyeta sayang pera namin sa inyo!

  • Nigel Lighthouse

    pino-photoshop din kaya nila ang mga kontrata?

  • conie santia

    dapat pala hindi na DPWH ang tawag sa kanila dapat PHOTOSHOP na… kaso di din sila papasa….

  • Noel Rose

    ang tanong, what was the intention of the photoshopped image?

  • Anonymous

    anong bago dito? noon pa ang dpwh magaling talaga magdrawing. magdrawing ng kalsada, palengke, tulay, pati waiting shed dinodrawing. yang tatlong mokong na yan na nagdidiscuss magkano kikitain nila sa pagrepair ng seawall dapat idrawing na rin yan. infernes, kapalpakan ng kanilang photographer yan. pumunta talaga sila doon kaso namiss nilang picturan magpose with the damage seawall as background kaya nag-imbento tuloy ang kanilang computer expert na lagi lang nagdadownload ng pr0n. pag nakalusot sana, mapromote pa tong kumag na to dahil may levitation powers na ang kanyang mga boss. at kahit na para sa magazine yan (bakit kailangan nilang gumawa ng magazine?) ano ngayon? pag magazine pwede dayain saan sila nagdiscuss? sibakin na kaagad tong mga to pnoy para pogi ka. malamang mga hold over yan sa admin ni madam glue. sama mo pati si webmaster na nagpalusot.

  • Anonymous


  • Jor-el Martinez

    the new photo is still edited check out the hard hat at the back of the sec. hanapin nyo ang katawan at mga paa nung nakasuot nun

  • Anonymous

    Mistake, my asse.
    All photo releases such as these are paid for in the hundreds of thousands; All insiders know that. The only mistake is they were amateurish with their photoshop! Just sack these douche-bags and their rahrah boys now.

  • Anonymous

    Ang big question, yung integrity ng mga important documents lalo na involving payments, reimbursements, etc. We all know that even currency can be faked without difficulty by experts.  Is a foul smell starting to come out considering DPWH is one of the most corrupt-ridden government agencies?  We’ve heard of completed projects being paid twice where reproduction of documents is necessary. 

  • Ed Zatezate

    What a joke..just to show how “active” they are…

  • Victor Visitacion

    It’s not amusing for DPWH to fool taxpayers.

  • Anonymous

    you know the accusation might be true.  just look at their feet closely, not laid flat on the ground.  it seemed that  halves of their feet are afloat.  but it was not theirv fault. whoever did the first photo must be reprimanded.

  • Anonymous

    Paano kung matagal nang ginagawa ito?  Ang digital image kapag ginawan ng hard copy (especially if printed in black color) mahirap ng sabihin kung galing sa original na document.  Paano kung ginagawa ito sa internal office documents, payments, reimbursements, etc.  Hello COA, baka yung resident auditor ninyo sa DWPH ay member na ng grupo. Attention:  Senator Lito Lapid – magandang project sayo to for investigation para naman makinabang ang mga tao sa pagsuweldo sa iyo at may silbi yung pork barrel mo! 

  • Paulo Ureña

    The two officials seemingly appearing twice on the first picture tell me the person who edited them did it on purpose. And we kinda get why he’d done that.

  • Garcia Patrick

    Its not only the feet afloat if you closely.Look at the first picture its the same color of jacket red and black at their back.This people are trying exploit opportunity when disaster falls.Its sad.

  • Anonymous

    note the white stripes on the shoes of the bozo wearing a  red jacket and how the shoes are pointed in the same direction. ibig sabihin parehong kanan ang sapatos n’ya. he he!

  • Garcia Patrick

    I wonder on the comments here.Nobody observe the the bottom picture on this particular.Look at the steps of the person.Sana nabungo kana sana ng mapilayan.Ang nasalikod mong kasama nakasumbrerong puti..May ananangal pala tayong DWPH Engineer.Saan po ang isa mong katawan.

  • Anonymous

    iphotoshop man lang sana pinaliitan din nila ang tiyan LOL

  • Lloyd

    Repulsive.  Disgusting.  Offensive.

    No wonder, the Philippines is the sick man of Asia.

    To all Filipinos tired of the massive corruption:   MIGRATE.  

    Leave now while you still can.  

    In 2020, Vietnam will overtake this country.  

    In 2030, it will be 2nd poorest performing economy among 10-member ASEAN.

    It will not be easy but leaving this country will be the best decision you will ever make.

    • Anonymous

      hoy hinay-hinay ka naman. sobrang OA naman na  yan. Iyon lang ba ang solusyon? ang lumayas sa iyong bansang sinilangan? that is too fatalist naman yata.

  • Ai

    Utak wang-wang!(sigh!). Kahit nandun pa sila why do they need to show pictures? Gawin na lang nila ang trabaho at ipakita ang resulta. Kung picture nga lang pinepeke pa – napakasimpleng bagay – how much more to complicated projects! Peke rin siguro ang serbisyo ng DPWH – showmanship lang! These people should learn their lessons!

  • jheff

    cropped photo = crap officials


  • Anonymous

    Bad publicity among government officials.. Lesson? just do your job and no pictures if you are truly doing your job. Why the photo anyway,,,people knows already what happen to the wall along Roxas Blvd..Pnoy, please give these DPWH officials -your officials and servant of the people SOME work and no photo-ops. They are the ones who are reflecting your kind of governance,, if they fail who is to be blame? YOU SIR!

  • Trisha Santos

    ginaya naman nila ito sa news sa taiwan / china. 

  • Trisha Santos

    search nyu sa google “chinese news photoshopped inspection” ginaya lang nila dun itong news na 2

  • Joseph Kelevra

    Lesson: Wag nang i-photoshop ang pictures dahil mabibigyan lang ng ibang kahulugan, gusto lang kasi nilang ma-highlight ang pagpapapogi nila kay P_ _ _ _ kaya ganyan. almost lahat ng Gov’t offices ngaun ngpapapogi kay P _ _ _ _.

  • Serge Imperio

    a similar case surfaced on the web some months ago, involving some  engineers who were inspecting damaged roads . (was it in nkorea or china or vietnam or myanmar?) whatever, the picture was apparently doctored due to the lack of shadows of the men in the picture.

