That stupid Pangilinan law


Former Ombudsman Merci Gutierrez has cleared Senator Lito Lapid and his son Mark and three former Pampanga officials of plunder on charges they didn’t remit P500 million in quarrying fees to the provincial government.

Both father and son became Pampanga governor one after the other.

But the Lapids were not only the ones taken off the hook for corruption by Gutierrez.

She also reinstated a very corrupt customs official who allegedly amassed wealth in office in what was considered a controversial decision.

Can you blame Gutierrez for feathering her nest before she bowed out of government service?

Her benefactors and idols, Gloria and Mike Arroyo, have allegedly become billionaires before exiting from power.

As one tongue-in-cheek saying goes, “Monkey see, monkey do.”

*  *  *

By the way, the customs official whom Gutierrez reinstated became an adviser to sacked Customs Commissioner Lito Alvarez.

His advice got Alvarez into trouble.

If the new customs commissioner, Ruffy Biazon, gets this official as his adviser, he might suffer the same fate as Alvarez.

*  *  *

One of Biazon’s first order of business as customs chief was to distinguish legitimate journalists from the fake ones who look over the shoulders of customs officials and personnel.

In customs—as well as in journalistic—parlance, people who wear media ID cards as big as their faces are called hao shiao.

Needless to say, these people are not journalists but panhandlers and extortionists.

Years ago, one of these unscrupulous individuals was using my name to extort money from customs officials.

The Bureau of Customs is probably the only government office that is the most covered by media people, both genuine and illegitimate.

About 30 tabloids, whose combined circulation would not even reach 200 copies, write about the goings-on at the customs bureau.

*  *  *

There is an urgent need to amend that stupid law that exempts young criminals from punishment even if they have committed heinous crimes.

Under Republic Act 9344, or the Juvenile Justice Welfare Act of 2006, authored by Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, persons 15 years old and below cannot be imprisoned even for heinous crimes like rape and murder.

Based on the provisions of that law, the police and the Department of Social Welfare should first determine whether an offender 16 to 18 years of age had “discernment,” meaning the person must have known what he or she was doing during the commission of the crime.

That’s really stupid because in this age of television and the Internet, or the information highway, a 14-year-old kid’s maturity is equivalent to that of a person 20 years of age before the advent of multimedia outlets.

If RA 9344 is a stupid law, what does that make of Pangilinan and his colleagues who passed the law and President Gloria who signed it?

*  *  *

Because of Pangilinan’s law, three minors who beat up 21-year-old Albert Talon for no apparent reason are out scot-free.

Talon was on his way home from work in Dasmariñas, Cavite province, when he crossed the path of the three young neighborhood toughies.

The three were allegedly under the influence of drugs.

The assault was so severe Talon lost all his teeth. His jaw has been dislocated as a result of the incident.

Asked why they did it, the three said: “Kursunada lang (just for the thrill of it).”

I wonder how those legislators who approved RA 9344 would react if minors beat up their innocent relatives and then tell them the same thing.

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  • Anonymous

    matagal ng naghasik ng lagim itong “basurang” batas na “juvenile justice” ni “mega star” sen pangilinan, pero walang ginagawa ang author dahil sigurado naman siyang iboboto ng mga “bakya cowd” na fans ni sharon cuneta pangilinan, ha, ha, ha! talagang walang mnagyayari sa bansang Ph, tinatawanan na nga ng ibang bansa ang congreso nito, ha, ha, ha! dapat ang mga criminal na mga minors ay ikulong sa bahay nina sharon & sen pangilinan, hindi puwedeng ikulong sa jail ayon kay Kiko,  he, he, he!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZDWT46ZRHZRJPI7UASWJMXMGKE Alen

    this kind of law existed in developed countries (i.e canada and euro) but like in canada the current admin is amending to make it tougher. but canadian society is a different planet compared to pinas. in other words kiko is thinking developed society but pinas is a primitive culture, full of savages, uncivilized with a disguise of jesus and all kinds of crufix you can find. what a shame.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2BLVKWQR77VJKMEZWS4GIMLGOY Edzel

    Sana ma-rape si Sharon at si KC ng mga minors na edad 15 pababa.  Ano kayang sasabihin ni Kiko Cuneta?

    • Anonymous

      Isa lang masasabi ni Kiko, NOTED uli.

    • Anonymous

      Eh ano pa noted.

