Malacanang mum on Binay recommendations for Marcos burial


LAOAG CITY – Malacanang has yet to respond to Vice President Jejomar Binay’s recommendations on the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos, his daughter and Ilocos Governor Imee Marcos said Saturday.

Marcos issued the statement on the eve of the strongman’s 94th birthday.

Ilocos Norte laid out a full day of activities Sunday, Marcos Day, the congresswoman said, although newsmen were more interested on the family’s announcement about what they would do with Marcos’ preserved body.

When asked, the governor said, “The Palace has not yet reacted to the recommendations made by the Vice President [Jejomar Binay].”
Marcos said her family would decide when it hears from President Aquino.

Binay had announced here in August that talks with the Marcos family and a survey convinced him that the late strongman should be buried in Ilocos Norte.

“But the Marcos family has already agreed to have the burial in Ilocos Norte,” Binay said then in the presence of Ilocos Norte Representative Imelda Romualdez Marcos during the launch of a program for local housing projects.

Camarines Sur Governor Luis Raymond Villafuerte Jr., a guest of Ms Marcos, said he would lobby members of the Governor’s League of the Philippines to pursue a heroes’ burial for the late strongman.

Villafuerte and the Camarines Sur officials entered a sisterhood pact with Ilocos Norte on Saturday evening.

“Camarines Sur owes a huge debt of gratitude to Ferdinand Marcos for the Maharlika Highway that now bridges Bicol and Metro Manila,” he told fellow officials at the sisterhood signing ceremony.

He repeated the statement at a news conference. Villafuerte, vice chairman of the governors’ league, said he wanted to pass a resolution stipulating that deposed president Marcos’ only burial place should be at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

During their bantering, both governors also alluded to a political campaign to bring another Marcos to the presidency.

Villafuerte later said that they were referring to Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Vincent Cabreza, Inquirer Northern Luzon

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  • Anonymous

    luis raymond villafuerte, jr., stop being an asinine esshole. that highway was built on the people’s dime. you should show gratitude to the nation by telling your barkada, the marcoses(PWE), to stop dicking around with that waxen carcass and just bury it in the ilocos backyard. you and your cabal would do the country better by joining it in its tomb!

  • Henry E. Samonte

    I do not know, but it really makes me think. How come Angelo Reyes who committed  suicide at the height of ExGenerals suspected of stashing millions if not billions of pesos of people’s money was buried in the “Libingan nang mga Bayani” while Marcos who has done so much when it comes to infrastructure is becoming an issue? No President for that matter has ever and will never equal what Marcos built for the Filipino people. At least, he has done some thing good. What about Gloria Arroyo who squandered billions of pesos and hundreds of salvaging and kidnapping happen in her time? Yet, people is tolerant to her?

    • Anonymous

      uuuh, kulang pa yung think mo, henry.
      you should also thunk that this ferdinand marcos(PWE), together with his henchman juan ponce enrile(PWE), is primarily responsible for the abyssal state of corruption now so endemic in all the systems of the Philippines.
      marcos(PWE), and his cabal, is the model for corruption of kleptocratic regimes after his conjugal martial rule and parliamentary dictatorship. marcos(PWE) started it; fvr, erap(PWE) and gloria(PWE) aped (apologies to apes) the principles.

      • Anonymous

        alam nyo misinformed talaga kayo! the real corruption started  during the dictatorship of cory, revolutionary government. alam mo ba yan na naging dictator din si cory at mas grabe pa kesa sa tinatawag nyo na strongman. please read or dig deeper sa history, dont rely sa mga info sa abs cbn at gma

    • Anonymous

      marcos done so much, something good?  one of which is he terrorized the country by declaring martial law.  The next one, he ravaged the constitution thus perpetuating himself in malacanang as dictator.

    • Fernando Veloso Jr

      Hello, tanga ka pala eh, wala tayon utang na loob sa mag magnanakaw at walang hiyang marcos na iyan katulad din ni GMA dahil tax nga bawat mamayan ang ginamit sa pag gawa ng mga kalsada o anumang pinatayo nuong panahon ng kanilang panunungkulann…Buti sana kung galing sa kanilang bulsa? ANG GINAWA NILA’Y PANAY SILID SA BULSA…PWE!

      • Anonymous

        napakabobo mong mag comment nang ganyan. of course walakang utang kay marcos pero be grateful naman or learn to appreciate the good things na ginawa nya! eh  na appreciate mo nga ang mga tao lyk ninoy n cory na wala namang nagawa para sa buong pilipinas. cge nga mag isip ka nang isang bagay na gumaan ang buhay mo dahil sa kagagawan nang mga aquino? wag mong gamitin ang democracy ha, kasi what we have right now is a pseudo democracy. Democrazy daw sabi ni doy laurel.