    • Lawrence

      It was in a chinese paper. I remember thinking “We’re not that stupid to do the same.”

      I guess I was wrong.

      • jglori


        I was thinking of the same thing. I mean, didn’t these guys hear about that photoshop fiasco in China? And that was just a couple of months ago!
        Hehe, oh well, it looks like DPWH will be conducting “damage control” in addition to the repair of the damages caused by Pedring.

  • Garcia Patrick

    On the picture below .Tingnan ninyo ang positioning ng bawat tao.The real picture here is ung natabunan..i can see that ung sa hard hat..I can see na ung totoo.natabunan ng picture sa dalawang tao..may ulo sa likod ng nakabarong at ung may hard hat.Sumperimpose ng dalawang tao naka jacket na black at nakabarong…impossible ganun kalapit madaanan sa paglalakad at positioning ng dalawang tao.

    • Dante

      hehe Napansin mo rin pala yun Bro! Akala siguro nila ganyan kabobo ang mga pinoy.

      Anyway nice try. Version 2 pix is better than version 1 maybe the third try will be perfect.

      Alisin nio na lang ang helmet para mas mukhang makatotohanan.

  • Anonymous

    “Photoshop was not used.”

    >> Yuh. They used GIMP.

    • Anonymous

      ayos yan. at least, di sila puwedeng idemanda ng Adobe Systems kasi malamang pirated yong Photoshop nila kahit binigyan sila ng budget to buy their own software. puro mga magnanakaw, ha ha ha!!!

  • rene

    Its so obvious na fake. Just look at the  man in red jacket on the first picture and how his feet are set on top of the stones. There is now way he could stand up like that… and why are they wearing helmets on the baywalk? is there a construction going on.. you morons… you go there during the storm since and drown yourselves.. gee what a shame on you guys

  • Stephen

    You don’t need to show the public photos that you are working….it’s your job, you are elected & paid to do your work let alone do a Photoshop… Sana pinotoshop nalang ang tyan ninyo kasi mukhang obvious na palagi lang nakaupo. Whahahaha….

  • Michael Peralta

    Tipikal na “3rd-world-politics” approach.

  • Freddie Fabregas

    hay naku. Gobyerno nga naman. Kung hindi nanakawanan ang mga tao lolokohin naman. Kala nila bulag ang mga tao at hindi mahahalata to. ayusin nyo./

  • Mija

    This is not merely a photo and the issue is TRUST.
    Regardless of the presence of our DPWH officials, this picture has chipped our faith in government. Sayang, after all the hoopla of this present administration, we will be confronted by evidence that supports our fears that our government cannot be trusted.
    Through the decades, this nation has undergone a slow creeping loss of faith in our several of our institutions. This is the reason why we cringe with fear whenever we see a policeman, why we look with disdain on our elected officials, why we do not believe in court rulings, why we feel left alone at our times of need, why a lot of us feel that this nation will not amount to anything except be a haven for the powerful and the corrupt. We have been inundated by promises that never come true and dreams that never come into fruition. We have participated in social exercises of democracy only to find out that our votes have come to naught and our pockets emptied by taxes and our government funds siphoned by our inconsiderate officials.
    For the life of me, I could not even conceive of any reason why anybody in that department will be tinkering with a photo unless it would be used for deception. Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng they have not cleared the photo? Am I to believe that photoshopping or cropping photos is a regular activity in DPWH? Susmaryosep.

  • Anonymous

    in fairness nman sa 2 naka-helmet na to e parang sila din yang nasa malayo n nakatalikod (top photo bandang helmet netong nka-red)…they are in 2 places at the same time nga lang ..wag nyong sabihin photoshopped din yung nakatalikod lol

  • Meneleo G Carlos

    The truly funny part is that two of the three people in the doctored photo (guys wearing white hard hats in a red and in black jackets) also appear in the background above the head of the guy wearing the red jacket.  They appear twice in the same pic!

    Does that mean they work double-time?  It’s inconceivable!
    (“I do not think that means what you think it means…” -says an often drunk Spaniard says to a Sicilian)

    All I can say is that the poor person who “SHOP-ed” the pic is more than just a little bad at his or her job. 

    Philosophically speaking, I suppose we could ask ourselves, “Do we want more competent fakes?”

  • George

    Naka “RALPH LAUREN” red jacket pa yon isa.  Ay naku . . . . saan kaya kumuha ng pera ang mokong na eto?

  • Marites

    photoshop  picture..  some govt.oficilas  will do anthing  to  gain pogi points. This  officials  beat Erap  when it comes to photo ops..

  • Anonymous

    you are right last_mile sila nga rin yon…pero hindi nakikita ang mga beauty nila….:):):)

  • kris makati

    sana pati yung mga beer bellies nila phinotoshop din hehehe. at tignan niyo yung sa ibabaw ng helmet nung naka red jacket may mini-me silang dalawa nung katabi niya: backview ng isang naka red at naka black parehong naka hard hat… pamatay yung gumawa dito!

  • Christopher

    Kayo naman ang sisispag nga nila eh tignan nyo yong dalawa naka-pula at naka-itim na Jacket twice na nakita sa Picture.. Isa lang sigurado ko dito may mawawalan ng trabaho.. I don’t mean tong 3 na to ha yong nag Photoshop.. Kailangan may magsacrifice para maisalba ang mga mukha ng mga ito eh..Kawawang PILIPINO tinamaan na ng BAGYO Inuuto pa..

  • Rene V

    a half truth causes more trouble than a total lie …

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha… mahirap kaming mga Pinoy, hindi kami uto-uto.

    What made the DPWH think they could get away with it? Even the Chinese werent successful in deceiving the public with their gravity-defying pictures.

  • Anonymous

    This is not surprising. Enough blame to go all around. I myself have seen Inquirer Photoshop their photos, even if “just” to put a grey background on a headshot. Philippine journalism–especially with PDI, and with some exceptions–is for the dogs.

    In this case, I say “shoot the messenger.” His English is horrible.