  • ryan andres

    Ayaw nyang ipakulong for crimes they committed? Ipakulong na lang natin for the crimes na ginawa ng magulang nila…o Pangilinan, i-ready mo na ang mga anak mo at ipepreso na yan sa crimes mo like corruption…

  • Anonymous

    shawie ,iwan mo na yan walang baya_g na si kikiko ,magbalikan na lng tayo ! ! ! i love pa rin kahit medyo chubby ka na , , , mr. noted pag iniwan ka ni shawie ko kahit baranggay chairman hindi ka mananalo ,

  • Anonymous

    Do you expect anything good to come out of somebody who was elected due to the popularity of his wife? NOTED.

  • lucidlynx

    Agree with you Mr. Tulfo. That Pangilinan law is plainly stupid along with the others and GMA who passed and signed it, respectively. In other countries, juvenile crimes are determined first by the court whether the perpetrators can be tried as adults. It is not automatic to exempt these criminals from prosecution for their age. I think the court looks at the circumstances surrounding the crime first.

    Pangilinan’s only accomplishment is getting Sharon Cuneta as his wife and using the word “Noted”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BARCFWZKZRR67B35CP7R47W3XY mike d

    ganun ba? e di pwede na rin siguro natin hayaan bumoto at magpakasal ang menor de edad. at porke third world tayo dapat third world din batas natin? di ba ang bobo naman ng argumentong yun? di ba kung me magandang batas (“first world” ika nga) di ba dapat ihila nung batas pataas ang sociodad, gobyerno, at mga tao nito?

    • Anonymous

      Your premise is absurd to compare crimes with getting married.  yes, the law in other countries sometimes do not fit ours, it depends on the social system in place, the environment, education.  For all you know this was authored by Pangilinan to impress the UN on the preservation of child rights, without considering the realities in this country.  Unless good educational system is in place, jobs for everyone thereby eradicating poverty, only then will a law such as this becomes effective.  But the realities in a 3rd world country such as ours, are far different, and the realities are harsh.  Poverty and unemployment are at its highest level, and unless you can give a decent job to everyone to feed hungry stomach, you will continue to see minors into drug pushing, theft, robbery, rape and most of all murder.  What happens to the victims of these minors?  don’t they deserve justice as well?  It is like a 17 year old guy shooting and killing an 18 year old, and walks free, do another crime.  If you have seen the documentaries about batang kalye aired just lately, these minors knew very well what they are doing and they are very much aware of this law protecting them.  In fact, these comes from their mouths “Habang wala pang 18, gagawin na nila lahat ng katarantaduhan, kasi walang kulong”.

      Kiko Pangilinan just wanted to impress other countries, without upholding the rights and justice of those raped and murdered by minors for He is just after his political agenda.  

      I wonder if he will look for scientific basis before amending this unjust law if the victims are his precious daughters, raped and murdered by minors.  

      A law is meant to uphold justice in a specific country, it does not mean following what other developed countries do para lang sabihin na first world ka rin. 

  • Anonymous

    Ang ganda pala ng Batas ni KIKO CUNETA, may exemption. Now the Minors are above the “LAW”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nothandsome-Nottrue/100000576812385 Nothandsome Nottrue

    i don’t know who is stupid, kiko or tulfo, i think that, that law was passed when the age of discernment was up to date. for a mare 4 or 5 yrs has been passed, i think it has been too old for this generation now. or might i say, WHAT IS NEW THEN IS OLD NOW.

    i think he (kiko) is wise then and you (tulfo) is stupid now.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SHKBBO273I7GMSQTA4ZWLZCG3U Max

      your logic is distorted or you are just plain ignoramus for turning a blind eye on the numerous crimes committed by minors, some heinous.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nothandsome-Nottrue/100000576812385 Nothandsome Nottrue

        maybe its your logic that is distorted. i didnt say that there is no crimes committed by minors but rather  the argument is that the law that kiko passed is a no good, twisted stupid law. i’m not turning a blind eye on that.

        maybe that law was the call of the times a very relevant law for a 15 yrs old, and it is up to date. but several years passed and it is no good then it must be updated and must be lowered for several yrs. to give you an example, the penalty for petty theft way back in 1970’s was just 100pesos, and now much higher. it does not mean that law is stupid.  so who is stupid now MAX.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Kaya nga pinarerepeal ang batas. Mahirap ka ba makaintindi, nagbabasa ka ba ng newspaper or nanonood ng balita pababa ng pababa ang edad na gumagawa ng mga krimen. Kay then and now yan walang kami pakialam diyan.

