Aquino’s poll ratings no cause for rejoicing


President Benigno Aquino III. AP FILE PHOTO

On the eve of President Benigno Aquino III’s departure for an official visit to the United States Sunday, Pulse Asia released the results of its August 20 to September 2 survey showing his performance ratings neither went up nor down.

The results brought cold comfort for the President, whose net public satisfaction ratings also plunged precipitously by 5 points to plus 46 percent from plus 51 percent in March in a survey by Social Weather Stations (SWS).

The SWS findings were more or less similar to those of Pulse Asia’s for the same period. Both showed a slump.

Pulse Asia’s results for September showing the President’s ratings were caught in a gridlock did not cause rejoicing in the administration’s camp. Nor was the pollster exuberant with its results. It was overly cautious. It equivocated, as if it were shielding the administration from a piece of bad news, by saying:

“Amid the different problems facing his administration, President Aquino continues to enjoy big majority approval trust ratings (77 percent and 75 percent, respectively). In contrast, less than one in 10 Filipinos disapproves of presidential performance (4 percent) and distrusts the President (5 percent).”

“Ambivalence toward the work done by President Aquino in the past three months is expressed by 18 percent of Filipinos while essentially the same percentage (19 percent) cannot say if they trust or distrust him.”

Here’s the giveaway of Pulse Asia’s refusal to say where the President stood as to whether he is on the way up or down. It said: “In general, these figures do not vary significantly from the national ratings obtained by the President in Pulse Asia’s May 2011 survey. While President Aquino’s overall approval and trust ratings go up by 6 and 4 percentage points, respectively, between May and August 2011, these changes fall short of being significant given the survey’s overall error margin of plus/minus 3 percentage points.”

In plain language, what Pulse Asia is telling us is: Don’t take our figures at face value, and discount the results, as they could be wrong.

Median grade

Pulse Asia polled the President’s performance on 11 national concerns, with 75 as the passing grade. The issues included management of the economy, strengthening political institutions, increasing peace, enforcing the law on influential as well as ordinary people, reducing poverty, fighting graft and corruption, fighting criminality, and controlling fast population growth.

The results showed that in all categories but one, Mr. Aquino scored a median grade of 80, defined as “good,” meaning that he did not score with flying colors, the top grades being “very good” (90-99) and “perfect” (100).

The exception was the issue of reducing poverty, on which his score was 75 percent (barely passing). This is the issue that is illuminated by unemployment figures that reflect the administration’s competence in economic management, in the context of Asian Development Bank’s economic outlook for 2001 report.

The report forecasts a decline of  Philippine gross domestic product of 4.7 percent and 5.1 percent for this year and the next, down respectively from April’s outlook—5 percent and 5.3 percent..

The National Statistics Office released on Sept. 15 the July 2011 Labor Force Survey showing that the unemployment rate increased in July against the same month last year. The survey said the number of unemployed Filipinos in July 2011 was estimated at 2.8 million, translating to an unemployment rate of 7.1 percent. Last year’s unemployment rate was 7 percent, with 2.71 million unemployed.

Palace spin

Reacting to the mediocre results in the President’s approval and trust ratings in the latest poll surveys, Malacañang gave the survey an incredible spin too far removed from the reality reported by the polls.

The President’s spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said, “The result is an affirmation that more than a year into the current administration, the people’s faith in their leadership has not wavered and has in fact become stronger.”

He added, “The message is getting across to the vast majority of Filipinos: President Aquino’s ratings are proof  that his efforts in curbing corruption and reducing poverty are truly being felt by Filipinos across all geographic and demographic strata.”

The finding that the President’s approval and trust ratings had not significantly changed sends the message that he has to lift his game in delivering economic results or shift emphasis from incantations on good governance and reducing the past administration into a carcass after raking up skeletons in the closet of its corruption scandals.

The Obama administration is not exactly tripping over to roll out a red carpet for Mr. Aquino in Washington to welcome a nonperforming head of state. Mr. Aquino’s stagnant performance rating in the opinion polls and his scant economic record are bad news to US President Barack Obama.

The US leader does not need another messenger of bad news visiting Washington as his job approval rating continues to slide over the 9.1 percent US unemployment rate and the poor performance of the economy.

Obama’s falling rating

A new opinion poll, commissioned jointly by The New York Times and CBS News, shows Obama’s job approval rating continued its downward spiral, dropping to 43 percent while his disapproval rating soared to 50 percent.