    I give this 10 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

  • Anonymous

    hula ko, yung naka-red yung may kasalanan.. hindi kasi siya kita dun sa isang pic…. ^_^

  • Elizabeth

    Huwag ninyong tignan ang nga tao, ang dapat tignan ay yung concrete slab na nabasag, walang rebars. Kinurakot ng contractor hahaha

  • Rene V

    i wonder how they feel every time they enter their office buildings. the looks of their lower tier employees, the looks of those whom they ordered to do the retoke, the looks of their drivers, the looks of their secretaries, the looks of their senior staff. i guess just going to work and walking through all that rubble is better than having them face the consequences of doing a fake, really.

  • Rene V

    i think i see the basang sisiw look on their faces on the lower photo. where is the other guy?

  • Ornbort Vortingeresdemesus

    the stomachs aren’t ‘shopped

  • Anonymous

    Dapat itong mga taga DPWH na ito ay totohanang palutangin sa hangin, meaning sibakin sa kanilang pwesto. Sigurado ako na pagkalalaki ng sweldo ng mga ito na nanggagaling sa tax ng mga pobreng Pinoy, pero nagagawa pa nilang manloko. Kunwari nagiinspection ng damages pero ang totoo nagpapalaki ng tiyan at ng kanilang balls sa office.

  • Kharla De Los Reyes

    Tsk tsk tsk!

  • ricky

    this clearly shows kung bakit nakarating sa position  nila (Undersecretary, director,  District Engineer)  itong mga ito. then sasabihin nyo dapat igalang kayo.

    mga utak wang-wang.

  • Anonymous

    This is probably the lamest picture I have ever seen. What is DPWH trying to do with photoshopped pictures? That is the most conspicuous question that would bother whoever sees these, and yet DPWH merely offered “the photo was not cleared yet before the staff posted it. It was already replaced.” Are they implying that the photos were still supposed to undergo finishing touches? Nowhere in their statement did they manage to negate the public’s impression that the pictures were supposed to fake their field work. Their guilt is written all over the pictures and their official statement. Stupid PR officer, huh?

  • Julius Cardona

    I am not happy for their profound pretenses, lame excuses, and are deemed found lying under oath for their government position and I urge the Office of the Ombudsman and or any governing bodies to look in this matter and punish them for their boldness and unrestrained photogenic gimmicks. Even a public apology is not enough for their misunderstood do-look-good attitude and feeling relax and cool whilst the majority of the people suffers because of their lazy pixelated break moves- and they even put their slutty photos of fabricated damage assessment talkies here in the cyber space. The officials and their I.T. personnel (if anyone from them is involved) should resign- well, I don’t think they have the guts to shun their positions ‘coz pockets aren’t full yet. Totally insane, very shameful and an eyesore for us, tax payers and for all Filipino citizen.

  • Van Helsing

    nandun talaga sila! Maniwala na kayo…. ang fake dun e yung background LOL

  • Dante

    haha Yun pangalawang photo na sinasabe na ‘THEY WERE ACTUALLY THERE’ eh photshopped din!!!
    Ang lupet nio mga tyong.  Akala siguro nila ganyan kabobo ang mga pinoy.

    Anyway nice try. Version 2 pix is better than version 1 maybe the third try will be perfect.

    Lakihan nio pix at busisin marami kayo mapapansin.

  • Dante

    pwede ba ko mag-apply dyan taga-photoshop ng pix garantiyahan ko di nila mahalata ang gawa ko. Pleeaaassseeee!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nagpapabango sa publiko, ang BABAHO naman ng mga layunin ng mga ito. Nasa pansitan ang mga yan at sa kabusugan ay NA-UUTOT na lang sa kahihiyan. Mga SINUNGALING.

  • Anonymous

    PAKITANG TAO ! Dapat sa mga yan SIBAKIN !!!

  • Anonymous

    both photos were photoshopped, look at the legs of the persons in the second photo…

    Maiinis ka lang sa “excuses” ng mga yan.

    Ipakain na ang mga yan kay Lolong, hehehe.

    • Anonymous

      kuha yun ng umaakyat sa hagdanan, hindi dumadaan sa mga bato.sana nilagyan na lang nila ng hagdan sa daan baka maniwala pa yung mga

  • Anonymous

    In an office where it is ordinary for officials and employees to conspire to rob the people in the millions of pesos, publishing a faked photo and then making excuses which insult the intelligence is no big deal. That this thing happened during the new administration only shows that the career personnel of the DPWH are incorrigible  and are unmoved  by the sincere attempts of the President to make the bureaucracy walk the straight and narrow path.

  • Anonymous

    The replacement photo also looked photoshopped.  There’s 3rd white helmet behind the person with the dark jacket. But where’s the body?

    • Anonymous

      me tama ka dyan!

  • Anonymous

    it only shows that ghost visit and ghost project come hand in hand…project completed by aid of photoshop…nasaan ang matuwid na daan

  • Anonymous

    “the photo “was not cleared yet before the staff posted it.” So this means, the officials have the intention to deceived the public about their work? They are saying “Sorry, we have incompetent Photoshop editor.” LOL

  • Anonymous

    As Dear President goes around trying hard to convince foriegn investors to invest in Philippines, the Govt Officials has an easy life. They should be thankful that Aquno isnt LKY, otherwise they are out of jobs and had their pensions forfeited as well 

  • yuyu


  • rafi

    reminds me of a similar incident that happened in China….floating gov’t official, geez!

  • Anonymous

    Ang ‘Corrupt Culture’ diyan sa DPWH prevailed in 9 years of GMA administration. Maraming contractors na doing business with DPWH ang owners mga politicians. Wala ng onion-skinned diyan kaya most likely tayo pa ang pinagtatawanan kasi “matagal na tayong niloloko”. This is just another small instance na nabuko para sa kanila.  Business as usual, corrupt ways is the business there. Kapag ang corruption culture umabot na sa janitors, mahirap ng baguhin iyan.  Dapat sibakin lahat. Magtiyaga tayo sa mga baguhan, walang taint of corruption. Kahit mabagal sa umpisa, bibilis din yan. At least hindi nanakaw ang pera ng bayan.  Ang pinsan buo ng DPWH ay ang BOC (Bureau of Customs).