  • Anonymous

    People of the Philippines, that RA9244 was passed because we elect a BAR FLUNKER in the senate.
    FYI, Kiko cuneta failed the bar exams when he first took it. now what do you expect from a bar flunker? answer is simple- A STUPID LAW! The original law found in RPC provides that children aged 9-15 shall be criminally liable if they acted with discernment. Our RPC was based from the Spanish Criminal law which have been drafted by great minds! NOW YOU KNOW!
    BAR FLUNKER!               BAR FLUNKER!                 BAR FLUNKER!             BAR FLUNKER!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jose-Hernani-Parco/100000334088180 Jose Hernani Parco

    not only that over the airwaves yesterday there was this 13 year-old kid in Iloilo who for some strange reason got hold of an M16 rifle and in his own innocent? mind just walked on the streets of town carrying the  long firearms like some toys! the bad news is that he took it from a police station and literally just walk away with it! the good news is no incident occurred like heaven forbid opened fire as it is loaded with a full magazine clip!

  • Anonymous

    R.A 9344 or the Juvenile Justice Welfare Act is also being used by some adults in instigating the youths to commit a crime such as drug courier, snatcher and even as killer telling these kids that they will not be imprisoned even when apprehended because they are protected by this law. The author of RA 9344 must realized his mistake pronto.  

  • http://twitter.com/mrcrabdribble Ruel Gatchalian

    to those calling the writer stupid on the topic on juveniles: did you read the last line? kung kayo o anak ninyo kaya yung binasag ang mukha ng ganun ganun lang, ganyan pa rin kaya ang stand ninyo? masyado kayong nagmamarunong eh.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K2RI3LJVGNNED3XPMG7HVMIIO4 Herbert

    Let’s just wait for Pangilinan’s star studded family to be victimized by young offenders. I hope so, nang matauhan si Pangilinan mismo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2BCV2YTRFVA3YOVMAN2A4RFHBM markx

    If RA 9344 is a stupid law, what does that make of Pangilinan and his
    colleagues who passed the law and President Gloria who signed it?

    that makes (un)gloria the mother of all stupid! so stupid she almost drained this country with all its sanity and morality, some became like her or even more than her stupidity! 

  • Anonymous

    That law is truly stupid! The person who proposed it, “Mr. Noted,” and the people who passed it did not think about its potential abuse and implications. There is a shortage of normally functioning brains in both chambers of Congress.

    To think that Pangilinan even supposedly attended Harvard. Such a shame.

    • Anonymous

      FYI, kiko failed the bar exams when he first took it. Just because he attended harvard does not mean that he is wise. the fact is he failed the bar exams. One more thing, the Bar exams in the us is way easy compared to the Philippine Bar exams. 

    • Anonymous

      Kaya nga ayoko mag-aral diyan sa Harvard maraming nasisira ulo sa sobra yata talino. Mabuti pa ang mangmang hindi nasisira ulo pero yun matalino madalas umiikot ang mga mata, sira na pala ulo

  • Pulis Na Pogi

    i pray that kc concepcion does not get raped by a 15-year old actor on the set of a movie shoot.

  • Anonymous

    Wala na rin mangyayari kahit sumpain pa ang kiko p. na yun, tapos na eh. Ang dapat gawin ngayon ng taongbayan (lalo na ng media tulad ni Mr. Tulfo) ay kulitin ang mga mambabatas na baguhin ang naturang batas para mapigilan ang masasamang gawain na ito ng mga kabataan.

  • Anonymous

    mas stupido ata yung mga taong nag sasabi nang stupid ang isang tao pero wala namang ginawa para sa lipunan. 

  • Anonymous

    yung istupido bumoto sa istupido senador na gumawa ng istupido batas ngayon perhuwisyo sa sambayanang pilipino, O ngayon alam nyo na ha,,, sa susunod na eleksiyon baka naman iboto nyo pa uli ang istupido senador na gumawa ng istupido batas, pag nanalo pa yan eh alam nyo na kung sino ang estupado.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alejandro-Canda/100000460494317 Alejandro Canda

      kung ako kay kiko hwag na lang syang mag ambisyon ng higher position kasi ang batas na ito ay number 1 issue laban sa kanya at dahil halos karamihan ng mga filipino ay talagang naiinis sa batas na ito ay siguradong sa kangkungan pupulutin si kiko. mabuti na lang si joey lina ang principal author ng lina law na nag protect ng mga squatters ay huminto na sa pulitika. itong lina law at pangilinan law ay talagang salot ng bayan na dapat ng amendahan. 

    • Anonymous

      Kahit kailan hindi ako bumoboto ng artista or asawa ng artista. Dito sa ating madali mauto ang mga voters konti ngiti o paiyak lang ni Sharon ay bumoboto na.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Sharon Cuneta does not get raped. ngek!

    • http://twitter.com/iduniq iduniq

      Yep, and the defense argues there’s no discernment by the minor and will be set free.

    • Anonymous

      and moreso his beloved daughters.  well, they live and move with security escorts so why would Mr. Pangilinan care?    