Agence France-Presse reported on Saturday that the survey also showed that 39 percent of Americans say the economy is fairly bad, and another 47 percent say the economy is very bad—the highest percentage since April 2009. Only 13 percent say the economy is fairly good and just 1 percent say it is very good, according to the poll.

In addition, 72 percent of Americans think that the country is on the wrong track—the highest percentage so far since Obama took office in 2009. Just 23 percent think the country is currently heading in the right direction, the survey showed.

And only 34 percent approve of the way Obama had been handling the economy, with 57 disapproving. On job creation, 40 percent approve of Obama’s  performance and 53 percent disapprove.

The survey showed Americans were divided about Obama’s latest $446-billion plan to spur job creation  and stimulate the economy. Forty-eight percent say they are somewhat or very confident that Obama’s proposals will create jobs and stimulate the economy. But about as many people—47 percent—say they are not sure  his plan will do that.

Just one in four Americans thinks Obama “has made real progress fixing the economy,” with 68 percent saying they do not think he has. The economy is not the strongest suit of President Aquino. Producing martyrs who don’t deserve to be one and sloganeering on his honesty are his biggest output.

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  • Aspo resurrection

    poll rating in the U.S is accurate but not in the Philippines.Remember, U.S election is fast, accurate, peaceful while in the Philippines is the opposite.So stop using high poll rating in order to impress the U.S president and businesses, they think much before they engaged!!! 

    • Anonymous

      Inaacurate iyon, kung ang resulta eh hindi tugma sa gusto mo. Aminin!

  • Anonymous

    tapos na ang maliligayang araw.mabuti pang umaksyon sa problema hindi yung pulos yapyap na walang patutunguhan

  • Anonymous

    Ambassador Dorinilla, kahit na paikut ikutin mo pa, in the end, tanggapin ninyo na ang 77% na rating eh mas mabuti kesa sa -35% ng boss ninyong si Gloria. Oppppppps, sorry, di nga pala kayo naging Ambassador,  na reject nga pala ang nomination ninyo sa pagka ambassador, althouth GMA tried her best. 
    I am looking forward sa sundot ni Tiglao….

  • Redie Ramos

    Inaccurate ang Poll na yan ni Pinoy!! Puro yata business man ang nakasama sa poll. magsama kaya kayo ng mga nasa mas mababang uri, mga estudyante at mga trabahador. malamang na wala pang 50% ang rating nyan. >.<

    No to budget cut in education, health and social services!!!

  • Anonymous

    nakuryente kasi si Mang Doro sa nauna nyang column. Sinabi nya dun na pababa ang trust rating ni Noynoy kagaya ng kay Obama kaya ngayon damage control sya. Walang objectivity mga opinyon ng taong ito. Nuong mababa ang rating ni Noynoy naniniwala sya sa sinasabi ng SWS/Pulse, ngayong mataas naman ang nakuha sa latest survey sinasabi nya na wag daw maniniwala at baka daw mali ito. Pinanindigan na talaga ang pagiging kritiko nito. Walang pagkakaiba kay Tiglao at Cacho-Olivarez. Kinarir na, sabi nga.

  • Redie Ramos

    “Inaacurate iyon, kung ang resulta eh hindi tugma sa gusto mo. Aminin!”- sang-ayon ako dito. :DPara sa akin, kanya-kanya lang talaga yan ng opinyon. Malamang kabilang ka sa sumusuporta kay PNoy. Ganun talaga ang buhay.

  • JV Velarde

    Heard that Doronilla was recommended by GMA to be an ambassador before, I don’t know what happened. Same like another PDI columnist,Roberto Tiglao, who’s also sounding more like a mouthpiece of the Arroyo family. 

    Regarding his commentary against PNoy’s survey ratings,  it’s been quite a number of years that we had a president whose rating is not negative…. PNoy’s 77% is far,far better than GMA’s years of negative ratings ……. & by the way, did GMA ever reached a survey rating as high as 77% during her tenure in office??

  • Redie Ramos

    Parang eleksyon lang yan.
    Nadaya ako – yan ang sinasabi kapag natalo. :D

  • Nor Muss Estudillo

    President Obama is not doing great either considering Bush did not leave the country in disarray. President Aquino took over a very corrupt administration. PMA  generals and officers forgets that Honor is the maxim. Serve and protect the country and her people. Generals, Husband, Secretaries,  Department heads of GMA are sticking their hands in every cookie jar within their reach knowing that they can get away with it under GMA protections. It is very hard to right the wrong, it takes time especially when the wrong is so vast. Try cleaning a very dirty kitchen when there are pest getting in your way.