  • Anonymous

    Malaki ang problema ni PNoy. Kapag ang rank-and-file employees sa govt offices ang mismong ayaw sa daang matuwid, ayaw baguhin ang corruption culture sa kanilang trabaho, sigurado kailangang another 6 years of another PNoy hybrid para sa reformang kailangan ng bayan.  Katulad iyan ng Bureau of Customs, hindi umubra ang high tech nila Bill Gates!  Kasi mismong mga emplayado ayaw baguhin ang baluktot na sistema.  Sa ibang bansa, ang problema sa BOC, iso-solve yan in months, sa atin ilang dekada na at ang malungkot, mas grabe pa ngayon sa BOC.

  • gary g

    hirap talaga magbago ng ugali ang mga corrupt, pati sa photos ay manloloko pa sila ng tao.  Ano akala nila sa mga pinoy…tanga?  Ang dapat dun sa naglagay ng photo ay…TANGGALIN!!!  Tapos yun mga officials na nasa picture ay…ILAGAY SA FLOATING STATUS…palitan na nila yun mga damit nilang puti at humawak na lang sila ng pala at martilyo.  Imposibleng di alam ng mga boss nila ang mga nangyayari sa paligid…Bakit kaya pag maganda ang nangyayari sa paligid nila e alam nila agad yun at sila pa nag announce sa public, pero pag palpak ang nangyayari..di daw nila alam.  KALOKOHAN!!!!

  • Anonymous

    pati as paa nung 2nd person, me slacks at shoes na walang katawan…yung helmet naman sa likod ng first person inde tugma dun sa shoes na yun :D

  • RamBoDan

    mabuti pa yong Coconut tree nakatayo pa… samantalang nasabing “concrete slab” wasak-wasak ano kayang halo ng semento?…

  • Anonymous

    Incompetent even in using Photoshop. And they are engineers.

  • Anonymous

    Posted by mistake? It is not the intention of DPWH to fool the public? Maniwalakojan. It was not posted by mistake! You tried to fool the public! Let’s put it this way: It is a big mistake to try to fool the public! – This is a better a statement that you should learn. Kaya naman pala pati ang mga report tungkol sa construction by mistake and trying to fool the public din. Maniwalakojan…

  • Joey Mallari

    if they wanted to make a good PR shot… why not do it the old fashioned way and really stand in front of the wreck and “act” out the scene?

  • Anonymous

    Photoshopped din yung 2nd photo!!! P0tsa, nasa Roxas Blvd. lang din sa pier and Head Office ng DPWH, tinamad pa silang pumunta talaga sa site. Kaya ang lalaki ng tiyan ng mga hinayupaks. Booooo.

  • Anonymous

    these people should be fired!

  • Jesus S. Matubis Jr

    A similar case happened in China when they posted a photo of Chinese officials purportedly inspecting a newly repaired road in the aftermath of an earthquake. The officials also appeared “floating on air” and it was pulled down after it was exposed as a fake. BTW, in the upper photo, notice that in the far background, there are two guys with backs to camera (one with a red jacket and the other with a black one but both wearing white safety helmets) who appear to be the same two guys in red and black jackets talking to a third person!!! Huli!!!

  • Anonymous

    the question is: are those persons involved in deceiving the public reprimanded or punished?

  • Herbert


  • bol pen

    such a disgusting behavior of a public official. this is highly gross and premature action of engineers. it just reflects the quality of the projects they make.

  • Reggie

    Laughtrip talaga ‘t. HAHAHAHAHA

    Hindi man lang naayos ung edges nung nakaputi. WAHAHAHA

    Dapat daw pala dumaan muna sa mga ‘pro’ photoshoppers.

  • Darwin

    Para saan ang hard hat?! Anlalaki ng tyan. Halatang di na nagbabanat ng buto ang mga ito. Old dogs na kumbaga. Ladies and gentlemen, these is where are taxes go to. To pay these sanamagans.

  • joboni96

    ganyan talaga ang mga iyan
    fake photos
    fake projects

    kahit ok na ang secretary
    nandyan pa rin ang mga bureaucrats
    na protektado ng ceso
    na at the very least
    kinokonsente ang corruption

    • Anonymous

      That CESO thing is stupid. Rather have these monkeys fired for what they are doing.

      No wonder we cannot stamp out corruption and waste at the government….

  • Rocky Monzon

    di ba meron din ganitong case sa china? ahaha nalutang din

  • Anonymous

    Do these officials know that there is so many apps that can detect whether any images has been edited or changed? Little knowledge is really dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t these officials know that there many apps that can detect whether the images has been edited or doctored. Little knowledge is dangerous!

    • Joma Cordova

      …licensed kaya ang photoshop nila?? (,”)

  • Anonymous

    And this, ladies and gentlemen is one of the reasons why PNoy will not succeed in stamping out corruption.

    He cannot fire these monkeys.

    Macoy would have fired them pronto. Not sayin’ the rest Macoy did was good though…

  • Anonymous

    Kapunin ang mga opisyal na ito at ipakain kay Lolong ang mga itlog nila pagkatapos tangalin sa pwesto. Kung hindi kaya ni Pnoy tangalin, si Pnoy na lang pakain kay Lolong.

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    a fake is a fake is a fake.  pnoy, gumising ka naman!  is this your government’s standards?  fire these people asap!

  • rosemarie

    ang mga opisyal sa pina ka corrupt na govt agency pa float float pa. sayang lang yung tax natin mga pilipino. kung may magandang highway, sirain nla para ayusin na naman. pera pera lang. kapal muks taga DPWH

  • Noli

    This is not a wedding album so editing has no place. You do not have to look good either because you are not celebrities. 

