Vatican official laments Christian marginalization in Europe


VATICAN CITY—The Vatican’s foreign affairs chief Dominique Mamberti has deplored “alarming signs of marginalization” of Christians in Europe, in a prepared speech distributed Tuesday.

In the address, delivered at a Rome meeting Monday on the prevention of crimes against Christians, Mamberti said most acts of discrimination happened outside of Europe.

But he was concerned at signs of Christians being marginalized in several European states, partly due to a “post-modern idea that religion is a marginal part of public life,” Mamberti told the gathering arranged by European security body OSCE.

The Holy See’s secretary for relations with states warned of the risk of a “radical secularization that relegates every type of religious expression to the private sphere.”

Freedom of religion, he said, was not limited to worship, but also includes “the right to preach, to educate, to convert, to contribute to the political discourse and to participate openly in public activities.”

Swiss Cardinal Kurt Koch, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, said in Munich on Monday that the Christian religion was the most persecuted in the world.

“Eighty percent of those who are persecuted for their faith are Christians,” he had told an inter-religious meeting.

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  • Anonymous

    Vatican should not complain. What is happening there is pretty mild compared
    to the horrors of the Inquisition because we still have to hear of  Catholics being burned at the stake due to their faith. This is just a case of the Biblical
    principle of reaping what one has sown at work. (Whoever sows injustice will
    reap calamity, and the rod of his fury will fail (Proverbs 22:8)

    • Anonymous

      Do not believe the Vatican.  They are liars.  They do not know what they are talkin’ ’bout.  NO!  They know what they’re talkin’ ’bout, they are just losing membership to Muslims because they are offering 72 virgins in heaven.  

      In Christianity’s heaven, there is no fun.  No 72 virgins.  Therefore, no sex.  

      • Anonymous

        at the end of days, we’ll see where the real fun is. right?

      • Anonymous

        The fun is when I am proven right !

      • Anonymous

        have fun. ur right.

      • Anonymous

        Lookit, yo!  The civilized people in civilized nations are wishy-washy with religion.  They believe in unseen God but they believe that God is only a last resort, like grabbing at flotsams hoping to keep them afloat.

        For the past 480 years Filipino still pray to God knowing obviously that their prayers are not answered.  As what Einstein said on insanity of Filiipnos:  “Filipinos do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

      • Anonymous

        lew said there is a God? you think so too?

      • Anonymous


        400 years the Israelites prayed until God answered their prayers and delivered them out of Egypt with a heavy hand.  Before you utter another statement in ignorance, look up the “ipuwer papyrus” artifact.

      • Anonymous

        HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA  400 years the israilites prayed ?  HAHAHA HAHA NOTHING COMPARED TO FILIPINOS whose been praying for the past 480 years and nothing HAPPENED !  HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA

        And they still pray hoping for miracles when millions of filipnios has already died waiting for their prayers to be answered !  HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA

      • Anonymous

        if you’re an atheist, you’re one happy atheist. enjoy.

      • Anonymous

        I am one happy atheist, thank you.

        Atheism are not violent people.  Religious are violent people.  They want to impose their beliefs.  The religious are fighting for supremacy based on “do-not-interpret-literally-the-bible” groupies.  

        Why bother reading the bible if it cannot be interpreted literally.  This excuse caused the greatest mayhem in the world !

        The atheists, because of their curiousity, made computers, medicine, proved that the earth revolves around the sun after the Papa sa Roma said otherwise. 

      • Anonymous

        in your opinion, who is the greatest atheist of all time?

      • Anonymous

        Google “50 Most Brilliant Atheist of all time”

      • Anonymous

        atheists don’t believe in the afterlife? do you?

      • Anonymous

        Atheists do not believe in after life.  Religious do.

      • Anonymous

        Can you outdo A.J. Ayer whose conviction weakened after seeing the “red light”?

      • Anonymous

        I’ll wait for the “red light”.  When it comes, it comes !  HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR

      • Anonymous

        If you can outdo A.J. Ayer and stay an atheist after seeing the “red light”, you can be in the top 50. even the top 10.

      • Anonymous

        You tired bothersome old man.

        Your arsobispo along with gazillions of clueless, oblivious Filipinos are having a novena for 200 days.  Wake me up after 200 days for me to see Filipinas has improved…. 



        You can have my iPod with complete album of Green Day, the Cure, Chemical Romance, Linkin’ Park, Eye Hate God, Faith no More, Kors along with the rest of 12,000 + songs 

        Yours to keep !  if there is improvement after 200 days !  HAHAHAHA HAR HAR HAR 

      • Anonymous

        but even so, this would not prove anything, more so you being an atheist.

        if we’ll result to name calling, does it make us the better one?

      • Anonymous

        Aaah … now I see.  You live in America.  Aren’t americans supposed to be atheist?  Since you are a Filipino in AMerica, therefore, you believe in God.  Isn’t it americans are wishy-washy about religion?

