Woman scorned kills husband



When Shiela Macapugay left her family’s house in Pulilan, Bulacan, on Wednesday afternoon, her mind was already made up.

First, she would confront her husband who left her in January for another woman. Then she would kill him with the gun she had hidden in her bag and later on, she would turn the gun on herself.

A police report said that at around 7:30 p.m., Macapugay arrived at SM North Edsa in Quezon City and confronted her 32-year-old husband, Abel, who worked as a promo merchandiser in an appliance store, about his failure to support their five-year-old daughter.

Shot in the back

According to witnesses, as soon as Abel turned his back on his wife, apparently to end the conversation and avoid making a scene in public, she took out a gun from her bag and then shot him.

She then pointed the gun to her temple and pulled the trigger twice but nothing happened.

At this point, a security guard who was later identified as Ricardo Inamac III, rushed toward her and tried to take the gun away.

However, he lost his balance and she shot him, hitting him in the back and leg.

Another security guard grabbed Macapugay, took the gun from her and turned her over to the police as bystanders rushed Abel and Inamac to a hospital.

Both, however, passed away after several hours.


Chief Inspector Rodelio Marcelo, chief of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (CIDU), said that based on several letters she wrote and left at their house, the 25-year-old Macapugay was bent on killing her husband and then herself.

In one of the letters, she asked her mother for forgiveness and begged her to take care of her daughter.

“It’s a crime of passion … She is now going to face charges of parricide and murder,” Marcelo added.

Macapugay, meanwhile, denied that she meant to kill her husband.

“Everything was a blur. I don’t know what happened. All I know is that after we talked, I saw my husband carrying a gun and I tried to get it from him. It misfired and hit him,” she told reporters in Filipino.

According to her, she visited her husband because he had promised to give her money for their daughter that day.

“I have accepted the fact that he has a mistress but what I can’t take is how easy it was for him to turn his back on his responsibilities to our child,” she added.


She insisted that she merely acted in self-defense and that the gun did not belong to her.

Abel’s sister, Ollie Macapugay, said that Macapugay had been pestering her brother and even other members of their family for financial support.

Ollie told reporters that she wants to seek custody of the couple’s five-year-old daughter to protect her from “bad parenting.”

QCPD homicide chief Insp. Elmer Monsalve said that they have placed Macapugay under close watch due to her suicidal tendencies.

SM airs side

Meanwhile, the management of SM said that it deeply regrets the shooting incident that took place on Wednesday night.

In a statement, SM referred to the shooting as “an isolated and unfortunate [incident]” as it assured the public that it would be adopting stricter security measures to avoid the recurrence of similar cases.

“We will be conducting a thorough investigation on how the suspect was able to conceal the weapon and then implement appropriate measures,” it added.

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  • Anonymous

    does it make sense now how wielding a gun can put anyone in trouble for the rest of his or her life??? this is what will happen if MMDA also is armed. it will be a free for all. news of senseless shooting will abound. do not carry guns with or without permits to carry. it will cause you irreparable damage before you will even realize what have transpired.   

    • Anonymous

      yes, the “responsible” in the “responsible gun owner” goes out of the window when tempers and emotions rise.

      • antonioluna

        natural lang naman di ba, mabuti nga at umabot pa ng ganoon katagal ang buhay ng lalaki, hindi ba sa batas natin ay walang kang pagkakasala kung mapapatay mo ang iyong asawa na nahuli mong nakikipagtalik sa iba, yong lalaki hindi lang nakipagtalik binahay pa ang kabit, at dahil desidido na syang patayin ang kanyang asawa, ano ang masasabi kung granada ang dala nya?ano masasabi mo kung molotov bomb ang ginamit nya?ano masasabi mo kung itak ang naipuslit nya?

    • Mamang Pulis

      bibigyan ng armas ang mmda…para ano? self defense?  yan ang katapusan ng maynila…eh hindi naman pumasa sa kahit anong psycho-test mga yan bibigyan pa ng baril. anu epekto? 

      wild wild west.

    • Mamang Pulis

      tama ka bossing.

      masyado na maraming tao na may tangang baril.