  • rosemarie

    Wla naman talagang magandang performance yung taga DPWH; pera pera lang. kung maganda nang pagkatrabaho yung highway, sirain na naman nila para trabahoin ulit. pera pera lang. Tapos pag may repair sila sa highways, unsafe yung nilagay na mga warning signs- very prone to accidents if you are not careful.  one of the most corrupt government agency… sayang lang yung binayad natin na taxes- laki pa naman

  • Joma Cordova

    busog na busog kayo mga ser 

  • rosemarie

    lumalaki na rin ulo nitong taga DPWH kasi protectado rin ng mga buwayang politico sa pinas na ginawa ring gatasan ang DPWH. Tax pa naman natin yan. dapat abolish yung DPWH

  • Anonymous

    Doing something good and appearing to do good for the taxpaying public are obviously two completely different things. One is real, the other is making some bureaucrats look good and in the process fooling the people. They can’t even make a good job out of the latter, much less provide a plausible explanation. And to think that the DPWH is given billions for its budget.

  • Anonymous

    Ano ba problema.. andun naman sila. Masama kung wala sila dun at nagkunwari andun sila….

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    style ninyo bulok!!!

  • Lee

    the second “Official” Photo shows a white helmet with logo without a body attached. How do they explain this? Another case of amateur photo manipulation? Why fix a faked faux pas with another fake?

  • Paolo Dominict Umali

    tiyan pa lang, pangita na….

  • Anonymous

    Malamang, dinaya rin yung bidding sa kontrata nung nag-photoshop, kaya heto nangyari. DPWH office is also at Roxas Blvd. like the seawall they were “inspecting”. Konting travel na lang, tinamad pa.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    fake fake fake ? fake engineers?……………

  • orlycall

    DPWH – Department of Photoshop Works and Highways

  • Banana Na

    pag-gumawa kayo ng ganyan projects, ayusin ninyo naman ang mga plans, pwede naman kayo kumuha ng consultant architect or engineer ng local or foreign consultant company, laki ng budgets ng binibigay sa inyo ng government, ang dami naman ng workers ninyo para gumawa sa mga projects na ito, ang nagpapa-sweldo sa inyo ay di government kundi ang taxpayers ng bansa nito..

  • Anonymous

    The first photo actually doubled their body. Look at the 2 person behind them who are walking away, although it doesn’t show their face but clothings and helmet are the same. Crap!

  • Jaygee3

    Look again closely on the first photo, the “Floating on Air Photo”. The 2 men with hard hats in the foreground one with red and the other with black jacket, seem to be a duplicate of the 2 men in the background with their backs facing the camera.

  • Anonymous

    This is disgusting. DPWH has lost its credibility since the beginning. This agency of the Philippine government is so corrupt from the top.

  • Anonymous

    Another engineer who wants to be an artist… hahaha! nice try!

  • Anonymous

    And they want to do the works of architects too… hahaha! mga u l o l!

  • Anonymous

    And why are they wearing jackets when the ordinary folks behind are not even cold… malamig ba Mr. Secretary? hahaha! Department of Fakes.

  • Anonymous

    dahan-dahan Mr. secretary, sir, may malaking bato sa harapan mo, baka matisod ka jan…

  • Anonymous

    Is this department for Muslim people??????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth are they wearing helmets there is no construction going on? oh well, it’s fake.

  • Anonymous

    Now we have officials too lazy to be photographed on site pretending to be working?!?!?!?  LOL!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amateurs. . . . . . .

  • Raul Matienzo

    akala siguro ng ng post sa website ng dpwh, na hanggang ngayon tanga parin ang mga pinoy. Attention, DPWH Secretary, pakitanggal na rin ang mga incompetent na mga opisyal na may kagagawan nito, Hanggan naririyan ang iyan, eh sisirain nila ang mga mabubuting intentions adminstarion aquino.

  • James Zantua

    haha..kawawa naman mga gagong yan kumuha pa ng hndi marunong mg photoshop..sabe nung isa “mukhang tiba2 na nman tyo sa SOP d2..anu sa tingin mo?”..nice work engineers!!!. baka sabhin na naman nyan kya nasira kasi 3 years old na?haha..vital infrustructure 3 years lng ang itatagal..kawawang bansa!!!!

  • labcu

    I  just watched The Weather Channel here in the US and it is very sad to see those photos of floating DPWH top management officials faking as if inspecting the ruins at Roxas Blvd baywalk after typhoon Pedring. The news has been viewed allover the US and the world! I always tell every people I met to visit the Philippines but how can we sell our country if even in times of calamities like Pedring officials openly make lies not only to the Filipino people but to the whole world!

  • Anonymous

    Pagunita sa mga corrupt govt officials & workers:  Ang panloloko or corruption ay isang uri ng katamaran, paglaban sa mga pagbabago.  Sa ayaw at gusto ninyo, maraming pagbabago ang darating dahil sa teknologiya. Ang paglaban ninyo against sa changes, mamanahin ng mga anak ninyo at sila’y magiging huli or irrelevant sa bagong sistema. Isang napakagandang example, si Mr. Ronald Singson, huli sa pagtanggap ng bagong sistema kaya nakakulong. Akala niya kaya niyang malusutan ang makabagong sistema sa Hong Kong.

  • ely

    Ganito ka LOKO ang mga tao ni PNOY!!! LOKOHAN LANG ANG ALAM!


  • ricci santiago

    ill repost this on my blog themanwhoownedthephils(dot)blogspot(dot)com
    1). they are just idling away making chismis together
    2) they used a photo editor pretending they worked on site
    3) they will go back to their SUV’s , back to their offices doing nothing. 
    Kakahiya na kayo dyan

  • ricci santiago

    si Beth Pilorin yung DPWH Public Information Div. hmmmmm
    pwede ka sweetheart, photoshop tyo dalawa :p

  • Anonymous

    Halatang walang magaling gagawin tong mga officials nato, sigurado puro pamemeke gagawin nito sa problema sa baha ng bayan. Gaya nitong photo release nila. Mas magaling kong resignation ang mababalitaan ng bayan hindi sorry sa mga to.

  • Anonymous

    We people easily condemn and criticize  if we saw public officials.
    That is not photo op, they are in inspection tour, assessing the damage and how repairs should be done immediately after the typhoon.
    On the other hand, if we don’t see any public officials after the storm, we accuse them of hiding.
    Well, sala sa lamig, sala sa init.