  • Anonymous

    I remember this Villafuerte Sr. as an assemblyman then fiercely debating the Marcos henchman, Arturo Pacificador. The former was in the opposition after having jumped off from the administration party as one of the young leaders of then monolithic KBL. On the Marcos burial issue here, Villafuerte has just proved politicians as not merely fickleminded but more as opportunistic lot who will do anything just to be in the good graces of people they think would be of gainful use to them later. He`s a good argument for phasing out the old and jaded personalities out of government and replacing them with the young and idealistic ones. In the fight between the Villafuerte father and son, we sure have an idea on who is to blame for the fallout.

  • Anonymous

    Mas ok libing na lang si Marcos sa kanyang bayan mas swerty pa nga sila back to power despite dami nilang Kaso walang nangyayari  dyos ng lang bumawi mga bitktima ng martial Law.

  • Anonymous

    You know the crocodile that was recently captured somewhere in the south? That “monster” was actually created by marcos. The government should bring his body there so the creature can pay his last respect.

    • Anonymous

      Crocs too are picky flesh eater they don’t eat “Botcha” dead meat, they want fresh meat and most of all they know if the meat is one of their fellow croc.

  • Anonymous

    Akala ko tapos na ang issue tungkol sa bangkay na iyan.  Bakit hindi na lang yan itapos sa dagat?
    Walang utang ng loob ang Bicol kay marcos.  During his dictatorship, Bicol was neglected of developments.  It was only in Ilocos and Leyte where money was poured in.
    Besides, Bicol was an opposition country where opposition congressmen won in the Batasang Pambansa election in 1984 and Cory-Doy by a wide margin in 1986.
    Villafuerte was one of those who side with the dictator and ran for assemblyman under kbl in 1978.  He became rich as one of marcos cronies, that is why he favor marcos burial in the LnmB.  The Bicolanos don’t agree with villafurte, he should stop talking for he Bicolanos because he doesn’t have the sentiments and feeling of the people in the region.

    • Anonymous

      please read the book of Doy Laurel Neither Trumpets nor Drums, available at popular bookstore in quezon city sa may morato. u will be enlightened….another book i recommend is the latest book of cecilio arillo A Country Imperiled. please read.

  • Anonymous

    madrama naman ito; dapat noon pa inilibing na yan — kung tunay na bayani yang tao, kahit saan lugar man sya ilibing ay bayani pa rin

  • Marlou Wang

    Nasaan ang katuwiran niyo’ng mga pinoy kayo? Itong taong ito ay pinatalsik at walang pasubaling tumakas ng bansa sa halip na harapin ang katotohanan! Inilubog ang Pilipinas sa kahirapan at kamangmangan, pagkatapos gusto niyong bigyan ng marangal na libing? Bakit hindi na lang ang kamag-anakan niya ang makidamay na lang sa libing nitong diktador na ito.

  • Anonymous

    Since F.V Ramos is still very much alive and kicking, he is the most qualified person to explain and persuade  the marcos clan that it is about time that they have to honor the last condition they have entered to with F.V. Ramos during his presidency.

    The three conditions they have agreed to with F.V. Ramos
        1. that the marcos body will be flown directly to Laoag city non stop—-complied
        2. that the marcos body will be only confered with the rank of Col. military honor not hero—complied
        3. that the marcos body will be buried immediately upon conferment of military honor—NOT COMPLIED

    You can never TRUST the marcos clan!

    • John

      e wla raw silang kasalanan.. bakit naman lumikas sa ibang bansa noon..buti nga nakabalik pa sila…

  • Mang Dolphy

    Nakapagtataka din naman ito si Binay. Alam din naman nya sa puso nya kung gaano nilapastangan at ginahasa ng mga Marcoses ang bayan noong martial law. May pa survey-survey pa sya. Kutob ko gusto lang nya mapamahal sa mga Marcoses. Alam nya kung gaano karami pera ng mga ito.Kailangan nya suporta ng pera ng  mga Marcoses sa kanyang presidential bid sa 2016. Ito akin lang:  Binay for President Bongbong Marcos for Vice President sa next Presidential elections. What’s worst, baka vice-versa. Sana naman magdasal tayong lahat na huwag payagan ng langit mangyari ito. Divine intervention na lang para matigil na mga ganitong plano.

    • Anonymous

      binay(pwe), with his unexplained billions, can afford to run for the presidency alone. what he is angling for is the “solid” north and ilocano voting bloc. 