    • antonioluna

      sa danao hindi nangyayari ang ganyan, halos lahat ng tao doon may baril pero hindi mainitin ang ulo nila at hindi sila mga siga siga dahil lamang mayroon silang baril. naturalesa ng isang tao na kapag alam nyang may kakayang lumaban ang kanyang kaharap ito ay rerespituhin nya at mangingilag syang gumawa ng masama. kung aarmasan ang MMDA walang problema, armasan din natin ang mga sibilyan para irespeto din sila ng mga MMDA.

      • Mamang Pulis

        aarmasan ang MMDA–bakit? nasa Cotabato city ba cla ? 

        rason nila self defense?…pinaka BS ata yun.

        alam ba nila yun buddy system?

        kung halimbawa yun isang mmda taga tiket, yun isa back up.

        kahit yantok, batuta, pepper spray lng ang dala effective na yun.

  • ryan andres

    Sana mabasa ito nung engot na chairman ng MMDA… hehehe dapat irename ang MMDA to MDMA, dahil parating sabog mag-isip ang mga recycled metro aide employees nila!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GURBWYA3AIXC22EF6E6HIHRNQE Ornbort Vortingeresdemesus

      i lold massively

    • Mamang Pulis

      sana nga…mga engot na pusang alaw talga…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GURBWYA3AIXC22EF6E6HIHRNQE Ornbort Vortingeresdemesus

    pag mainit ulo mo, don’t bring a gun. 

    • Mamang Pulis

      eh kaso kapag maiinit ang ulo at sarado na isip sa rason at tawag ng nagpupumiglas na damdamin…yun  gagawin nya…kahit screw driver pa yan o martilyo malamang ay makapatay nga.

    • antonioluna

      decided na sya bro, so kahit na hindi baril ang dala nya gagawin nya ang ginawa nya. nagkataon lang na baril ang ginamit nya, mabuti nga at hindi granada.

  • Mamang Pulis

    pag-ibig nga naman…pag  nawindang ang isip….

    wawa naman umawat.

  • Vynux the Great

    sm security all over the country s*cks to the max. most of their guards are dysfunctional and inutile. several mauling incidents have already happened inside their premises and these freaking guards just stand with their whistles!

    • Mamang Pulis

      ang tanung ay: 

      saan parte ba ng SM north un incidente? 
      sa loob ng mall? 
      sa labas ng mall?  
      sa carpark?

      hindi naman masasala ng husto yun dagsa ng tao lalo na kung payday…..

      kung airport security ang style nila. malamang na masala na siguro.

      • Anonymous

        sa loob ng appliance center..kaya nga pinaiimbistigahan pano nakarating baril sa loob

      • Mamang Pulis

        ahh ganoon pala.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FKGG2VMTLMPBTUBGQKGFGYWDBE Benjamin

    Di naman talaga kahigpit ang mga sekyu sa SM paginspeksiyon. Konting kapkap lang pasok na. sayang na buhay.

  • anony mous

    I say ban the sale of firearms! Only the police, security, military has the right to carry it.

    • antonioluna

      i agree, and let the dentist rapist reign again and let them rob and rape defenseless victims. let the police take care of the security of civilian population which has a ratio of 1 police man for every 600, not to mention that nowadays it is very hard to distinguish police from criminal.

    • Mamang Pulis

      meron po tinatawag na ‘paltik’ at kahit kanu pa mang ang pagbabawal, kapag desidido ang gagawa, hindi na nya kailangan ang baril.

  • Anonymous

    yan ang resulta ng walang divorce sa ‘pinas :)

  • pinoyscubadiver

    maluwag kasi ang security sa mga mall lalo na pag matagal-tagal na ding walang bomb threat. i don’t mind that guards take their time to inspect bags thoroughly. i find it disappointing when they don’t do so. sometimes they just keep talking to each other and not even bother looking at your things they’re supposed to be inspecting. when they just go through the motions, they’re just begging for another bomb to go off inside a mall.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z6U25GIY66GOY64DA3QY7OEB54 ricky

    It never came a surprise to me because mahina naman talaga ang security sa mga malls….Check out Glorietta, Landmark, Park Square and SM Makati prior this incident….They will just scan your bags using their scanners but they will not look deeper into it. Hassle nga naman kung titingnan pa nila ung kaloob-looban ng bag mo until humaba na ang pila ng mga tao sa entrance.