  • Anonymous

    Let us collect signature and start a movement to recall all the lawmakers who passed this law…they are not lawmakers, they are stupid-lawmakers, insensitive and plane morons..

    • Anonymous

      I fully agree.  I will join a rally/movement for this stupid law to be amended.  It is a waste of taxpayers money paying a Senator like Mr. Kiko Pangilinan who is only after his political career to prosper.  Let us get the signature campaign started

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fred-Mil/100002160424509 Fred Mil

    First the “NOTED”, now this. And Pangilingan will be running for vice president in 2016 and wants to be president someday.

    HOW MANY SCREW UPS FROM THIS GUY SHOULD WE ENDURE? Remember come election time not to vote for him!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hindi naman stupid yun law that you can’t imprisoned a minor, hindi lang satin meron ganung batas. FYI, in U.K. minors instigates a fight even against police officers because they know that they can’t touch them. Why not amend the law, and charge the parents of those erring minors instead, kanino ba magmamana ng masamang ugali yun mga batang yun kundi sa magulang nila, or hindi kaya pag heinous na yun crime eh, magkaroon tayo ng juvenile detention facility, kesa DSWD yun nangangalaga dun sa mga walang turong mga batang yun.

    • http://twitter.com/iduniq iduniq

      It’s as dumb as your account name.  For sure majority of Filipinos by age 11 already knew hruting somebody, stealing and other crimes is bad and there would be consequences.

    • Anonymous

      Kahit ba mayroon niya sa U.K. o sa Amerika ay gagayahin natin. Ibang ang kultural doon at dito. Papaano kung ang mga magulang nasa trabaho masusubaybayan ba nila ang mga anak. Ganyan edad ay alam ko na kung ano ang masama o hindi. Lalo na sa panahon ngayon madaling matuto ang mga kabataan ng kabutihan o masama. Alam mo kung itong Kiko na ito nabiktima ng panggugulpi ng mga menor de edad at napupukpok sa ulo matatauhan ito at sasabihin niya Mr Noted. Estupido

    • Anonymous

      What if the parents are both in jail for drug pushing?  and this is real… Who do we charge?  

  • Anonymous

    That law should be repealed or amended. It’s used by gangs and criminals (young & old) to terrorize  everyone because they know that the young criminals can commit any crime with no consequences or punishment of any kind. Even their parents are powerless to do anything.

  • jay serapio

    pangilinan law is really a stupid law! i hope he knows how to think

  • Anonymous

    Syempre, alam mo naman ang ilang tao sa gobyerno, basta na. Parang yung anti-planking law lang. Imbes unahin ang ibang issue yung iba na hindi nakakasagabal ang pinag-ukulan. Hanep GOBYERNONG PINOY!

  • antonioluna

    what do we expect from a stupid senatong who one time stupid enough to challenge enrile for senate presidency with the help of ate shawy and kristeta.

  • Anonymous

    MR. TULPO I agree with you about Juvenile Law with Sen. Pangilanan Authored. Syempre dahil sya ang gumawa ipaglaban nya yan. Syampre di pa sya lumakad at ang pamilya nya ng walang bodyguard kaya di pa nangyayari sa kanya yan. Dapat pulsuhin nya ang reklamo ng taong bayan isa pa yong bang BARIL  at KUNTSELYO ng bata at matanda ay magkaiba? STUPID LAW

  • Guest

    Certainly the youngsters’ action is senseless. However, before we impute the same degree of culpability on them as we would adults, we should remember that the youngsters’ behavior is a sure sign of adult negligence. Mr. Tulfo thinks the amount of information one has is a gauge of maturity. Not so. Many gifted kids are not necessarily mature. This is why educators should remember to address this.
    I think the law is sound. But what we need is the social support behind the law. A kid may have done something terribly wrong. Since he cannot be jailed, it does not mean he could go back to the street. This is where the social support should come in; judicious re-education program to rectify the attitudes that brought about the misdeed. Do we have such a program? complete with capable professionals to handle it? and the facility and all the attendant resources? Without them, the law is hollow.
    The law alone is not enough.

    • Anonymous

      The law is sound?  – is it sound when it completely denies justice for those killed by minors.  

      • Guest

        Yes, 1Simona1973. The law is sound, but it lacks the support to make the social change needed. “An eye for an eye..” is not justice. All it does is cause blindness. But, preventing the recurrence of a crime by reforming the “guilty”, thus making life better for most in society is justice plus. After all, crime is an indication of failure of society. So, reform, educate to prevent crime.