      • Anonymous

        baseless suppositions need no answers.

        what is it now? you don’t believe in God or you assert that there is no God?  I would not even ask if your belief is even just verificationism.

        If you’re truly an atheist, be proud. you may even disown A.J. Ayer for questioning is own atheism.

      • Anonymous

        Mariano Renato Pacifico:

        ‘tard, you can’t even spell, and obviously don’t know jack about history:  Copernicus, a Christian, first said the earth revolved around the sun. Kepler, another Christian came up with an improved model. Galileo, another Christian, supported all that with observation (telescope). Supsup the magna-cum-laude would have known that, apparently you don’t, ‘tard.

        What a M O R O N you are.

      • Anonymous

        You got your biblical history screwed … You need to read some more instead of Friendster … Meron pa ba ang Friendster ?  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

        Anything that Filipino touch wilts, like Friendster.  The next was MySpace.  Filipinos descend on MySpace and lucked out to Facebook.  Now Facebook is losing membership, too !  WHERE FILIPINOS GO, sites GO, TOO !  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

        Anything Filipino touch do not turn to gold but corruption !  HA!HA!HA!AH!

      • Anonymous

        What meat-head you are.  Show me where in the Bible can you find Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo. What a total zero-brain.

      • Anonymous

        You block-head just don’t get my drift, do ya ?  HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

        You need to follow cool dude like us so you’d know where we are drifting … HA!HA!HA!HA!

      • Anonymous

        yeah drift back when you are 15.

      • Anonymous

        HA!HA!HA!  YOU cannot resist me.  You cannot defy me.  YOU ARE UNDER MY SPELL !  HA!HA!HA!HA!

  • Lew Rogers

    Interesting – the pope  complains about the marginalization of Christians (he must mean catholics coz he does not speak for all Christians) – while allowing his Bishops in the Philippines to impose Catholic dogma on all Filipinos regardless of their faith.  Someone should tell him quite clearly to stop being such a hypocrite – and to stop trying to represent all Christians!  

    • Anonymous

      lew, is there a God?

      • Lew Rogers

        Most certainly there is a GOD – and there is only 1 God.  The rest of us (all of us) are just fallible humans! We are all the same.

      • Anonymous

        thanks, lew.

      • Anonymous

        Most certainly countries who are fanatical believers in God are poor, corrupt and low intelligence.  My parents told me in America, in the bible belt of America, they are the poorest always on the dole and expecting hand-outs.

      • Anonymous

        “Most certainly there is a GOD – and there is only 1 God.”??????

        ano na ang nangyari sa mga trinities?? sa lahat ng mga diyos na nilikha ng TAO.???

        maganda sanang balita ‘yan kung ang lahat ng tao ay magkakaisa sa isang diyos. (pero mas mabuti siguro kung wala na lang???)

      • Anonymous


        Are you content with the fact millions of people have died from man’s wars?  That 1/4 to 1/3 of the world is hungry?  That millions are dying from incurable diseases?  That children today are the number one lawbreakers in many countries?  Do you love death that much?  That pretty much every nation on earth right now is going through economic recession, not knowing the way out?

        That’s precisely what happens when God does not rule over man (since 600BC).  You speak as if he is doing so right now.  God is letting man rule himself for “7 times”, until:  “the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled”.  – Luke 21:1-38,  Romans 11:25, Revelation 11:2,  Matthew 24:39, Ezekiel 21:25-27, Daniel 9:25, Psalm 110:1

        Quit blaming God for the actions of people.

        But then you are speaking out of ignorance.

      • Anonymous

        “Quit blaming God for the actions of people.Quit blaming God for the actions of people.”

        ang problema ‘yong diyos ninyo ang nag-create ng FAULTY NA TAO. tapos lahat ng pagkakamali ng tao isinisisi niya sa kanyang nilikha. MAKATWIRAN BA ‘YON???

      • Anonymous


        Hitler kills 6M people and help cause the death of 40-66M people worldwide, and you blame God for Hitler’s own actions?  Yeah, you are logical indeed.  I am certain you have read Genesis, and you are familiar with the fact Man was created in God’s image.  Satan (the god of this world) through a serpent caused Man to disobey ONE simple command, and said “If you eat, you will not die, you will become like God”, and still you blame God who said “If you eat the fruit, you surely will die”. SO WHO LIED TO MAN??????????? ANSWER THAT QUESTION with your flawed and defective logic!  Nonetheless, that is why Jesus was sent to do damage control and “ransom” every man, woman, and child who ever lived. The promise is clearly written

        Revelation 21:4
        “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more
        death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the
        former things are passed away.”

        As a victim of the war in heaven, you will appreciate this:

        Romans 5:12
        “Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man [ie. Adam], and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned–”

        2 Corinthians 4:4
        “4 The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.”

      • Anonymous

        you would prefer there is no God? is there really one? lew said there is.

      • Anonymous

        is there really one? 


      • Anonymous

        do you believe in God? may mga pangalan ba itong mga diyos na nilikha ng tao?