    How many times na ba na-compromise ang mall security in the past? Todo higpit sila kapag fresh pa ang issue pero after few months of “cooling period” relax nanaman ang security. Remember Glorietta blast anyone?

    Tulad kagabi, after this incident naghigpit nanaman ang security sa SM Megamall. Not a surprise kasi may incident na nangyari. Pero for sure luluwag ulit yan after few months..

    Sana maging consistent ang Mall security. Dagdagan ang mga guards para mapabilis ang bag check.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deacon-Blues/100001723186536 Deacon Blues

    yan….warning din ito sa mga nambababae….kapal ng mukha ninyo kung may chicks na kayo di niyo pa sinusestento anak ninyo…..this might happed to you…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5BLJIWZ5FQSNTOVCJMDDWQJNI4 Archangel

    Poor woman & a mother, the moral of the story is do not just damp your woman like that…be man enough to face your responsibility…that is why kailangan natin ang RH Bill not only for educating us to be a  good parent, protect the physical aspect of our women, but most of all to empowered them, help them protect their selves against the cruel society.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2BCV2YTRFVA3YOVMAN2A4RFHBM markx

    nakalusot ang baril dahil security guards ONLY inspect bags/backpacks carried by men and not by women.

    i once confronted a mall security guard and his supervisor when my bag was thoroughly inspected but not the purse/bag of a woman who is ahead of me.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5BLJIWZ5FQSNTOVCJMDDWQJNI4 Archangel

    About loose security facilities not only  the malls or other big establishment, hassle kasi yung inspeksyunin mo one by one yung lahat ng pumapasok e, why not pass a law requiring all malls and big establishment to put up x-rays, like sa mga airports, for all the entrance, atleast, maybe 100% secured talaga lahat ng tao who are coming at the mall…paging the newly installed PNP Chief…this is a wake up call for your department…paki sama na yung security sa ating mga lansangan rampant na rin ang holdapan sa atin diyan sa Pinas.

  • Anonymous

    Poor woman! Now she has to languish in jail for parricide or homicide. For scorned women try to get even not by killing your ex but find a way where you can get a chance to cut your ex male organ and he’s finished. You maybe found guilty to a lesser charge but not killing your ex.

    In the US not too long ago a scorned woman in the process of divorce drugged her ex then cut his male organ and threw it in the garbage disposal and turned it on, the poor man’s organ was ground into bits and drained in the sewer.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    kahit sinong security pro di makaka-ensure na 100% secured ang binabantayan nila dahil kahit anong target hardening ang gawin nila may lulusot at lulusot pa rin. ang daming entrance at exit points ng mall isama mo pa dyan ang mga carpark entrances, service, employees at loading bays di naman nasisita lahat, exempted sa inspection ang building administrator at ibang mataas na opisyales ng mall at siyempre yung mga nag abot-abot ng konting grasya sa mga naka-duty, sigurado sibak ang agency, at  bayad pa sila ng insurance at ang mga kawawang guwardiya ay may posibilidad na mawalan ng trabaho dahil malamang papalitan sila ng sm. di biro ang trabaho ng mga guard, reklamo ang inaabot nila pag masyadong mahigpit dahil hahaba ang pila at kung maluwag naman reklamo pa rin, marami ring taong ayaw magpasita dahil di nila maatim na pinaghihinalaan silang gagawa ng kalokohan sa loob ng mall. oo totoong di lahat ng guardiya ay may sapat na kaalaman at kagamitan sa kanilang tungkulin eh ano ba naman ang aasahan natin sa kakaramput na sinasahod nila idagdag pa natin dyan ang napakababang tingin ng lipunan sa ganyang uri ng trabaho.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bertusmagnus Gilbert Reyes

    Majority of the comments or focus is on the Mall security or Guard – but if the husband did not leave her wife and daughter for another woman in the first place, the wife would have no reason to kill him!

    Galit ako sa mga kerida, kaya wala akong amor dun sa babaeng buntis – manganganak siya ng walang ama o tatay ang anak niya. Pangit man, BUTI NGA!!!

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