      • Anonymous

        @tellicog:disqus  tellicog – to COMPLETELY deny justice for those raped and killed by teenagers is for me is not a sound law. an amendment should be done by looking at the age of the offender and the gravity of the offense.  I believe teenagers like 14,15,16 17 know very well that raping, stealing, killing is not right.  Fact is a 13 year old killing a 16 year old, and in his suicide notes say, “I am happy to kill you”, it is ok to die with you” – would you say he is not aware of what he is doing? you may say otherwise and you are entitled to that, but for me as a victim, i am crying for justice.  wait until someone from your family eg like an 18 year old son or brother or sister of yours, raped and killed by a 17 year old, and you cannot put that person to jail.your idea of reform is good if we are living in an ideal society like the first world countries, that only a few cases of juvenile related crimes would happen, and i think that would involve only minors lost because of lack of love and attention. but in a country like ours, where lack of education and poverty is very high, and unless the state is able to give a decent job to everyone to feed hungry stomach, you and me will continue to see crimes including heinous ones committed by these minors.  In fact, statistics show crimes committed by minors increase 50% each year.  the idea of reforming the guilty is useless, unless poverty which is the root cause of all crimes is eradicated.  give every Filipino access to good education and ensure them a good job, I bet all these drug addicts, snatchers, hired killers will fade away.  but when will that happen?  how many people have to fall victims – raped and killed before you attain an ideal society?  I don’t even know if we can see this country in that state in our lifetime.  This is the reality, harsh as it is.Did you ever watch a documentary entitled batang kalye?  juveniles there were stimulated to do bukas kotse, stealing, etc due to poverty.  reform them? – they have been to DSWD countless of times, but are freed after some time. They even will even tell you the hierarchy of your stay in DSWD depending on the crime you committed.  Does reforming them change the reality that their families have nothing to eat? how can you reform a hungry stomach?, kahit anong psychological and religious teaching ituro mo sa kanila they will not accept it, because fact is, every day, kumakalam ang sikmura nila.  These words came from these juveniles who while they were younger, resorted to bukas-kotse, and when they were teenagers, promoted themselves to “professional theft”, akyat-bahay.  These minors had been in and out of DSWD, and this one liner of them will shock you.  “Habang wala pang 18, lahat ng katarantaduhan gawin na, kasi walang kulong, pag 18 ka na pwede ka nang ikulong.  I agree crime is an indication of failure of society, “feed a hungry society”, and by feeding means giving them jobs, and by getting jobs means education, this is what has to be done.  but while our society is chaotic and imbalance where the poor becomes poorer and the rich becomes richer, crimes by juveniles will continue to hound us.  baka bukas biktima ka na rin.  
        RA9344 just gave a legal remedy and avenue for juveniles to do crimes. 

        How do you solve hired killers asking minors to do their job, kasi pag nahuli walang kulong? you will reform the minor? what about the matured hired killers, you don’t even know if your 50 year old neighbor is one. how do you address 2 quarelling neighbors with one of the irate fathers asking his minor son to get a gun and shoot the other father kasi walang kulong?  how do you accept the reality, that a 60 year old man landed in jail for 6 months by apprehending, tying and scolding a 16 year old for continuously stealing kasi sya pa ang kinasuhan ng minor.

        Ask these juveniles and they will tell you what RA9344 is all about.  They know their rights and they are bound to do it, as we say, to the MAX, until the law can get back at them.  How many victims to suffer injustice? that, we will see.

      • Guest

        I don’t have to wait. My own flesh and blood was ruthlessly killed not by a minor, but by another adult, who was never convicted for lack of an eyewitness. Human justice is imperfect. Even so, society has to keep trying to improve the systems in place. That includes DSWD programs. According to CHR it must be restorative justice.I am not against jailing minors in conflict with the law. The key is to let them undergo rigorous programs to rehabilitate them. The police is ignorant when they use the law to let the minors go back to the streets to be exploited by hired killers once more. The police too needs re-education.
        Yes, we lack many things, including opportunities for the poor. (What we have an over abundance of is corruption.) But, I still believe minors must be dealt with differently from a hardened adult criminal.
        I reiterate my position, the failures of the young are in the conscience of adults.

      • Anonymous

        well. you are entitled to your position and so am I.  I understand you cannot pursue justice because there was no eyewitness.  but my case is different, we have witnesses, and these gang of minors aging 16 and 17 were drug pushers and addicts, but with RA9344, there is nothing you can do, this is sad..  They have been assaulting even strangers na naglalakad just because of the thrill of it.  Children pwede pa but teenagers especially 16,17? 