    My only advice to DPWH is…wear an overall construction attire during inspection and not an after dinner buffet barong and no tucked in, no bulging belly, looked full.

    • Anonymous

      wawa nmn goding, subra purol…

  • Anonymous

    Parang China-style ah!  May ganito ding issue na lumabas sa mga officials nila eh.

  • Anonymous

    Yan yun epekto ng ‘Tarpaulin’ public service meron tayo sa Pilipinas. Lahat na yata ng mga politiko meron Tarpaulintitis pag dating sa pagtupad ng katungkulan nila.

  • Anonymous

    The question is: How much did the PDI byliner Karen Boncocan get paid to have these anomalies published in the pdinquirer? Maybe the pdi has an internal ombudsman for these kind of shenanigans; then, again, maybe not…

    • Anonymous

      and, i apologize to ms. boncocan if she is not the one responsible for the publication of the release.

  • ely

    Ganito ata lahat nang KKK AT cabinete ni PNOY! MGA PEKE…



  • richelieu

    “Delete” the person(s) behind  responsible in the “OPLAN PHOTOSHOP”.

  • richelieu

    Recommendation: Delete from the list those  persons  responsible in the “OPLAN PHOTOSHOP”, they are destructive more than the typhoon.

  • SEO Specialist Philippines

    Official or not official, for internal publications or otherwise, it is still FAKE!! There is no excuse Ms Beth Pilorin!

  • Anonymous
    • Naomi

      DPWH should have been reprimanded – by whom, I am not sure. So the department has no integrity. Ang tanong e sino pa ba ang may integridad sa gobyerno ngayon? 

      One thing I am sure of: by focusing media attention on stories like this when all our efforts should be on rescue, we are only bringing more negative attention to ourselves. Sigh.

  • Elmer Loves Oreo

    Falsification of public document? :)

  • Anonymous

    Actually, nang kunan ang  litrato bagong kain sina engineers, kaya ang lalaki ng tiyan. Medyo nagpapahangin para makahinga ng maluwag sa kabusugan. Tingnan ninyo luwa ang mga tiyan at nagtitinga pa.
    Next time, yang photo op wag bagong lamon, este bagong kain para disimulado.

  • Tristan Marco San Andres

    Walang Photoshop na ginamit…

    Gumamit kami ng MS Paint!


  • wishfull thinking

    check nyo ang date…baka nun Ondoy pa yan pinalit na pictures ahahay!

  • wishfull thinking

    Gagawin ba ng artist yan kung hindi nila iniutos? sabihin nyo na totoo! kuha kasi kayo ng kuha ng OJT eh ayan!

  • Anonymous

    Facebook records the date/time of all its entries. Reviewing these date/time records on the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH Central Office) FB account will show attempts of cover-up. Consider the following:-
    12:12 pm, Sept 28, 2011 – Based on the screen shot in the 2011/09/28/dpwh-photoshop-fail blog of Pierre Albert San Diego, the DPWH FB posted a picture showing 3 DPWH officials with the caption “DPWH INSPECTS COLLAPSED SEAWALL AT ROXAS BOULEVARD. DPWH Undersecretary Romeo S. Momo with NCR Director Reynaldo G. Tagudando and South Manila District Engineer Mikunug D. Macud inspect the extent of damaged seawall in Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard caused by Typhoon Pedring.” Pierre in that blog pointed out discrepancies in the picture that clearly showed the picture was “photoshopped”.
    12:29 pm, Sept 28, 2011 – DPWH deleted that post replacing it with a picture of two DPHW officials in Roxas Blvd. The picture carries the original caption of the deleted photo where 3 names were mentioned. But the photo shows only 2 people, the one with the red jacket is missing. The one in white polo barong now wears a hard hat when in the former picture, his head was bare. A number of remarks flooded the Internet regarding this new picture, some saying that this is also doctored.
    10:30 am, Sept 29, 2011 – the DPWH FB posted another picture with the same caption as above. This picture showed the 3 DPWH officials as in the original (deleted) photo. While in that photo Manila Bay was on the RIGHT side of the picture frame, this “official” photo shows the bay on the LEFT side. This time the picture showed the same 3 DPWH officials shown in the original photo, with the one in white polo barong now without a hard hat.
    9:37 pm, Sept 29, 2011 – carries the press release where DPWH public relations officer Andro Santiago told that the original photo had been posted by mistake as they were also preparing the layout for a magazine they circulated in the DPWH. He maintained that it was not the DPWH’s intention to fool the public by posting an edited photo of the inspection, adding that the minute they realized the mistake, they immediately replaced it with the official photo release. “After about two minutes, the photo was deleted. The official photo release was posted,” said Santiago, stressing that the official photo was genuine and “Photoshop was not used. Walang Photoshop at hindi naretoke (the picture was not retouched)” was his description of the official photo release. Yet, FB records show that the second photo (which was questionable) was posted around 20 minutes after the first and the third photo very much later by around 22 hours.
    8:48 am, Sept 30, 2011 – DPWH FB posts this Comment – We would like to apologize to Undersecretary Romeo Momo, Director Rey Tagudando and District Engineer Mikunug Macud for whatever inconvenience that may have caused them regarding the photo earlier posted. Rest assured that we shall exert more diligence and prudence in the execution of our mandate to inform the public of our plans, programs, projects and official activities. – PID
    Now come the QUESTIONS:-
    1. Why did it take 22 hours for the “official” picture to come out, if it was available during the original posting?
    2. Where is the original photo that was the source of the “failed photoshop”? When this happened in China, the authorities simply published the original “un-photoshop” picture with a public apology and fired some people involved. Why couldn’t the DPWH do the same?
    3. Could it be that the original photo did not actually occur and was “photoshopped” to show three DPWH officials when in fact there were only two in the scene?
    4. Did the 22 hours mysterious gap between the original picture and the “official” photo gave chance for the 3 DPWH officials to “stage” a photo session so that the “photoshopped” picture can now be realized and they can claim that the picture was not retouched, except that they forgot to put Manila Bay at the RIGHT side of the picture frame?
    5. If this is the case, which is the bigger sin, the “photoshopped” picture done by some staff in DPWH, or the staged photo session done by the DPWH officials?