    • Anonymous

      Duh, what are you saying, dude? George W. Bush left the biggest economic debacle since the Great Depression to Barack Obama. That qualifies as a major “disarray” in any book. Have you been living under a rock the past 3 years?

    • Anonymous

      Again, like I told some dude earlier, go read up on US history and dig up facts and figures before putting blame on Obama. America has had a very wonky financial system even before Obama was in power. He was just unlucky enough to have everything collapse while he was there, making him an easy target for people like you who don’t read enough.

      Are you so naive to think that one of the world’s top economies simply collapsed in a few months’ time, as soon as one man stepped into power? Hint: corporate greed comes into play, multiplied by a number of times, over the course of a number of years.

  • dennis

    Mahirap maging Presidente! Kapag ang Pilipinas ang dumaing,may Presidente na masasabihan ng problema….may Presidente na pagagalitan ng masa…..may Presidente na magtatanggol sa bayan nya atbp.Samantalang kapag ang Presidente ang nagkaproblema….Wala na syang mas mataas pa na pwede nyang sabihan pa…..wala na syang pwedeng mahingahan ng mga sama ng loob nya.At malinaw sa lahat,ANG PROBLEMA NYA EH SOLO NYA!

  • Anonymous

    I wish Marvic Leonen, the chief negotiator of the government to MILF, is not a communist.If he is, then it is a ploy. A deceptive move clearly to bring down this democratic nation.Peace with the Muslim Insurgents is impossible unless the lay down their guns.Ceasefire is the time when they rearm, fortify their defenses.It will mean another war that will drain our national budget, especially the Defense budget.And there would be little to give to those PNP and AFP personnel fighting the NEW PEOPLE’s ARMY.I wish the President will think about it…the considered enemy of the states may be inside your palace now

  • Shopaholik!

    False Asia is not showing the true result of the survey.  The ratngs of PeNoy are much lower than what was published.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah! you got it, FALSE Asia should be renamed instead of Pulse to this unreliable agency who mislead us people to reality of information. I wonder how much they are getting from this present AbNoy administration!

  • John Villaraza

    To Amando, Aquino’s poll ratings should be looked at as a the-end-of-the-world scenario.  @Amando: What would you do with the economy if you were the President?

  • Anonymous

    One quality of a good leader, di siya nag papadala sa popular concept at sa ratings. Kailan niya magdesisyon base sa greater good at di base yun ano yun popular. Basta kahit sumadsad ang ratings basta ginawa ang dapat ok yun.

  • Anonymous

    hihingi ng payo kay obama si pinoy? pareho lang silang palpak kaya dapat silang magusap tungkol sa kapalpakan nila.magpalitan kayo ng opinyon para sakalin at gawing pulubi ang bayan at gobyerno lang ang may pera para humingi ng limos

    • Anonymous

      And I suppose Bush was the all-knowing, successful president? I suggest you read more about American politics and history (especially facts and figures leading up to the current US economic slump) before spouting your nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Doronilla kahit ano pa sabihin mo, IM REJOICING!LOL!! Im rejoicing, he is most trustworthy compared to your boss, gloria Macapagal arroyo, Magnanakaw, Manloloko, Mandaraya – 4 Ms!LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    PNoy how long and how much more does your administration plan to squeez the income of the middle class. Yung budget na gusto mo for your CCT napakalaki wala namang return yun at sino ang popondo nun kundi kaming mga nagtratrabaho araw-araw. Hirap na nga kaming pakainin at paaralin ang mga anak namin para lang ipamigay mo ang buwis namin nang ganun-ganun lang sa wala namang ginagawa kundi maghintay ng limos mo. Hindi yata tama yun.

  • Eric Villegas

    this should not fall under news, but opinion section.
    i avoid the superficial and shallow “analysis” of  mr doronila and 
    am annoyed clicking the link under “news” and finding his column under my nose.

    • Eighties Boy

      Ohmigod that’s so true.  How is this under the News section?  And this Doronila guy, how old is he?  I mean he looks real old, but he sounds like PNoy stole his lollipop or something.  If he’s going to whine over and over and over again, he should mask it under some kind of more in-depth “analysis” other than “PNoy’s glass is half-empty, nyeh (sticks tongue out)”, but I guess he’s just not that good of a writer.