        Definitely, there are a lot to be corrected before restorative justice becomes effective here in this country.  Resolve first poverty, all else will follow, but so long as this is not done, I disagree to give teenagers the right to harm others just because they are protected by law.  Restorative justice is ok for first world countries but for poverty-stricken and corrupt country like ours, where crimes are rampant because of poverty, I would still pose the same question, how many lives will be lost first, how many rape victims whose lives they will destroy, how many victims they will assault kasi kursunada lang, and yet you cannot even retaliate to protect yourself because these minors will instead get back at you for physical injuries.  Let us face it, this is the reality in this country,  I don’t know how you call it, but the age of maturity before is already outmoded with the advent of technology and different forms of media.  and to borrow inquirer’s editorial.  “It’s clear that the innocence presumed in
        children of his age had long deserted him, and that in seeking justice, it
        would be folly to treat him like a child

      • Anonymous

        Tell your line to the CCT program of Noynoy. Wrong priorities, wrong mentality, wrong leader.

  • Anonymous

    Non-graduate or graduate in College pare-parehong silang di ngiisip para sa kapakanan ng mamamayan. Naturingan pa nman silang senadores. May nag-aral pa sa sikat na Universty sa ibang bansa. Pero kapag pera ng bayan ang hawak, tapos man o hindi sa Colegio siguradong matatalino. 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Mr. Tulfo for writing about this.


    I fully agree with you, there is an urgent need to amend
    this law and lower the age for minors to be tried in courts.  Victims of heinous crimes by these minors are
    suffering silently, hoping and praying one day, this Senator Pangilinan would
    realize what he has done.  Just imagine,
    justice for victims of heinous crimes are in the hands of Mr. Pangilinan?


    I too have a brother killed by gang of minors aging 15,16
    and 17.  The case is on-going.  They shot him 3 times, and battered him with
    stones and hard, blunt objects.  Some of
    these offenders’ parents are in jail as well for illegal drug pushing.  These are drug-addicts and drug pushers who
    frequented police stations and courts for assaulting others even strangers just
    crossing their paths, kasi kursunada lang din.


    Some of them are months shy from becoming of legal age when
    they committed the crime and yet the law is telling us they are minors and must
    not be jailed?


    To Kiko Pangilinan, you want to uphold the rights of minors?  What about the rights of the victims?  Where is justice for those murdered by these


    This law of yours do not uphold justice rather encourage
    crimes.  Minors as hired killers kasi
    walang kulong?  What kind of justice is

  • Anonymous

    SEN. PANGILINAN argue na dapat daw munang malaman kong itong bang mga Minor Gang na ito ay tama ang pag-iisip di ba kaya nga gumagawa ng kawalanghiyaan ang mga ito dahil tama ang kanilang pag-iisip at alam nila ang LAW na di sila ikukulong eh sa totoo lang talo pa nila ang ibang matatanda dahil hindi alam ang LAW. Ganito na lang MR. TULFO please add here the address ni Sen. Pangilinan at tayo lahat dito ay papuntahin ang mga kilala nating bata na walanghiya sa kanilang bahay at pagnakawan sila, di naman makukulong dahil sya ang gumawa ng batas. MR. TULFO PLS POST HERE the address nila ako na ang bahala dami rin kilala na mga teenager

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Pangilinan definitely is not aware of what is happening in his country, it is a shame.  Mr. Senator, why don’t you visit your police stations, watch the news, watch documentaries (latest of which) done by Kara David.  Go out of your office as what the taxpayers expect their Senators to, and see for yourself.  You will be amazed at how these minors very well knew this law of yours.  They definitely are in their right state of mind, in fact, they know this law so much so that they know how to go away with their offenses.  They even know how long a minor offender stays in DSWD, depending on the gravity of their offense.  They have been to DSWD countless of times, go out, and do again what they knew is wrong but go unpunished because of this law.

      Straight from their mouth, lahat ng kasamaan gawin na bago mag18 years old kasi wala pang kulong.  Pag 18 and above na, ikukulong ka na.

      I challenge Mr. Pangilinan, would you also check first if these minors are in their right state of mind, and know what they are doing, (and you have to prove that in courts), when the victims of these minors are your daughters or your filthy rich celebrity wife?


  • Anonymous

    NOTED ! ! !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DPXHJOIZFOXIUVJMBDQT5OPSKQ Rolly

    This is not applicable now, a 10 years old kid is already sniffing solvent or shabu, and stabbing people whenever they like. What do intend to do with this kids? Paluin sa puwet at pauwiin?

  • Anonymous

    The STUPID KIKO PANGILINAN Law need to be amended and reduced the age of offenders to 12.