  • Taga Nasugbu

    please naman… ung background ang fake… hindi silang tatlo…hehehe…

  • Erwin Arcilla

    Nakakahiya at lalong nakakahiya na hindi pa ninyo aminin na gumamit kayo ng Photoshop or kung ano mang image manipulation tool.

    Akala ninyo kasi porke’t nakahawak kayo ng Photoshop eh, pwede na kayo mag doctor ng picture

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if anyone has pointed out: you can see two of the men in the distance, walking away from the camera.

  • Anonymous

    and no actions taken….singson even ais trying to cover up these three…i can only cry in anger at our government…

  • Anonymous

    This is shameful. I wonder how many “Pakitang Tao” are happening ?

  • Anonymous

    Guys come on  these shots were not altered. They levitated because they were government “ghost” employees.

  • Anonymous

    something like this happened in china, i guess our bureaucrats didn’t get wind of that story. the head of the PIO of DPWH should roll for this. making the reputation of one of the worst department in our government even worse.

  • Anonymous

    Hindi lang pala mga kurakot, manlilinlang na, bobo pa pala! At bakit bobo? If they were just using whateve is inside their ‘coconuts,’ they should not have told the public that it was just a cropped-up photo because in the first place, if they were working and doing the jobs they were paid for, there would be no need for them to project and hype their images to the public. Just do your jobs sans fanfare. Santiago and Pilorin, who do you think believes in you? Pity your sons and daughters whom you have unnecessarily dragged into the messy and shameful pit of your incompetent answers. Kawawa naman sila. Mahiya naman kayo hoy!

  • Anonymous

    oppsss,,,punahin din po natin sa pictures ang mga nagiba walls,,,,para wala man lamang bakal
    o mga kable….panahon na rin po na inspeksyonin ang lahat ng kanila projects noon at sa mga darating
    pa,,,,kung sa pictures dinodoctor,,ang mapag ka kwartahan pa kaya….

  • Anonymous

    Their reasoning is very far from convincing, go and think of a better alibi..

  • Anonymous

    sana di nasisante yung inutusan magphotoshop…halata kasing binenta hahaha!

  • Anonymous

    Paki check po nang lahat na project nang DPWH lalo na yong may bundok na inaalis…ang alam ko by volume ang pag tanggal nang mga lupa at bato para lang maging daan….kung pina padding po using photo shop…dinadagdagan po ang volume para lalong mas mahal ang bayad nang gobierno sa mga kontractor…

    Millions po ang nawawalang pera sa atin and of course check contractors coffers.  Do they pay taxes?  Diyan lang po lilinaw kung saan napunta and magkano ang nawawala sa ating mga mamamayan tapos ang pojekto “how show” ang pag ka gawa.  Sa ibang bansa may warranty po ang lahat nang ginagawa nila plus an independent strength of material checker was asked to do the audit of their work by sampling some areas and it is submitted to the Public Works Department without knowing who inspect and all they have is  just the result.  Pag kulang sa materiales pinapaulit po sa kontraktor.

    Hopefully our Tongressman and our Sinators would make a bill about it but it is not more likely will pass since most of the projects – they got 20-30% of the project…. Check their income also and find why are they spending money left and right and their family just go in and out of the country…..

    Nasanay po ang DPWH sa super impose …wow naka hang nga sila pag tiningnan mo….Buti na lang di nailagay sa tubig…..

    • Anonymous

      Let them stand afloat and walk on water! Let them be Supermen!

  • Lateralus

    huli kayo! haha, 

  • Anonymous

    may himala pala.

  • Anthony Co

    “the photo was not cleared before the staff posted it”   – means there was an intent to release it, otherwise, why would they go through the trouble of layering it on the background?

    “…posted by mistake as they were also preparing the layout for a magazine they circulated in the DPWH.” – What a lame excuse.  Who in his right mind would believe it?

  • Carl Andreas Paraiso

    I don’t see anything wrong with a government department utilizing PR tools in order to promote their department’s mandate and reporting the merits of their actions to the public. But putting something or altering facts or proof which proves a fact, to make you appear something or someone else, is not good PR. I think the department should get another person to replace their sitting PR or Public Information Officer.

  • leonardoo

    It’s a common knowledge that DPWH has been a corrupt department since time immemorial. Corruption is deep-seated vertically and horizontally of the department, therefore it becomes difficult to wipe it out. What happened here simply shows that dishonesty is pervasive even in matters not having at all any pecuniary value.

  • archer vallesfin

    Ow My…. even the excuse is not valid. Why are you doing this people? pretty much like you are fooling us all citizen of the Philippines. If this happen now, most probably it happen many times already. I am sure the graphics engineer was now out of Job and they hired new one that can do better on Photoshop. Hindi na kayo na hiya dyan DPWH.. mag retire na nga yang dapat mag retire dyan at mahiya naman kayo sa mga Filipino na kumakayod para sa lahat.

  • b0b

    ‘It was not cleared yet before the staff posted it’

    What if na clear sya and was approved for posting?  Sa linya nya, mukhang kalakaran na ang panggagago nila sa departamento. Sa ‘inspection’ pa lang, kaululan na! Ano pa kaya pag implementation na ng projects!

    Sa mga nagkokomento at natatawa sa nangyari, walang nakakatawa sa katarantaduhan ng mga eto.

    F*ck these b@st@rds! 

  • Son Goku

    Para sa DPWH at iba pang mga government officials, pwede ba??? Ayus-ayusin nyo naman ang trabaho nyo. Nakakahiya ginagawa nyo.  Lakas ng loob nyong ipagmalaki sa Facebook yang larawang nagpapakita ng kasinungalingan nyo.  Dapat sa Fakebook nyo yan pinopost! Ang laki ng sahod nyo pero mga inutil naman kayo! Nagpapalaki lang kayo ng tyan sa upuan nyo! Letse!