  • Anonymous

    PNoy I think conveying your message (ie. anti-poor anti-corruption anti-wang wang) and acting / doing on it are two different things.  People may still trust you and your sweet promises but in reality we haven’t experienced the fruit of your admin.  A lot of people are STILL facing hunger everyday (easy way out solution: 4 P’s) smuggling is STILL rampant (SBMA) and unemployment is rising (July 2011 data).
    I hope Mr. President you could walk your talk and not just leave us with empty promises in the end.

  • Lawrence

    Amando Doronila a pseudonym of Rigoberto Tiglao?

  • Xwcd Cxw

    if you appointed media people and their family members to different government positions, you get hold of the media. with the media behind you, the ordinary people will never get to notice your incompetence. hence, the high ratings of Pnoy.

    i hope that one day the people will realize the reality that the media is just sugarcoating Pnoy’s administration

  • labrador p

    Parang di ko nakikita ang MATUWID NA DAAN ni NoyNoy? Parang MATARIK NA DAAN ang nararamdam kong tinatahak ko. GUTOM kasi kaming mga pangkaraniwang empleyado ng gobyerno.

    • Gloria Labandera

      nawala kasi ang kurakot nyo

    • noriel

      Hmmmmm.. WONDERING WHY?

  • Anonymous

    Just having PNoy as President is cause for rejoicing. 9 years of arroyo brought so much corruption in govt and the Philippines was overtaken by vietnam.

  • Bab ski

    Can’t understand why people complains when our government is trying to change.. it doesn’t take overnight to rebuild our country not even 1 president but it take years and more president to come… but most important is, we are starting doing it!

  • Jeff

    Don’t ask the government what it can do for you but ask yourselves (Filipinos) what you can do for your country. I quoted this saying from one US President which is applicable to all of us. The problem with other people is that keep on complaining of hard life but they don’t bother to look for a decent job.  Hindi naman puwede na ang trabaho ang maghanap sa inyo noh.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing how this anti-Aquino columnist is trying to twist and spin and strangle this survey report to death. What did Noynoy ever do to him?

    • angele

      where is the twist and spin? it seems the article simply repeated the numbers and interpretations released by SWS and Pulse Asia. The content of the article is no different from the press release by Pulse Asia, that considering the statistical error, there is no change in Aquino’s popularity rating.

  • Anonymous

    When this columnist writes ant-GMA tirades you found him to be honest. Now that he writes anti-noynoy theme, you are very mad at him. I think Mr.Armando Doronila  is just being consistently honest. 

  • joey

    ay naku d nyo buh alam rekative ni pnoy ang owner at nagpapatakbo ng pulse asia duh

  • angele

    “The National Statistics Office released on Sept. 15 the July 2011 Labor Force Survey showing that the unemployment rate increased in July against the same month last year. The survey said the number of unemployed Filipinos in July 2011 was estimated at 2.8 million, translating to an unemployment rate of 7.1 percent. Last year’s unemployment rate was 7 percent, with 2.71 million unemployed”

    This seems to be the opposite of what Habito said in his column, that Aquinomics is generating hundreds of thousands of “new jobs” in the past months, which is a “great blessing.”

    Who is telling the truth? Both columnists. But for readers to get the whole picture, they have to put the two together, the gains and the losses, the positive and negative, the pros and cons

  • Anonymous

    If we have to believe Pulse Asia and SWS surveys then we should be consistent. If they say Noynoy ratings has improved then fine, but also believe them the last time they say from their exit poll that GMA won the 2004 election. 
    If you dont believe them on 2004 polls, why should you believe them now? 

  • CrocLolong


  • Herbert

    I would like to encourage these poll agencies to sample beggars and rugby boys/girls. They’re everywhere. Nowadays, I cannot imagine traveling to work or other places in the country without seeing a couple of them.

  • Mesc

    The jobs data is very telling.  The people are not interested in platitudes and slogans.  They need concrete results.  The rise in unemployment is a clear enough indicator of what this president is capable of achieving. 