  • Henry E. Samonte

    There is a “great divide” between Binay and the hierarchy of Liberal Party wherein Pnoy belongs. Don’t expect Malacanyang to react right away. If they have it, they will erase a dark brown fellow as vice president. Binay is a true Filipino among oceans of Chinese. And these Chinese feels uncomfortable whenever Binay’s rating goes up. If possible, they will put a weight on his rating so that it will go down. This now the problem when Filipinos voted Chinese instead of the “Brown Race” in the government. Just look at the eyes of our high government officials, including their complexions. 

  • Johnny Ting

    a state burial due a former president anhwhere but not at LNB, take it or leave it Mr. Marcos

  • Anonymous

    bayani ng mga magnanakaw, kasama na si binay, arroyo and all those who lobbied for Marcos’ as a hero

  • Fernando Veloso Jr

    Hello,pARA sa mga bobo, bulah , pipi, bingi at  tangang at eh, wala tayon utang na loob sa mag magnanakaw at walang hiyang marcos na iyan katulad din ni GMA at Marcos crony na si Villafuerte, dahil tax nga ng bawat mamayan ang ginamit sa pag gawa ng mga kalsada o anumang pinatayo nuong panahon ng kanilang panunungkulann…Buti sana kung galing sa kanilang bulsa? ANG GINAWA NILA’Y PANAY SILID SA BULSA…PWE!

  • LC Lode

    Cory, Fidel, Erap, Gloria after the Dead?  One died already!  Poor Philippine Government, “corruption and karma ang inabot”  for not giving its due to the dead who was masterminded by the CIA like what they just did again in Libya where they want to control!

  • Anonymous

    Mr El REy Villafuerte, wala kaming utang na loob jan sa Marcos na yan. Magnanakaw at manggagahasa ng bayan yan!! Pag ang isang politico ba ay pinagawa ang isang kalsada, utang namain ang kalsadang iyan sa politico?

    Gusto mong sabihon ta ang dynasty nindo sa Camarines Sur dakol nang napagibong proyekto para sa probinsya, utang mi sa indo yan? Eh di butasan na nindo ang kapot sa politika para dai na kami magka utang na loob sa indo.

  • Anonymous

    UTAK POLITIKO an pahayag kaining gobernador tang si Villafuerte. As a Bicolano, i have nothing to thank neither to Marcos (for building Maharlika highway) nor Villafuerte (for being our governor). Kung ano man ang MAGANDANG nagawa nyong dalawa sa Bicol ay tama lang, dahil yan ay tungkuling nyong dapat gampanan. Di namin kayo pinilit na maging gobennador or pangulo, kayo ang may gusto nito, kaya dapat nyo lang kamng pagsilbihan, KAYA WALA KAMING UTANG NA LOOB SA INYO, KAYO DAPAT ANG MAY UTANG NA LOOB SA AMIN DAHIL KUNG HINDI SA AMIN WALA KAYO DYAN NA NAGPAPASASA SA PWESTO NYO, PWE!!!.

    • Anonymous

      napaka elementarya nang comment mo.

      • Anonymous

        Kasi politiko kang pulpol.

    • John Moreno Luna

      tanga kaba tol ehhh kung wala silang dalwa edi wala rin sana kau sa kalagayang ganyan ha magisip ka lahat ng ginagawang tama ay ipinapahalagahan at dpat ipinag mamalaki ang gumawa nito…at hindi winawalang bahala nlang porket may nagawang mali oohh umabuso man sa kapangyarihan……nag lingkod parin nmn sya sa bayan dpat bigyan ito ng utang na loob..,, hindi natin hihilahin pababa… san moba nakita na umayos ayos ang pilipinas simula kay marcos……dba si marcos palang ang mas maraming nagawa kysa sa simula ng pag baba ni marcos at kylan din tau kinikilala ng bansa at kylan din tau natuto ng pag giging disiplinado at kylan din tau naging matino at may takot sa kasalanan dba kay marcos din…ehhh kylan din nmn tau tinubuan ng sungay at wala na taung takot na gumawa ng kasalanan kasi wala na ang taong diktador…..anu ngayon ngyari saatin dba kinakatakutan na tau ng ibang bansa kasi dahil sa mga ng yayari sa pilipinas na wala ng awa kung pumatay…at wala ng disiplina……pati nga mga dayuhan nag sisiga sigaan na d2 at naging alipin pa tau sa sarili nating bansa … marcos ganun pumapayag ba sya na maging alipin tau sa sarili nating bansa dba hindi………..tignan munalang sa mga naging presedente kung may katulad nya pa at nalagpasan ang nagwa nya///kumpara mo nlang sa nag dadaang presedente ngayon