    • Anonymous

      Tama!. tirahin mo nga yang mga yan  ng kamehame wave mo

  • OXO

    Your pic just shows what kind of work ethics your notorious department undertakes.
    Puro short cut, cut don cut dito,cutkong sa kangkungan.  Pati ba naman sa facebook nabibisto pa kalintikan nyo!!!!

  • OXO

    Ano? Hindi Photoshop yan? Eh ano tawag mo dyan …Photo-ooooops.

  • OXO

    Haaaaay nako!  Ginagawa nyo naman tanga taong bayan para ipost yan ganyang pic.
    Pati ba naman eksplanasyon nyo dyan eh palulusutin nyo pa!  Ano kani Tanga!!!!!

  • Haku Daten

    Mahunang mga infrastruktura pati mga pag-iisip ninyo ay lalong mahuna na rin pala. Wala na kayong matinong ginawa… hindi iyan ang panahon nang pagpapa-pogi!

    Mahiya naman kayo sa mga taxpayers at sa mga biktima ng bagyo!

  • Edgar

    pareho din yung picture e =(

  • Edgar

    pareho din yung picture na nakalutang . . . =(

  • mmm choco

    sino ba gumawa nito??( Sea wall) yong dapat parusahan..agad..

  • Anonymous

    nakakahiya kayo sa departamento nyo, sa mga tauhan nyo at sa taong bayan, mag resign nalang kaya kayo baka matuwa pa ang marami…pasaway…

  • coach

    im looking for a job right now, and im sure im better than that guy..LOL

  • Anonymous

    what’s the use of our comments for this people, do you think they will learn from this mistake..kaya hindi na aasenso ang pilipinas dahil sa mga ganitong gawain, instead na magtrabaho na agad para maayos yung mga nasira eh yung pag papapogi muna ang inuuna..sayang lang talaga yung mga sweldong binibigay na kinukuha bilang tax sa kakarampot na sweldo ni Juan..

  • tow truck

    that is wrong!  do your jobs!!!!! 

  • bianx evergreen

    wth. di pa ba sila natuto dun sa japanese version nito nang mangyari yung tsunami??? o baka talagang sinadya nilang gayahin para mag ingay ng ganitong balita… hmmm… anu bang mainit na issue ngayon at kailangang takpan ng ganitong napaka”careless” na act???

  • eddy

    hindi kataka taka kung bakit napag iiwanan na tyo ng kalapit bansa natin sa asia. tsk.tsk.


    Ginawa naman nilang mga ignorante lahat ng mga Pilipino. Napaka babaw ang dahilan nila, hindi pa daw release for approval? Akala nila kase hindi na mapapansin yun, parang yung mga lahat ng kontrata nila sa mga pinapagawa nila, puro peke, dinadaya yung kapal ng asphalt o konkreto, Hello… marami din ang nakakapansin sa lahat ng mga trabaho nyo, yun pa kayang photoshop nyo?

  • Benfred T

    how dare!!!! make up guys.

  • Benfred T

    how dare!!!! make up guys.

  • Anonymous

    If you can photoshop a survey photo, you can photoshop:

    – fake purchase order of construction materials
    – fake receipts of construction materials
    – fake contracts of construction (especially in the provinces)
    – fake signatures of fake employees of construction projects
    – fake reports and milestone photos of construction
    – fake permits

    etc.  And the photos above are OFFICIAL.  So are the aforementioned documents…

  • Anonymous

    No wonder that we have so many roads and bridges that are so old and need repairs but they budgets were already gone because of their hocus-focus. In addition, it is already well-known that DPWH is one of the most corrupt department in the government and this incident will probe about it.

  • Anonymous

    DPWH: “ You can fool the Pilipino people sometime, you can
    fool the Pilipino people one at time, but you can not fool the Pilipino people
    all the time.

    No doubt, DPWH Ghost projects claims are done in photoshop.
    Well,  the only way to refute that the
    pictures are not edited is to shoot in RAW, and provide the RAW images  (Digital film).

  • Rocky

    aka ko ba ang mga buwaya sa agusan river lang bakit ang tatlo nasa baywalk pa. kunwari nag inspection. buti pa sa inyo mag resign na lang

  • Aspo resurrection

    around the world we are experiencing climate change…BUT NOT IN OUR GOVERNMENT~~~

  • lucidlynx

    tanggalin na sa puwesto ang mga yan.

  • redante carlo

    come on guys!!!! how low can you get???
    an ordinary person can see both the obvious and the intention of this masquerade. i hope that the P-noy sees this and consider replacing them. this is a very clear illustration of a public official betraying public trust. given that they did have an official photo, what is the need then in making another one up. given again that this was not approved and that some rank and file released this without approval; again, why is there a need for this facade? clearly and by first glance one can, with certainty, conclude that this is meant to misinform and fool the public into believing that these guys are doing their job; which then means that in reality they are not. kahit photo op nalang sa area tinamad pa, pano na kaya ang tambak nilang trabaho???

  • cool h

    mahiya n man kayo sa balat nyo.!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Kailangan na ng approval ng moderator ngayon bago mag post ng blog??

  • Pinoy Installers

    By saying it was a mistake is another lie. Final prints such as these are subjected to hierarchy of approvers.  The intention to deceive the public is quite obvious.

  • antonioluna

    napaghahalatang nagpapalaki lang ng tiyan ang mga hinayupak, ang sabi yong isang engineer daw dyan ay kuno lang dahil ang diploma galing lang daw sa recto, totoo kaya?

  • Anonymous

    Pure BS again from DPWH.  Department of People na Walang Hiya,

  • Anonymous

    In fairness to these guys.. they were really at the scene. i just so happened that the camera guy failed to captured the moment so they resorted to photoshop. its no different from the photoshop beauty we see everyday in billboards. wag namang tayong masyadong palapuna

  • Onnie

    im sure tinanggal na ung gumawa ng photoshop dahil sa palpak niang ginawa,,, ang nakakainis lang ung nagutos sa kanya na gawin un ay nandun parin,,,,,,tana nila! nandun nalang din sila, picture picture nalang din hindi pa nila nilubos lubos,,

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