  • Anonymous

    While Amando Doronila’s column today may be too harsh for
    and too critical of Pres. Aquino, I find his analysis substantive. Hence, I
    agree to the core substance of his argument: The President is wanting in his
    economic performance.  It will help,
    however, to put in context some of the observations Mr. Doronila advanced. Those
    of the readers who have taken Statistics class will understand the word “significant”
    to mean as big, huge, or wide. And those
    who have taken any research class will understand that, since the survey of Pulse
    Asia is nationwide in scope, the error margin is naturally big (+/-3). To read
    the results of the September 2 survey of Pulse Asia to mean as showing no
    increase is statistically inaccurate. Apparently, the figures now as compared
    to those in May have risen though not dramatically, or, significantly. So, to
    read the results plainly in this way: The ratings of the President “neither
    went up nor down”, is stating only half of the fact. The ratings did not
    decline. They WENT UP by 6 percentage points), though NOT significantly. Hence,
    the thesis of Ka Doro that the results are “no cause for rejoicing”, is
    theoretically correct. But, the figures are at the least, a cause enough to be
    happy. For one, the figures are still high, and positive. And, they did not
    plunge.  Although, these figures do not
    encourage the Presidents’ economic team to be complacent. The notion that this
    team is lethargic is bolstered by the perception that the Aquino administration,
    so far in its 15 months in office, has not made any significant development on
    the economic front. While this assertion is arguable, it will do the President
    well to assess how his administration will intend to make dramatic gains on the
    economy, first by boosting Foreign Direct Investments, stimulating domestic
    investments, and reviewing policies on spending while maximizing the drive
    against corruption. (To be fair, the slow influx of FDIs is due to a myriad of
    factors mostly internal; As Dr. Ciel Habito has elucidated, the robust domestic
    investments in the South which outpaced those in imperial Manila’s economic
    centers, have balanced he economic growth rate in the previous year.)

    I would argue, though, Ka Doro’s conclusion that the
    President is non-performing (as opposed to underperforming) thus, his visit to
    Washington is “useless” other than “to commiserate with Obama”, which he said
    last Friday. This argument is downright lame as it uses one but one barometer
    to measure a President’s worth: Economy. This yardstick is completely
    misleading at best. I have argued that the economy should not be used as the
    ONLY indicator to assess a President’s performance. It is only one of many
    measures. To say that Pres. Aquino is non-performing (a scathing, sweeping
    adjective) because he, as Ka Doro perceives, fails on just one aspect of
    governance, is downright irresponsible. Apparently, this recent Pulse Asia
    survey does not share Ka Doro’s view. And the other week’s survey results by
    SWS showing 4 of 5 (80%) of Filipinos are happy and hopeful about their future
    under this administration, all the more debunk Ka Doro’s conclusion. I can cite
    facts after facts on what this administration has positively done so far, but I
    will cite only one for now. Carlos Garcia, the former AFP comptroller has been
    found guilty by the Military court. Gloria Arroyo sat on the verdict, did not
    reaffirm Garcia’s conviction. Garcia is now languishing in Muntinlupa City
    Jail, to serve a two-year sentence (albeit only two years.) This development is
    certainly good for the economy, good for foreign investors, good for the image
    and reputation of the Philippines. That Ka Doro every time deliberately chooses
    to eclipse developments such as this one is beyond me. Mr. Doronila correctly
    asserts that the economy is not the President’s “strongest suit”. Yet, Gloria
    Arroyo has a PhD in economics. With due respect to Ka Doro: To what depths did
    Gloria bring the Philippines?



  • JaimeRHoyla

    Magkano kaya ang binabayad sa mga survey agency, sana ibigay nalang sa charity, wala namang pakinabang sa mga maliliit na mamayan. Sa pagkaalam ko 100,000 ang bayad sa mga dyaryo pag nagpa publish ka nang isang 4×7 picture, biro mo nakailang publish na rin sa iba’t ibang dyaryo.

  • Bab ski

    It’s easy to criticize but it’s too hard doing it. Sad to say, most Filipinos (here) are critic rather than doer.. I’m sure most Filipinos whom can’t go to internet are more practical to those who are here… Walk your talk…

  • Anonymous

    I REJOICE!  Walang kurakut ngayon tulad ng siyam na taon ni arroyo puro kurakut at na overtake na ng vietnam ang pilipinas.

    • Mesc

      Pano mo nalamang walang kurakot?  Bakit sumisingaw ang mga “evil geniuses” ni Pnoy na hinohocus-pocus ang allocations para lomobo ang pork barrel ng presidente?  Para saan ba ito?  

      • Anonymous

        Mas panatag ang loob ko na nasakamay ni PNoy ang mga pondong yan kesa sa kongreso o sa arroyo supreme court. Di hamak na mas mapagkakatiwalaan sya kumpara sa kanilang lahat.