      • Anonymous

        Kung wala silang 2, akala mo ba titigil na ang ikot ng mundo? Ganyang ka kitid mga pag iisip ng sobrang pamumulitika nyo, na akala nyo kung sino ang naka upo ay sila na lang ang may karapatang mamuno at gumawa ng tama. Di ka lang pala tanga, bopol pa. Pwe!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ganyan si Pnoy, iwas pusoy. Ipinasa kay Binay yong isyo about Marcos burial, ngayong may recommendation na si Binay, nag da 2 isip na naman. Wala itong ipinagkaiba sa pagpapa-imbitiga nya kay Sec. De Lima sa hostage taking sa Rizal Park. Pagkatapos mag sayang ng laway at pera ng bayan si De Lima at mga alipores nito sa pag-iimbistiga, di rin pinakinggan ni Pnoy yong recommendations ni De Lima. Bagkos, ipina-review pa sa mga pulpol nyang legal advisers kuno, para maiwasang masabit mga kabarilan nya. YAN ANG MATUWAD NA DAAN NI PNOY. PWE!! 

  • Anonymous

    Mahinang Presidente. Dapat mabilis ang desisyon sa bagay na yan. Matagal ng patay si Marcos. Nasa 25ng taon na magmula ng mapatalsik ang dating Presidente. Presidente, huwag na nating gawing malaking isyu ang libing ni Marcos. Huwag na tayong maging sobrang emosyonal sa isyu. Ang kailangan ng Bayan ay kapayapaan. Sa tagal ng desisyon, nagagamit pa tuloy ng iba ang isyu para isangkal ang kanilang mga pag bibida sa pulitika. Hindi ako magtataka kay Villafuerte, nakinabang rin kasi siya noong mga panahon. Mensahe: Sa tuwid na daan, pagkakaisa at kapayapaan ang kailangan!

  • J

    Any government official, specially elected ones, and practiced corruption and abused of people rights  during his tenure doesn’t deserved to be called hero even if he was once the president of this country. Being a president is not a ticket to be hero specially if he served with malice and committed lots of wrong doings against the people.

    • Anonymous

      korek ka dyan j, kung mapapansin  mo karamihan namang sumusuporta na malibing sa libingan ng mga byani si marcos ay yung mga oputunista

  • Anonymous

    matindi talaga itong si villafuerte palibhasa isa sya sa mga nanginabang nung kapanahunan ni marcos, paano magiging utang na naloob ng mga bikolano ynag manila south road eh talaga namang dapat gawin yan kahit na sinong presidente nakaupo ,lalo na si marcos na noong araw eh kasama yan sa mga show window nya. grabe matanda na manloloko pa rin napakaoptunista wala na bang ibang matinong tao dyan sa cam sur , pwe.

  • Guest

    napakapulpul nitong si villafuerte! Ang maharlika highway o anumang ginawang tama ng isang namumuno ay nagawa dahil yon ang dapat. Hindi yan  utang na loob ng Pilipino. Sihasahuran ang public official para gawin ang tama. Ang gusto ng mga ka-utak ni Villafuerte  magpasalamat ang Pilipino sa kanila. It is this thinking that perpetuates feudalism and is exploited by the communists. Kaya hind maubos-ubos ang NPA sa Bicol dahil sa mga paris ni villafuerte. Nagpakabusog na sila sa pwesto, dapat pang pasalamatan? ALIS DYAN!, BICOLANONG BOBO!

    • Edzel

      Si Noynoy ay sumasahod din bilang presidente pero walang tamang ginawa kundi “wang-wang” lang.

  • Anonymous

    Anong bahagi ng “Hindi bayani si Ferdinand Marcos” ang hindi nila maintindihan?

  • Anonymous

    “Libingan”, in english means cemetery or house of the dead. Now, they affix Bayani to Libingan , medyo pinaganda. Ayaw pumayag dahil para lang ang Libingan sa mga Bayani and Marcos is not a hero but a traitor.

    But Libingan is an ordinary cemetery, a mass grave for unknown soldiers who died in the war. If Marcos is known as famous or infamous, it does not matter for he will be buried to the unknown. Meaning will be in company of unknown and he will be unknown.
    Sometimes a word is a problem. Just like the word apology, a sympathy to those who were killed in Manila hostage yetPnoy and his men interpreted  the word as State’s act of guilty.

    Apology and Libingan…two words unpleasing to the ear of the President.
    Two words of sympathy and dead but connote different meaning. but discriminating  to the dead.
    I remember when words are being taken seriously, the always advice is….
    Salita lang yan, pasok sa tenga labas sa kabilang tenga.

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