      • Anonymous

        pinili and MarianoRenatoPacifico:

        Proof of God is in prophecy, of which 2000 out of 2500 have come true. We all know God sent his son Jesus, and the existence of Jesus is a known fact (Reader’s Digest, Ency. Brittanica) that even his enemies documented him (ancient historians: Josephus, Tacitus, Tertullian, Philo of Alexandria, Martyr, Eusebius of Caesarea). Someone sent Jesus, and wrote down the signs to watch out for hundreds of years earlier.

        I quote Petrus_Romanus:

        Science dated the oldest known copy of Isaiah to 300BC (thanks to the Dead Sea Scrolls).
        Christ was born 300 years later.

        Here are some of the Isaiah prophecies fulfilled in Jesus Christ, 300 years later, though Isaiah is believed to have been originally written ~700BC.

        Isaiah 9:6-7 (Born as a human male)
        Isaiah 7:14 (Born of a virgin)
        Isaiah 37:31 (from the House of Judah)
        Isaiah 11:1-5,10 (From the root and stump of Jesse)
        Isaiah 16:5 (from the House of David)
        Isaiah 9:1-2 (from Nazareth of Galilee)
        Isaiah 49:6, 42:1-6 (mission to include the Gentiles)
        Isaiah 29:18, 35:5-6 (ministry to include miraculous healings)
        Isaiah 61:1-2 (ministry would deliver spiritual captives)
        Isaiah 53:3 (despised and rejected by men)
        Isaiah 49:7 (hated without cause)

        Try calculating the probability of all that occurring in ONE person.

        Let’s add some more:
        Zechariah 11:12-13 (betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, and used to buy a potter’s field)
        Jeremiah 31:15 (birth would trigger a massacre of infant boys)
        Micah 5:2 (Born in Bethlehem Ephrathah)

        end quote.

        Now you know why even the Israelites were expecting the Messiah, some of them even knew when he was coming, because they had wisdom and not plain ignorance:

        Daniel 9:25
        “From the going forth of the word to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah, the leader, this will be 7 weeks also 62 weeks”.

        This command was issued 455BC (Nehemiah 2:1-8), add the symbolic “69 weeks” (Numbers 14:34), then you know when Jesus was born.

  • Anonymous

    the way many observed it, it is not really marginalization of christians in europe, but they had become very nominal and secular in their faith that humanism had been totally promoted instead of godliness; in scandinavia there are more atheists than christians, tsk, tsk, tsk! the vatican should promote going back to the Scriptures instead of religion!

  • EC

    The Vatican is just nostalgic for the days when it held absolute sway to the lives of the people. Maybe they should consider relocating in the Philippines because here we have a horde of fanatics eager to do their bidding.

  • Anonymous

    THAT’S what you get for hoodwinking unsuspecting and gullible poor people through your fairy tales in sustaining the hierarchy for eternal posterity.  The consequence has been snowballing for a while now not for any cause other than enlightenment or epiphany of those who are able to distinguish falsehood and reality; truth from mysteries; affectation/pretension from veracity. 

  • Anonymous

    Satan is meek.  And the meek shall inherit the earth !  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Camillo

    Is secularization really the reason for the marginalization?  Isn’t it pedophilia?  Isn’t the Church’s not following of Christ’s teachings?

    The Church itself the main reason why it is being marginalized.

  • Anonymous

    “Vatican official laments Christian marginalization in Europe”

    sa nalalapit na panahon ‘yan din ang mangyayari sa PILIPINAS – margination ng simhang katoliko.iilan na lang ang mga natitirang maka-DAMASO ngayon dito.

  • Pablo

    Having work with different european nationalities, I can tell that they already had enough of religion because of the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church (talk about a blind leading the blind) in particular which culminated in the french revolution. On the other hand some people have a wrong view of religion or being godly for that matter, they thought that one of its purpose is to get through the hardships in life, however in western europe like in scandinavia in particular, people are already affluent enough that they don’t usually worry about the basic necessities of life, thus they see no need for God in their lives.

  • Anonymous

    The Catholics are into Catholiscm just as Christians are into Christianity. There’s a BIG difference!

  • leonardoo

    The marginalization of religion follows when the more people become educated, who are exposed to scientific and technological advances, living comfortably in a culturally rich society  and politically stable government. The more people are educated, the more there will be thinkers.The more there will
    be people embracing scientific reality. And since religion is diametrically opposite of science, it follows that religion will be marginalized. This is the reality in Europe.

  • Pablo

    It takes a lot more blind faith to make yourself believe that there is no God who created the heaven and the earth and everything on it, when all of God’s creation shows everyday that indeed a very Powerful Being created and designed them. Evolution will tell you, you came from a single cell who accidentally get created by some sort of electrochemical reaction and then voila! we have all these complexities in nature that even until now scientists are still not able to catalogue everything.
    God does exist and He sent His Son Jesus Christ to be the saviour of the world, may HIs name be praised forever!

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