    • James Sto. cristo

      i like this comment. too much yellow cool aide makes one’s eyesight clouded. corruption hasn’t stop. and can’t be eradicated.

    • Redie Ramos

      pano mo nasigurong walang kurakot?

  • J

    I think if the trend where more bad guys fall and sent to prison, this bachelor on top must be given a praise and most of all our support. After all, even we put the most honest Filipino on his position but we don’t  give support as a nation, he will fail and we fail as well big time. All we can do is sulk, badly criticise and point fingers and end up nowhere but as losers.

  • Anonymous

    Unless the pork barrel is abolish you can not say walang kurakot. 

  • Don

    Pnoy has definitely echoed the hopes of the majority to move the Philippines forward with good governance. But what I don’t like right now is the slow moving of implementations of projects that would boost our economy. It’s a lame excuse to say it is due to the effort of ensuring a clean and viable projects that’s why it take them 2 years before they can execute. Corruption-free, on-time, and effective projects will define Pnoys performance. I hope they would soon catch up with all these targets. Overall I still have a positive outlook ahead under Pnoy’s leadiership. But he must admit he is making a slow progress and he needs to work double time to catch up.

  • Anonymous

    pnoy will get d ever highest rating pag nahatulan n cla PANDAK, MR PIDAL, PIGGY, MICKEY, JOKJOK ETC…

  • Rolly

    Tataas pa ang rating ni Pnoy kapag nasa kulungan na si Abalos, jocjoc, at ang maganak na puros Magnanakaw……….. can’t wait.

  • ramone

    What Pulse Asia calls “big majority approval trust ratings,” Doronilla calls “mediocre results.” His interpretation is twisted just to fit a preconceived position. A more important question is whether previous presidents (especially Pnoy’s immediate predecessor) enjoyed the same approval rating after 15 months in office.

  • France

    No more jobs! No more money for the people!  GMA & Husband still Court free… 16 months… What changed in your life?

    Pulse Asia is not serious… go to their Web Site and you will understand.  The taxi drivers tell you more about the situation then any other sources and most of them would not vote Aquino tomorrow morning!

  • Redie Ramos

    I agree in you.

  • Redie Ramos

    “Don’t ask the government what it can do for you but ask yourselves (Filipinos) what you can do for your country. I quoted this saying from one US President which is applicable to all of us. ”

    I strongly don’t agree with this. The reason why the human race established governments is that for the government to SERVE THE PEOPLE, not the people to serve them(The reason why we call the politicians as public servants!!) . All we must do is make an effort do help ourselves, and don’t just be dependent. FIRST OF ALL, let the citizens HAVE THEIR RIGHTS!!!

    EDUCATION IS A RIGHT, NOT A PRIVILEGE!!! BOOKS NOT BULLETS!!- according to the constitution, education must be FREE or atleast be AFFORDABLE. Why these politicians can’t understand this? I think they are educated enough, aren’t they?  >.<

    • Eighties Boy

      Also, JFK said “ask not what your COUNTRY can do for you”, not “don’t ask the GOVERNMENT what it can do for you”.  BIG difference.

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe that Pnoy poverty alleviation score is a failure. What happen to the tens of billions of free money or doleouts aka CCT he distributed to the mendicants?  

    • Hezro Opposes Budget Cuts

      It is because CCT is just a BAND-AID solution and it will not actually solve the problem of poverty in the country… ^_^

  • be honest

    The problem with these surveys is that they group respondents into groups ( A-E and geographic regions Luzon, Visaya, Mindanao ). Fine and good, but too general, lazy and inaccurate. Is it based on their income or net worth as A-E, and how can they verify ?
    Ask taxe drivers, vendors, housewives, college students, lawyers, security guards, doctors, nurses, call center agents etc etc… based on profession or work. Then and  ONLY  THEN  you can feel the pulse of the citizenship.
    Break it down guys.

  • John Villaraza

    I strongly disagree with Mr. Doronila’s mentioning PH’s falling GDP for this year.  It is a fact that PH is still a third world AND it is also a fact that the entire G7 GDP’s are also falling  for the year. Like hello? Who would expect a rising GDP for the year? Unless PH is in planet MARS I guess.

    Mr. Doronila is obviously positioning himself as a critic of the admin – without success for the meantime.

  • jeray

    CCT san ba. paano ba binigay yan? tanga naman ng karamihan, bumaba ba bilihin sa panahon ni **bnoy? bumaba ba gasolina sa panahon nni a**noy? GDP tanga ka kung d bumaba!!!

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