  • Anonymous

    For peoples in the Philippines….take note for this….eye for an eye, tooth for tooth…If you want to live you must be ready to die….if this crim (young or old) will come to hurts you for nothing…kill them first before they will kill you….In America, you will never look staingers straight  into their eyes….or else you will be killed for nothing….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6XQ56F6GJZIXQM2RQXLU66XASQ caloyocoy

    Nung si mayor Lim papayag na babaan,ang daming tutol sa kanya! Pinoy nga naman Oo

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Mr. Monn Tulfo asks, if RA 9344 (Juvenile Justice Welfare Act of 2006) is a stupid law, what does that make of Sen. Pangilinan and his colleagues who passed the law and Pres. Gloria who singed it? Simple lang…they are all STUPID harharhar! That 13 year old boy who shot his 16 year old male lover the other day in SM Pamp.,  had he lived he could be set free. There’s nothing the authorities can do about it because of stupid Sen. Pangilinan and his equally stupid law. It is not right to wish ill on anybody but one is inclined to wish that the same fate would befall Sen. Pangilinan then perhaps he would hurriedly apply for his law’s repel. 

  • Anonymous

    Sen. Pangilinan, what if a group of boys below 15 years old under the influence of drugs would gang-rape your wife Sharon Cuneta?  How would you react?  You still won’t jail them after what they did to your wife?

    • Anonymous

      I guess he won’t have to worry about that.  With or without the influence of drugs nobody would dare rape the fat Sharon.. kadiri….

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Senator, what if a group of boys under 15 years old and under heavy influence of drugs would gang rape your wife Sharon Cuneta?  Not only they raped her but they later on chopped and roast her alive as they mistook her for a huge pig. How would you react?  Would it be just fine with you since they are still below 15?

    • Anonymous

      naku,hindi mag-rereact si kiko niyan dahil gusto na rin yata niya na mawala na sa buhay niya si shawie dahil mayroon daw na bago siyang…………….

  • Anonymous

    The law should be for the protection of juveniles, who are underage. We should have  facilities for juveniles that commit crimes not just released them. We shouldn’t treat minors as adults even in crimes they committed, but there should be an exceptions for other circumstances. Juvenile Hall/ jail should be separate from the adults.  We are trying hard to emulate the United States law for juveniles but we lack facilities and the know how. If that’s the case then just copy the exact word for  word concerning juvenile law in the US for it is much more preferable and well thought off than what Pangilinan passes here.  

    • Anonymous

      The law should also uphold justice for the victims of these minors.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=573753451 Nikko Mahor

    Where I work, we have apprehended a lot of shoplifters most of which are juveniles. Most of them immediately tells our security officers that we cannot have them jailed because the law prohibits it. They use the law as a license to get away from their crimes. IT IS A STUPID LAW THAT NEEDS TO BE REPEALED OR AT THE VERY LEAST, AMENDED SO THAT KIDS WHO KNOWINGLY DO ANY CRIME ENDS UP WHERE HE/SHE SHOULD END UP: IN JAIL. Kids are a lot more mature these days… ask any 6-year old about sex and he’d give you a general idea from what he picked up from watching too much tv….

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Tulfo about the Pangilinan law. If they are capable of commiting adult crimes, they are capable of dealing with adult punishments.  The same with insanity that’s oftentimes been used as a defense. If  one profess insanity when he killed somebody, then the court should be insane enough to put this person to death also. Why set him free to kill again. Simple logic.

  • Anonymous

    ang mas maganda dito ay kung marape at mapatay ng 15 yrs old ang anak ng isang mambabatas n pumirma at nag approve ng RA 9344..tingnan natin kung ano ang gagawin nila…kaya s lugar namin pinapatay ang mga lintik n yan dahil hindi pwedeng ikulong…

  • Chua Bee

    Hoy stupido,,,why are you attacking the law, because someone lost his teeth? Goodness sake. How could INQ retain this stupid (writer without prose) in this paper!?

    • Anonymous

      Chua Bee – that one cited above is just one case to set an example, ie (in terms of example)  Of course there are a lot of cases involving minors, and INQ ain’t stupid enough to write all of them here, just to make you understand.    

      If you want more than just the loss of teeth, go to the police stations, courts, there you will know that these minors do kill, rape, rob, or if you can’t, watch the news and documentaries you will be amazed.  These teenagers can even explain what this RA9344 is all about! 

  • Chua Bee

    juviniles should be punished by law as kids and not as adult, and should NOT be jailed in an -adult prisons. But Tulfo misses the whole point because of one case????? Stupid that is arent you

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VJOS3W7L7FDA4TGTFHXBLN5FGE George

    Stupid law from a stupid lawmaker. But those who voted for him are bigger idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Tulfo, I agree with you regarding your criticism on Mr. Noted’s Law. But I really miss your relentless written assaults on Sen. Ping Lacson nowadays. Why the change of tune? Have you gotten to your senses already that all your accusations proved futile? or just that you’re now scared to the bones because ex-PAOCTF men have occupied key positions now. You’re not your usual self, nakaka panibago! he he he he he!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=682952651 Boaz Luvs Ruth

    Ramon Tulfo: 
    The Republic Act No. 9344 does not protect heinous crimes but the children involving in it.   . 
    You are ignoring the fact by not focusing on the primary objective to recognize the children in Sec. 4. Definition of Terms (e) “Child” refers to a person under the age of eighteen (18) years. 
    Having said all that, they have no excuse for any criminal acts they were capable of doing, and must face the consequences with an alternative route to strive to give back to the community, and make it a safer place to live for everyone. 
    Do you really think that a child getting the maximum penalty in jail like the adult will solve or minimize every evil deeds in this world?
    How would they learn to act like a human being if no one would show or treat them like one?  Even animals act like a human being when a decent person treats it like one.

  • Anonymous

    It is the lawmakers who are stupid not the law. Let them redeem themselves and rectify the needed amendment to RA 9344 and to other irrelevant laws in order to be adaptable to our current situation. Say, “a youth offender can not be put in prison if it is a first offense”. But when he/she commits a heinous crime, he/she is a repeated offender and especially when readily presents a birth certificate once apprehended, then, it is worth looking into. Either, the youth offender is criminal thinker or is being handled by a syndicate. 

    Next, when murder is committed,  murder must be filed in court not rebellion. Right to life must be more important than political rights of other groups. 

    Terrorism has already been committed repeatedly, but why is the anti-terror law never been invoked by the authorities? Either, we amend it or scrap it together with all the useless laws.

    Reminder to the lawmakers: please make laws that could stand the test of time not of political colors or personal interests. Look at what happen to the RA 9344. It may happen again in RH Bill, no railroading and no blackmailing please.    

  • Anonymous

    i agree with you mr.tulfo that the pangilinan law is plain stupid. the intention is good (so children/minors will not suffer & languish in jail) but the law was not thought thoroughly. i think the juvenile law should be amended, in a way that minors would be liable in courts but would be held in juvenile detention centers and the courts would determine who should be tried as an adult. 

  • Anonymous

    and if Albert Talon returns the favor to these 3 toughies..he’ll end up in jail

    dpat d n lang nagsumbong si albert..an eye w/ an eye..tooth for a tooth..or batuhin n lang ng tinapay..isang trak

    • Anonymous

      @ last mile – yes, agree, if Albert, the victim, retaliated, these minors will complain and file a case, and the sure destination for Albert?  – jail.  A victim landing in jail..as simple as that.

      another real scenario – a 60 year old man, for a lot of times, frequented the police station reporting incidents of theft on his mini grocery store, the minor offender gets caught, brought to DSWD, and after a couple of days gets out and steal again.  Stroke of luck came to the old man, he was able to catch the 16 year old offender, he tied and scolded him and voila, the old man landed in jail for 6months, for harming the minor. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W6H5DZKUQTUASP4S6CGTK7B3E4 kevin

    What can you expect of that stupid Kiko,you are right Mr.Tulfo,,,

  • Anonymous

    Because the author, Pangilinan is stupid and the fake president who signed and passed the law is also stupid, hence it’s a stupid law. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2IJBSH4FNEZARUHZBERFJZBN4Y Jubno

    Don’t blame the law. Society is to blame.

  • Anonymous

    MON, the ARROYOS are alredy billionaire b4 they enter politics (if not not yet that time maybe almost there and you knew it because u r one of their beneficiary). You should write their billioin was doubled when they are in power. But you should write also that all politicians except for a very few (if their is) do the same. Look at the mayors, governors, congressmen senators and even barangay chairmen. those came from rugs became millionaires. and of course Custom and BIR employees. kahit Janitor lang ang position milyun yung halaga ng bahay may SU Vpa. If PNoy really mean business, sana si Ex Gen Lim na ang nilagay nya sa CUstom. Palagay ko naiiba sya kay Col Bibit noon.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up. The norm should be to stay away from criminally immune teen-agers for if any of them decides to massacre an entire town, they’ll remain scot-free, courtesy of Pangilinan and company who would surely receive, by universal justice, the effect this new law on thoise afflicted by it. Sowing and reaping doctrine Ate Sharon. 

  • Anonymous

    Amend also another stupid law, the LINA LAW.

  • Guest

    I’m not looking for disciples.

  • Anonymous

    Power really has a way of making the educated like Senator Kiko mental case. -:)

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